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Pros and Cons: Couture, Lesnar and random nonsense

CON: Randy Couture. Not that I don’t want to see him fight, it’s just as though he gave up. He realized certain fights and certain contracts weren’t happening and he crawled back, let’s not kid ourselves. Couture realized he was beaten and wants to come back for one or two big paydays and that is that. This isn’t about champion vs. interim champion. This isn’t about #1 vs. #2. This is about Couture getting big money to beat down Brock Lesnar. Or as Couture is quoted here by Lorreta Hunt, “I know (Emelianenko) expressed interest in this fight,” Couture told reporters Tuesday, “but I think if people are to take him seriously and give him credit as the number-one heavyweight in the world, then he needs to come fight me. That makes sense to me.” Yeah, beating Tim Sylvia in 30 seconds proved nothing. He needs to come to your house under your rules after you balked. Give me a break. Fedor is not signing with the UFC whether it’s because he’s demanding too much or because the UFC won’t give him a one-fight contract. You pretty much just wasted a year of life but you’ve lost all leverage in calling out Emelianenko.

CON: Brock Lesnar. Or to be more specific he said in the conference call, “who gives a s*** about Fedor?” Well Brock, around the globe a great number of people who give less of a “s***” about you. When the fight is over please tell me, like Shaq, how Couture’s ass tastes.

CON: Rampage’s situation. Why do so many people feel the need to defend him on a daily basis? As I said in the comments, if he hit your mother with his monster truck you’d certainly feel differently. Why do we care so much about criminals and not victims in this society? I don’t even care if he was crazy; if you’re crazy who cares what punishment you get? He still hurt people. I LOVE Rampage, I really do, but to blindly defend him in this situation is just stupid to me. He hurt people and damaged property and deserves to be punished regardless of the reason. I agree with Adam Morgan’s editorial and what happens when he’s off his rocker a second time?

CON: Yamma Pit Fighting. It’s been almost 5 months and still no second event? I HAVE YOUR T-SHIRT! Yes, I even wear it sometimes late at night when I walk my dog. Especially on nights like tonight when I forgot my usual Monday morning trash day won’t happen due to Labor Day and apparently I’m the only dumb person on the block that forgot about it. That’s just embarrassing on a neighborhood level. Then you have to do that walk of shame the next morning and drag it back into the garage. And screw you YAMMA, again, I have your shirt. I can’t imagine you’re out of business what with your brilliant marketing, super duper cage creation and dozens of grade A fighters. Not buying it!

CON: Rachelle Leah info. We heard there were rumors she was posing for Playboy and since then I’ve heard nothing else. Not fair, I demand a follow up as this was perhaps the best news of 2008. I’ve seen thousands of women naked (only because of the internet) but I haven’t been this excited to see one girl naked since…. actually never. I love Rachelle Leah. Naked girls are naked girls but Rachelle Leah is one of a kind. I need more information and frankly I’m angry at the lack of it. For all of the terrible little MMA sites out there shouldn’t there be a website dedicated to this one story?

PRO: Coaches winning gold medals. My last Pros and Cons was an Olympic edition and one thing I didn’t stress was the fact Olympic coaches don’t get gold medals. From Coach K in basketball to a gymnastics coach, coaches win nothing for their efforts. That’s either awesome or terrible, I’m not sure. People that bust their butts to teach as well as they can (say diving or gymnastics) probably deserve one but people that just coach (say baseball or water polo) probably don’t. It’s a slippery slope but you’d think they would get a trophy or something.

CON: Barbara Warren’s death. This amazing woman died last week. If I may quote a part of her obituary, “Warren….finished a triple Ironman in France that included a 7.2-mile swim, 336-mile bike ride and 78.6-mile run.” A TRIPLE IRONMAN!?!? I was not aware that was possible. A 79 mile run? I’m in better shape than 90% of Americans and I can run maybe 2 miles. It’s possible to run 79 miles in a row and not be Kenyan.. or dead? Not to mention a 336 mile bike ride? And a swim? This might be the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever read. I asked a Marine friend of mine if he could run 80 miles in a day and he said yes. I offered him a large prize if he could run 80 miles in 20 hours and he said no because, “I’m not in shape.” Who the hell can run 80 miles? I’m not trying to make a challenge here, that is just ridiculous. I’m sure SOMEONE can but it can’t be healthy for you.

