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Report: Affliction II postponed until January

Affliction’s second-ever MMA pay-per-view “Day of Reckoning” that had been scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 11 at the Thomas & Mack Arena in Las Vegas has been postponed. has confirmed the news after contacting Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer.

The October show has been postponed until January and is expected to take place at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., which was the site of the promotion’s first-ever event on July 19.

“Day of Reckoning” was originally supposed to be headlined by Fedor Emelianenko defending his WAMMA heavyweight title against former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski. However, Fedor was forced to pull out of the show due to a hand injury that was aggravated during his win against Tim Sylvia in the main event of Affliction’s first show.

Affliction officials replaced Fedor in the main event with another former UFC heavyweight champion, Josh Barnett, and the Arlovski vs. Barnett matchup was billed as a fight to determine the number one contender to Fedor’s title.

Reasons for the postponed are not yet known, however,’s Ariel Helwani is speculating that with just little over a month to go that Affliction had possibly sold as little as 700 tickets for the Thomas & Mack, which can seat up to 19,522 spectators.

Reasons for the possible slow ticket sales could be due to the fact that locals in Las Vegas consider the UFC to essentially be a local sports team and perceive other promotions as outsiders. Also, a boxing match between Antonio Tarver and Chad Dawson is also scheduled to be held the same night on the strip.

  • JoHn says:

    BYE BYE AFFLICTION, IT WAS NICE KNOWING YA, fedor is going to be on his way to the ufc, Arlovski will be back in the ufc, and the rest of affliction fighters will be going to smaller orgs or elitexc

  • detroit_fan says:

    700 tickets? Holy crap!

  • Michael says:

    Valiant effort, good bye. Hopefully Fedor, Barnett and the Pit Bull make it to the UFC>

  • drightler says:

    EliteXC already stated that without outside funding they only have enough money to get through December. And while I tend to agree that competition is good for business, I would also just like to see all the great fighters in a single organization. The major leagues if you will. UFC is the major leagues. As for a UFC monopoly taking advantage of fighters with low salaries, I think there should be a collective bargaining agreement.

    As a side note, I don’t like MMA fought inside a ring. Too much of a headache with fighters going through the ropes, fights being stopped and restarted to reposition fighters, etc.

  • joetheacupuncturist says:

    one and done. that blows. we need more organizations-it would be nice if one day there are fights happening 3-4 days a week.

  • woooburn says:

    even with the postponement they probably wont have fedor on the card. wasnt he already saying he’ll be doing another one of those oddball new years shows in japan? cant imagine him fighting ten days later for affliction.

  • Zach says:

    affliction and elitexc are doomed, they will fail, they expanded too big and too fast without profiting on single shows, its bad business practice. As for the person thinking they could get a Collective Barganing in the UFC, its a nice idea in that it would probobly help the people who are making way too little per fight, but it wont work in the UFC, most the advantages of a CBA are already had by the fighters, or are not workable in this type of sport.

  • Evan says:

    700 tickets can’t be right

  • finkrod says:

    I hope they can get it together and make this happen. I’m not one of these guys who takes pleasure in other peoples failure, I just want to see fights. If that 700 ticket figure is real though, that’s bad times. And just as an aside, what the hell were they thinking putting Ozzy on the show? Couldn’t that money be better spent on almost anything?

  • rich says:

    I love it! Affliction comes out and they talk about how they are going to compete with the UFC. They get Trump on board and they sign Fedor. WHAT HAPPENED! I’ll tell you what happened. Just because you bring in fighters to put on a show does not mean it will correspond to asses in the seats. There is more to promoting MMA then just talking a big game and paying fighters large sums of money. I guess the UFC knows what there doing. Bye, Bye, Affliction.

  • drightler says:

    I wouldn’t call myself a UFC fanboy by any means, but it sure does seem like they know what they are doing. They put on 12+ PPVs per year, 4 fight nights, and a couple TUF finales. They have high production values and generate enough money that they are around year after year. And they are PROFITABLE doing it. Like it or not, MMA in the United States is where it is today because of the work the UFC has done. These upstart organizations are just riding their coat tails.

    Is the UFC perfect? Of course not. Does the UFC put on enough shows every year by themselves? Nope. But they keep increasing the number of events they do every year. Do I think the fighters make enough money? Not all of them. But when it comes down to it, MMA is a business. If you’re a fighter who doesn’t have a loyal fan base then you’re not a huge draw. If you’re not a huge draw then you don’t get a huge paycheck. The fighters are contractors and this is a free market system. Without a CBA in place they can always quit fighting for $4000 and get a real job. Or they can “pay their dues” and build a name for themselves so they have more individual bargaining power.

