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Pros and Cons: UFC Fight Night 15 and Nonsense

So UFC Fight Night 15 has come and passed. A very enjoyable event and another one that people who didn’t view will deem “boring” because they see decisions were up and down the main card without understanding decisions can be entertaining.

Below are the Pros and Cons of the event, plus other crap I felt needed to be said that may or may not wish to read at all. I’m going to talk about women’s hockey. Are you ready for that? Are you sure? I’m just stalling because I used to be the picking champion of the world and now (outside of the main event) I can’t pick a fight perfectly to save my life. I have no idea what happened to me; it’s like starting on this site made me worse at MMA predictions. Adam Morgan must be rubbing off on me…. in a bad way.

PRO: Mentioning Evan Tanner. It was a little WWE with the tiny little quick blurb but at least it was better than blindly dedicating two hours to a child murderer (hi Chris Benoit). Evan Tanner was fantastic and very entertaining and actually deserved more than a little WWE mention at the beginning of the show and a couple of classy fighter shoutouts. He was your champion and a fan favorite, show him some love. Props none the less for at least acknowledging the situation.

CON: Fantasy Football. STOP, just STOP. Why is it when I try to watch any football highlight on ESPN they have to mention fantasy football? Is it not enough to have special shows about the subject or special topics on every single show? No? You must mention fantasy football every single time anything happens? I hope all of you die. “Touchdown Matt Hasselbeck, well that is great for his fantasy owners.” I’d pull my hair out if I wasn’t so scared of balding. You are not “owners,” you’re obnoxious people ruining my SportsCenter highlights. Fantasy football is the easiest of every fantasy thing you can do. At the very least in fantasy basketball you might be down in rebounds but barely up in turnovers so you have to decide whether to play that PF that might win or lose you the league. In football it’s just, “play my top people and get yards and touchdowns!” Go wear a helmet and get off of my television before I beat you.

PRO: Dana White 4 President Sign. YES! I’m not exactly the biggest Dana White fan but he’d be great in the debates and I’m 100% behind this. A question I’ve always asked that no one can answer: Why is it that you can curse in any form of life from traffic to cutting in line but you have to remain calm when it comes to deciding who should run the free world? I want some cursing and I want some anger. I need some, “F*** YOU!” answers. I want Obama, I want McCain and I want some Dana White in my political debates this season. Forget Ralph Nader and Bob Barr, we need to start a Dana in the debates petition.

CON: Pre-fight Interviews. The Alexander/Schafer fight was about the 12th time (roughly) I’ve seen pre-fight interviews and thought, “crap, I picked the wrong guy.” Can I see these before the fight? Forget your free fight stuff after the card, I want to see the pre-fight interviews prior to picking the fights. Consider it a personal favor Dana; I’m the guy that wants you in the debates!

CON: Warm-ups. Why do guys work so hard in warm-ups whether you see them on TV or not? You see guys gas all the time and I always wonder why they’re in the back working the bags over and over and sweating everywhere. Fine, I’m not a fighter, GOT ME…. but it seems as though a normal loosening exercise would work much better than fatiguing in the middle of a major fight. I’m pretty sure you won’t forget your combos just because you don’t go full force in the back. I haven’t ridden a bike in about 12 years but I’m pretty sure I still could if you put me on one. Actually I might fall on my face…. which would be an improvement for….

CON: Josh Neer’s nose. Eww.

CON: Stupid Networks. I’m trying to DVR shows and they want to put down, “8:00pm-9:02pm.” NO, stop at 9pm. I can’t tape anything at 9pm when these multiple shows are going two minutes over for no reason other than they want that old TBS crap of going five minutes over. Your show slot is from 8pm-9pm, PUT IT THERE. I’m tired of your damn show going to 11:04pm and screwing me out of DVRing other stuff. Yeah, I could manual, but I’d lose the end of the show and the preview of the next one. If your show goes to 10:04pm I’m not going to watch it. This is my forum, leave me alone.

CON: Guida’s Hair. Look Clay, I realize it’s your trademark and all but it’s kind of like being 90-years-old and having old lady floppy boobs and having to slap them over your shoulders every five seconds. You might have won but that hair is just getting in the way. If it hasn’t cost you a bout yet I guarantee you it will. It’s your thing, I get it, but don’t let your hair turn into floppy boobs.

PRO: Lady Hockey. This is a week late so I’m sure a few of you have seen that Slovakia beat Bulgaria 82-0 in lady hockey. Seriously, 82-0? I think me and four friends that have never skated in our lives could do a bit better than that. Just put a fatty like Goldberg from Mighty Ducks in there at goalie and me and four friends who couldn’t skate would fall all over and not lose 82-0. I’d also like to take this time to thank NHL ’94 on Sega for being the only reason I know anything about hockey.

