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5 Oz. Exclusive: Mike Swick vs. Jonathan Goulet in the works for “The Ultimate Fighter” finale

The UFC is in the process of putting together a welterweight battle between Mike Swick and Jonathan Goulet to be a featured bout during Spike TV’s live season finale for the eighth installment of “The Ultimate Fighter” on December 13.

Sources close to both fighters revealed the potential bout to on Tuesday.

Bout agreements have yet to be presented but the matchup has been proposed to Goulet and Swick, who apparently have both expressed separate interest in taking the fight.

The two had been scheduled to fight last September at UFC Fight Night 11 until Swick had to pull out of the fight due to injury and was replaced by Dustin Hazelett. Despite taking the fight on short notice, Hazelett submitted Goulet at 1:14 of round 1 with an armbar.

Since the loss, Goulet has gone 3-0 with two of the wins having taken place inside of the Octagon. After taking a fight outside of the UFC, Goulet returned last December during the season finale for the sixth installment of TUF. Facing TUF 6 contestant Paul Georgieff, Goulet submitted him with a rear naked choke in round 1. He then fought in April during UFC 83 in Montreal, where he TKO’d Kuniyoshi Hironaka at 2:07 of round 2.

Swick had been announced as being scheduled to fight on Oct. 25 at UFC 90 in Rosemont, Ill by UFC President Dana White, who made the announcement during a promotional press conference. However, Swick would later contradict White and claimed a miscommunication had taken place, as he would not be ready to resume fighting until December after having undergone elbow surgery in July.

Swick, who rose to prominence during the debut season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” is 12-2 overall with a 7-1 lifetime record in the UFC. His one and only Octagon loss came as a middleweight against Yushin Okami in April of 2007 at UFC 69 in Houston. The loss prompted Swick to decide to move down to the welterweight limit of 170 pounds. Since making the move, he is 2-0 with wins over Josh Burkman at UFC Fight Night 12 and Marcus Davis at UFC 85.

  • Oh, okay. When I read the headline I thought it meant that was going to be the main event and was both saddened and confused.

  • keenan says:

    swick will dom goulet, you would think he would get a step up in competition after beating burkman and davis i see this as a step down. koscheck? does he have a fight scheduled? lytle? these seem more appropiate than goulet. but i wish the good ol canadian boy luck, hell need it

  • Scott says:

    Swick and Koscheck train together at AKA so I doubt they’ll square off anytime soon. I was hoping to see Swick vs. Rory Markham, but I forgot that Goulet is riding a two-fight UFC winning streak and he’s usually entertaining at the very least. I don’t think he’ll present too much of a challenge for Swick but he’s far from a can also.

    Koscheck doesn’t have a fight scheduled currently, and there really are no legitimate contenders out there for him right now except for maybe Karo? He’s essentially next in line after the winner of Diego/Alves to get a title shot, but he also mentioned he wants to fight before the end of the year. If Karo recovers in time, a fight between him and Koscheck might be intriguing for the New Year’s Eve card. Or hell, put Yoshiyuki Yoshida and Koscheck together.

  • Rich S. says:

    Swick’s a great fighter, but losing to Goulet is no where near ouf-of-the-question..

    Goulet’s been a beast as far back as i can remember..
    he’s a very good, well-rounded fighter.. reminds me of GSP..
    and he should be counted out of this fight by no one..

    with that aside..
    i think Swick would win..

  • Jeff G. says:

    … Why is Goulet being put in front of Swick? It seems like a major step down in competition after beating Burkman and Davis.

  • Rich S. says:

    now i will agree with that..
    after beating burkman and then completely controlling a seemingly unbeatable opponent in Davis, it seems like Swick should be fighting someone a little higher on the ladder..
    but when you think about it..
    there’s no one left really..
    Fitch won’t be fighting again this year..
    and Thiago and Diego are already taken..
    the only person available is Karo..

  • keenan says:

    ya those are good points i totally forgot they were both at aka. where is serra at? hughs said no ifght till next year

  • Bad Monkey says:

    That’s a funny pic of Swick with all the guns in the background.

  • Robert says:

    Rich S. what are you talking about Goulet is a beast and reminds you of GSP.Goulet could have easily have been cut from the UFC but they wanted him for the card in Montreal and he happenend to win now he gets another fight which is a step down in competition for Swick.There is no reason the UFC can’t come up with a better match up than this.

  • Jackyl says:

    Decent fighters but I think they could find a much better main event for this card. A good matchup but I would like something with a little more meat or maybe title implications a few fights down the road. My gut reaction to this fight is: YAWN


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