    I watched the first Affliction PPV… it was OK. It was an OK first outing. But it illustrated how far they have to go to even come close to UFC quality.

    And while the UFC might underpay lesser known fighters, Affliction seriously overpaid everyone on their fight card. The fighters’ management teams seen Affliction coming from a mile away… with a big “SUCKER” stamped right across their forehead. They had big names on the card, but you can’t run a successful business like that.

  • Dave says:

    I don’t think another organization in the states can compete with the UFC. The UFC succeeded because they brought the sport from it’s infancy, without the mega-contracts for bigger stars, to the mainstream and had the patience of an owner who was not only a fan, but also filthy rich. Where else are you going to find a billionaire that loves MMA and is willing to be patient, fund the losses, and hopefully become profitable at some point. Seems like most of these athletes (like barnett) just view competition as a place to milk as much money as possible. They could care less if it survives.

    Besides, the UFC brand is way too big in the US already.

  • Rich S. says:


  • rob says:

    YAY!!!!! Afflictions roster heading to the UFC – can;t wait to see great fighters like Josh Barnett and Chris Horodecki, et. al fight every 6-8 months and have others careers basically just put on hold ::sarcasm: what a shame that people won’t buy tickets, watch on PPV, watch on showtime, etc. if it doesn’t have the UFC banner on it – – – I want to see fights – -isn;t that what it’s all about anyways??

  • Bad Monkey says:

    It would definitely be nice to see Arlovski, Barnett, Fedor, etc. in the UFC. Bring the heavyweight division back to where it should be. It’s hard to imagine Affliction didn’t blow their wad in that first show considering the massive salaries they paid out.

  • Ian says:

    And here comes everyone with a 3 month Wal-mart employment’s worth of business acumen waxing poetic about business model’s and why the millionaire’s who run Affliction are idiot’s.

    I just don’t get the Affliction hate. I really don’t. What do you win with their failure?

    I can answer that for you, because chances are, if you’re rooting for Affliction to fail, you need someone to help you through the thought process.

    No competition for the UFC means less UFC. That Anderson Silva fight card earlier in the year? Only happened because of Affliction.

    Just because Affliction doesn’t exist won’t mean they’ll swallow up their roster either, and even if they do, you’re not going to see them anymore, or you might have Dana putting talents like Arlovski up against a Jake O’brien to bury him due to a contract dispute.

    You’re also not going to get to see Fedor, because he’s not going to, nor does he financially need to, bend to Dana’s whim.

    But keep rooting for them to fail, because the UFC propaganda machine told you to.

  • Eric says:

    Sounds to me like they’re just trying to prove Dana wrong and run at least one show in 2009.

  • Cathedron says:

    Too bad. I partly wonder if Affliction was just a tax write-off to begin with. Whatever. The UFC is just on fire lately. Actually, that won’t be such a bad thing. Once the UFC is clearly a sports monopoly, it will be easier for the fighters to get something like a union in place. All in all, I think it will be better for the sport just like the major leagues of the other popular sports have resulted in great advancements for their respective sports. At least we’ll always have the local promotions.

    Of all of the UFC’s competitors, the strongest appears to be Strikeforce whose reach never exceeded their grasp.

  • j-rock says:

    I don’t understand all the competition haters out there? What is with the UFC and only UFC loyalists. I have watched the UFC since day one. I do like the UFC, but to be glad competition is folding is ridiculous. Ive said it before and Ill say it again. The UFC is not the WWE, but some kids out there believe and think it is. Long Live MMA, not only the UFC.

  • Truth says:

    700 tickets… Bullshit…

    Las Vegas is a corrupt place, and with the UFC’s ties to the local government, it doesn’t surprise me that Affliction had to overcome a bunch of strange hurdles to put on a show there, but 700 is a number someone pulled out of their ass.

  • Justin B says:

    You guys need to stop talking about Fedor coming to the UFC. You guys Know him and Barnett are going to take there ass right back over to Japan. Dan White can’t keep his big mouth shut long enough not to insult the Fedor. Trying to say Fedor needs to come to them now and make things happen. Fuck You show him the god damn money and stop being an asshole. UFC’s Heavyweight division is shit. There company is making gobbs of money (raised our PPV prices). Open your damn wallets and pay that man his money and make it happen.

  • warcry says:

    You must crawl before you can walk. Affliction took off running before they ever hit the ground. Now the promotion is lost. Pushing shows back hurts their credibility and almost insures them to be a second thought when and if they do have another event.

  • Nate says:

    I dont get the Affliction hatred at all. You’d rather fighters be in a monopoly with less rights and choices… because you want a unified belt and one area to compete? Please think a little bit.