CON: Tattooing your name on yourself. I’ve wanted to do this one for a great time but I could never remember the jackasses that tattooed their own names on their bodies. Obviously Kurt Pellegrino but now I can add Josh Neer and I’m sure a sheer number of others. This isn’t the movie Memento, you needn’t tattoo yourself with information you already know. Are you advertising yourself? You could just write your name on you like the goldenpalace boxing people. Tat’ing yourself with your own name is like me putting, “4×4=16” on my lower back. Which I did but to my credit I was drunk.

CON: The dumbest conversation I’ve ever seen. Now I’ve heard some really uneducated comments, namely from my short time spent living in Tennessee and Arkansas. Yet I took my grandmother to lunch this week and as we left she ran into someone she knows and it was easily the dumbest back and forth I’d ever personally seen with my own eyes. I should preface by saying she’s a right-wing Christian conservative that literally sleeps clutching her bible (no, really). I took flack for making fun of “pudgy liberal” sportswriters in the past. Realize I wasn’t trashing liberals and realize here I’m not trashing conservatives, I’m simply relaying a story. So as we leave the restaurant my grandmother (who once said, “those Asians should stick to themselves”) ran into some person she knew and the following happened directly in front of me:

SomeDude: (my grandmother’s name)?
GrandMother: Yeah, how are you?
SD: Great, McCain is going to win isn’t he?
GM: He certainly has my vote and my support.
SD: Good, that black won’t do anything for our country.
GM: We’re Republican because we’re American.
SD: Yes we are. So what is going on with the economy? Is my money okay?
GM: Oh yes, they’re just passing the money around. You’re fine.
SD: Great. Good to see you.
GM: You too.

Now I’ve heard some dumb statements but I’ve never in person seen such a poorly educated conversation. The best part about moving to a small town is that I can have grilled chicken breast, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, fried apples and a dinner roll all made fresh in the back for $4. The worst part is having to hear opinions from people with fourth grade educations. (update: just before I posted this I was on my way back from the grocery store and saw a woman riding in traffic on a motorized scooter with an American flag waving from the back. I love it here.)

  • finkrod says:

    ” Why do guys work so hard in warm-ups whether you see them on TV or not? You see guys gas all the time and I always wonder why they’re in the back working the bags over and over and sweating everywhere.”
    Not so much the Europeans. I always remember them showings guys like Cro-Cop, Fedor, etc., and they’d be in the lockeroom relaxing and playing cards. I always thought that was funny. You’d see guys from Hammer House or wherever shadowboxing or hitting the mits, then they’d cut to the other lockeroom, and it’s Fedor laughing and playing cards.

  • Tim says:

    I am still laughing at that conversation your grandmother had with another person… EXCELLENT !!! Thanks for sharing that..

  • Jeff says:

    Screw yourself Huckaby…they aren’t “Your” SportsCenter highlights. Lots of people like fantasy football. “I hope you all die”? You seriously let this idiot write for you, Sam?

    One last thing…you’re not going to “beat” on anyone, save your tough guy rhetoric for another audience. Anyone who trains should know not to talk like that, unless you don’t train, then you’re just a shit talking pussy.

    Other than that, great read.

  • While I may be a “shit talking pussy” people that draft Donovan McNabb and brag about it are about as original as the other 90 million people that did it as well. Or what about those people that drafted Tom Brady and were so dumb they didn’t see the knee injury coming? Complete skill.

  • Jason G says:

    Dude, I play fantasy football…at work. When I tune into Sportscenter I want to get a recap on the sports news of the day. If they want to have special programming for fantasy in it’s own show that’s fine but it’s not a sport so leave it out of the news.

  • Jason G is my new friend.

  • Jason G says:

    Jeff, just because you supposedly “train” in some discipline doesn’t make you better than everyone else.

  • Jeff L says:

    Is anyone on this site going to provide commentary on, you know, the actual fights and what not? Huckaby, I get it, you’re witty and very clever. Good for you.

  • We don’t discuss actual fights on this site, we just try to be witty and clever.

  • Jason G says:

    I’m kinda surprised nobody has written an analysis of the fights from last night yet. Maybe somebody’s working on it now.

  • Jeff L says:

    Well, in that respect then, you are a complete success. I have a passing interest in bluegrass music, people who build ships in bottles, the little half moons on the inside of fingernails, and the guy who wasn’t Anthony Michael Hall from Weird Science, so if you could work those into the next fight event breakdown, I would appreciate it.

  • James C. says:

    I know Benoit did what he did but man, have some respect. I’m not saying you’re a bad writer but keep your unnecessary opinions to yourself.

  • Jason G says:

    Yeah if you guys could find it in your hearts to cover a crappy team like the KC Chiefs I wouldn’t have to browse another site.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Carson Palmer earned himself a one way ticket to the waivers for his craptastic performance.

