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UFC 91 Couture vs Lesnar: fight card

When: Saturday, Nov. 15, 2008
Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena; Las Vegas, NV
Watch: Pay-Per-View

Here’s the latest on the UFC 91: Couture vs. Lesnar event:

  • Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Couture @ HW (official) – (UFC Heavyweight Title)
  • Kenny Florian vs. Joe Stevenson @ LW (official)
  • Amir Sadollah vs. Nick Catone @ MW
  • Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Josh Hendricks @ HW

Card subject to change. All matchups are rumored unless stated otherwise.

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  • NickRE says:

    Gotta figure the UFC is going to throw a can to Amir.

  • Jeremy says:

    I’ve seen rumors Nate Loughran is on the card, perhaps he gets a fight with Amir?

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Kenny is going to destroy Stevenson.

  • Rich S. says:

    kinda sucks to see Florian/Stevenson..

    i mean, it’ll be a grrrrreat fight to watch.. but, i don’t want either of these guys to lose right now..

  • Hazelett Fan says:

    Also Hazelett vs McCrory. Thats form sorces I cant reveal. Hazelett is definetly on McCrory is the reason its not anounced yet

  • Mickey says:


  • chuntsmanbjj says:

    mickey are you an idiot?

  • USMC Vet says:

    Brock Lesnar is a freakin joke, he is 1-1 in the ufc and gets a title shot over the guy that beat him in the first round. Give me a break, he even said himself his game plan against Heath was to keep him from beating him. That is a joke, nobody wants to see a bunch of decisions that keep us from seeing a good fight. When Randy beats him, I won’t shed a tear to see him tuck tail and crawl back to his snowy hide away.

  • stew says:

    true that usmc… and if heath won, i don’t think he would have got a title shot… if i was nogueira i’d be pissed! he beat heath and then a few months later submitted tim silvia… i think randy just wants to get that fedor fight underway… i would love to see couture vs. fedor

  • tylerdante69 says:

    So I guess there will be no Noguiera vs. Mir???

    How come when BJ Penn left he lost his title but when Couture did the same thing he still retains his belt???

  • USMC Vet says:

    Dana said brock vs cotoure in nov. and noguiera vs mir in dec. after the show and the winner of each fights sometime in 2009. Randy has two more fights on his current contract so if he wins who knows what he might do or the ufc might do with him

  • aceyeager says:

    randy didnt leave he has fights on his contract. he didnt go to another organization to fight. however he did coach on ifl. and an interim title sucks u have to be glad that hes back.

  • SlickRick23 says:

    Actually USMC Randy has 3 more fights with the UFC when he came back to the ufc at first in Jan 07 he signed up for 4 fights within two yrs thats when he faced Tim for the Title (Won) then he faced Gonzaga after Gonzaga destroyed my fav fighter in Mirko Cro Cop so at that point Randy had fought 2 of his 4 fights in the contract after he found out that Fedor was not comming to the UFC & that the UFC was paying Chuck Liddell more money then him Randy left the UFC now with him back he signed for 1 more fight added onto to his prev two that he did not complete so right now being Late Sep 08 Randy has 3 more Fights with the UFC he will fight Lesnar on NOV 15th then MIR is going to fight NOG the winner of MIR VS NOG will fight the winner of Randy VS Brock & hopefully that will be Randy fighting either MIR or NOG which I think Rady is going to beat Brock & Nog is going to beat MIR so that will set up for Randy’s 2nd fight Randy VS Nog sometime around March-April of next yr then if Randy wins that I believe that the UFC will Sign Fedor for 1 Fight with Randy & that will be Randy’s 3rd and final fight in his contract & in his career which he will go out on a loss because FEDOR is the Best Fighter EVER & I still believe to be the best pound for pound fighter in the world forget SILVA FEDOR is where its at & it will always be about FEDOR cause no other man on the planet can do what that man does.

  • norm says:

    The fight between randy and brock is going to be great!!! I think Brock is going to win via TKO 2nd round,and to those who say brock is a joke you dont know your a** from your elbow he is a beast. Frank got lucky he was gitting it handed to him
    until brock made a mistake. he killed Heath. he is fighting top ranked guys in the world and he only had 1 mma fight before the UFC. Thats crazy and that takes talent people.

