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Affliction and Golden Boy make it official

At a Saturday press conference in Las Vegas, upstart MMA organization and apparel company Affliction and boxing powerhouse Golden Boy Promotions announced a partnership that will promote hybrid fight cards. The partnership will consist of four co-promoted pay-per-view events. The first of the four events is expected to take place in January of 2009 and will feature WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko against an opponent that is yet to be determined.

Earlier this week Affliction postponed their October “Day of Reckoning,” pay-per-view event which was to take place in Las Vegas at the Thomas and Mack Center. It is not known at this time if the remaining fighters from the now rescheduled event will be participating on the January fight card.

Whether or not hybrid fight cards can be successful on pay-per-view remains to be seen, however Banner Promotions held a free hybrid fight card in June at the Thomas and Mack Center, the event was part of ESPN’s “Friday Night Fights” and attracted around 9.000 fight fans. The agreement between the two companies will bring hybrid fight cards to a whole new level, and appears to be designed to help the upstart MMA organization as well as attract a different audience to boxing.

  • FatMike says:

    This sounds like a good idea but seems doomed to fail!
    As I see it it’s a last ditch effort for Affliction and Goldenboy doesn’t lose any steam if it does fail!

  • GirlyGirl says:

    THAT’S the big announcement?

  • Jason says:

    Thats pretty big news

  • Jason says:

    Golden Boy has some serious boxing talent at their disposal.

  • el boxeo says:

    not only that but its only a matter of time that HBO will get involved since GBP is the defacto org that HBO seems to love …

    but i guess it will take some time to integrate according to ESPN

    ***When the card was called off, Golden Boy attempted to have Arlovski-Barnett rescheduled as part of the Oct. 18 Pavlik-Hopkins HBO PPV card. However, co-promoter Top Rank and HBO rejected the overture.

    “They presented us with the option and we respectfully declined,” HBO PPV chief Mark Taffet told

    As part of its deal with Golden Boy, Affliction will produce a line of event T-shirts for Golden Boy fights to sell at retail locations and at the fight. The first fight it will make shirts for is the Dec. 6 match between Golden Boy boss Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao. In addition, Affliction will become the official apparel licensee for Ring Magazine, which Golden Boy bought last year. It unveiled several sample T-shirts featuring old covers of Ring magazine, including ones of Sugar Ray Robinson.*****’

    that wouldve been kinda sick actually….hopefully this will mean more money for fighters

  • egad81 says:

    This is good for the sport. Oscar is a smart man with mega money. He is well respected in boxing and I think this could lead to bigger pay checks for MMA fighters.

  • Truth says:

    This is great news not only for Affliction, but for MMA. MMA will not only be brought to a larger audience, but it could encourage some more talented boxers to try their hand at MMA as well. No offense to the MMAists, but outside of a very small handful of fighters, the striking is very average and bordering on suckage at times.

  • chirs says:

    I don’t see how this benefits MMA really. Affliction yes, as they are having a hard time financially and now they have help… but MMA as a whole it doesn’t.

    It does however help boxing, a LOT. It could help to save the “dying sport”

  • Chris Lyons says:

    I think putting Arlovski-Barnett on the undercard of the Pavlik-Hopkins fight would have been a great idea.

    Anyways I’ll be at the Honda Center again for their next show.

  • Joey says:

    FUCK! I have tickets to Hopkins-Pavlik as Kelly as my favorite boxer, if i would’ve gotten the surprise of Arlovski-Barnett I would have freaked. Now, instead of just being pumped about the boxing match, I’m pissed that TopRank turned down the MMA bout.

  • Rich says:

    If I wanted to watch boxing then I will watch friday nights fights. Boxing is boring as hell and is a dying sport. I would be so pissed if I have to watch some long as boring boxing match on the next PPV when all I want to see is explosive non-stop action. Well I guess I wont be ordering the next Affliction card.

  • MMAuthority says:

    Some of you are blinded I see.. If you look closely, you could easily see that MMA is outdoing boxing on average.. err I should say the “UFC” is outdoing boxing. Even with their 2.4 million PPV buys last year they still didint out do the UFC in terms of PPV buys last year.. UFC took the crown. This year they are seriously beihnd in terms of PPV buys. WWE is outdoing boxing PPV as well..

    Boxing is averaging about 325K PPV buys per event.

    UFC is averaging 420K PPV buys per event & hold an even every month.