    Hello Kurt Warner!

    I also traded LT and DelHomme for Gore and Rodgers. LT is done, I’m calling it.

  • jeff the drunk says:

    Fantasy football is the sports equivalent of Dungeons & Dragons. Based on your granny’s conversation & the fact that BOTH candidates SUCK, all I can say is: Huckaby with a Y for President !!

  • foo says:

    My sister-in-law has her name tattooed on her lower back. When my brother saw it he asked her if that is so guys will remember her name while from behind…

  • HexRei says:

    James C. on September 18th, 2008 1:30 pm

    I know Benoit did what he did but man, have some respect. I’m not saying you’re a bad writer but keep your unnecessary opinions to yourself.

    Out of all the dumb stuff in that article you chose THIS to get fussy about? Huckaby called him a child murderer because HE KILLED A CHILD. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    I’m only one man. I can’t write 50 articles at once. If you want fight analysis, I’ll be a guest on Fight Network Radio with Mauro Ranallo in a few minutes.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Yep, absolutely right. Fantasy Football is for pathetic losers and nothing you say will change that. Football is a great sport, fantasy football is a sad distraction for fruity ass pole smokers. The end.

  • BigTop says:

    LOL at D&D football players.

    My level 16 Hill Troll could kick Troy Palamalu’s ass!

    Two Damage Two Damage!

    I’ll run ye through… losers

    But hey the fighter were great last night, props to Guida and Diaz.

  • Batman says:

    child murderer, crazy wilderness suicide guy, I guess we pay tribute them all in America.

  • HexRei says:

    technically, benoit was alsoa suicide.

  • HexRei says:

    and technically, tanner isn’t, since by all accounts he planned to come back.

  • BigTop says:

    damn, figher=fights

  • Sonny says:

    OK, I guess I’ll be the weirdo who mentions last night’s fights:

    what the fuck was up with Spike cutting to a commercial the very nanosecond the round was over? Not to mention, the very first commercial break, it went to a wide shot of the arena while we heard snippets of Rogan and the other guy’s audio.

    Did they not have the usual crew of chimps to run the production? Did they resort to the B-team of crack smoking lemurs?

  • BigTop says:

    Spike was hella annoying last night.

    Gotta get those sponsor bucks!

  • JollyDV says:

    Well, I sure enjoyed the read Huck! Thanks!

    I always read the articles, and sometimes I read the comments. Occasionally I get drawn in by some ridiculous comment and post my two cents, but just as often I just think, lighten up will ya?

    Keep ’em coming, this girl in Little Rock, AR enjoys the heck out of your pro/con ramblings.

  • Definitely on the commercial breaks, that was ridiculous. I also meant to include the ankle tats of Jason MacDonald and Jason Lambert in their fight at 88. Dudes shouldn’t get ankle tats. Neither should girls really but guys with ankle tats bother me.

  • JoHn says:

    it was because the previous show ran over there time do to some bullshit im sure, not the ufc’s fault, but i agree with all the fantasy football rhetoric about it being for losers, i tried it once but omg it took to much time, i had better shit to do, like eat, sleep, workout,work and oh yeah have a life. And for Benoit, why get upset about calling a worthless piece of shit like him what he is… a spade is a spade

  • “Keep ‘em coming, this girl in Little Rock, AR enjoys the heck out of your pro/con ramblings.”

    FUN FACT: Since I included the dumbest conversation I will include the second dumbest thing I ever heard since it was in Arkansas. I was at the “Burger Barn,” the fanciest restaurant in Arkadelphia, and I heard behind me, “I’m 15 and I’ve only slept with 15 guys.” Then her friend said, “wow, that’s good.”

    And yes, that’s only second.

  • JoHn says:

    “Keep ‘em coming, this girl in Little Rock, AR enjoys the heck out of your pro/con ramblings.”

    FUN FACT: Since I included the dumbest conversation I will include the second dumbest thing I ever heard since it was in Arkansas. I was at the “Burger Barn,” the fanciest restaurant in Arkadelphia, and I heard behind me, “I’m 15 and I’ve only slept with 15 guys.” Then her friend said, “wow, that’s good.”

    And yes, that’s only second.
    …. hahahaha,,, she should be called a virgin in arkansas

  • steelbus287 says:

    Guida cut his hair????????? Huckaby that’s just about the most un-American thing I’ve heard since Aguilar declared himself King Napoleo-Hitler. You better get your head straight, boy. You sure as shit wouldn’t ask a grizzly bear to turn the intensity down a notch, would you? Or a bald eagle to consider getting a hat? And let’s not forget a plucky young ne’er do well by the name of Samson. Yea, remember his little haircut? Pull your head out of your ass, Guida’s a national treasure.

