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Phillipe Nover joins Five Ounces of Pain as guest blogger, shares TUF 8 premiere thoughts in debut column

Editor’s Note: is proud to announce that TUF 8 lightweight competitor Phillipe Nover has joined the site as a guest blogger. Nover will be sharing his thoughts for us every week throughout the current season of TUF. Below is Nover’s first submission.

I flew in from New York slightly dehydrated and underweight. I didn’t know what to expect. I felt weak and light headed that day. Not to mention nervous as hell.

A combination of all these things hit me smack in the face. I could remember looking up at the ceiling lights standing there.

All of a sudden my face felt heavy and my teeth felt a “pins and needles” type feeling. I blanked out for a few seconds. It never happened to me before. I was embarrassed and everyone thought of me as this nervous weak guy.

I knew Joe Duarte felt over-confident that he’ll be fighting the guy who passed out. I feed into his delusion and didn’t boast myself or talked smack. I pretended to be this inexperienced dude who only knew a little Jiu-Jitsu. That’s what I told Joe when he asked me what my training back ground consisted of.

Joe is one tough guy and he was a great obstacle to overcome. He’s a great fighter and I really believe he still has a long future in fighting.

  • jeff the drunk says:

    Awesome showcase of your skills & congrats on getting the W and into the house. it’s great to see a guy from the NYC metro area come out & show where hard work & determanation can get you. Dude, you might have passed out in the introductions, but when it really counted (in the cage) you made Duarte TAPOUT. great fight Phillipe, and even though i’m from central Jersey i gotta say, BROOKLYN’S IN THE HOUSE (TUF house that is). looking forward to watching your next W. best of luck brother.

  • Zack with a ck says:

    Nover quickly dispelled the rumor that Duarte was the 155lb A Silva…

  • DamonO says:

    Great fight! I was interested in what the guys who passed out had for skills. He had skills in all areas. Excellent! Look forward to seeing more!

  • Mark Aulet says:

    I was very pleased to see your heart. Keep it up man. Good luck and unrivaled fame and fortunes (wait this is MMA no Fortunes to be had!).

  • Mike C. says:

    Between all the hype leading up to the show for Duarte and Phillippes passing out I expected an absolute beating from Duarte. Very impressive win.

  • DIAZ says:

    That was a dope fight, I gotta say Im really amped about seeing you do good on the show, being that you represnting the best hood in all of NYC… BK ALL DAY!!!!
    On another note, I wanted to know where you train in brooklyn, I have been trainig jits for a min and have been looking for an MMA camp out in nyc, now that I here you have a camp in BK I would love to check it out..


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  • drumerdud says:

    great fight man! Hope to see you make it all the way!

    Im just wondering though, how Filipino are you? i mean, do u speak the language and stuff? It would be great to have mroe and more filipinos mkaing it big in the UFC.

  • THORAZINE says:

    Pretending to pass out so your opponent pegs u as weak… very sly indeed. That may move into TUF’s Top 25 most memorable moments, not only ru a tough as nails fighter, ur also smart! JK. U certainly redeem youself with a win over a explosive Joe Duarte. Duarte may have made it into the house had he been paired up with a different fighter.

  • j.j. says:

    the filipino assasin, very accurate and powerful striker. just like minotauro told dana, “that kid hits like a heavyweight, man”. good luck in all of your fights.

  • Thanks for the support guys. I do speak a good amount of Taglog but I sound more like Tarzan. I can get my point across well and I understand most of the words in a slow conversation. I train out of team Insight. A small closed session type MMA camp in Canarsie under my teacher Ralph Mitchel. If you’d like to train here we have classes for the public on Mondays and Thursdays at 7:30 pm. The address is 9309 Ave. L Brooklyn NY 11236 (Between E. 94th and E. 93rd st) I also train under Soca in Long Island.

  • Philb says:

    Wow, thanks for coming here Phillipe!!! Are you planning on going into a little more detail about things in the upcoming weeks?

    Great blog, I just wish there was more.


  • DIAZ says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the school in Brooklyn.. I wish you the best of luck in the house and in the octagon.

  • Toque says:

    As a fellow Murse I wish you the best of luck.

    Murse represent!

  • Nancy says:

    Watch out! The FILIPINO ASSASIN is out to get ya!!! Woooo-hooo!!!
    I am SO proud of you Philippe, your fight with Duarte was totally AWESOME! To be humble is to be GREAT and you showed some of them arrogant guys at the TUF who just talk crap that you are way better and stronger than them physically and mentally. You are a warrior and an ultimate fighter. God Bless and Best of Luck to YOU!!

  • paolo says:

    go Nover! Pinoy inside the TUF house ^_^

  • Wulph says:

    hey Phillipe!^_^ I’m with you man all the way. I believe you are the best 155er in the house. Mabuhay ka Philipe! Make us proud!

    Baguio City, Philippines.


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