    Boxers as a whole do not make the amount of money that MMA fighters do as a whole. Boxers do have the highest paid “Top” fighters. But breaking down the numbers side by side, MMA fighters make more money, have more work (fights every 3 months) on average.

    Affliction isn’t getting GBP for extra capital in their pocket. Their basically giving up their rights by giving them 50% of their shares. Out of that 50% on the Affliction side, they still have to give up Trump’s percentage too. He did buy an “undsiclosed” amount of shares in the company so they couldn’t offer more than they didnt have to begin with..

    Trump had money and pull.. where was that on this ? Bringing in multiple partners means blatently obvious, that they didnt know what the hell they were doing and now have to give up their product in the hopes that someone could save it from closure. This is not good for boxing, nor is it good for MMA. They are 2 seperate sports, 2 totaly different genres. They need to kept seperate for the integrity of their own respective sports. It’s like mixing oil & water.. not a good combonation…

  • Eric S says:

    Ugh! As a viewer, I hate this hybrid fight card idea. Boxing bores me to no end. So if they’re cutting out 1/2 the MMA fights off these cards, it makes me much less likely to buy each card.

  • RUSH says:

    Its going to be hard to shell out the same amount of money for these PPV’s when there’s only half my interest since its half MMA.

  • PokerFace says:


  • AG Silver says:

    Yeeeeeeaaah…… Sorry to rain on this thread’s parade but I fail to see how a “hybrid” card is supposed to be good for MMA.

    On the surface, this could expand MMA’s fan base by trying to introduce the boxing fans that have not embraced MMA yet into the fold. I think this is a foolish line of thinking as IMO the reason they haven’t watched MMA yet is not because they haven’t been exposed to it but b/c they are die-hard boxing fans that see any other type of fighting as inferior. Most boxing fans I know are fervent fans of their sport and refuse to embrace MMA right away. The ones that have converted (of those that I know) have had their hands held so to speak. Friends sat them down explained MMA to them: how it was similar to boxing and where strategies differed.

    My point is, I suppose, that boxing fans need to be educated (or dare I say RE-educated since come of them still see MMA as a bloodsport — Jim Lampley, e.g.) if they are to watch MMA, let alone accept it as a legit sport.

    What do you guys think?

  • dpk says:

    The only good thing about this for MMA, is that some of the old school boxing fans who try to discredit MMA while never actually seeing a fight, will pretty much be forced to watch some MMA, and after they sit and see someone like Fedor, I bet they become alot more interested in MMA.

    But, overall, I agree with the general theme of the comments, If I wanted to watch boxing, I would buy a boxing PPV or watch Friday night fights, don’t give me half the MMA, and fill the rest with boxing matches that I don’t care about. I haven’t decided yet, I’ll have to see the final card they come up with, but right now, I am less likely to buy that PPV.

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    I can’t even be bothered to watch boxing on free t.v. anymore. There’s no way in hell I’ll be bothered to fork over my cash for a mixed ppv card, regardless of who is on it.

  • Batman says:

    AG Silver,
    I am a hardcore boxing fan and hardcore MMA fan now you know one person who likes them both alot.

  • stevefiji says:

    Gentlemen, Its a joke. The business model for MMA has been set by UFC. Throwing in some boxers who are losing steam is not gonna save Affliction and the audiences don’t match. The Latino base of many of Oscar’s fans do not coincide well with limited MMA artists of similar descent. I can’t see GBP’s people buying loads of overpriced ugly ass, metal style T-shirts either.

    Sharing production costs? You can bet your ass GBP has a sweetheart deal paying a minimal amount of the production costs and taking a maximum amount of the revenues.

    Look at what Trump has done for Affliction…NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Watch what GBP will do for Affliction – NOTHING!!!!!!

    I love this high comedy… Atencio, teams up with an extremely shrewd Latino based promoter to save his ass… Oscar will never take a bath on this… he’s too smart.

    Affliction pays for the venue, Oscar takes the majority of the revenues, Affliction gets the T-shirt sales…Fedor gets his 2 mil. MMA ‘get a lifers’ flood the Net with comments about how great it is for Affliction to show UFC rejects and to take care of fighter’s welfare AND to also watch flyweights trade punches for 44.95. I hope Affliction does produce 4 more shows, I love the the laughs.

    By the way, for all those talking about the improved welfare of fighters with Affliction… how does all that ‘fighter welfare’ translate into benefit when they have had 1 show in ….um….. 6 months!!!!!

    Go Atencio, Go! You’ll soon be a classic case study in MBA management courses for the next 20 years on how to do everything bass ackwards!


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