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UFC 88: Pondering Rich Franklin’s future at light heavyweight and other post-show thoughts

Last night at UFC 88 former middleweight champion Rich Franklin made a successful return to the UFC’s light heavyweight division, where he’s likely to remain for the foreseeable future.

The question is, does he belong there?

While Franklin was impressive in finishing Matt Hamill with a swift kick to the liver in round three, he hardly looked dominant up to that point. Franklin is a well-rounded fighter who is clearly capable of holding his own in the UFC’s 205 division. But why settle for mediocrity when you can be the second best fighter in the world at the weight class below? At 185 pounds, Franklin is one of the masters of the middleweight domain. But at 205 pounds, I think he’s going to tread water in the UFC’s stacked light heavyweight division.

After his second loss to Anderson Silva, it was clear that something had to change for Franklin. Facing the likes of Travis Lutter at 185 pounds is a low-risk but even lower reward situation. The risk is that after having faced some of the world’s best at middleweight and defeated most of them, Franklin could possibly lose to a lesser opponent if he’s unable to feel properly motivated while training.

But is a move to light heavyweight the answer to the UFC’s Rich Franklin problem?

Timing is everything and the time for him to move to 205 isn’t now but was two years ago when he was the middleweight champion and there didn’t appear to be anyone left for him to beat at 185 until Silva waltzed into the UFC and demolished Chris Leben on Spike TV. Not to mention, the depth at light heavyweight in the UFC at the time was nothing like it is now.

While Franklin can beat the Matt Hamills of the world at 205, how would he do against the likes of Lyoto Machida, Quinton Jackson, Chuck Liddell, Rashad Evans, Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, and current champion Forrest Griffin? We already know he’s lost to Machida so how is he going to survive in the UFC’s stacked light heavyweight division? Franklin said he doesn’t want to be a middleweight gate keeper but if he starts taking somewhat winnable fights against the likes of Keith Jardine, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, Jon Jones, Andre Gusmao, and Thiago Silva, doesn’t he essentially become a gate keeper at light heavyweight?

He turned in a solid performance last night and defeated a credible opponent, yet I am just not excited about Franklin competing at 205 pounds. It seemed like a cool idea a couple years back, but not now. No, a third go round with Silva is not an option but I’d still love to see Franklin stay at middleweight and participate in big fights against the likes of Dan Henderson, Nathan Marquardt, and Michael Bisping. There’s also always Thales Leites and Demian Maia if they can get a few more wins.

A big reason for the move to a new weight class is to get away from Silva. But guess who just competed at 205 in July and guess who might return to light heavyweight if he’s able to defeat Patrick Cote at UFC 90 on Oct. 25? The idea of both Franklin and Silva graduating from 185 at the same time makes little sense since their undisputed status as 1-2 at middleweight is the cause for stagnation when it comes to the UFC middleweight title picture. Silva is the one who cleaned up 185, not Franklin. If anyone should make the move, it should be Silva. And if the flirtation between Silva and the UFC’s light heavyweight division continues, the need to vacate the middleweight title might arise. At that point, who better to challenge for the vacated title than Franklin?

Other UFC 88 thoughts:

– I felt it was a good show from top-to-bottom. Aside from Rashad Evans’ incredible knockout, there was nothing really amazing, but there was nothing terrible either and every fight was entertaining. Kudos to the UFC for getting the Tim Boetsch vs. Mike Patt and the Jason MacDonald vs. Jason Lambert fights on the air for a total of seven-of-nine fights making the telecast.

– Some people might question Hamill for going down because of a kick to the body but a kick to the liver is no ordinary kick to the body. I’ve only received one kick to the liver and it was one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. First, I was glad I was sparring on an empty stomach because I lost all control of my bowels. Had I eaten that morning, I would have wasted a perfectly good pair of MMA shorts. My lower body felt paralyzed and a jolt of pain went up through the center of my chest all the way into my brain. Matt Hamill, I feel your pain.

Matt Brown was robbed against Dong Hyun Kim. There was no gray area: Brown won that fight. Usually when Cecil Peoples goes against the other two judges in a fight he gets it wrong. But Atlanta must be bizarro world because last night he got it right and the other two judges got it wrong. Usually Doug Crosby is on the money so I’d love to know how he saw that fight. But just because he’s right quite often doesn’t mean he got it right last night. What MMA needs is an independent organization that evaluates judges on a regular basis and reports back to the commissions. A judge is going to make mistakes and isn’t going to get every call right. But if there is a repeated pattern of poor judging, there is no mechanism in place for a commissioner to make the call to remove a judge that he is responsible for hiring. Nobody wants to make themselves look bad. If there was an organization that graded officials then commissions could determine which judges were best qualified to preside over major matchups and which judges need to be replaced.