PRO: Fox’s COPS special. They ran a 20th anniversary episode of the show again on Saturday. I’ve always said COPS might be the best show ever and I feel a 24 hour COPS network would be fantastic. Who can forget the black couple that got in the food fight and were covered in flour? The guy that was on LSD and ran naked through the barber shop? What about the big girl that came at them with a knife and stabbed herself? Or that cop with one leg that chased the dude down, tackled him and then mocked him for getting caught by an amputee? All of the best all in one night. I did not deserve that level of awesome and I could watch it over and over again.

CON: Kimbo/Rogers crap talk. Can someone please hire me to talk trash? This might be the worst back and forth trash talk I’ve ever seen. Kimbo’s camp is all, “this man used to have an honest job!” and Rogers camp is all, “MARIJUANA SUBTELTY!” I could do 10x better than that off the cuff, someone please call me. I think we’re less than a week away from a rap battle of yo momma jokes.

PRO: Jason Lambert down to 185lbs. As I’ve said before I think he could make 135lbs if he wanted. I really like Jason Lambert but his awkward, tiny dinosaur with the pot belly was not suited for 205lbs. Best of luck on Saturday sir.

PRO/CON: This UFC HW Title situation. First of all the obvious fight is champion Couture vs. interim champion Nogueira. We can all understand the return of Couture to get the rust off and make a huge money fight. So the winner of this fight better face the winner of Nog/Mir or it’s a complete farce. What if the younger, stronger Lesnar manages to beat Couture? I assume he’d face Nog to unify the titles but would the UFC really make that fight knowing Nog can take a freakish beating and still pull a submission from nowhere? There are way too many things that can go wrong here and it’s why you never try to book matches in advance.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Does anybody have actual info about Couture’s new contract? I’ve read numerous posts suggesting that he came back to the UFC voluntarily because he’s getting paid more money, but what’s the basis of that, and waht are the sources? Did he really improve his position, or did UFC just throw in a few bucks over the prior agreement to help him save face? Is it possible he wound up just about where he started? Gimme some facts, dammit.

  • Cathedron says:

    I agree with Brock Lesnar under the circumstances. They were doing a conference call about the Couture/Lesnar fight and all anyone wanted to talk about was the very small chance that Couture and Fedor might fight a year from now. Not cool. Lesnar was right. The only fighter Couture should have on his mind is Lesnar.

  • Cathedron says:

    Wolfe: Good question. I haven’t even heard of anyone who has a clue about it except that it was supposedly better than his old one. I wonder if it’s better than Liddell’s at this point (at least on a fight by fight basis). I do know that Couture gets a percentage of PPV buys, so this fight with Lesnar is really just a way for the UFC to pay him a huge amount right up front.

  • the sheik says:

    Huckaby, stop writing.

  • Slakdawg says:

    And I think Lesnar’s popularity worldwide may be greater than Fedor’s. Fedor is known only as an MMA fighter, while Lesnar has that working for him as well as his immense popularity from pro wrestling. How many people in the U.S. have heard of Fedor? Only seriously interested MMA fans, as he doesnt fight for the UFC and is not featured on Spike. How many people in the U.S. have heard of Brock Lesnar? I would say quite a few as the WWE is wildly popular in the states. And the WWE travels and is popular worldwide.

    And as was stated above, the conference call was about Lesnar/Couture not about Fedor.

  • butman says:

    I 2nd the stop writing coment above

  • Matt Cava says:

    “I think we’re less than a week away from a rap battle of yo momma jokes.”


    the “stop writing” commenters above should stop commenting. zing.