    Yes, the UFC has done good things for its fighters, but I’d like to keep it that way. One organization doesnt seem like the solution.

    I love MMA. I want what is best for fighters, so we can get more making a living in the sport.

  • Bryan M says:

    Justin. First off it wasn’t money that was holding Fedor from the UFC. Dana reportedly offered as much if not more than Affliction. The fact that Dana won’t let him fight in Sambo tournements in Russia and some rights to the footage were the big hangups. Also, wether you hate the UFC or not, with Randy back in the picture the UFC HW division is the best in the game. And for the record, Barnett hates Dana more than you do. So it’s not about money to him, it’s about the way he was treated as champ and then stripped after questions came up about the validity of his positive steroid test.

    Nobody likes Dana. He’s a loudmouth asshole with no class. But he’s a shrewed businessman and he deserves respect for what he has made out of a dying brand. Tom Attencio is an amature who was roped into Dana’s games and ran his company right into the ground trying to one up the UFC.

  • EdWhitson says:

    Frankly, I could care less what rights and choices fighters have. Here’s a choice, if you don’t like what you are getting paid as a fighter find another career. Not my problem whether you make 500,000 or 9,000. I hate how fighters think they are entitled to 1) being a fighter and 2) being a fighter and getting paid x. Message to the Team Entitlement Camp – you are not entittled to anything. Quit if you like it, don’t do me any favors.

  • sol says:

    lol eric I was thinking the same thing about them running a show in 2009. I want the UFC to have competition, organisations get complacent without competition. When you dont have a yardstick to measure against how do you know if what you are doing is good?

    I know its a shitty reference, but WWE had to greatly increase everything they were doing to compete with WCW, soon as they folded WCW, the general quality of their show went down. They have lost half their viewers.

    I always watch UFC PPV’s but it’s like everyday on the forums of every MMA site someone is bitching about how shit a card is, they run that many shows a year just to make money, doesn’t mean they are always good.

  • ChrisC says:

    EdWhitson//what are you talking about? everyone including you and your mom&dad and your future son wants more money. It’s universial in any profession. They’re not whining one bit more than you would about your boss. You’re absolutely no different. hmmm.. most fighters are not entitled to over $7000(before paying agents,trainers) after going through 2 months of training camp? In your eyes, that may seem justified, but maybe it’s just you and a few sherdoggers.

  • EdWhitson says:

    ChrisC, what are you talking about. If the fighters were entitled to over $7,000 for 2 months of training, guess what ? They would have gotten it. The fact that Matt Hamill or Keith Jardine willingly, that’s right, willingly accepted $7,000 for a fight, means that is what they thought their value was also. If not, why accept it? Nobody put a gun to their head to make them sign a contract. The fact of the matter is that I don’t care what fighters get paid. The only reason they are fighting is b/c the fighter and the UFC had a meeting of the minds to decide what was the appropriate level of compensation was. If $7,000 was the going rate that a fighter was happy with in order to compel him to sign a contract, then who am I to judge.

  • EdWhitson says:

    ChrisC, P.S. Nobody is entitled to anything in life. You earn it. If the best Matt Hamill can get Dana to pay him is $7,000, then so be it. He should try harder to be a figher that people care about.

  • Zack with a ck says:

    Cindy O (Zuffa insider) just posted on the UG that the announcement will be a Golden Boy/Affliction co-promote.

  • Ronny Badass says:

    If its game over for Afliction I hope that it happens fast so fighter can move on and fight. Hopefully in the UFC. With the influx of talented fighters the UFC needs to sign a T.V. Deal fast and start doing a weekly show.

    Week1 NBC contender fight as the main event
    Week2 Spike TV Fight Night rising stars
    Week 3 NBC contender fight as the main event
    Week 4 PPV Title fights

    Think of the $$$$ they could make?

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    Affliction + Golden Boy partnership

    HBO deal

    Jan. 17th show featuring boxing and MMA

    Atencio ousted from the MMA promotional side of things

    Bank on it 😉

  • DamonO says:

    ughhhh…… What is wrong with these new organizations? You cannot be postponing your events! If you schedule something you should follow through with it. If you don’t have a good enough card then change the freaking card! Get some more talent in there! Don’t postpone! It makes you look weak and people don’t like weakness in this sport. The NFL doesn’t say “Oh by the way, the Broncos Raiders game has been postponed until next week.”

  • PokerFace says:


    Fire your shitty marketing strategist, and your shittier promotional office, because you definately have the fighters to make an excellent production, AND WHEN YOU DO pull off a good show, you will get defectors, from all over to sign with you………………….IDIOTS


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