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UFC Fight Night 15: Quick Results

Here are the quick results from tonight’s UFC Fight Night 15 card from Omaha, Nebraska. Stay tuned for detailed analysis.

Main Card –

  • Nate Diaz def. Josh Neer via split decision
  • Clay Guida def. Mac Danzig via unanimous decision
  • Alan Belcher def. Ed Herman via split decision
  • Eric Schafer def. Houston Alexander via submission (arm triangle) at 4:53 of round one

Preliminary Card:

  • Alessio Sakara def. Joe Vedepo via TKO at 1:27 of round one
  • Wilson Gouveia def. Ryan Jensen via submission (armbar) at 2:04 of round two
  • Joe Lauzon def. Kyle Bradley via TKO at 1:34 of round two
  • Jason Brilz def. Brad Morris via TKO at 2:54 of round two
  • Mike Massenzio def. Drew McFedries via submission (Kimura) at 1:28 of round one
  • Dan Miller def. Rob Kimmons via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:27 of round one
  • cheapshot says:

    “one of your best performances yet” rogan to clay guida

    hmmm. well we all know he’s a great wrestler and a strong guy joe but what else did he show exactly? obviously he’s got great cardio and can push a fast pace but personally i’m not that impressed or interested for that matter in that performance. danzig shouldve cut out his knee attempts because they were inevitably going to lead to a takedown but its hard to say what else he could’ve done really. As for the praise guida received for his ground and pound? Well i’d like to see the stats cos he seemed to spend the majority of his energy holding danzig down and taking him back down when he tried to stand up.

    anyone else?

  • DamonO says:

    Scored 184 points and placed 40th out of 16086 UFC fantasy players. Very nice! Thumbs up

  • ViciousUppercut says:

    I completely agree Cheapshot. Boring boring boring. At least Danzig came to fight. He tried to engage Guida. But all Guida did was grab onto Danzig and sqeeze like a scared bitch. never throwing any punches, just sqeezing. The most boring and most gutless performance i’ve ever seen. No action at all by Guida but a couple weak takedowns. yippee He grabs on like a leech and holds the entire fight then with 10 seconds left in the fight starts throwing weak punches that don’t even land to look like he came to fight. I hope i never see a fight like this ever again. These kinds of fights are bad for MMA. Oh well at least this garbage wasn’t on PPV. No fault to Danzig though at least he tried to make a fight of it but when somebodys just holding on and sqeezing you what can you do. I think the ref could’ve done more like standing em up. Guida wasn’t even trying to improve his position.

  • JollyDV says:

    I have to disagree with Cheapshot and Vicious. I actually just went back and watched the fight again, to make sure I was watching the same Guida/Danzig fight.

    During Rd. 1 Clay threw 4 good inside kicks before any take down. When he did get a take down, Clay was able to get out of kimora. Then while in the clinch against the cage he threw good knees to the body of Mac. The next take down came with mulitple elbows and body shots. In round 2 he got a take down, and attempted a rear naked choke with 20 seconds left in the round. Going into rd. 3 Mac got the first take down, sunk in a kimora, but Clay was able to escape it and got his back. Danzig was exhausted by this point of rd 3 and was even looking at the clock from the clinch. Mac again tried for a kimora but couldn’t get it. Clay was able to get out of and get Mac’s back again, throwing a few good knees on the way there.

    That is just an abbreviated version. Danzig’s game plan was shot to hell by Guida’s fast pace. No he didn’t submit Mac after the multiple take downs, but Mac did nothing from the guard either. His attempts at the kimora’s seemed half hearted. Mac invited several of the take downs. Go back and watch round 2 again. Mac would throw a kick, telepathed so that Clay just grabbed his leg and took him down. That happened several times. Mac was not able to implement his superior striking because Guida wasn’t still long enough for him to get an opening. Clay was able to use his wrestling skills to control Mac while he was on the ground. I would have loved to see Guida try more submissions, but the fact is, IMO, that from the first bell, till the final bell, Clay Guida controlled everything that happened in that ring. Mac Danzig was not able to stop the take downs, get a submission while on the ground, nor was he able to use boxing, kicks or knees in the clinch to inflict any damage. I was surprised that Danzig wasn’t able to implement his game plan at all during the fight.

    I only saw one time that the ref would have even thought of breaking them apart, and I wouldn’t say standing them up, because they were clinched on the cage when the ref could have stopped it and moved them to the center of the octagon. They moved up and down so much there was really never more than 5-10 seconds without one of them reversing each other and continuously working. Even though neither got a submission, both were working the entire time they were on the ground.

    I know you said you didn’t like watching the fight, but I think if you watched it again, you may see it differently. What Clay lacks in power and ground skills he more than makes up for in the high pace and wrestling control. Danzig just didn’t know what to do with him. Mac kept his focus and patience into round 2, but at some point during that round you could just see him lose it. He started talking to himself, you could see him cussing to himself and he just got tired. Like I said, his game plan was shot to hell.

  • KTru says:

    I agree and disagree on all opinions. (Great Diplomacy) I did think it was a bad fight and was not impressed with Guida’s “lay and pray” at the end of Rd3.

    But with that being said Guida did win that fight decisively. Mac even though was trying to do what he can, his kimura attempts where not half-hearted, they just could not be done. Mac pushed the pace, but to no positive outcome. Guida did enough to win. And in this sport that is all it takes.

  • JollyDV says:

    KTru- I pretty much feel like you do in that it was not the best fight. I know Mac Danzig is a better fighter than what we saw last night, and I believe Clay can do better as well.

    Had Mac kept the fight on their feet, he may have come out ahead, but he wasn’t able to stop the take downs from Clay, and he even had several take downs of his own. Go figure.

  • cheapshot says:

    Good debate from all. But i wasnt saying Guida didnt win the fight, i wasnt questioning his fast pace and fitness and this was what clearly threw Danzigs game plan. HOWEVER how many minutes did Guida spend on top of Danzig and what exactly did he do with it? Where was the ground and pound or furthering position? In my opinion Guida was scared to take any risks on the ground because of Danzigs superior BJJ, which made for a lot of squeezing and lay and pray.

    Jolly, i appreciate your recap but come on, thats 15 minutes of action you’re recounting and even you must admit that Guida didnt have a lot to show for it. I want to see Mixed Martial Arts fights, not wrestling matches and i dont think Guida will rise up the rankings with performances like that. I’m guessing i wouldnt have minded so much if Rogan hadnt been going into hyperbole about his performance and Guida hadnt run around the ring in triumphant fashion.

  • Rich S. says:

    Danzig’s cryptonite during this fight was those straight kicks he kept trying to throw..

    every time guida grabbed them and got him down..

  • screwface says:

    i felt herman was robbed, he had a slow start, but i think he pulled it out. other than that good fights. although diaz should of won by unanimous decision, at least peeples wasnt the culprit this time.

  • modogg says:

    Sam, great call on Mike Massenzio and sponsoring him. I became a great fan of his considering he won me a nice pocket of cash. I love when you guys get the fighter people haven’t heard about and let us know.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    We’ve never sponsored Mike Massenzio.


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