  • SteveXtreme says:

    Mr. Huckaby, i usually agree with most of your remarks but you didnt hit too many out of the park this time. The main thing i disagree on is your comments toward the Lesnar Couture situation. “Well Brock, around the globe a great number of people who give less of a “s***” about you” The only place Fedor is more popular than Lesnar is Russia, Japan is questionable because Brock did wrestle there quite a bit. And if know one gives a shit about Brock then why was he involved with the 2 highest PPV buys of the year. This is isn’t so much towards you as it is almost everyone in general, WHY does anyone care why Randy decided to return. All that should matter, if you’re a true fan, is that HE IS BACK! and he will be facing at least 2 people he’s never fought before and all pose interesting match ups. The Fedor fight would be a huge pay day but what’s wrong with these fights being big pay days. Anyway here’s my last 2 cent, unless Randy trains submissions from now until the night of the fight he doesnt have a prayer of a chance to beat Lesnar.

  • King Pedro says:

    you shouldnt hate on Rampage, have you never ever broke the law before? ever hit a joint? Took a drink of alcohol before you turned 21??? went over the speed limit??? drove after drinkin…. go fot it.. add it all up and add up the minimum fines and penalties for each thing you have ever done… then, go turn yourself in and give up all the fines to your local PD… if you cant do this then you are a total Hypocrit….

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    How much do you want for your YAMMA T-Shirt?
    That would be SWEET !

  • Caleb Newby says:

    While I think Huckaby has the Rampage situation wrong, spot on for the Couture comments, particularly on that Fedor needs to prove himself by coming to the UFC. The UFC has contracts that Fedor doesn’t like and won’t give him a one shot deal. Fedor has more than proved his place in the sport and I don’t see what it is worth to him to sign the Zuffa binding contract that restricts him so much if he does not want to.

    And TRIPLE Ironman??? A friend of mine just did a single ironman and it took him somewhere around 13 hours I think… and he did well. So how long did it take for a triple ironman? Yikes. I barely did a 5k this summer.

  • King Pedro says:

    Rampage didnt hurt anyone?? I live in the OC and I get all the local news first hand… He did cause some damage.. but what the hell do we all pay insurance for?? theres nothing wrong with making an insurance claim and everyone gets compensated for whatever damage they incurred..

  • King Pedro says:

    You are taking the Brock quote completely out of Context.. he wasnt saying literally who givesa **** about Fedor.. He was sick of the questions from the Media when the conference was to promote the couture vs lesnar fight.. I agree with his right to say what he said under the circumstances.. It was not inappropriatte in anyway.. I would hope that you had enough clout to sit in on the phone conference and you should have been able to desifer this yourself.. if not, it is posted on the web for your review..

  • CD007 says:

    I’m not a huge Couture fan, but it’s frustrating to read people calling out Couture as a quitter. Did he go back to the UFC? Yes, but he made a very public stand and spent a precious year trying to do what he felt was right. He brought attention to issues that will (hopefully) help fighters in the future. The system is built to protect big business and punish the individual. Doesn’t the man have a right to do what he loves?

    I also understand everyone has a right to their opinion, but when was the last time you lost a year of paydays standing up for what you believed in? I’d bet a paycheck you’ve never done anything nearly as gutsy. Most people cower to their bosses for a fraction of the salary.

    I know it’s comfortable, sitting in your office chair and judging larger-than-life individuals. But don’t forget their human beings. They need to think of their families and happiness first. Excuse my frank language, but they don’t owe you sh–

  • j mac says:

    con: you being the only person who constantly goes out of his way to talk about rampage its good to get views but damn your like a fucking vampire the way you suck off that subject

  • HexRei says:

    Yeah, beating Tim Sylvia in 30 seconds proved nothing. He needs to come to your house under your rules after you balked. Give me a break. Fedor is not signing with the UFC whether it’s because he’s demanding too much or because the UFC won’t give him a one-fight contract. You pretty much just wasted a year of life but you’ve lost all leverage in calling out Emelianenko.

    I really disagree. Randy definitely did balk when he realized the UFC could conceivably tie up his contract for years. If he had hung in there he may not have gotten to fight again till he was 50+. The UFC has bottomless pockets and would have spent any amount of money to keep the lawsuit going and Randy out of the Affliction ring.

