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Ninth season of “The Ultimate Fighter” to feature USA vs. the UK

The UFC revealed several details regarding the upcoming taping for the ninth season of “The Ultimate Fighter” during Wednesday’s live airing of UFC Fight Night 15.

TUF 9 will utilize a USA vs. UK concept and will feature both welterweight and middleweight hopefuls.

The inclusion of welterweights on TUF 9 had been rumored for quite some time but the revelation that middleweights will be featured as well came as a surprise. Not only had heavyweight been rumored as the second weight class but the UFC and Spike TV just featured the 185 pound weight class during the seventh season of TUF.

Fighters looking to earn a shot at competing for the UFC will be able to apply through and but will also have the opportunity to appear at open tryouts on Oct. 20 in London, England and then on Oct. 27 in Chicago, Ill.

Coaches have not been announced but with the revelation that a team comprised of British fighters will be on the show has prompted speculation that Michael Bisping, the light heavyweight winner from the third season of TUF, will be featured as a coach of the UK team.

Traditionally, the coach selections for each season of TUF have been utilized as a marketing vehicle for a match between the two coaches. One would think that if Bisping is selected that a high-profile U.S.-born middleweight would be selected as his adversary. Top middleweight contenders such as Dan Henderson and Nathan Marquardt might be ideal candidates.

  • Jim says:

    I want Ross Pointon (sp?) as the coach…just the amount of subtitles alone would be hillarious.

  • Davey D says:

    Bisping vs. Hendo or Marquardt would be awesome. They’ve got be hoping Michael defeats Leben so he can go in on a winning note. But, that shouldn’t really matter IMO. They’ve spent plenty of time and money in Michael and it has paid off very well. He has also done a lot on his accord. 9 out of 10 UFC fan’s know who he is so it is almost certain Bisping gets the nod.

    Dan and Nate are both Master level trainer’s in their own right so picking one of the two is hard. I’d ask Dan first because of his experience in so many area’s. Nate isn’t far behind either and he could bring Greg Jackson along which would be sweet but Greg also has plenty of student’s of his own. It should be interesting to see what becomes of all this.

  • KTru says:

    Bisping would lose to either guy right now and for what its worth, I dont think Dana wants his British ambassador to get another blemish anytime soon

  • mike says:

    It’s UK vs US, not England vs US. So it doesn’t have to be Bisping.

  • cheapshot says:

    cant think of too many welsh, scottish or northern irish high-profile fighters mike, can you?

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