  • steelbus287 says:

    good article.

  • Jeff L says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Listening to you live now. The honesty around the Proelite coverage is awesome.

  • Cathedron says:

    I don’t know what’s funnier: Huck’s little rants or the people who take him too seriously.

  • Jeff L says:

    Yeah, if Guida cuts his hair, his career will derail and everyone will blame you, Huck. It will be Arlovski and the beard all over again.

  • JoHn says:

    it was because the previous show ran over there time do to some bullshit im sure, not the ufc’s fault, but i agree with all the fantasy football rhetoric about it being for losers, i tried it once but omg it took to much time, i had better shit to do, like eat, sleep, workout,work and oh yeah have a life. And for Benoit, why get upset about calling a worthless piece of shit like him what he is… a spade is a spade

  • BJJ in VA says:

    I guess you won today Huckaby. You hijacked a formerly legitimate MMA news site and turned it into a succession of pro WWE comments, fantasy football (which is more of an oxymoron than military intelligence), dungeons and dragons references and anti-Evan Tanner remarks.

    But there is an upside for you. I cant call you the biggest tool ive read opinions from today because James C. actually defended Chris Beniot who KILLED HIS FAMILY. James im sorry to be the first person to tell you this but the public educational system failed you.

    James C. and Huckaby should move to Vermont and open a bed and breakfast together so they wont be able to procreate. Judging from your grandmothers conversation, maybe it should have been her who was banned from having kids. Then i wouldnt have wasted my 3 minutes on your rambling nonsense.

  • JollyDV says:

    I forgot to mention that I moved to Arkansas in 2000. I was born and raised in VA. (whew!) I just live here.

    I told Clay after his last fight, he needed to put his hair in corn rows like the female fighters do or at least in an Evan Tanner style pony tail. I counted over 20 times he stopped to flip it back. If I was his opponent, I would watch the tapes, and when we got in the ring, wait for it….and boom, over hand right. Anyhoo as you can tell, he didn’t listen to me.

  • JollyDV says:

    BJJ is the perfect example for my earlier post. ie. sometimes I just think, lighten up, will ya??

  • chandler says:

    jeusus christ people lighten up a bit pleaseeee… do you not see the other 15 articles regarding breakdowns of the fight??????? God forbid we could joke around Jesus Christ… on that note… fuck five ounces of pain!!!!! just kidding good article

  • Ken says:

    go away huckaby

    come back when you have something interesting or funny to say

    i can find all the vapid nonsense i want on sherdog

    i come to 5OZ to avoid it

  • stacey henry says:

    How about more grandmother stories, I loved it being from Alabama.

  • GoofyMonkey says:

    “Keep ‘em coming, this girl in Little Rock, AR enjoys the heck out of your pro/con ramblings.”

    FUN FACT: Since I included the dumbest conversation I will include the second dumbest thing I ever heard since it was in Arkansas. I was at the “Burger Barn,” the fanciest restaurant in Arkadelphia, and I heard behind me, “I’m 15 and I’ve only slept with 15 guys.” Then her friend said, “wow, that’s good.”

    And yes, that’s only second.

    To be fair, 14 out of 15 we’re family members, and we all know those don’t really count.

  • Oh I have grandmother stories.

    “dungeons and dragons references and anti-Evan Tanner remarks.”

    Considering I don’t know a thing about dungeons and dragons and I love Evan Tanner I will just assume you are mentally retarded. Awww, you get on that interwebs and you type your posts. Good for you.

  • tomcat says:

    I totally agree with your complaint of shows running over a few minutes. It screws up a lot of what I am trying to DVR as well. its infuriating!

  • screwface says:

    good article, and i too feel strongly about josh neers tramp stamp. its bad enough he even has 1, but NEER? cmon what backwater tattoo parlor didnt even have chinese letters for princess u coulda picked instead. but regarding clays hair, i too have long hair and i can say its an excellent absorber for blows to the head. yeah it can get on ur nerves while you fight but it has its advantages like kimbos beard. and i dont care what any1 says that grizzly adams beard will absorb some impact.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I actually read all these posts. I’m having a slow work-day, too.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    You and me both, Mike.

  • BJJ in VA says:

    Jolly do you know what the best thing is about hardcore mma fans? We dont let anybody get away with anything when it comes to mma. We dont want the average non-mma training douche ruining the only sport that matters by combining the horrible things that make up the other sports (ie overpaid pussies competing and fat obnoxious fans) with mma.

    Because hardcore fans actually train and know what is happening when watching events and have intelligent and educated opinions. Guys like Huckaby are only guessing at what is going on in a fight and that wouldnt be so bad if he werent writing for one of my favorite mma news sites.

