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UFC 88: Matt Brown promoted to tonight’s PPV telecast

The UFC officially announced during Friday’s weigh-ins that a welterweight match between Matt Brown and Dong Hyun Kim, which had been scheduled for the preliminary portion of the card, has now been promoted to the televised portion of tonight’s UFC 88 the pay-per-view broadcast. The bout will air as the show’s opener.

The decision was necessitated after welterweight bout between Karo Parisyan and Yoshiyuki Yohsida was scratched from tonight’s UFC 88 pay-per-view telecast due to a back injury sustained by Parisyan.

After spending years on the regional scene competing on smaller shows through the Midwest, East Coast, and down South, Brown got his big break at exposure when he was selected to appear on the seventh season of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

The respect Brown commanded from the other members of the cast was a strong theme during the course of the season and it helped establish him as a favorite of many regular viewers of TUF. Despite losing to eventual TUF 7 winner Amir Sadollah in the quarterfinals, Brown caught the eye of UFC officials and was scheduled to fight in the live season finale of the show this past June against Matt Arroyo.

Returning to his regular weight class of 170 pounds, Brown was able to finish the fellow TUF alum via TKO at 3:40 of round 1 in a non-televised fight.

Kim, who is a native of South Korea, is undefeated in his professional MMA career with a record of 10-0-1. After debuting in the Korean-based Spirit MC promotion in 2004, Kim found himself competing in Japan’s DEEP promotion by 2006. On May 24 of this year at UFC 84 he made his UFC debut by defeating Jason Tan via TKO at 0:25 of round 3.

  • platypus says:

    kinda hairy

  • Jeremy says:

    I think this fight will actually be fairly entertaining, although I’d rather have seen Pelligrino/Tavares promoted to the main card. Matt Brown is a really tough guy, but I think Kim’s got superior skills. I’d look for a late first or early 2nd round stoppage due to strikes for Kim.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Why ain’t the Tito thread working?
    Just in case it’s me and not you,I’ll post my U.F.R.T.T.T.T. (Ultimate Funny Response To The Tito Thread) here:
    Are you ready?\
    Ahem…In related news, Tito also claims that he still matters.
    You’re welcome!

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Oh…and Matt Brown,you Rock the effing Casbah!
    He’ll prove it against the Dong.

  • Jeff says:

    I would rather see tavares pellegrino bumped up.

  • Jeremy says:


    My Tito thread is not working either. Actually nothing on the site past that thread is. I can only see things posted after it, nothing prior to, for whatever reason.

  • Joey says:

    Dr and jeremy, same here

  • Joey says:

    if you click on the read rest of story link on this story for example, you can at least look at a couple more articles by clicking on the recent posts or breaking news links on the right hand side

  • Dr,Stoppage says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s just that anytime you type “Tito Ortiz” ,nothing works.
    He is his own virus.

  • Shaun says:

    this fights gonna be exciting as it gets but i dont think brown has a chance. yeah he’s improved dramactically and dropped a weight class. but his opponent is just too much for him.

  • Drew says:

    The story is not Brown being put on the main card, but Kim being on the main card. He is going to walk through Brown and he will be on many main cards to come.

  • Tony says:

    I agree. The title should be “UFC 88: Dong Hyun Kim promoted to tonight’s PPV telecast”

    Dong is the reason they’re gonna be on the main card. Why? Because Brown is gonna be KTFO.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    While Batman/Tavares will probably be the more competitive and exciting bout, it seems like UFC brass is plannin on a quick KO to end Brown/Kim and get the crowd excited early.

    My prediction: Brown staring at the bright lights from the canvas.

  • ko ko b ware says:

    Kim will ruin Brown in the first round. Trust, after this fight everyone in North America will finally wise up to how good this Korean really is. He’s a killer and will make Brown look like the scrub he really is. They’re not even close to being in the same playing field.

  • Batman says:

    While I was looking forward to the Judo match, I can live with the brown vs kim match. I want Kim all the way, this will be good for the UFC because they need more asain fighters to come over to the USA. Also this will gain them more Asain fans so they can expand their market.

  • mike says:

    speaking of the tito thread, why’d it just vanish???

  • Rich S. says:

    Brown’s goin’ down!!!!!!!

    WAR KIM!!!!

  • Joey says:

    Dong Hyun Kim . . . byyyyyyyyyyyyy murder.

    well remembered


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