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Frankie Edgar Trivia Contest Winner: BG from Virginia Tech

Despite some major glitches with our website last week, we still managed to declare a winner for our Frank Edgar Trivia Contest – reader “BG” from Virginia Tech University.

“BG” got all the answers correct and he wins a custom designed Frankie Edgar t-shirt from

The trivia contest questions/answers are as follows:
1. Edgar has been an assistant coach for WHAT sport at WHICH New Jersey university?   Wrestling at Rutgers University

2. Training mostly on the east coast, what school does Edgar train at when he heads to California?  American Kickboxing Academy

3. Six of Edgar’s last seven fights ended by Unanimous Decision. HOW did the ‘other’ fight end and at WHICH event was it?  Via TKO by Strikes @ UFC 73

4. Edgar wrestled at WHICH Toms River High School: North, South, East or West?  Toms River East High School

5. WHAT part of Edgar’s body was kicked off during a fight earlier in his career? And WHO kicked it off?  His Ear by Jim Miller has several contests planned for the next few weeks and we have many unique prizes to giveaway!


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