Martin Kampmann and Rousimar Palhares are two middleweights who belong at welterweight. Kampmann has said in the past he has no intention of dropping to 170 but he’d be a force there. He’s a great technical striker but he doesn’t have the power needed to make it to the top at 185. He had to go to the ground against Drew McFedries after he started eating bombs and it was more of the same vs. Marquardt last night, except that Kampmann couldn’t get it to the ground this time. Drop him a weight class and suddenly he starts knocking guys out and justifying the nickname “The Hitman.” Personally, I think a Kampmann vs. Georges St. Pierre fight could be amazing. As for Palhares, he is only 5’8” and has a lot of upper body bulk that I am not sure is doing him any good. At 185, he’s a middle of the road guy. At 170, he’s title contender material.

– If Palhares stays at middleweight, one fight I’d love to see is Palhares vs. Maia. I think if it went to the ground it would look like a WEC fight, except at 185 lbs. Another fight I want to see is Henderson vs. Marquardt. Joe Silva, if you’re reading this, please make it happen?

– Lambert’s hard luck continues and with a drop in weight failing to produce a win, the UFC may decide to allow him to fight outside the promotion. It was the body triangle by MacDonald that really did Lambert in. Once you lose the ability to move your hips, you have no chance to turn into your opponent’s guard. But Lambert giving up his back was a mistake in the first place. You never want to be mounted but I’d rather be mounted than give up my back. There are so many more ways to defend the mount than your back and the odds of having a fight stood up in mount are much higher than when your opponent has your back. But not giving up your back in MMA is easier said than done. When you eat a few shots while your opponent is mounted it’s human instinct to protect your face and turn over.

– When the ABC passed a bunch of rules in July, one of the new ones recommended be adopted by commissions across the country was banning the use of “smothering,” which is the act of taking your hand and putting it on the mouth of your opponent while in their guard or in mount in order to disrupt their breathing. It’s a great tool to use in a street fight and like Mike Goldberg said, it’s definitely “old school.” But the sport we watch now is referred to as MMA and is no longer known as “No Holds Barred.” I say it’s high time to get rid of such an unsportsmanlike maneuver.

– Thank you Joe Rogan for properly explaining to Goldberg the difference between a teep in Muay Thai and a straight heel kick in Kung Fu/Karate.

– I really enjoyed Henderson’s low stance employed during his fight vs. Palhares. His takedown defense was almost impeccable. It was the kind of performance that other fights are going to study and copy.

– The UFC needs an opponent for Machida at UFC 89 in October and the the perfect off-roster candidate was in the building last night in Ricardo Arona. Arona has the balls to take the fight on short notice but the problem is that he’s going to expect to be paid. The UFC apparently feels his fighting style doesn’t justify his asking price.

– I am at a loss for why Evans decided to incessantly play with his nipples during ring introductions prior to the start of the main event vs. Liddell. My wife mentioned that St. Pierre apparently did the same thing before his last fight, except not as much. I don’t know, maybe Evans was lactating?

– Where does Karo Parisyan go from here? How about some time off and then a trip to the WEC?

  • mike wolfe says:

    Franklin’s move to light heavy may help his motivation, at least initially. If he starts dropping fights to some of the guys you’ve metioned, his enthusiasm will probably tail off. Meanwhile, fans may be more interested in his fights because he’s hit a glass ceiling with Silva at 185. Also, I suspect his paychecks will be higher if he wins another fight or two at 205 than if he stayed at 185.

  • Rich S. says:

    Rich has looked weird to me lately..
    in the Lutter fight, and last night, he seemed.. not as good as usual..

    he was putting together great combos, varying from head to body, and throwing in kicks to the body..
    but for some reason, i just feel like, if he’d have been fighting Wandy or something, he’d of gotten KO’d..

    he just doesn’t seem like he used to..

    i guess.. sloppy.. would be the word to describe..
    it’s weird that i feel that way, because his combo’s were great..

    call me crazy..

  • Ertz says:

    Looking at this fight and this fight only, he pretty much dominated. He got back to his feet, good combos and he was never really threatened. He had Hammill gassed too.