    So that said, guys like Huckaby should be cleaning the toilets at 5oz. rather than writing for them, because in my opinion, someone who doesnt train mma shouldnt get an opinion.

    If guys like me lightened up then mma wouldnt be as great as it is. We hold the journalists accountable for what they say.

  • steelbus287 says:

    Damn, for realzies, BJJ? You’re cold, my friend.
    I actually enjoy a good light-hearted editorial every now and again. Huck, I’m sorry I asked you to pull your head out of your buns…I didn’t mean it. I thought we were all just partaking in a little good natured ribbery. But shit if BJJ didn’t just throw down a gauntlet. Huck for the rebuttal to BJJ?

  • I took BJJ for 6 years. I’m just being self-deprecating, something someone named “BJJ” obviously isn’t capable of doing.

  • “guys like Huckaby should be cleaning the toilets at 5oz.”

    Oh and I do. Morgan’s shits are terrible, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

  • steelbus287 says:

    OOOOOOH SNAP. He just accused you of lacking the mechanism necessary for self-deprecation and, by extension, irony.
    What’s up now, BJJ?

    (I hate myself.)

  • KTru says:

    Why all the tension? No need for fighting. Peace and love my friends

  • BJJ in VA says:

    Huckaby, every time you do one of these (articles? blogs?) you write something that pisses me off. The first I believe was when you commented on how flabby Mike Whiteheads thighs were. Could you be more overtly homoerotic when writing? But I digress, if I wasnt bitching about how unfunny and talentless you are as an mma journalist then I would have to deal with my own fucked up life (hows that for self-depricating thats all you get).

    By the way kudos on “making a bald eagle wear a hat” Steelbus, that shit was funny.

  • ihateemo says:

    The comments on this article were almost as funny as the main post.

    Kudos to you, sirs.

  • Jeff says:

    Jason G, I’m not the one who said I was going to beat anyone up…I don’t recall saying I was better than anyone, either. But yea, I do train, and I don’t say I’ll beat anyone up. That’s all, but I’m sure Huckaby is glad someone is sticking up for him.

  • JollyDV says:


    5oz is my favorite MMA website as well, so we have something in common.

    I am a firm believer in standing up for what you believe in.

    Huck’s article in no way threatens the sport of MMA.

    The fact that you “train MMA” makes you an authority on absolutely NOTHING.

    What you may define as a hardcore MMA fan is only your personal opinion.

    I do think that fans that train MMA have an edge and knowledge over non training MMA fans as to what is going on during a fight. You have been there and done that.

    Unless you know Huck personally, then you really don’t know what his MMA knowledge base is.

    When you make statements like “someone who doesn’t train MMA shouldn’t get an opinion, you disrespect the very people that help support the sport of MMA. Not everyone can or wants to train MMA, but it doesn’t mean they can’t love the sport, learn about the sport and have intelligent opinions about the sport. If the only fans with opinions had to be training in MMA, the sport would not have grown like it has and you wouldn’t be able to come to the website and put your foot in your mouth. Huck’s money, my money and every other fan who pays $50 bucks for the PPV or the tickets to the live shows support the sport and therefore are as important a fan as you are. Kudos to you for training in MMA and being able to do something your so passionate about.

    You should hold journalists accountable, of course, but this was an opinion piece. Just as you have the right to your opinion, so does Huck, and Sam hired him, so it would seem that Sam believes in his work. It was a witty article that covered multiple topics. It was meant to be light-hearted. I enjoyed it.

    The sport needs all the fans it can get so that it can continue to grow and bring in young fighters. So that means you, and that means me as well. I have never trained in MMA. I know what a kimora is, but have never felt one applied. I know what a left uppercut is, but have never had one connect(thank goodness, I am too pretty to get bruised up). That doesn’t make me any less or you any more than what we are. Two people that love MMA.

    What we don’t have in common is that I would never call someone names and degrade them because of their opinions when I don’t share them. Disagree, sure, but never make it personal. It makes no sense. It proves no point. It just makes you seem over zealous, which was my point earlier when I said sometimes I read a post and just think “lighten up, would ya?” Maybe I just have thin skin. Maybe your passion blinds you, who knows.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    “…someone who doesnt train mma shouldnt get an opinion. ”

    WOW! That’s ignorant.

  • BJJ in VA says:

    Jolly, even though you seem like a good natured person I wont give you a pass for your ignorance. Ive been a fan of mma since seeing UFC 1 on tape the monday after the PPV. Ive dedicated ten years of my life to training bjj boxing and muay thai, and ive fought amateur mma and many bjj and submission tournaments. Also, ive been supporting the local mma scene since its inception in the 90’s.

    So after all that your going to have to exuse me if i dont think your fleeting interest and 50 bucks out of your drinking budget qualifies you as the same fan as me.

