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Randy Couture on Fight Network Radio at 3 p.m. today

Mauro Ranallo of Fight Network Radio contacted earlier today to let us know he conducted a one-on-one interview with UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture that will be airing on today’s show.

During the interview, Couture addressed a number of topics including the situation involving Fedor Emelianenko, his upcoming return at UFC 91 against Brock Lesnar, as well as some initiatives he plans to push for regarding improved rights for fighters.

You can listen to Fight Network Radio at 3 p.m. ET on Sirius Satellite Radio or at

  • Jay K. says:

    Randy’s pure class and I’m Glad that he’s back. I met him at a gym opening here outside of Chicago last year and he was a true gentleman. He even complemented my daughter who was doing cartwheels on the wrestling mats while we were waiting in a very long line to do the meet and greet. Too funny! This is a ppv that I’m definitely going to get.

    Jay K.

  • GoofyMonkey says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • GoofyMonkey says:

    Apparently he’ll be live on the Bubba the Love Sponge show this afternoon on Sirius (Howard 101)

  • ultmma says:

    Ok Im’ sure Randy is a nice guy but does anyone really believe he gives a flying ….. about fighters rights

    I’d love to to the see the contract he got with the UFC. In order for the Fedor fight to happen he’s going to have to beat Lesnar, and Big Nog/Mir winner with the Fedor fight being the 3rd fight on his newly minted 3 fight deal.

    The UFC now owns Randy until he’s 47. Enjoy the hefty raise you got Natural


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