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Alvarez and Diaz could vie for vacant EliteXC lightweight title

While EliteXC officials declined to offer specifics regarding a possible fight to determine a new lightweight champion for the promotion, sources informed earlier in the week that the company had been considering an option that would involve Nick Diaz and Eddie Alvarez competing for the newly vacant title in a featured bout during a tentative Nov. 8 card.

The title became vacant after EliteXC announced Friday that K.J. Noons had been stripped of the belt for his refusal to defend the title against Diaz.

Alvarez, who was recently married and is currently on his honeymoon, is just 1-0 while competing under the EliteXC banner but has increased his profile and is considered by many to be a top-ten lightweight following his 3-0 performance during DREAM’s lightweight Grand Prix in Japan.

The Philadelphia native recorded a TKO over Brazilian Andre “Dida” Amade during the GP’s first round in March. He then advanced to the second round in May, where he recorded a unanimous decision victory over Joachim Hansen in a bout that many pundits consider to be a candidate for “Fight of the Year.”

Alvarez then won his semifinal matchup at DREAM.5 in July against Tatsuya Kawajiri via TKO at 7:35 of round 1. However, he was unable compete in the final, which was held the same night, due to injuries sustained in the win over Kawajiri. Hansen would go on to win the tournament after having won a reserve match earlier in the evening.

Alvarez began his career as an undersized and undefeated welterweight prospect. He was 10-0 and the reigning BodogFIGHT 170 lbs. champion until suffering a devastating loss against Nick Thompson during the promotion’s “Clash of the Nations” event in April of 2007. Since dropping to lightweight, Alvarez is undefeated. Overall, he is 15-1 in his career.

If the Diaz vs. Alvarez match is made official, it will mark a second chance for Diaz to claim the promotion’s 160 lbs. title. Last November during EliteXC’s “Renegade” show in Corpus Christi, Texas, the heavily-favored Diaz lost to Noons in a bout to determine the first-ever EliteXC lightweight champion.

Since losing to Noons via first round TKO by way of a doctor’s stoppage due to cuts, Diaz has gone 3-0 with wins over Thomas Denny, Muhsin Corbbrey, and Katsuya Inoue. Like Alvarez, Diaz is also a former welterweight competitor.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Move it to 11/1 and we’ll have at least one national MMA event a week through mid-November!

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  • KneeToTheFace says:

    That would be a battle.

  • BJJDenver says:

    Alvarez by brutality.

  • Sabotage says:

    Eddie Alvarez is deserving of a title shot, but I have to give Nick Diaz the edge if the fight takes place in the cage. Alvarez does have the ability to pick apart Nick and open up his face much like KJ did since Nick’s ego always gets in the way.

    Nick looks to bang when his true strength lies on the ground with his BJJ built from Caesar Gracie. I think the one reason Nate will go further than Nick is based on relying on his true strength of the ground game.

  • Rich S. says:

    oh boy..
    this sounds like a great fight..
    it will be completely different from Diaz/KJ for Alvarez is stronger, faster, AND better at avoiding submissions than KJ is..
    this will definitely be a great fight..
    i just hope Nick shows up w/ his A game..

  • KneeToTheFace says:

    As Bas said, you better come in to fight Alvarez in shape and ready. Diaz’s conditioning isn’t really in question, so this pretty much turns this into a striker vs. grappler war. That said, I think I’d give Alvarez the edge. Diaz doesn’t have quick takedowns like many jiujitsu fighters develop to counter strikers. He relies heavily on his boxing – which is good, but Eddie Alvarez is an animal.

  • RUSH says:

    I’m down with the Diaz brothers even with all their post-fight antics and hijinx I think there’s never a dull moment with either fighter. That being said, I fully expect Alvarez to KO Diaz if they’re to fight. This is a fight that you’d think would be able to anchor a CBS card

  • Robert says:

    Sabotage are you serious.Eddie Alvarez has some of the best hands in MMA the guy has boxed professionally if Diaz stands up with him like he did KJ this fight ends in round 1 by KO!

  • Sabotage says:

    Robert – I am serious. I agree Alvarez would pick Nick apart on the feet. Next time, read the entire post before making a comment.

    “Alvarez does have the ability to pick apart Nick and open up his face much like KJ did since Nick’s ego always gets in the way.”

  • modogg says:

    Who knows the future of EliteXC, but this fight should bring popularity to any card. Alvarez looked practically unbeatable in his fights. Besides I would take Kensington over the “203” any day of the week.