  • Dball says:

    Brock is going to be too much for Randy. Randy is not a bjj threat like Mir and i dont see Randy knocking Lesnar out on his feet. That and the size is too much. Brock will probably enter the octagon hovering 280 and couture by all means is a 205. Ppl say “yea well he beat sylvia” but sylvia’s game is staying away and standing up… not using his size and clinching.its different with someone that is trying to take u down and ground and pound. that said Randy is the better fighter, but the size is just going to be too much. Brock either by ground and pound early or via decision

  • matt says:


    Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Couture (UFC Heavyweight Title) -couture split decision 5th
    Kenny Florian vs. Joe Stevenson (official)-stevenson submission tko 1st

    Amir Sadollah vs. Nick Catone -unanimous decison sodallah 3rd

    Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Josh Hendricks-gonzaga via rape 1st round

    also im asuming that nogueria will retain against frank mir because both are submission experts he just happens to be better but i think randy will once again be the undisputed champion because he has a conservative yet unpredictable standup and hes good on the ground and nogueria probably wont expect that from him.

  • HexRei says:

    Dball on September 29th, 2008 8:35 am

    Brock is going to be too much for Randy. Randy is not a bjj threat like Mir and i dont see Randy knocking Lesnar out on his feet. That and the size is too much. Brock will probably enter the octagon hovering 280 and couture by all means is a 205. Ppl say “yea well he beat sylvia” but sylvia’s game is staying away and standing up… not using his size and clinching.its different with someone that is trying to take u down and ground and pound. that said Randy is the better fighter, but the size is just going to be too much. Brock either by ground and pound early or via decision

    Randy will come in at about 220-225. He cuts to make 205. And while I agree that Randy won’t finish Brock, he will win the decision. Mark my words.

  • fruitdude says:

    Randy is going to get smothered and belted slowly and agressively like herring

  • Dball says:

    I hear ya hexrei and i did know that Randy is naturally around 220. what i meant to say he by all means should be fighting 205. And also if anyone s winning a by decision then i beleive itll probably be Brock. I dont see how Randy can control the fight to win a decision. Brock will dictate where the fight goes and barring a freak overhand right or some leg lock i dont see how Randy can win this one.

  • Jay25 says:

    I train at Joe Stevenson’s gym. Joe is DETERMINED. Should be a great fight with Kenflo. Can’t wait to see the Couture and Lesnar fight. Come on Couture!

  • snoochy says:

    what is with most of you guys writing off Randy ! Brock is a beast no doubt and freakishly faster than most his size but Randy is a GOD and has the tools to finish the job. If brock wins its cos he layed on randy and fell asleep just like 87 with Herring :)

  • Dball says:

    I still fail to see why people hold randy in such regard. Who has he beaten in the past 3 years? Liddell (who beat him 2x) , Gonzaga (who since has lost to Werdun) and Sylvia (who has lost two straight, albeit to nog and fedor, but still its tim sylvia)…true Couture great fighter but God not close…Please someone tell me why Couture deserves to be said in the same breath as Barnett, Nog, or Fedor…im all ears.

  • norm says:

    If you think randy is god snoochy send what your smoking to MN!!!!!!!

  • snoochy says:

    To Dball and norm, yeah maybe he”s not god. just hard not to support one of the great champs who has had a very long mma career. his days are numbered so i have to cheer the old bugger on. what are your thoughts on lesnar getting this opportunity for the belt ? if he wins he wont keep the belt for long unless he gets spoon fed crap fighters. i love to watch lesnar but he has to stop fighting like a caveman or it will cost him.

  • iwebie says:

    Lesnar represents an entirely different challenge for Couture than the one posed by Sylvia. Lesnar is quick and athletic. He also has wrestling skills on par with Couture’s.

  • Dball says:

    Snoochy, to answer your question, no Brock does not truly deserve a shot at the title, but in mma its not necessarily who deserves it, its who will bring in the money and Brock v Randy will bring in more than say Werdum against Randy, who it prob might have been at the time Dana decided the fight. Although i dk about him not being able to defend the belt, he has the physical tools and athlticism to fight anyone. Mark my words between these three guys…Cain Velazquez, Brock Lesnar, and Shane Carwin. a fight between 2 of them will headline a ufc in the next 2 years possiby for the belt.

  • snoochy says:

    Dball, Noguiera has to have a sniff aswell ! Carwin or Velazquez would be great against Lesnar, need to see them put away a few descent names first. I want to see a better ratio of even match-ups for heavyweights, instead of having 5-6 bums between real fights e.g Carwins 10-0-0 ! thats a top record if he fought perhaps 2-3 heavyweights that can offer more than just an overhand right. Carwin has had a huge kickstart to his career cos of who he has fought so i hope he keeps it up when real talent knocks on his door.