  • dedstrk says:

    It’s obvious why the UFC wants Franklin up in 205. Because if he beats Bisping, Hendo, Nate, etc… Then they all get knocked off the contenders list because lets face it, who wants to see a guy that got beat by Franklin face Silva, a man that crushed Franklin twice? I wouldn’t mind but the draw wouldn’t be big and that’s what it’s all about nowadays.

  • Cathedron says:

    Once Franklin gets used to LHW, I think he’ll do very well. He was picking apart Hammil the whole time and really wasn’t in danger at all (though the scar tissue on his face might disagree with my assessment). It’s not so much because he thinks he can rule that division, I think he just wants some high profile fights while he’s still in his prime. There aren’t a whole lot of “stars” in the middleweight division, after all. It’s a career move, plain and simple. I don’t think he cares about getting a belt. I think it’s a smart decision.

    I could see the Brown/Kim fight going either way. It was a close fight. Much like the Griffen/Rampage fight, I think it was too close to be attacking the judges as incompetent.

    I totally agree with Kampmann dropping down. He’d really do well.

  • egad81 says:

    Franklin should stay at 205. He has a punchers chance and I would LOVE to see Rich vs Bisping, Chuck, Rashad, Forrest, Rampage or anyone at 205 for that matter

  • Andrew says:

    “Matt Brown was robbed against Dong Hyun Kim.”

    No, he didn’t. How would you have scored it? You really think Brown won rounds 1 and 3, or did enough to score a 10-8 round 2? ‘

    I don’t like it, but under the current scoring system, Dong won that fight.

  • Andrew says:

    I meant, “No he wasn’t”. Correct grammar, FTW.

  • LiuLang says:

    Round 1 and 3 went to Kim, I don’t see all the controversy. A couple take downs plus a strong finish with elbows probably sealed the deal in the third.

  • ck says:

    umm bisping is at middleweight now you tool.

  • William W. says:

    Brown won rd. 2 and that is it. He was defending the entire time in rd. 1 and was on his back for a majority of rd. 3. How anyone could call that for Brown is beyond me. Beyond that, I did think it was a great fight.

    And props to J-Mac for stepping up only a month after his Maia war.

  • Obama said knock you out says:

    How was Brown robbed? He clearly lost 1 and clearly won 2; the only round that could have been scored either way was 3, but Brown was taken down and got clipped with a couple elbows in that round. I thought Kim definitely won, even though neither guy did too much damage.

    Your Rich argument makes no sense at all. Gatekeeper at light heavy? Don’t you have to pass through the gate before you can keep it. I think the move to light heavy makes perfect sense. Rich has absolutely nothing left at middleweight, he was destroyed twice by the champ. A third fight would not be marketable. Hell, the second fight was hard to market. Further, Rich has already fought most of the guys at middleweight, so there are no interesting matchups besides maybe Marquardt.

    I thought he looked surprisingly good at light heavy. I do not know what fight you were watching, but Rich dominated Hamill, a guy who I think is undefeated and has beat Boestch and Bisping (no matter what the judges say). Fighting at light heavy will give Rich something to shoot for and many exciting matchups can be made. Most the fighters in that division are already treading water as there are many of the best fighters in the world in that division and there is only one belt.

  • Mike A says:

    How can you say he wasnt dominant? He looked amazing, he was never touched

  • BadMonkeyMW says:

    egad81, Bisping fights at 185.

    The Dong/Brown fight was very close and I think Matt Brown kind of gave it away in the 3rd round. He really needed to keep the fight standing and the two takedowns Dong got in that round most likely won the fight for him. I don’t agree with that particularly, but I think that’s what won the fight for Dong. Either way, Brown looked good last night and I’m sure we’ll see him in the UFC again.

  • Rich S. says:

    anyone who thinks matt brown was robbed is out of thier mind..
    i saw the 1st round as kims, even though Brown started to work his way back during it..
    the 2nd round was obviously Brown’s..
    and the 3rd round was OBVIOUSLY Kim’s..
    i can see why it was a split decision [i believe Cecil was the one that went with Brown], but in no way, shape, or form did Kim rob Matt..

    Kampmann DEFINITELY belongs at WW, but Rousimar? i think not.
    he’s an EXTREMELY STOCKY guy for 185, and i’d say his power and speed are right on with most MW’s.. did you catch him picking up Hendo and dropping him on the mat? and the speed in his submission transitions was just flawless for a MW..
    A loss to Hendo is NOTHING to complain about, or change weight over..
    Rousimar completely controlled and dominated Salaverry, who is a great MW..
    he just got out-pointed by a top 10 MW..
    that fight was a huge jump for him anyway..
    Therefore, i think he should just stay where he is..

    all i can say is, WHOEVER Rousimar’s next opponent is.. I feel sorry for you.. sincerely..

