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5 Oz. Exclusive: Jason Guida signs with EliteXC

Jason Guida, who was shown last night on Spike TV and the UFC’s hit reality television series “The Ultimate Fighter” as being dismissed from the competition after failing to make weight, has signed with EliteXC. confirmed the news on Tuesday with EliteXC Vice President Jared Shaw.

Guida, the older brother of UFC lightweight competitor Clay Guida, will debut during the promotion’s Oct. 10 ShoXC event at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana. Shaw could not comment on his opponent, but sources have informed Five Ounces of Pain that Guida is expected to fight Polish middleweight/light heavyweight prospect Mamed Khalidov.

Guida’s record varies greatly depending on what source you refer to but is 17-17, according to Sherdog’s fight finder. In addition to TUF, Guida has received national exposure on HDNet while competing in the main event of the debut show for Adrenaline MMA this past June. Facing heavyweight Mike Russow, Guida lost via first round submission. He also has suffered notable defeats against Terry Martin, Thales Leites, Travis Wiuff, Rory Markham, Vernon White, and Marvin Eastman.

Khalidov has competed exclusively in Poland and Lithuania and if he finalizes an agreement with EliteXC, the Oct. 10 show would mark his first fight on U.S. soil. Currently on a six fight win streak, Khalidov is 9-3 overall.

  • Oren Reich says:

    I think you should change the photo of him to anything else, it makes him look… weird (is the best word that comes to mind).

  • Patrick says:

    Well… he’s a weird lookin guy, what do you want haha?

  • Evan says:

    Gotta be kidding me Oren

  • HexRei says:

    Jason Guida is 31, Clay is 27 I believe, so Jason is Clay’s older brother :)

  • William W. says:

    He better make weight. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Seriously, it is good he is getting a second chance to prove himself somewhere.

  • Evan says:

    Will is right Sam…this is his older brother.

  • HexRei says:

    Will is right and I totally agree with what he said Evan, but I’m the one who made that particular point ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • jeff the drunk says:

    I know that TUF is a reality show, but that was hard to watch & a complete waste of time. why the hell was a guy with a 17-17 record even given an opportunity to get on TUF ? the LEAST he could have done(out of respect to his brother) was to make weight so he could at least try to fight his way on to the show. Clay Guida & Matt Serra now have something in common. they have both been embarassed by their less serious/successful brothers. The Matt Serra reference goes back to his brother Nick’s “performance” on the EliteXC undercard on MAY 31st in NJ. but at least he was able to make weight and last a whole round before he gave up(not to take ANYTHING away from his opponent, he came ready to fight & easily picked Serra apart).

  • Evan says:

    HexRei…….stare at blogs long enough reading up on recaps and everything blends together. Sorry about that but regardless…good catch.

  • dEF says:

    Thx Sam for giving us the props for the inside news about it, i really apreacite it.

  • Nate says:

    hilarious picture. it looks like he just sat on something he regrets sitting on.

  • tomk says:

    How does EliteXC expect to be taken seriously, if they just scooped up a .500 fighter who essentially flunked off the UFCs TUF? I mean, yeah, the whole existence of Kimbo thing doesn’t exactly scream credibility, but if EliteXC is just going to continue to be built up with UFC rejects with marginal records, how much longer are they planning on being in existence?

  • Joshua says:

    This is a bit embarrassing for XC given last night’s TUF.

  • JollyDV says:

    Let me first say I totally lack common sense, my father used to tell me that I was “a day late and a dollar short”.

    I kinda think that Jason Guida was used as a promotional tool to pull in viewers. The fact that he is 17-17, makes you wonder how he got a shot on TUF to begin with. So lets say, because of who is his little brother is he got the chance. Do you really think that his camp would let him show up that out of shape? What he does reflects on Clay in some way. During the one on one interview with the camera in between showing him cramped up and all that, he talked about how it took him 5 or 6 years to get this chance, and he mentioned he is no Gabe Reutiger(sp), but that had to be filmed after the fact. I don’t think they picked him up off the floor, got him dressed, and combed his hair to go do the interview. If he has waited all this time for a chance with the UFC, and having the trainers/coaches at home to prepare him for this how did he come in so out of shape? Not only did he not make weight, but he looked physically not prepared. Did you see how flabby he was?? They hired him to just come in and play that role for the hype on the commercials that have been airing the past week. The commercials showed Jason trying to make weight, and Nover fainting. I admit, it is good stuff. I would tune in to watch it. I did tune in and watch, but not just for that. That is the marketing stuff at work. It boils down to the all might dollar. Prime example: Brock Lesner getting a fight with Randy. Not to say Brock is not great, but he was allowed to just cut in front of the lunch line.