  • Dball says:

    snooch, i wasnt listing the top heavyweights, i was merely makin a prediction on up and coming heavyweights. Nog is one of my fave fighters who i would not be surprised if he broke brock or couture’s arm. on Cain and Carwin, Dana knows what hes doing and knows talent when he sees it…hes not gonna through carwin and cain against top or even middle class fighting to start..risking a loss…hes gonna let the mma world watch them steamroll through the scrubs, get a few highlight reels, get ppl t noice them, and then set up a fight that will make money. The only reason he did not do that wtith brock was bc he was a house hold name already who can bring in the money and who Dana knew could prob hang or beat mir in his first fight in the UFC

  • snoochy says:

    Dball, Fair point.

  • norm says:

    To snoochy
    To answer your commit about brock getting a title shot, yeah he should get it. He is the only person to bring randy out of retirement, he is a big name. He would kill nog and if mir and brock fought again brock would destroy him. Just my thoughts

  • snoochy says:

    norm, we need to have a bet on the nog v lesnar fight if it ever happens cos i will take nog for sure. As for Mir, i agree with you. That prick got lucky last time. I still say that Brock wont hold the belt for long cos he is limited as a fighter. Like Dball said, its about getting the money and Brock will do exactly that, not cos he deserves it but cos he puts ass’s on seats ! My prediction for Brocks future is pretty much what is happening to ‘Big Bad Tim Sylvia’ as we speak. I hope Brock gets some expert training so he can prolong his career or the win loss ratio will blow out. That’s just my thoughts sunshine :)

  • norm says:

    nog got laid the fuck out by heath. If heath would have jumped on him and threw a few more punches insted of letting him up it would have been over.Dont get me wrong nog is a good fighter and a tough mother fucker but bjj wont do you a bit of good when a monster like brock is on top of you punching you with those caned hams he calls fist.I would even say that randy could beat nog via ref stoppage 3rd round.

  • snoochy says:

    norm, nog copped a great shot from herring and yes he went down. Think about the rest of the fight, even though he went down he was still the one with a unanimous descision ! Top recovery and full credit to nog. Your dead right about herring not finishing the job when he put nog down but we will never know cos ‘THE TEXAS DONKEY’ didn’t finish.

  • matthew says:

    Does anyone else have doubts over Brock Lesnar’s ability to go 5 rounds and retain power? Or that, if anyone can take him there, it will be Randy Couture? These are my only concerns.

    I think Brock will be tested well and I won’t be upset to see him win. In my opinion, he is a great addition to the HW division and i hope, win or lose, he puts on a great performance. This talk of records and deserving a title is rubbish. It’s a great fight no matter who wins and i look forward to the event. Especially to see Kenny Florian vs Joe Stevenson and Matt Brown on the undercard.

  • squeelin56 says:

    Goodluck randy,im sure you’ll put on a good performance no matter how the fight ends up,but i see the everett native winning via rear naked choke 5th round.
    Washington state!

  • HexRei says:

    norm on November 5th, 2008 1:50 am

    nog got laid the fuck out by heath. If heath would have jumped on him and threw a few more punches insted of letting him up it would have been over.

    Speculation. Nog’s guard is legendary and you have no idea if Heath would have finished him. I think its just as likely if not moreso that Nog would have koala hugged him and recovered long enough to sweep or submit.

  • Patrick says:

    When you get run over by a truck… a head kick really doesn’t mean shit.

  • snoochy says:

    To HexRei, my thoughts exactly.

  • snoochy says:

    To matthew, watch brocks cardio routine it’s amazing for how top heavy he is. brock says he hates doing it but still gives it everything he’s got. I don’t think he will tire, but if he doesn’t come out full force and try to maul randy early then randy will have more time and opportunity to submit him. Cos we all Know randy ain’t gonna Knock him.

  • Dball says:

    I could be wrong, but doesnt Brock train out of the same camp as Sherk? I know they’re both from Minn.

  • matthew says:

    snooch – I agree completely that Randy has little chance of knocking him out, but i also think Randy knows that and will adopt a gameplan to push Brock late into the fight, absorb some punishment and stay as mobile as he is allowed to. How well he succeeds at that will determine the outcome in my opinion.