    If you love mma as much as you say you do put up or shut up. Learn what mma is all about and join your local mma school. The fact that there are so many active participents in mma is the reason it is best sport in the world . Then you will paid as much as my fellow athletes have in sweat and blood.

    Its much more valuable to the sport than your money.

  • Ken says:

    AA’s interview about Sylvia dating his ex was funny and relevant.

    Video of Gina and Kim C. rolling was funny and relevant.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    BJJ in VA, spare us your laundry list of credentials and your reasons for why you’re the Rickson Gracie on MMA fans.

    It’s great that you train and I say that without the slightest bit of irony.

    But you call out Jolly out on his supposed ignorance is hypocritical. For all you know, Jolly could be in a wheelchair. For all you know, Jolly’s finances are so tight that he watches the PPVs at a friend’s house because he can’t afford the $45 a month, let alone the cable bill.

    You don’t know what everyone’s situation is and to say you’re a bigger MMA fan because you train is laughable. I’ve rolled myself and most of the guys training the classes knew DICK about MMA.

  • JollyDV says:

    Can it get any worse? I seem good natured and ignorant in the same sentence.

    BJJ, your post just proves my point. You have closed your mind to any thoughts but your own.

    1. I do not drink alcohol, therefore it doesn’t come out of my budget.
    2. I have ordered every UFC PPV since 2002. I have Showtime and the top tier of channels through Dish so that I get Versus. For the past 2 years (give or take a month) I have been in the chat room for 5oz calling the PBP for every fan that wasn’t able to get the fight, whether they couldn’t afford it, or they were in Afghanistan serving our country. I have supported MMA since the first fight I saw. Though not back in the 90’s.
    3. If I could go and train at a MMA school I would, but the fact is I am 100% disabled veteran, and unfortunately the last bout of cancer just drained me. My Dr. said it wasn’t a good idea.
    4. Don’t ever talk blood and sweat to a retired Army nurse. I have seen more of it than you can ever imagine.
    5. It is a sport. A great sport. I love it.
    6. Now take your foot out of your mouth. Hoorah!

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Fucking aye, Jolly!

  • JollyDV says:

    Hey Sergio,
    Guess what, I am a female. 😉 a she, not he.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    The ROYAL “he.”

    Haha, my mistake!

    Either way, keep on keepin’ on!

  • JollyDV says:

    Now, I have to really lighten up!!

  • Damn, Jolly just kicked BJJ’s ass. I actually feel kind of bad now.

  • BoRocker says:

    Hmmmm….Dead silence since Jolly’s post…imagine that! LOL!! Good on ya Jolly…I am retired USN myself….Keep the faith.

  • JollyDV says:

    Sergio is my new best friend. He is the the only one to say something. lol.

    Huck, why do you feel bad?? It all started because I felt the need to defend your controversial post today.

    BoRocker- I didn’t mean to cause the silence. HeHe! Thank you for for your service sailor. God Bless our Troops!

    And—the next time you all see me getting hassled, you better speak up, I don’t train in MMA, and I am ignorant and not allowed to be a fan. I need back up when the self proclaimed experts show up.

  • HexRei says:

    I have personally witnessed Jolly’s PBP, it’s incredible.

  • BJJ in VA says:

    I am witnessing mma turning into football post by post. Sorry i havent posted in a while i was busy training. To put it mildly you are taking the low road by playing the military card. No one said anything about what you did for a living I merely questioned your dedication to the sport you so call love. The fact you dont understand what I mean by put up or shut up and get off your ass to participate in mma to show your dedication just means you are to dim to argue with so this will be my last post on the matter.

    And for the record, I have trained with a disable veteran who lost a leg in Afghanistan and wont use it as an excuse to be fat and lazy. Hes got more heart than youve ever heard of.

    Hows that for getting my ass kicked

  • HexRei says:

    you know man, i can forgive you for being stupid, but stupid AND mean? go back to sherdog.

  • JollyDV says:

    Thanks HexRei, I appreciate that. 😉

  • Michael says:

    I think I speak for many mma blog readers out there when I say that there is never really “too much” content. I would say on average it takes me about 10-20 minutes to read all my usual sites (using google reader) and then I’m left bored and wanting more MMA tidbits. Huck’s pieces, love em or hate em, are at least something that is in my opinion semi-entertaining, even on his off days. Clearly they don’t always discuss purely MMA, but that doesn’t mean that they somehow insult or bring down the credibility of 5oz. Seems like some of you guys are just too up tight. I mean, Caplan is great at what he does and all but his usual posts sometimes give me the yawns, and its guys like Huckaby who help keep the site fresh with something out of the ordinary. What do we all want here? Another junkie or weekly clone? Come on.