  • Rich S. says:

    anyone who thinks matt brown was robbed is out of thier mind..
    i saw the 1st round as kims, even though Brown started to work his way back during it..
    the 2nd round was obviously Brown’s..
    and the 3rd round was OBVIOUSLY Kim’s..
    i can see why it was a split decision [i believe Cecil was the one that went with Brown], but in no way, shape, or form did Kim rob Matt..

    Kampmann DEFINITELY belongs at WW, but Rousimar? i think not.
    he’s an EXTREMELY STOCKY guy for 185, and i’d say his power and speed are right on with most MW’s.. did you catch him picking up Hendo and dropping him on the mat? and the speed in his submission transitions was just flawless for a MW..
    A loss to Hendo is NOTHING to complain about, or change weight over..
    Rousimar completely controlled and dominated Salaverry, who is a great MW..
    He just got out-pointed by a top 10 MW..
    This fight was a huge jump for him anyway..
    Therefore, i think he should just stay where he is..

  • swarmofkillermonkeys says:

    Hmm… the author of this article “not getting it” about smothering is having me rethink this site and its analysis. Why are piledrivers, eye gouging, and neck strikes prohibited? Because of the chance of serious injury. Why are all manner of chokes and extremity locks that may break bones allowed? Because while they may injure, they are unlikely to seriously injure and add to the fighters palette of tools. If you cannot defend against the smother, you are losing — and deserve to lose — the fight. There is NOTHING “unsportsmanlike” about it. If you don’t like it, don’t get mounted. If you get KTFO because you tired defending the smother, here’s a hint… get better skills, conditioning, or how about you KO the other guy before you get slammed to the ground yourself? It’s almost like a fight or something. A ridiculous rule proposal, not to mention hugely unfair to the referee to try and determine if one is “smothering” or just trying to work down the RNC or whatever.

    I’m very disappointed at this accusation, and the failure to at least delineate between “what I the author like/don’t like” and “unsportsmanlike” or “dangerous” conduct in the sport.

    What’s next, Sam Caplan decrying “human cockfighting” because you are allowed to strike with elbows and knees? Or no striking on the ground? Or how about no ground game at all and no strikes with legs? It’s called “Mixed Martial Arts”, you know. Just sad.

  • flassassin says:

    Sorry Sam – I always look forward to your post-fight commentary and I usually agree with your main points. This time, however, I feel like you are missing it big time.

    Why do you discount Rich Franklin from having more than a legitimate shot at defeating Chuck, Wandy, Shogun, Rashad, or Forrest? Last time I checked Ace has only been stopped by two fighters in his career: one of them is the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world, and the other is a guy that no one has beaten (and it seems that no one really wants to fight him either). I’m not going to say that Franklin put on a clinic last night, but he certainly wasn’t in any danger of losing. I don’t think we should count him out of 205 contention until he starts dropping some fights in that division. Besides, once Anderson Silva loses the belt (whether by vacating the division or by an unpredictable defeat), Franklin has the first shot at the middleweight title. At least this way, he keeps himself respectable and prepared.

    Also, Matt Brown robbed? Are you joking? I believe everybody can agree that the first 2 rounds were split. Both fighters were well aware that the 3rd round would have to be won in order to win a decision. Neither fighter dominated the round unfortunately. Matt Brown looked as though he might’ve had a chance for the first 3 minutes. But then Dong took him down to the ground, mounted him, and cut his face wide open with a well-placed elbow. He then remained on top throwing punches for the last minute of the fight. Granted, it would be difficult to pick a winner in this fight (which is why I don’t think that either of these guys could’ve been robbed), but if I were judging I would have to credit Dong for how he ended the fight – all together it produced a lot more damage than anything else Matt Brown tried to do in the beginning of that round.

    Finally, I do have to give you a little something – You are the only one I have seen on this site and others who gave Dan Henderson the credit he deserved. Every other writer is writing about how “unimpressed” they were with Hendo’s performance. What?? He may not have finished the guy, but he completely dominated in that fight. Thanks for not hating on Hendo!

  • Dong Bar says:

    Really wouldn’t say Brown got “robbed” last night. Yes he won the 2nd Rd but couldnt do much in the 3rd except get taken down twice and eat some elbows.