    Randy is quoted as saying, “I have a lot of respect for Brock as an athlete and a collegiate wrestler, but I know exactly where he’s at, he’s trying to make the transition from a wrestler to mixed martial arts. I’ve been there, done that, and I know what the pitfalls are”. Something tells me Randy has spent alot of time training BJJ more than anything else.

    I did check out some of Brock’s training footage from previous fights (on your advice) and am of the opinion that he will not tire but will still lose significant power and coordination.

    But you are correct. Brock is quite the machine in training. I am thoroughly impressed with the tools he has and if he gets the early takedown i don’t think Randy has experienced the kind of ground and pound Brock potentially has to offer. Reading these forum comments only intensifies my excitement to see this fight. An excitement the heavyweight division has lacked for some time. And all who explored other HW matchups are also correct. This could be exciting times for the UFC HW division, and am glad to see a little buzz about the “Big Boys”.

    But if i may be a dick for a moment and digress a little, does anyone else agree that Frank Mir is not all that flash as an mma fighter? I’m not questioning his BJJ as i know it’s high level, but can’t help but wonder how on earth he once held the belt. Sims, Christinson, Tank? Hardly a fantastic who’s who of credentials. If his stand-up has not greatly improved, my guess is Nog will make him look a little silly.

  • snoochy says:

    matthew, Now that’s what i call a reply ! F**K ME. Doing these comments everyday is like watching the minute hand all the way up to the big day. My heart is with Randy putting on a top show. Nog should wear a shirt with your last paragraph printed on it for the Mir fight :) To me Mir is a boring and uneventful fighter and Nog will exploit this fact. Yes he is a BJJ threat but his whole package doesn’t stack up against Nog.

  • matthew says:

    sorry for the text wall. If you couldn’t tell from my previous post, I am a little excited about this fight.

    I would love nothing more than to see Randy vs Nog. Two class act fighters in a battle of strategy and experience. Let Mir continue to be the “test fighter” for the newbies in HW. Heh.

  • Brad says:

    lol lesnar is a joke ,nothin but a joke,he beat the texas tuna can .every body beats him up ,he is a whoopin boy, lol UFC is going broke ,or they wouldnt bring in lesnar in a title fight,common sense tells ya that .Dana White is a punk and a puke!! all in the same breath.he is getting rich an were watching or better yet paying for second rate fights. lesnar deserves a title shot as much as i do!!!!
    he is a bum. we shall see the roid rage soon.saterday nite ,when he loses! he has no talent what so everif the texas tuna can had a weeks worth of submission
    skillz.lesnar would of lost ,looks like it was setup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KTru says:

    Just proves that MMA fans are not the brightest bulbs.

  • HexRei says:

    lol i dont agree with brad’s assessment or anything but way to fly off the handle bro 😀

  • norm says:

    To brad
    you dont know sh**!!!! Saying brock is a joke i would love to see you say that to him in person you pussy,and to call dana a punk who are you to say that? I will
    tell you a BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anything i left out?

  • snoochy says:

    Brad, You should try holding your breathe for ten minutes, only winners do it and i think your a WINNER.

  • capnc103 says:

    tyler dante guy no mir and noguerra still fight the winner of those two faces the winner of randy vs brock (wich will be randy :]), and bj lost his title cuz he left the organization randy kept his title because they where just in a legal dispute of his contract. in addition its a shame ufc is using brock to sell tickets just because he is a big name doesnt mean he should get a title shot after just one ufc win to his credit he is big and strong but being a wrestler for ten years i know first hand technique beats strength any day, i hope randy can pull it off cuz his entire career hes been put in that octagon to lose ranging from lidell to belfort. also i cant stand to see what brock did in his post fight interview with joe rogan he acted like it was the wwe come on brock dont plague the ufc with wwe antics.
    randy will impose his will and grind brock to defeat 😀

  • capnc103 says:

    o and one more thing it still should be a decent match up being that brock is pushin 265 and randys at the lower end of that weight class, but it still doesnt mean brock worked his way through the ranks fairly.

  • norm says:

    brock all the way to victory !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • norm says:

    i told you all brock is the man

  • jc says:

    Broc won bitches

  • capnc103 says:

    ya brock did win but that does not mean he is the better fighter wat so ever if randy w/ iin ten pounds of brock hands down he woulda retained his title. brock used all he had over randy HIS SIZE. congrats tho brock until u meet noguerra or mir u cant hang w technical jits.


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