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UFC 88: Could Martin Kampmann be closing in on a title shot?

Coming up at UFC 88, Martin Kampmann has a huge fight against Nathan Marquardt. With four straight victories (over Jorge Rivera, Drew McFedries, Thales Leites, and Crafton Wallace), Kampmann could see himself in the middle of the title picture with an impressive victory.

Looking at the current roster of UFC middleweights – is there really a top contender out there? Of course, one of the main reasons there isn’t a top contender is that Anderson Silva has convincingly beaten most of them.

Patrick Cote gets the next shot, but does anyone give him much of a chance? After that, there’s Yushin Okami or possibly Paulo Filho and that’s only if Filho would ever agree to fight his training partner and friend.

Therefore, Kampmann finds himself in a pretty good spot. With a big victory against Marquardt and possibly one more (maybe against Filho if the WEC and UFC middleweight divisions come together), Kampmann could get a match with the UFC’s top fighter in Silva. Of course, those are two very difficult fights for Kampmann to win.

Nevertheless, Kampmann hopes to get in the cage with the middleweight champion.

“I’d love to fight Anderson Silva. He’s very good, but everyone can be defeated,” said Kampmann.

Kampmann has little doubt that a match-up with Silva would be a very difficult one.

“I think I’d win, but I know it’s a very tough fight.”

  • Rich S. says:

    i really like kampmann..
    he’s originally a kickboxer, yet, now, in the UFC, he SUBMITS every opponent.. and that’s just something i LOVE to see in a fighter.. that’s why guys like Salaverry, Loiseau, A.Silva, David Terrell, and BJ are my favorite fighters.. they’re guys that can knock your ass out, but have SUPERB ground skills..

    i would love to see Kampmann beat Marquardt.. but, every time i want someone to beat the guy, he wins.. quite frankly, it’s a miracle Leites won, i’m glad he did, but, he probably shouldn’t have.. he was getting slammed and tossed around like nothing..

    i would really like to see Martin catch Nate in an armbar or triangle, but, i’m afraid Nate’s just gonna toss him around a little too much and eke out a decision..

    idk.. i’ll hope for the best..

  • TheSomberlain says:

    Why is it that everyone thinks they can beat the Spider? Remember the “pre-show” to Irvin vs Silva, the dude swore he had a chance in hell when he really didnt. Its just sad that the cats who stand no chance in hell always swear there going to win.

  • Nikolai says:

    Kampmann’s striking skills aren’t the greatest… if you watched the McFedries fight, Kampmann was getting destroyed on the feet, he was throwing in some head kicks but they weren’t doing nothing

    I’d definitely give the striking to Marquardt

    Kampmann would have some submission advantage in the fact that he seems to have a wider array (other than just guillotine) but I don’t think that will help him against Marquardt. Nate has ridiculous submission defense (look to his fights w/ Leites, Lister, Horn)

    At the same time I would give the grappling advantage to Marquardt, both in defense and offense. He has devastating GNP but can never seem to finish his opponents… but I think he might be able to against Martin. Martin hasn’t faced opponents of Marquardt’s caliber

    To me it looks like Marquardt is just going to overwhelm Martin. Marquardt will control dominant positions, easily get out submissions, and dish out some brutal GNP

  • BFit says:

    I think Kampmann might be the most underrated middleweight in the world. While I realize that there is only one GSP, I think Kampmann is the closest thing to the GSP of the middleweight division. He has probably the best all around game in the division, and I look forward to see him fight Marquardt. What about a future matchup against the winner of Bisping-Leben?

  • Sabotage says:

    BFit, I am right there with you. Kampmann may very well be one of the most underrated fighters in all of MMA.

    His long lay off put him out of the spotlight while MMA continued to grow with the casual sport fans and mainstream media. He was lined up to fight Rich Franklin for the UFC Middleweight Title in the past but then the injury occurred.

    Does he have a chance against Anderson Silva? Most don’t, but in MMA we all know crazier things have happened (Serra over GSP by KO).

    Kampmann defeating the likes of Marquardt then a Filho or Bisping/Leben winner is easier said than done in itself.

  • Jason G says:

    That’s confidence in yourself, TheSomberlain. No matter how talented you are you have no chance of winning if you don’t believe in yourself. For instance, I know my Chiefs have a 80% chance of losing to the Patriots but I believe they will win cause that’s my sh!t!

  • warcry says:

    You should change your title to “Could Martin Kampmann be closing in on an ass beating”. Negative, I know but honest as well. Silva is on another planet.

  • Rich S. says:

    i think kampmann would be smarter in a fight with Silva than Irvin was.. i mean, come on, Irvin said he was going to go in there and fight in Anderson’s clinch… you’d be better off not even showing up..

    kampmann wouldn’t jump into Silva’s clinch, he’d keep the distance.. he’d throw kicks, and circle and jab..

    and i think he’d be prepared if it hit the ground..

    either way though.. i can’t pick anyone over Spider to win..

  • TheSomberlain says:

    Haha very true. Touche Jason G. In all honesty, anytime the Spider fights im content.

  • swarmofkillermonkeys says:

    Seems like a nice guy, but talk about getting ahead of yourself… Nate is going to beat him down. If he can keep his head this time, and not dump points. But honestly, Kampmann thinks he has the tools to crack open A. Silva? No way. We all know how that is going to go down. (Wanderlei drops weight, and climbs the ladder to take on his buddy, setting up a HUGE card for all the marbles. I’m starting to think it takes a Brazilian to crack that Brazilian.)

  • Rich S. says:

    haven’t you heard?
    Asians are Anderson’s weakness..


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