  • BJJ in VA says:

    Alright, you people baited me back in.

    1. Huckaby, you should feel bad, you are the Kimbo Slice of mma journalism, you are bad for the sport.

    2. Sergio, if you bothered to look up a couple of posts you would see that i didnt attack jolly. She responded to my post saying that Huckaby shouldnt pretend to be an expert commentator on mma if hes never trained in the sport ( and yes if he works for an mma news site, he is pretending to be an expert). So stop standing up for her honor like the hero, youre embarrassing yourself.

    3. Hex, calling me stupid after all the inflammatory posts ive read by you makes you a hypocrite. Give your fingers a rest. Besides, writing lolz, misspelling words and bragging about how many times youve posted to get a belt color online makes someone stupid.

    4. Finally, Micheal wrote a post that actually has a good point, but doesnt make me like Huckaby any more than a few minutes ago.

  • HexRei says:

    you just berated a disabled cancer patient (both before knowing she was AND after) for not training MMA, you pretty much lost any possible shred of righteousness you had when you entered this thread. my posts have nothing to do with the situation and you are grasping. you should admit you are wrong and apologize.

  • I thought about commenting further about the ignorance of BJJ in VA, but that will obviously fall on deaf ears.

    Instead, I feel the need to point out the so far unstated awesomeness of using the Momento picture for the article.

  • JollyDV says:

    If I may,
    I was not playing the military card. In trying to tell you why I do not train in MMA, I said that I am a 100% disabled veteran. I cannot lift over 10pds. because of internal damage to two of my organs caused by cancer and the surgeries used to treat it. That is what life has dealt me. I have both of my legs, etc. I have multiple health problems of the internal sort, not orthopedic. Your friend that you mentioned that is an amputee is an inspiration for all. It is just not an option for me.

    I am not fat and lazy. I am actually tall and slender. 5’8, 130lbs. I walk my chocolate lab, Chester everyday, and I have a pool and swim in the summer. I am vain as hell and I look pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

    I mentioned that I was a retired Army nurse only to point out that your blood and sweat is not as life altering as you think.

    I have decided to agree to disagree with you. You have insulted me, called me names, and shown no respect for others that don’t fit into your tidy description of what a true fan of MMA should be. You lack: dignity, compassion, and class, three traits valued by most. Some comes with age and wisdom, and some is inherent. I sure hope you grow into it.

    Your passion for the sport is great. All the best.

  • Cathedron says:

    My grandmother was an Army nurse in WWII. *Salutes*

    Actually, BJJ is right. The only people who should be fans of any sport are the people who play it. Casual fans have hurt every other sport what with bringing in all that money that allows the sport to grow. Shame on them for selling out just like all of us do when we go to a job we hate just to pay the bills. Fighters shouldn’t make a good living, after all. They have to be held to a different standard. Sports should only be for elitist pricks, plain and simple. Knowledge of a sport should be flaunted in order to prove your penis size. Humor makes people think you are a pussy. Every internet site dedicated to MMA is NOT run by fans. It’s run by experts. Yeah. And, most important of all, guys who are afraid of appearing gay are absolutely, positively not overcompensating for their own homosexual tendancies no matter what modern psychology says.

  • Eric says:

    Huckaby – I think I read somewhere that the UFC is planning on a special for Evan Tanner to air on Spike. I, too, thought that the opening picture wasn’t nearly enough for Evan, but I am looking forward to watching the show on him.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Honestly, Jolly took BJJ to school the first time around and he came returned by being a complete asshole and as well as seeming more ignorant than he was before, as impossible as that seemed to be.

    “Hes got more heart than youve ever heard of.”

    Fuck you, buddy. Fuck you and fuck your family and fuck your friends and fuck your school and fuck your training instructor. Fuck all of them, they have failed you when it comes to being a decent human being.

  • Kaleb931 says:

    I’m not going to get into a pissing contest with BJJ over this whole thing, but I just want to say my piece.

    Jolly, I have to say, good job handling yourself like you did, and I’m sorry BJJ spilt that verbal garbage all over his keyboard on to our computer screens. I understand this is the internet…but damn…to talk to someone like BJJ did to you and not lose your temper, you have my respect for that.

    It sounds like you’ve been through alot of stuff, and still are, and you are just as welcome to be a part of the MMA world as anyone else.

    To say MMA should only be analyzed by those who practice it is sheer idiocy. MMA isn’t just about the fighters. The promoters, managers, SPONSORS, and yes, the fans are just as key to this sport as the men and women who go in their and fight.

    Fighters make no money without the fans, and sure, you can fight for free if you’d like, but let’s face it, that’s not the same mainstream sport we are talking about.

    Once again, props to Jolly for handling herself amazingly, and props to BJJ for winning douche of the year award this evening…what can I say, he must train REAL hard to be that big of an asshole…do you go to class for that too?