    That said, I think Fedor WILL eventually come to the UFC. The whole Randy-Fedor feud (along with a handy dispatching of Tim Sylvia) has actually given Fedor a lot more recognition among the American fans.

    I think Dana wants to see this fight happen in the UFC more than he has in the past, and after Affliction folds, I think Fedor will end up coming to the UFC for at least a one-off superfight- although I don’t think its outside the realm of possibility that he will sign a lengthier contract. Where else will he fight, Dream, which is having serious money problems? Sengoku (haha just kidding)? EliteXC, assuming they have any money at all left in six months?

    The only real sticking point I see now is Dana letting him compete in Combat Sambo tournaments, and I really think he and Dana will come to some kind of compromise on that issue.

  • HexRei says:

    Oh, and I don’t think you’re in better shape than 90% of Americans if you can only run two miles…

  • Loco541 says:

    First off, fuck the law. Props and all the power to jackson, im rooting for him. and people need to quit whining bout couture, fedor, and brock. I for one am happy as hell he fighting again, do you people really expect him to keep fighting in court as old as he is? Its obvious he was under one hell of a contract and going against some top notch lawyers, so ease up on captain america. Fedor needs to realize he dont own the mma game, their is more than just the HW div. and he aint god, so quit being a panzy, recognize the ufc has this fighting game in their pocket, and just join. Oh and p.s. i wanna see Rachelle Leah naked to!!!

  • foo says:

    Man that was terrible. I think you wrote this piece trolling for comments, of course, I gave in.

  • Zack with a ck says:

    Mike has made me laugh most of the time so I’ll forgive him on this 0-4 with 4 KOs night (3 caught looking).

    Your positions on Brock, Randy, and Rampage are just nonsense.

  • LiuLang says:

    Ya, that was easily the worst Pros and Cons I’ve ever read.

  • Bert says:

    Wow that was a horrible article. It felt like a bunch of posts on Sherdog were just copied and pasted together. Note to self: Don’t read anymore articles from Huckaby.

  • JJ Docker says:

    I like this website because it delivers MMA news and/or an educated viewpoint. You don’t deliver MMA news or an educated viewpoint. Remarkably not funny.

  • lee says:

    agree with the points on rampage.

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Apparently, Mike, if Rampage ran over the symbolic Grandma of the general population of this site, they’d go “bust a cap in his @ss”.
    Reminds me of the mindset of Adams, Jefferson and Madison. Rule of law. Or something.

    I agree with you on Rampage, agree with Couture wanting money.

    Good read, thanks for the time.

    But Mike, can you or anyone tell me if the – ahem – “message” for the movie “Redbelt” was that all MMA fighting is fixed? I was so distracted by the byzantine logic and Rube Goldberg (no relation to Mike) like plot hoops that I got kind of twisted up as to the movie’s message.

    Thanks for the help. (And since Couture is in “Redbelt”, it’s not an unrelated question.)

  • The Man says:

    Why does a certain % of people on here believe Elite XC or Affliction is folding?

    Do you have access to both companies and parent companies financials?
    Are you a qualified business and financial expert studying the returns and expenditures of each company?

    I will assume 1% of you that are saying that both Elite XC and Affliction are going to fold soon have anywhere near the qualifications to actually know this and as such maybe you could stop spouting off on something you know “nothing” about.

    Stop you baseless arguments well this will happen when because Affliction will fold soon.

    If you are such a nostredamus of business can you please share your insight here as to anyother businesses you know that are going to fold soon, or do you get most of your business accumen from Dana White?

  • Jennifer says:

    Well, I had to laugh at the comments you made about Cops. I watch the show religiously and have for years. Did you notice that the couple who were in the food fight lived on food lane? My personal favorite is when they set up the drug buy in Albequerque NM with an undercover cop named Todd. The guy looked right at him and asked if he was a cop, Todd says no. He tells him to take a hit of crack and he’s blowing on his fingers and wigging out. It was great. Cops is great TV, I tell you and it’s nice to see someone else appreciating it as much as I do!

    Oh and yea, I agree 100% with your comments about Couture. I feel the same way.

    It was all a very interesting read!

  • razzle says:

    CON: This article.

