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TUF 7 alum Paul Bradley slated to fight next on Oct. 4

Former NCAA All-American wrestler Paul Bradley is scheduled to make his return to competitive MMA on Oct. 4 fighting for the NAAFS promotion in Cleveland, Ohio against Pat Horner.

Bradley’s management confirmed to this afternoon that Bradley will be moving from middleweight to welterweight for the fight.

Bradley might be best known for his stint during the seventh season of Spike TV and the UFC’s hit reality show “The Ultimate Fighter.” After winning a qualifying match that granted him a spot in the final cast of 16 and admission in the TUF mansion, Bradley was dismissed from the show by UFC President Dana White after he disclosed he was a carrier of Herpes Gladiatorum, a skin condition not uncommon with amateur wrestlers.

Since being released from his UFC contract, Bradley, currently 6-0, signed on with LionHeart Management, which operates its own training center in State College, Pennsylvania. Bradley works as a trainer for Lionheart, which has enabled him to train full-time in MMA for the past four months.

Bradley is also under contract to EliteXC and could be used on an upcoming card, according to EliteXC Vice President Jared Shaw. Shaw stated that Bradley’s camp has produced medical clearance that says he can compete in spite of his condition. He added that Bradley is a candidate to be used in an undercard fight during the final quarter of 2008 or in a televised ShoXC bout in early-2009.

  • Fuhr says:

    Thanks for the update Sam.

  • mike says:

    Isn’t he the guy Dana was complaining about “Laying and Praying”

  • sven says:

    Hopefully he loses. Nothing better than seeing a boring wrestler get beat.

  • Powers says:

    2 words:
    Herpes Gladitorum

  • John says:

    You guys are fuckin idiots. If it wasnt for wrestlers MMA would suck. Youre no better than Dana if youre dogging on someone for having herpes. Dana didnt like they way he faught his match and kicked him off the show even though the condition was under control.

  • sven says:

    Wrestlers with well rounded skills are fine. That does not describe Bradley in the least though. He’s a boring L&P artist who could put even the most hardcore fans to sleep.

    I dont care why he got kicked off the show. I’m just glad it happened. Same goes for Jesse.

  • JB says:

    Oh dear God, here we go again. Some of you are idiots.

    How would any of you know what Bradley’s fight was like on TUF? They didn’t show the fight!

    Let me guess… you’re taking Dana White’s word for it? Let me edumacate you guys a little bit, and explain the ways of the world. Dana obviously had an alterior motive for editing out Bradley’s fight on TUF, because 1) Paul Bradley had been taken off the show weeks prior to the broadcast, 2) the guy Bradley whomped on wasn’t on the show either, 3) Bradley’s contract had already been tore up, 4) Bradley was in negotiations with a rival MMA organization when the broadcast aired. So what was Dana White gonna do? Promote a great fighter that’s not signed with the UFC? Hell no! He made some stupid “turtles humping” comment, talked down about Paul, and DIDN’T promote a fighter from a rival organization by showing his fight. That’s promotions 101 folks… never give a rival organizations fighter air time.

    Tell me genius… if Paul REALLY fought like a “humping turtle”, was boring, and had no skills, explain why he was Rampage’s SECOND overall pick?

    The proof is in the pudding. Paul is still undefeated, and would have probably won TUF, or at least been in the finals. If you don’t think so, ask C.B. Dollaway what he thinks of Paul Bradley.

    It’s a good thing for White that Paul’s not as vendictive as I am… because when the UFC ultimately DOES come crawling back to him on his knees, he’ll accept their appology for treating him like garbage, and fight on one of their cards.

    You have been served. Now get off your mommy’s computer, and go outside to play with the rest of the kiddies on your street.

  • sven says:

    Sure he would have won TUF. He’s a massive wrestler. Thats why Page picked him. Not because he’s a great fighter. We’d have probably been treated to the worst TUF finale ever between Jesse and Paul. But unless he learns to do something besides lay on a guy and control him I dont see the UFC ever wanting him back. He’s the new Matt Lindland.

  • brad says:

    sven you are so sadly misinformed. Let me ask you a few questions. Have you ever fought professionally? Have you seen any of Bradley’s pro fights? What gives you the credibility to judge him from the small clip they showed on tv? Did it ever occur to you that he was securing his spot in the house with a sure win using the tools that he knows best? Did you know half of his professional wins have come by way of TKO? Please do some research and understand reality a little better before you make your uninformed statements.

  • JB says:


    Have you ever actually WATCHED a Matt Lindland fight?

    You’ve probably seen as many Lindland fights as you have Bradley fights. Which = the big fat ZERO.

    Please. You don’t know what you’re talking about.


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