    I wish we coudve seen the good ol’ DONGBAR or Rear Naked Donk Choke, Dong hook, or a DKO.

  • SneilS says:

    IM with almost everyone else.I think rich has a very good chance at doing well at the 205 class.He showed last night that he is motivated and that he is up for any challenge.I hate critics that just like to dog on people just to get some attention.I think that we all should just give him a chance without lecturing why he shouldnt be there.He is a true warrior, and he sure showed it last night and did everyone forget how motivated hamill is.If rich dominated hamill then i dont think he should have any trouble climbing the latter in the light heavy weight class…!!!I Give rich props

  • ttt says:

    really surprised you’re attacking the judging on the dong fight
    first round was dong’s, second round was brown’s, thrid round was dong’s w/ two takedowns and some GnP cancelled out whatever “Agression” brown had in the 4rd. unless you want to judge the fight in its entirety…

  • shawn d says:

    completely agree about banning “smothering”.

  • mr5k says:

    whats with rich franklin’s black eye? always in prefight interviews he has it.
    was also pretty disturbed by the rashad evans nipple manipulation. someone needs to explain this to me. i think it’d be more important to rid the sport of buff men twisting their nipples than the smothering move.
    tho i have been saying for some time hands on the face (covering eyes, smothering) should be illegal

  • Simco says:

    I – along with the friend I was watching with – scored it for Kim. We weren’t surprised at all by Cecil being the “maverick.”
    I’m confused why you state it’s time to get rid of smothering when 1) it already was and 2) you even pointed out that it already was.

  • warcry says:

    Who cares about Matt Brown? I don’t . Rich is gonna get ran out of this division just like the middleweight division. There are 5 or 6 guys who would destroy him. He’s now in the toughest division in MMA. Not gonna bold well for him.

  • warcry says:

    Rich’s days are numbered.

  • JC says:

    Sam, I don’t see how you can say that Rich Franklin taking a fight with a fighter the caliber of Thialgo Silva would make him a gatekeeper. If he beats a Thialgo Silva, he’s automatically in the convo of who should get fights with the first group of LHW fighters you mentioned (wandi, rampage, lyoto, etc.). I think a lot of people are truly underestimating Franklin’s ability to suceed at LHW. He made Matt Hamill quit. Hamill may not have been at the top of his game last night, but for someone like Hamill to drop to the mat and quit says something to me. A fight against Hendo makes no sense at any weight class from a business perspective. The UFC needs for both fighters to continue winning, especially since there are so many fans out there that still don’t comprehend how good Hendo really is. Either let Franklin jump in the cage with a Keith Jardine or another of the top of the second tier LHW fighters to earn a chance at one of the top tier fighters like Iceman or Wandi or Rua or let him roll back to 185 and go head to head with Marquardt (who also won’t get a shot at Anderson Silva again anytime soon).

  • Joey says:

    I can see the Brown fight going to Kim, I don’t think it was a robbery, it was a little iffy but not blatantly wrong.

  • Mike A says:

    Franklin looked dominant to me

  • ViciousUppercut says:

    I think Brown should have won the decision. How can anybody have scored the first round for Dong. He did nothing but jump on Brown’s back and hold on like a leech, never coming close to submitting Brown, and didn’t land not ONE SINGLE PUNCH, while Brown escaped every sub attempt easily and then came back in the last 1:30 and landed many good strong punches and won a close 1st round. Brown wins the 2nd easy, and Dong wins the 3rd. Every submission attempt was stuffed. It’s not like Dong got any big takedowns. So he Took his back, so what, HE ESCAPED. Why score the 1st for Dong ? What did he do? It’s FIGHTING, not grab-ass

    in my opinion.

  • Rich S. says:

    to ViciousUppercut:


    did you see how tight that choke was?
    it’s nothing short of a miracle that Matt didn’t tap, and furthermore that he even got out of it..

    and as for Kim not throwing a “SINGLE PUNCH” in the 1st.. that’s just.. dumb..

    you’re review of the fight just sounds really biased to me..
    you have some sort of mancrush on Matt Brown?

    everything you said about Kim was minimal..
    and everything you said about Brown was exaggerated..

  • HexRei says:

    LiuLang on September 7th, 2008 3:35 pm

    Round 1 and 3 went to Kim, I don’t see all the controversy. A couple take downs plus a strong finish with elbows probably sealed the deal in the third.

    Totally agreed. I think anyone who thinks Brown was robbed just has a little striker’s bias going on.

