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TUF 8 cast member Vinicius Magalhaes leaves Team Quest

The Ultimate Fighter 8 contestant Vinicius Magalhaes has announced he has left Team Quest in Murrieta, CA. Magalhaes served as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor at Team Quest prior to being selected as a cast member for the most recent season of the popular reality show. was able to speak exclusivly with the three time BJJ World Champion (Heavy/Super Heavy/Absolute) about the matter.

“I was assured I would still have my job after I returned from the show…” said Magalhaes “ Upon my return I was never placed back on the schedule.”

The reason why he was removed from his teaching schedule remains a mystery to Magalhaes who knew he had to make some changes.

Faced with an uncertain future Magalhaes, selected Denaro Sports Marketing to handle his management.

“ Vinny is a great up and coming talent, who has a very bright future in the sport of MMA” said Jake Hattan with Denaro Sports.

“ I found management that would look out for me…When I went back to the gym I was told that I could still train there and the percentage they wanted from my earnings, when I told them that I already had management I was given two choices…” said the light heavyweight competitor. “ They told me that I could pay them the percentage and also pay my management, or I could break my contract with my management. I could not do that.”

Magalhaes stated he has nothing but respect for his former team, and remains very close with many of his former training partners, but with a desire to continue teaching and a management contract already in place he is making his move to PRO-AM Mixed Martial Arts training center, a new state of the art 6500 sq. foot training facility where he will once again teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  • Brent says:

    What is Team Quest’s response?

  • john says:

    good for vinny

    team quest only cares about fighters who can make them money and when you dont they kick you to the curb as for vinny i am sure as soon as he got on the show they had there hands out looking for 20% Shame on quest to ask a fighter to breach a contract !!!!!!!! didnt dan henderson just file a breach of contract against cage fighter …………. that is funny its ok to ask vinny to breach his contract but if it happens to dan henderson its called bad business old dog same old tricks new name “Team Breach”

  • Jeff says:

    Thats horrible, sounds like Team Quest is falling apart. They should take better care of there fighters or they will all be leaving too. I heard a rumor that more of there fighters are making there way to the same gym as Vinny. This is like the fifth article that I have read about Quest management treating there fighters/employees badly. I wonder how they treat there customers, if they do the same to them they will be sure to out of business. Team Breach is a good name but I think Team out of business is a little better.

    Ex customer Jeff Willingham

  • Jim says:

    I’m sure he’ll be better off for it. Team Quest produces a lot of one dimensional fighters. They have had a lot of defections in recent years.

  • Nate says:

    interesting. I am curious to see how he does on the show. He reminds me of one of the guys who lost already

  • Nick says:

    I would like to know who replaced him at Team Quest.

  • Eric says:

    Vinny is at a really good facility now. State of the art, they are the only ones in a 40 mile radious that has a cage, and I heard through tthe great vine that they are expanding to 16,000 sq feet and they are building 2 more cages. When I trained there they treated me like I was a champion fighter and I just fouhgt in 3 smokers Its unfortunate I had to move to San Diego due to a job change. Vinny your at a awsome gym with awsome members, and owners that will stop at nothing that will be the best gym on the west coast.

  • lindland for clown says:

    i love this story..lindland is such a bad business person and screws people over anytime he can

    saw him yell at his wife one time in public…very embarassing

  • Savannah says:

    I’m a current member at Pro-Am Mixed Martial Arts Training Center. I take the Womens Fitness classes, I just think its kind of weird that early in the morning and late night the parking lot is full of cars with Team Quest sticker on it. The whole fight team trains there, and from what I see they seem to be helping a couple former Team Quest fighters getting ready for fights. There really a bunch of good guys, thats just my prospective.

  • Jeff says:

    I’m curious, does Team Quest have anything to say or is all this shit true?

  • Chuck says:

    Just saw the commercial on Versus, my partner said it was on Spike as well earlier today. Arent those 3 guys Team Quest Pro fighters? What are they doing pushing Pro-Am Mixed Martial Arts? Things must be pretty bad down there.

  • Shaniqua says:

    I first met Vinny last Wednesday at Pro-Am’s Premier Party for Season 8 of The Ultimate Fighter at Indigo Joe’s in Murrieta. He was with a bunch of Quest guys which I thought was kind of weird since it was a Pro-Am Party…But from what I have read above, it seems as if we will be seeing more of Team Quest at Pro-AM.

  • Larry says:

    It doesn’t sound like Team Quest is falling apart…They are falling apart! I went to Pro-Am’s Premier Party for the Ultimate Fighter at Indigo Joe’s in Murrieta and I had a great time hanging out with all of Team Quest’s Fighters. Isn’t it kind of weird that Pro-Am throws a party and Quest shows up? Just goes to show that they are jumping ship, it’s only a matter of time…the fighters come and soon their members will follow. Team Out Of Business…Here Quest Comes!

  • Gary says:

    I met the owner of Pro-Am Mixed Martial Arts he is a seasoned veteran when it comes to business. This guy owns 5 companies and in a declining economy when everybody is downsizing and cutting back/going out of business, this guy is expanding they have like 250 members and they only been open about a year. There also expanding to 15,000 sq feet there already the biggest gym in town, now there getting bigger. When I first joined the gym I watched some old guy that comes in takes out the trash, clean the toilets, sweep the mats talked to some of the members/trainers then leaves. One of the other members told me that dude is the owner. I thought he was the fuckin janitor. Even at the TUF Premier he was running all over the place.

    You put this guy with a in your face, bring it on, never give up attitude against Heath and it’s a NO BRAINER! My advice to you Heath is to smoke another bowl and close your eyes, sit back and maybe this is all just a bad dream and you’ll soon wake up!


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