  • MMAStation says:


    The pros and cons bits you are doing are quickly becoming my favorite posts. Keep up the good work.

  • Army Guy says:


    Absolutely hilarious on all accounts – except for the Yamma Pit Fighting dig. That’s straight bullshit. Once that technologically advanced surface catches some steam, the UFC will go the way of the dodo.

    Love Rampage. Still don’t give a rats ass that he was crazy at the time – you act like a giant asshole and the law (which I am a fan of by the way) needs to beat you like a drum (technically speaking).

  • Dbess says:

    this is to Slakdawg

    You actually think that Brock Lesnar is more popular than Fedor? HA maybe in america, but not anywhere else. Did you ever watch the fight Lesnar had while he was in japan? Nobody knew who he was and nobody gave a shit about him. Sorry but Fedor is way more popular world wide than Brock Lesnar.

    Lesnar doesn’t have street cred like Fedor.

  • Joey says:

    King Pedro, you’re insane. I’ve broken the law a million times, especially when I was younger. Now as a responsible adult, i’ve grown up and I try not to be a nuisance to society. NOT TO MENTION, never once did i run people over, smash into cars, etc. Jackson should be punished. Hopefully not too severely but he should be held accountable and just because some people believe he should be does not make us hypocrites.

    Best cops episode ever was the one when the crackhead called the police because she bought some crack from some lady that turned out to not be crack and she wanted her money back, then when interviewing the seller she said something along the lines of, “no officer, I’m not a drug dealer, i’m a prostitute.”

    As sickening as the HW title picture has now become in the UFC, and I think its ridiculous that Lesnar gets a shot, I think he will beat Randy and then lose to Nog if they match them up. It makes me sad because all the mystique surrounding a Fedor Randy match will be gone when people realize Randy can’t do anything against anyone besides push up inferior wrestlers against the cage. Then what for Fedor in the UFC? Fedor mercilessly beats Nog for another 15 minutes? Fedor walks through Randy and everyone says, Randy is washed up now? Fedor rips off Lesnars arm and everyone calls him a can? Its a lose-lose-lose-lose. If Fedor goes to the UFC, the most exciting matchups are Liddell and Silva (who isn’t all that much smaller than Fedor before cutting). I hope Affliction lasts long enough to see Fedor fight both Arlovski and Barnett because those make the most sense right now.

    Do you really miss Yamma? Really? Wow . . .

    DREAM MATCHUP!!! Roy Nelson Vs. Chuck Liddell, mark it down!

  • Mike A says:

    King Pedro your an idiot… “He did cause some damage.. but what the hell do we all pay insurance for??” When you hit and run then try to evade police thats a little different then a parking lot bump you pay insurance for…

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Not the best Pro/Con you’ve done, Huckaby, but still pretty good.

    I have to disagree with your Con on Lesnar. Here’s a guy, who is CONTRACTED to fight Couture and half the talk is about another guy who might not ever step in the Octagon. You can imagine he’d be a little perturbed.

    And I’m pretty sure Lesnar is more popular worldwide than Fedor.

  • Steve says:

    funny stuff

  • I knew this one wasn’t particularly funny at all, just things that needed to be said. My original magazine article was going to be called “The Unpopular Opinion” until it was pointed out to me someone already did that. It just so happens most of the things I think are disagreed upon by most people in the MMA community.

    “How much do you want for your YAMMA T-Shirt?
    That would be SWEET !”

    NO SIR, it is like an MMA Mona Lisa.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    so im wondering, is the randy fight gonna be 3 or 5 rounds?
    3 i guess but can someone confirm?

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    It’ll be 5, it’s for Randy’s HW title.

  • Matt says:

    This was the worst article I have read on this site. Please stick to the topic at hand MMA. We don’t need to hear your opinions on mental disease, or victims or criminals or what flavor Randy’s backside is. You also don’t seem to get that Brock wasn’t disrespecting Fedor, but the media.

    Please don’t quite your day job.

  • Ken says:

    man IMO, that’s some sub-par (for 5 ounce) writing. sounds like the raving opinions of a Sherdog forums poster.

