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Strikeforce to broadcast live programming in Canada

California-based Strikeforce today officially announced it has partnered with one of Canada’s top national sports television networks, The Score to deliver live programming.

Live Strikeforce programming will debut on the network on Saturday, September 20th beginning with the league’s star-studded affair at the world-famous Playboy Mansion.

The Score’s live telecast of “Strikeforce At The Mansion II” will begin at 10:30 pm ET on Saturday, September 20th.

The network will also carry weekly Strikeforce programming, which will premiere on Saturday, September 6th.

“We are excited about the opportunity to bring the Strikeforce MMA product to fans in Canada,” said Strikeforce Founder and CEO, Scott Coker. “The Score has a reputation for being an exceptional sports television platform and we are proud to join their family of programming.”

“The Score looks forward to bringing an awesome line up of Strikeforce MMA programming to viewers across the country and as we go from live broadcasting of our studio launch party on September 20th to “Strikeforce At The Mansion II,” we know we’ll be giving our fans a broadcast line-up they can’t resist,” said John Levy, Chairman and CEO, Score Media Inc.

Each episode in the weekly series will consist of Strikeforce bouts as well as fighter profiles and highlights.

  • TEACHER says:

    Being Canadian, I am excited by this news as The Score is carried by my cable network.

  • LiuLang says:

    Would have been better to see this on Sportsnet or TSN to watch in blessed HD, but I’ll take my free MMA where I can get it. Good news.

  • Scott says:

    I don’t really want to knock the deal, the bottom line for fight fan’s in Canada (and I’m one of them) is more MMA, which is a great thing.

    I just wanted to say that The Score, and bless them for signing this deal, is not “one of Canada’s top national sports television networks”. There are two big sports channels, TSN and Sportsnet, then a big drop off in viewers to the Score, who are number 3 in the market, and then some even smaller players, Setanta, Fox Sportsworld Canada, etc, that are only available on Digital Cable.

  • ttt says:

    the worst thing about the score is that their contract with the Canadian regulators states that for a large percent of the time (like >90% if iirc) they must show a sports ticker at the bottom of the screen

    but still good to see MMA on tv, the last fight night w/ Silva was on Sportsnet live on HD which was sweet

  • Jason G says:

    Hey Spike and especially Versus aren’t very big networks in the US but I’m with you, its better than nothing. In fact I think one of the reasons I’ve been enjoying the WEC more lately is because of the way it’s produced.

  • GassedOut says:

    The Score is big enough to be home to the WWE, by the way, on Monday and Friday nights. (No ECW yet…) True, they aren’t the biggest, but they do okay.

    I’m psyched up! More MMA I don’t have to buy PPV for! :)

  • Kevin says:

    It’s gonna be better than TSN’s terrible coverage of WEC where they hardly ever carry the event even though they have the rights to it in Canada.

  • Big Slick says:

    The Score is big enough in Canada…its better than repeat episodes of Dogshit I mean Bodog.

    Plus what is the problem with a ticker at the bottom? Thats a plus not a minus.


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