    So, I think Jason Guida was never meant to be a fighter on TUF, I think he knew this and that is why during the interview he wasn’t boo hooing about how he screwed up, he was doing the exact opposite, defending himself, even though it was after the weigh ins were over and done. He must have done it after he got back from the ER and had been hydrated(if that was even real).

    As far as EliteXC signing him; He has a last name that a lot of people know,they need as many bodies to fill their roster as possible, he already has some face time on TV, albeit negative, and EliteXC can make a special weight class for him if he can’t cut to 205lbs. I believe they have done that for some of their other fighters.

    If any of this makes no sense to anyone else. I understand. That is why I posted the disclaimer at the beginning.

  • Mike says:

    He kind of reminds me of the killer from “No Country for Old Men”

  • JollyDV says:

    Oh, and one other thing. His photo. It reminds me of some cartoon character or something. Last night while I was watching the show, I thought how odd his haircut was with the sideburns and all. I recall thinking to myself, “that is not working for him”. Everyone can’t be good-looking, that is life. It is okay to be ugly.

    Then this morning, the photo is staring at me as I start to read the article. What?? He can’t even try to look mean or scary for his face shot? Did he purposely take off his shirt and pose that way? I sure hope he didn’t have to pay for it. If it was me, I would have asked for a re-do. Next time practice in the mirror before taking the photo.

  • Matt Cava says:

    “He kind of reminds me of the killer from โ€œNo Country for Old Menโ€” HaHa.

    He weighed in at 207… and had a sweat soaked mop of hair. Is it stupid of me to think that if he wanted to make weight THAT badly that he would have shaved his head? I mean if he’s having that much of an issue making weight and he wants to make the show that badly, shaving off all that hair could have made some difference.

    Either way it was pathetic that he came into the tryouts that much out of shape.

    Oh and that picture is perfect.

  • Lefty says:

    his face reminds me of the leprechaun horror series!!!

  • tricky dicky says:

    Should be an interesting fight, Khalidov is no joke. I do hope that there won’t be muslim guys in the crowd screaming “Allah Akhbar” like there has been at some of the other Khalidov fights I’ve seen..

  • Oren Reich says:

    I’m in a rush so maybe I’m repeating something already stated here: the dude’s a heavyweight. He wasn’t fit for this in the first place, but who the hell doesn’t take the opportunity and show up. How he didn’t plan ahead and make sure he’d be able to make weight (IE be around 210 maybe; I don’t know, I have no experience here) is beyond me. But the dude was taking advantage of a 205 opportunity.

  • […] also broke the news last night that Jason Guida, the older brother of UFC lightweight competitor Clay Guida, has signed with EliteXC and will debut for the promotion during its Oct. 10 ShoXC event at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana. Polish fighter Mamed Khalidov is expected to be Guida’s opponent. […]

  • jimbo says:

    Picture looks like the 4th guy from the left on the evolution of man chart.

  • Joseph says:

    You guys dissing EliteXC for signing Guida are complete NOOBS.
    THey didn’t sign him to build him up.

    They are throwing him against Khalidov, a stud who rejected a contract from the UFC. Khalidov is the fighter they are banking on.

  • darkmetal says:

    Guida’s photo also seems to be shot from the top of his abs up, and we don’t need to know the reason why, do we?

    Not to dis Clay over his brother’s seriously out of shape physique going into this, but he should have known better.

    Does anyone know how long these guys have from signing to being on the show? Even if it was 2 weeks, certainly Guida should have been able to cut his physique down considerably in that time. He could have eaten nothing but steamed chicken and lettuce and done it, UNLESS he was even more horribly out of shape and this WAS his cut down weight…

    Congrats to Clay for his win, I was one of the few who said that he was at the edge of greater things, and it appears I was right. Sure, he needs further polishing, but his gas tank (and heart) seem to be almost “Rudy-esque” (based on the movie “Rudy”).

  • Robert says:

    For the guy wondering how Guida got on TUF with a .500 record go back and look at the records of some of the contestants on previous seasons some with no fights at all.The guys who get cast on the show are not always top notch talent as many people believe most of the time nepotism has a big part as to who gets on the show.

  • korzen says:

    Robert you are right.
    Last season winner – Amir Sadollah – has debut on the finale.

    And if you are very good you are already on UFC, if you are good you are in some contract with other company.
    Only if you don’t have signed contract you can be on TUF. So almost every guy step into TUF has last fight loss or small small amount of fight time.

    Probably they signed Guida (except the name, brother in UFC) becouse of his ring/cage time of 34 fights total and experience.

    There no many TUF fighters with that big record overall.

    Sorry form my english :)

    P.S. 2
    I’m from city that Mamed Khalidov train and lives in Poland.

    P.S. 3
    On sherdog Mammed record is 14-3-1.


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