  • Ken says:

    sambo shambo…why would you pay a guy millions to fight in the UFC, build him up to star status, and risk him being injured in a sambo tourney.

    i don’t think Fedor likes the cage very much either.

  • HexRei says:

    @Ken Right, so since Mir injured himself on a motorcycle just as he had on the title and was becoming a star, perhaps the UFC should have a “no riding motorcycles” clause?

    Dana isn’t worried so much about Fedor hurting himself in Sambo… he’s worried about Fedor LOSING in Sambo.

  • jdavis says:

    “Why does a certain % of people on here believe Elite XC or Affliction is folding?

    Do you have access to both companies and parent companies financials?”

    Why actually we do have access to ProElite’s SEC financial statement. Did you not know that was available to the public? And you don’t have to be a qualified financial expert to see that ProElite is in huge financial trouble.

    As far as Rampage running over my Mother with a monster truck, first I’d ask if she got his autograph and second I’d make sure his insurance paid to replace her car. Thing is Rampage didn’t run over my mother and the law doesn’t deal in might of beens it deals in what actually happened. It’s not defending the guy to say that some people are way overreacting to this. The guy broke the law and he will get punished according to how the justice system works out but when you get right down to it the charges just aren’t that bad so chances are he’s not going to the big house. He’s not getting off light because of his money, fame or high powered lawyer it’s just that it’s not uncommon for people to get off light on these charges as a first offense.

  • Joel Kadish says:

    that’s why I love this web site – humour and intellect!
    Keep the t shirt – one day it will be worth something on e-bay!

  • HexRei says:

    high five jdavis you said it.

  • Rich S. says:

    “I’ve seen thousands of women naked (only because of the internet)”

    you are freakin’ hilarious..
    keep it up..

  • Ronnie Liddle says:

    King Pedro: Insurance doesn’t cover acts of God… :)

  • Bdavis says:

    Couture vs. Lesnar. Here’s the breakdown

    Ground Game: Advantage Lesnar
    Heart: Advantage Couture
    Fighting Ability: Advantage Couture
    Size: Advantage Lesnar
    Speed: Advantage Lesnar
    Experience: Advantage Couture
    Striking: Even (slight edge to Couture)
    Submissions: Advantage Couture (although he has subbed anyone in years)

    Actually it’s a pretty close fight. I hate to bet against Couture but since Randy can’t knock anyone out and hasn’t subbed anyone in years….it goes to a decision. I just can’t pick a winner.

  • Davey D says:

    EXC is in deep chit right now. Less than 2 year’s in the game and they’re $55 million in the RED? Not good.

    Affliction would do well if they held 4 stacked event’s a year, maybe. But can they keep paying their fighter’s so handsomely? I don’t have the answer’s. Only time will tell.

    Rachel Leah…oh the baby!!! Fine as wine. Couture vs. Nogueira in 2009. Yamma t-shirt’s < knock-off Yamma t-shirt’s. Rampage…tragic to say the least but let the court’s settle that one. CHEERS!!!

  • HexRei says:

    Bdavis on September 4th, 2008 8:54 pm
    Striking: Even (slight edge to Couture)

    You need to subdivide this category. Lesnar has shown great power, (if not great technique) while boxing but we haven’t seen much dirty boxing from within the clinch from him. Randy on the other hand has shown good technical boxing, although he’s certainly not as strong as Brock, but his dirty boxing within the clinch is off the scale- he’s one of the best in the business fighting within the greco clinch.

    So I’d say it could be broken down into three categories:

    GnP striking: Even
    Outside striking: Slight edge Couture
    Clinched striking: Massive Advantage Couture, due to years of perfecting the skillset, unless Brock just has magical talent at throwing elbows and short punches inside the clinch.

  • darkmetal says:

    Oh man, Michael, where do I start?

    Certainly you know that Lesnar was stating the obvious when he said he didn’t care about Fedor he was saying he didn’t care about anyone he wasn’t fighting…he is planning on Couture.