  • zak says:

    dude back off on guida’s hair, i am sick of everyone having shaved heads a lil variety is nice

  • JollyDV says:

    Eric- I sure hope that happens. I would very much enjoy watching that. Thanks for the info, I will be watching for anything on that.

    Sergio, my new best friend, Let it go, after about the 3rd exchange between us, I finally realized that BJJ lives in a fantasy world and his world doesn’t include anyone but those that “train”. He is so narrow minded that he can read my post and somehow decipher a secret code that I embedded without knowing it and turn around to post some bull malarkey that he has twisted to suit his own limited argument. All the while thinking it is okay to curse, call names and basically bash everyone. He must live in a small world. I pity him in that way. Zealot. That is his new screen name. Fits perfectly. So Sergio, don’t drop down to his level with the cursing, (even though it probably felt good to type it over and over, lol)We know who knows what is known here, and since we know it, we have no need to know him. BJJ in VA = Zealot=Toxic.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Oh, it felt SO good! Haha.

    And consider it dropped.

    And yes, a UFC Unleashed-esque tribute to Tanner would be awesome. I recommend his fights at UFC 18, 36, 45, 50, and 51.

  • “1. Huckaby, you should feel bad, you are the Kimbo Slice of mma journalism, you are bad for the sport.”

    HAHAHAHA, he called me a journalist!

  • flyingogoplata says:

    That’s an awful lot of knowledge about fantasy sports for someone who SUPPOSEDLY doesn’t play!

  • BJJ in VA says:

    Wow, I remember way back when this first started I was annoyed at Mike Huckaby for watering down an otherwise good mma news site with his unfunny ramblings about mens cellulite, chicks playing hockey, his racist redneck granny and everything else that doesnt belong here.

    Then chimes in Huckabys biggest fan and the name calling snowballs. For the record I brought up journalists past in training mma as a qualification to write about it I never said or thought that you werent allowed to be a fan for not training in some martial art, I merely said it would make you a better fan. The fact that you use your sickness and military record to win an arguement and garner pity from retards makes me hate you. I dont care that you are sick, actually the idea you might die soon is kind of attractive to me now.

    Hows that for toxic

    Then chimes in Sergio who thinks that standing up for a cancer patient will finally get him the chance to finally have sex with a white woman. As a matter of fact it seems hes pretty preoccupied with sex being he now wants fo fuck me, my friends and my family.

    I know that you people will retaliate with weak insults it doesnt bother me, really as long as its funny I welcome it. But what pisses me off is people twisting what I wrote just to get in the arguement.

    Have a fantastic Friday

  • PokerFace says:

    I play fantasy football, and I’m fucked, there isn’t much skill involved, none, and by my “LUCKY” standards, 50% of my team is a M.A.S.H unit.

    I agree with virtually everything coulcn’t have wrote it better myself.

  • PokerFace says:

    Weak insults………..I fucking loved it, the fact that nobody can say anything w/o your special scrutiny is funnier than hell>

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    PokerFace: Me too, man, me too. My QB picks were a bust as was LT. Thank God Barber is still finding holes.

  • Truss says:

    Wow. When I get a slow work day, these comment threads provide a welcome distraction. In all my years on the internet I can honestly say I’ve never come accross such a disagreeable poster as BJJ.

    As for the original argument, if you don’t like Huckerby’s writings, then don’t read him. It’s not rocket science etc etc.

  • Grappo says:

    BJJ in VA needs to train in the art of not being a douchebag.

    Thought he was serious at first, but nobody could really be that pompous and deluded… unless he’s really… Are you Jose Aguilar?!

    Nah, I’m chocking his posts up to boredom and some inspired trolling. And a desperate need for attention too. And maybe some repressed homosexual lust for Huckaby that manifests itself as self-righteous indignation and superiority. I bet he’d like to get his hands on you Huckaby.

    Dammit I’ve fed the troll!

  • I think it would work out because I’m a power bottom.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Oh, and Huckaby, I totally feel your pain about the DVR, man.

    I sat down to watch House last night and it cut the last minute of the damn episode! Had to go to freakin’ NinjaTV to check it out.

  • clays hair says:

    Clays Hair FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Duty Guy says:

    You always want to get a good sweat going BEFORE you compete. It gets your adrenaline pumping and your muscles loose. Stretching isn’t enough. You need to get after it. If you just start running, brawling, jumping as hard as you can without a warm-up, you shock your body and it really isn’t ready for what is in store.

    I played basketball my whole life and EVERY coach always made it a point to make sure we were sweating before we came off the court after warm-ups.

    I wasn’t surprised the first time I was watching an MMA fight and they showed the fighters grappling in their rooms beforehand.


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