  • Batman says:

    i think Nick Diaz looks real sharp these days and I think that he would have gotten his revenge on Noons. I bet Noons is kicking himself in the butt after being stripped of the title. The UFC doesn’t want a sissy that wont defend his title so i am not sure what noons is thinking. To me he looks like an idiot, although i do like watching him fight. KJ dissapointed me and i am one of his fans, I respect Nick Diaz a lot more even though he acts like a thug most of the time. I don’t know much about Alvarez except that he is considered a great fighter. I would like to see Diaz finish off alvarez and make noons look even more like an idiot.

  • Robert says:

    Sabotage your right i misunderstood your position on a potential Alvarez vs. Diaz fight as far as why you think Nick would win,but needless to say your wrong it does not matter if the fights in a cage or ring Alvarez wins.People have a inflated opinion of Diaz because of Gomi’s worst performance of his career he was totally gassed and fell into Diaz’s submission .

  • rob says:

    man- guys – haven’t we been crankin’ for a diaz/alvarez fight anyways???

  • egad81 says:

    Eddie by TKO

    Sorry Nick…. I still want to see you beat up KJ though

  • Rich S. says:

    there’s one thing i see comin’..
    i would LOVE for Diaz to win this fight..
    i just don’t see it happening..
    you know how he always throws those short, weak shots, yet he still knocks people out every time..
    i don’t know how the hell he does it..
    i just know that’s not going to work with Alvarez..
    and lately Diaz has been kind of slow/sluggish..
    and if he’s slow/sluggish on the ground with Alvarez he’ll have no chance of submitting him..

    if this happens, i’m rootin’ for nick.. but, Alvarez is an absolute monster..

  • HexRei says:

    I could see a decision going Alvarez’ way but I do think Nick’s subs are better and if the fight gets finished, it will be via sub for Nick.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Hex, I see this fight going along the same lines as Noons/Diaz, albeit with a less controversial ending. Alvarez will keep it on their feet where he holds a distinct advantage.

    Diaz won’t get stopped and barring a doctor stoppage, Alvarez will easily take this decision.

  • 45 Huddle says:

    This only proves KJ Noons right. Diaz was no the #1 Contender. Eddie Alvarez should have been.

  • HexRei says:

    Sergio, I agree, if it stays on the feet we’ll see a beat-up Diaz lose a decision. You never know tho. BTW, love the Oh-Daesu avatar :) that cross-section shot of the hallway is in my top 3 awesome brawl scenes.

  • JollyDV says:

    I really hope this fight comes to fruition. I can’t wait to see it. I just hope the right NIck Diaz shows up.

  • Rich S. says:

    Diaz never siezes to shock the hell out of me..
    so, i’m starting to think Diaz would win..
    my initial thought was, Eddie’s going Nick’s love of striking/ego to destroy him..


    how awesome would it be if Nick won by standing tko/ko.. when that kid wants to, he works miracles..

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    I just wish Diaz would start putting some power behind his punches. His stand-up is crisp but he doesn’t seem to have knockout power. The actual KO punch he landed on Lawler seemed to have been a one-time thing.

    And yeah, that scene is awesome considering it’s all done in one shot. Oldboy is definitely a top 3 of mine.

  • Rich S. says:

    His KO over Lawler isn’t his only KO..
    He had Gomi on the fence..
    He just Knocked Denny Senseless..
    He caught Corbbrey a few times..
    He beat Inoue SO BAD that his corner had to step in and stop it..
    And in his fight with Aina, he ended up getting the better of the standup [despite getting dropped once, which might have just been him trying to get it to the ground] and Aina was the SUPERIOR STRIKER..

    His punches are weak, and annoying, he basically just uses them to get him opponents off their game, but somehow, they generally end up knocking people out..
    i’ll never be able to understand that..
    but i love it..

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Rich, you do have a point. But besides the Lawler fight, Diaz hasn’t really shown explosive one-punch KO power. Like I said, his striking is very crisp and can eventually catch up with his opponent earning Diaz a TKO but if he threw with more power without sacrificing technique, we’d see a lot more Lawler-esque KOs from Diaz.

  • Rich S. says:

    i mean, i like Diaz’s style, and he DOES still manage to get KO’s.. somehow.. lol.. but, like you, i’d like to see more power punches..

    i’d also like to see his BJJ again.. sheesh, i can’t even remember the last time i saw it.. maybe the corbbrey fight? but before that.. it was like.. the Gomi fight.. i mean, i’m elated every time i see Diaz get a TKO or KO, but i think he could really finish people off alot faster if he just took them to the ground.. i mean, once it hits the ground, he can do whatever he wants with most opponents..

    look at it this way.. Nate’s over here getting Submission after Submission.. every time he fights he ends up with the “sub of the night” bonus.. NICK’S THE FREAKIN’ BLACK BELT, AND HE’S OVER HERE KNOCKIN’ FOOLS OUT..

    i love this sport..

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