    Will the Couture/Lesnar fight make more money and have more PPV buys than the Affliction event, or for that matter perhaps any MMA event in history? You bet. So in the end, I guess Lesnar can toute the fact that he is more popular than Fedor, and who can argue with him.

    Oh, and he will probably win. You can see the concern on Randy’s face when he is asked about solving the “Lesnar problem”. And how DO you wrestle a baby elephant?

    I agree with you on COPS, the show rocks even after you have seen every episode 20 times…

    YAMMA Pit fighting?? More like Yawmore FAT fighting! Butterbean needs to cut back on the PBn’J sandwiches and get down to a svelt 350 so he can actually get up if he falls on his back….

    On Barbara Warren’s death: The human body does not have an infinite ability to absorb damage, and we should all take note and know our own human limitations. If she had limited her vision a bit she might still be among us, rather than soaring with the Angels.

    On Rampage: I thought that for the most part nobody was hurt by Rampage’s…umm Rampage. I know they brought the one woman into the hospital with some bruises, and she later lost her baby, but didn’t they also say that was not Rampage’s fault? Sure Rampage did something criminal, and he will pay dearly for it, but it’s not like he shot up troop scout 7 or anything like that….

    In the end, I think Rampage will pay off most of the lawsuits, and he will not be imprisoned, but I could be wrong.

  • ttt says:

    can’t believe how many people looove rampage.

    if someone drove their car onto your lawn you’d probably be pissed but since it’s rampage he’s friggin’ god around here the insurance will make everyone happy and cuz he didn’t hurt anyone… right

  • Grappo says:

    RE: Rampage

    Anyone who blindly defends Rampage (or anyone, or anything for that matter) does indeed come across as stupid. Fortunately I haven’t read very many comments from people who say he doesn’t deserve to be punished, so I’m not sure where Huckaby is coming from. Also not sure what he thinks should happen to Rampage besides the very vague notion of getting “punished.”

    Huckaby, it sounds like you are mad (or disgusted) because not everyone sees this as a black and white issue.

    RE: Everything Else

    Not really interested, except for the idea of seeing Rachelle Leah’s tittays. Even better if it was Arianny.

  • “Huckaby, it sounds like you are mad (or disgusted) because not everyone sees this as a black and white issue.”

    No, people like me are just stupid and only see things as black and white or up or down. Going crazy in a monster truck, hitting several vehicles, running read lights, getting arrested and making a mockery of your employer and the sport is a very complex issue.

    I mean it’s a solid 50/50 debate on whether that’s okay or not.

  • HexRei says:

    Please point out the portion of Grappo’s post where he said that it was “ok” to do that. or even suggested so. You completely dodged his entire post. You fail at critical thinking Huckaby.

  • TheSomberlain says:

    Thank you for exposing all these Rampage nuthuggers man. Yea Ive gotten drunk before 21, smoked a shitload of weed. And you want know what I did? Laughed alot and then fell asleep, not crash into a shitload of cars in broad daylight after watching “the Secret” (the gayest thing EVER) and claiming that the devil was going after my friend. GREAT justification for reckless driving Rampage, I would have sympathized more if you were wasted. You know whats funny, is everyone that just commented against you on that section unknowingly further proved your point. Maybe all those knees from the Muay Thai clinch knocked something loose.

    P.S.CON: “Brock Lesnar. Or to be more specific he said in the conference call, “who gives a s*** about Fedor?” Well Brock, around the globe a great number of people who give less of a “s***” about you. When the fight is over please tell me, like Shaq, how Couture’s ass tastes.”


  • HexRei says:

    I have to wonder Somberlain, does having Huckaby’s balls on your chin so frequently ever cause chafing? If so, my girlfriend uses oil of olay, you might want to give it a try.

  • Simon says:

    My brain hurts reading this crap. There are so many things wrong with what you wrote in your “article”. Id wish to whip out some smarmy snappy comment about how retarded this post was but I think my fellow 5.ouncers will do an elequent job for me. And just so you know you come off as some kind of borderline racist bigot. I hate it when people who admit they are out of shape write about a sport that has everything to do with physical fitness. Ive seen alot of lame ass post on this site and a lot of ungifted writers on here too, but I think you beat them all Mr. Huckaby

  • Grappo says:

    @ Huckaby
    I don’t think you’re stupid, I don’t think Rampage should walk away from the situation without being punished, and I don’t care more about Rampage than the victims. Yet I still get the feeling that you would throw me into the group of Rampage Apologists just because I have different ideas about the mitigating factors of mental incapacitation. Unreasonable?

