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5 Oz. of Pain on CBS Sports: Urijah Faber’s appeal is universal amongst hardcore and casual fans

Prior to the cancellation of this Wednesday’s WEC card, I spent much of my week writing a feature for on the promotion’s current featherweight champion Urijah Faber.

Despite the cancellation, the article is still relevant and worth the read since I decided to focus on the unique appeal Faber has as both a growing star in the mainstream and a favorite amongst hardcore fans as well.

There are stars in MMA and then there are fighters. Faber is not only both but he’s someone who has managed to garner a tremendous amount of respect from his peers. Instead of resenting his success, many up-and-coming fighters hope to follow in the trail he is currently blazing for lighter weight fighters.

For more on why I believe Faber is a rarity in this sport, click here to read my article on CBS in its entirety.

  • Mike A says:

    I hate faber

  • Justin B says:

    Everybody wants to see Fedor vs Randy. But the hardcore fans want
    Kid vs Faber even more. And just like the pre mentioned fight it will probably never happen, and that is a fucking shame.

  • Jeremy says:

    Crazy amount of coverage and stories today! Love it guys, keep up the good work.

    Excellet article as well Sam!

  • Neil says:

    I think it’s absolutely true that he’s got universal appeal. There’s a guy at work whose favorite sport is bass fishing. He knows some football, a lot of hockey, and some baseball. The only names he knows in MMA are Brock Lesnar (because he chanced on some footage of the monster), and Urijah Faber (because he saw a fight on Vs. during the Stanley cup playoffs). When Faber fights, he takes notice… when I try to get him to watch anything else, it’s a crap-shoot.

  • Rich S. says:

    you’re right Justin B, it’ll probably never happen..

    but, there is a fight that WILL happen some day.. and that’s Faber/Torres.. and that fight makes me way more excited than Randy/Fedor ever could..

  • Evan says:

    I agree Justin B ….but why is it Americans always have to go fight in Japan..why can’t the Japanese come fight here some more?

  • AtomDanger says:

    Faber is NOT appealing to hardcore fans, at all.
    He has but one win against a top 10 fighter, thats it. Yet gets marketed as the best in the world. ONE fight against a top ten ranked fighter, and none against a top 5 fighter.

    If Faber ever wants to be known other than the guy who fought nobody,
    he needs to go somewhere else and fight some competition,
    or get on WEC to sign some top ten fighters….

  • Sonny says:

    I love watching Faber fight but couldn’t you guys find a better pic of him? Jesus, he looks stoned.


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