  • Voridor says:

    Anyone who thinks Matt Brown was “robbed” should not be writing anything about MMA. All this Cecil Peoples nonsense is actually getting to me. I was at a fight party and a room of fighters all agreed Brown won round two. Brown clearly lost the fight. I can honestly tell everyone in this world that if I hear anyone tell me face to face that Brown should have won…I will fight them. The gods honest truth…Cecil Peoples should be forced out of this sport, he is a disgrace. I don’t know Sam Caplan and Cecil Peoples, but God have mercy on their souls. We need to come down on people like Sam and Cecil and let them know that this sport will not be ruined by insanity and shit judging. I know I’m going overboard, but I’ve had enough.

  • Voridor says:

    Cecil Peoples should be ashamed of himself and the UFC has to make a movement to remove this man from judging. Lets look at the past…
    Sherk/Florian- Watch Kennys face at the decision (50-48 IMPOSSIBLE)
    Hamil/Bisbing-Matt was robbed via Cecil.
    Lets not forget the famous Penn/Hughes fight. That fight alone should prove the man is insane and unfit for judging. HE GAVE HUGHES THE FIRST ROUND which is totally f*cking insane. Anyone that can look anyone in the eye and say that Hughes won round one because he is “prison strong”. Look it up MMA supporters and lets not let this man ruin this sport. Cecil and Sam should be ashamed of themselfs for ruining the sport with insane observations. If you asked 100 people who won that Brown fight, 90-95 would say Dong. The other 5-10 are either too stupid or ignorant. We as fans and fighters have to put our foot down to these people and say “NO”.

  • Voridor says:

    One more thing, Sherk/Franca, Cecil scored 49-46 when everone else had 50-45. Lets hear him explain what round Franca won without someone jamming a pen into his eye.

  • Syd O says:

    I would say I’m not completely thrilled with Rich at 205 but I think he’d do alright when he got his weight in line. I still would rather see a franklin/hendo or franklin/marquardt bout. Unfortunately if franklin won either of those it’d be bad for the ufc and if he lost it’d tarnish his still decent rep as one of the best ’85’ers of all time.

    I think Franklin’s got his eyes on the future. Take the money matches at 205 where he has a bail out excuse if he loses. Then try to pawn that owen wilson nose off onto the big screen.

  • RustyNailz says:

    I don’t see how you can say Matt Brown was robbed. I think the fight could have gone either way, but it wasn’t clear cut, therefore no one was robbed.

  • Grape Knee High says:

    Sam, are you sure you think Cecil Peoples got it right in the Kim/Brown fight?

    Because Peoples got his 29-28 score in favor of Brown, amazingly, by giving Brown the first round.

    All three judges gave Brown the second round and Kim the third round.

  • platypus says:

    wrong dong, the dongbar is done by dong sik yoon, ex pride fighter that got KOd by saku but subbed melvin manhoef. the ufc’s dong hyun kim never had an armbar win in mma and is more a gnper, mostly goes for wins by tko.

  • Crazycanuck says:

    Totally disagree with the Matt Brown comment in the article – kim won that fight hands down.

  • Kung Foo says:

    Keep the face smothering move. Would hardly consider it, unsportsmanlike to use it. This is a fight we are talking about after all. Got plenty of rules as it is, and its not too hard to defend against this.

    As to Kim/Brown,I gave Kim 1 & 3, and Brown 2. Was a good fight though, and like Grape Knee High said, how in the world Cecil gave Brown Rd 1 is beyond me, I can see maybe 3 but not 1. Cecil definitely needs another line of work.

  • Voridor says:

    Grape Knee High: Are you kidding about the Cecil round one? Where did you read that he gave him round one? Cecil Peoples needs to be stopped people. This should be sufficient for MMA and the UFC to push Cecil Peoples out of judging and into the history books as a madman. Let me remind everyone that he gave Hughes round one. I don’t even like Penn, but anyone could see that Penn dominated round one.

  • Kelvin says:

    No way in hell Matt Brown won that fight.

  • ko ko b ware says:

    I’ll admit Kim looked a lot worse than I thought, but to say Matt Brown won that fight just goes to show how poor North Americans read the game these days and only understand how to score a punch. I used to think Caplan knew his stuff, but man, for him to say Brown got robbed, come on brother, I thought you understood that MMA is more than just being an aggresive striker who barely connects. You’ve been brain washed Sam.

  • Batman says:

    Great fight, yes Hamill lost but he didn’t look bad, franklin looked bad.


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