    TheSomberlain – “Thank you for exposing all these Rampage nuthuggers man.”

    Where are they? Oh, do you mean anyone that says something you don’t agree with?

    @ HexRei –
    Thanks for actually reading what I wrote.

  • Simon says:

    Also you should try actually dating someone sometime. If you’ve never been “this excited” to see a woman naked, you have deep issue’s man. It seems like instead of going down to the local smut stand and getting the wankmag, you should try going to some social setting and try actually talking to a lady, instead it seems as if you’d rather get a paper cut on your nuts than talk to a lady. All that Playboy represents to you is wank material of a girl you’ll never touch, smell, feel, taste, or even talk to. Im just say man….

  • TheSomberlain says:

    Grappo: Well if you go to (Yea I know terrible site, I am a 5OP convert) basically 65-70% of all the users swear Rampage was framed by the Illuminati or something. As far as on this post: King Pedro, Caleb Newby, Loco541. I actually agree with you, Im not saying anyone who disagrees is my enemy but come on dude the scenerio was really basic and REALLY obvious. I don’t follow the Lesnar hype either but hey, far be it for me to tell you who you can and cant like.

    HexRei: Nice Ad Hominem. Ive never met Huckaby, but from this article he seems like a pretty funny cat. Im amazed your “girlfriend” let your balls go long enough for you to come to the computer and actually use cognitive thought. If you disagree with me, address the issue dont just cop out on a gay joke thats been told a million times before.

  • HexRei says:

    TheSomberlain on September 5th, 2008 4:10 am

    HexRei: Nice Ad Hominem.
    So wait, are you under the impression that “nuthugger” is not an ad hominem? Come on dude, if you’re gonna sob you could at least wait until you’re more than one post removed from hpyocrisy :)

  • ctownhood says:

    Huck, I usually enjoy your rants for the most part. But “When the fight is over please tell me, like Shaq, how Couture’s ass tastes”? Really? Someone tell me how Couture is going to pull that one off…….

  • bdavis says:

    HexRei on September 4th, 2008 9:31 pm .

    Hey Hex, I totally agree. Forgot about the dirty boxing. Excellent post

  • Grappo says:

    sorry, I’ve never been to MMAJunkie. I came here first and stuck with it.

  • TheSomberlain says:

    Its not really an Ad Hominem since I am attacking the situation at hand, which is the blind loyalty to Rampage. I may have chosen the word nuthugger unwisely but the message was still the same. Even if I did commit Ad Hominem, thats doesnt automatically get you off the hook for committing one too. Who said anything about sobbing? Im justy trying to voice my opinion and all you do is insult me. If your gonna act like a little kid go to mmajunkie.

  • HexRei says:

    You need to learn to take it if your gonna dish it out little buddy. Maybe you should head on back to MMAJunkie yourself if this kitchen is a too hot for you.

  • Joey says:

    Maybe we should all go to mmajunkie and have a pillow fight to resolve this.

    Or we could take latin classes and study wikipedia for a while and debate whether Hex and Somberlain have committed ‘argumentum ad hominem’ or if it was actually ‘argumentum ad personam’

  • TheSomberlain says:

    LOL exactly Joey. I didnt start this but in logic, theres always a way to keep going.

  • TheSomberlain says:

    Thank you Joey. But he wont end up breaking your balls. He will break mine even more.

  • TheSomberlain says:

    Yea im drunk sorry for TRIPLE posting. For the record, I didnt say anything towards you HexRei so if I am dealing it out, why are you the one reacting?

  • Joey says:

    You’re drunk? What time zone are you in? My computer says that you posted that at 8:54 AM! There is a bar just down the street from me that does have $3-3 for ones at 8 AM . . . God North Dakota is depressing.


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