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5 Oz. Exclusive: The camp for Brett Rogers issues another response to Kimbo Slice

The first time we posted a statement from the camp of Brett Rogers it got us kicked off of our server. Well, was contacted again by Mike Reilly, the manager for Rogers as well as the head trainer at Team Bison, who has issued a second statement released EXCLUSIVELY to Five Ounces of Pain (note to other editors: feel free to use excerpts and post a link to the complete statement on our site, but unless the statement is released directly to you, you do not have our permission to run it in its entirety).

This second statement from the Rogers camp is in response to a rebuttal that had been issued by Team Kimbo late last week.

Below is the response to the response, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t crash the site:


We laughed and laughed and then laughed some more… then sort of forgot what we were laughing about and then we remembered and laughed some more; grabbed a bag of Doritos and those KICK ASS brownies they sell at Costco (they fucking rule!) and came up with this response that Kimbo will understand.

With all the talk and about the Kimbo situation let me be Blunt. I would hate to see this whole deal go up in Smoke when Kenny hammers Kimbo. We don’t want to be a Chronic pest; like a Roach on a white rug but we want our shot. Now far be it from us to Harsh anyone’s Buzz so we will be nicer in our comments going forward.

My Auntie Mary Jane said what the world needs is more Tender Huggin Care (THC). So before any bridges get burnt we will put a lid on the negative. We are not just going to huff and puff; we will just wait ’till the numbers are right and then we will get out from behind the 8-ball, jump from limbo and just hope it happens sometime before Kimbo B-40. Right now I know a lot of hoppers be looking at us with Chinese Eyes wondering if we will set the whole world a blaze. But we like they will just have to wait and while our desire to hear the bell go bam grows like a weed; we will just lay in the grass biding our time with our buds.


— Team Bison on behalf of Brett Rogers

P.S. Damn it is 4:20… I gots to go… Anyone see Kimbo tell him I said HIGH-HIGH

To read the first statement from the camp of Brett Rogers, click here.

To read the response from Team Kimbo to the Rogers camp, click here.

  • egad81 says:

    honestly I dont get it.
    Is he saying Kimbo is a pot head?

    I know dozens of fighters that actively smoke the cannabis.

    Couldnt they come up with a better come back?

    YOUR MOM would have done better!

  • D Mayeda says:

    Is this really where MMA is going? How many instances will we witness in which EliteXC resembles WWE more than a legitimate sport? While sports like the NFL and NBA promote public service announcements to curb drug use, what we see coming out of a struggling MMA organization is the opposite. Not that athletes in pro football or basketball don’t use, but this is different. If an NFL player made this kind of a public statement, he’d be fined and vehemently criticized by the league, coaches, and other players. Whereas in some regions of MMA, this kind of hype is getting to be par for the course. Seriously, what is ProElite/EliteXC’s stance on this public statement made by the B. Roger’s camp?

  • Mike A says:

    very pathetic

  • Bucco says:

    Are they saying Kimbo is a pothead or something cause its not much of an insult, its funny, but doesn’t make any sense really. Kimbo won’t fight you cause of his use of drugs? Thats kind of dumb for either side. Maybe I’m missing the whole point all together.

  • Ryder Die says:

    I read every article on this website because I like the site. Please, why are you ruining your site by putting garbage from these people. It doesnt even make any sense. You have to have stopped school at first grade to understand what they are saying. Please this stuff is not suited for a fact checking website like yours. I want along with others want to keep reading the website but I refuse if there is another piece of junk about Brett Rogers demands. Hes not good enough to demand. Thanks.

  • saerbarnet says:

    That might be one of the most retarded official statements I have ever read 😡

  • patrick says:

    I didn’t get it. Am I missing something? If you want to accuse the guy of doing drugs why not say crack or something? Kimbo has a big enough following as it is, I don’t think we need the Nick Diaz crew to tag along.

  • Bucco says:

    This a news site “ryder die”, this is lame news but its still news. These guys are childish but I for can’t wait to see them fight. They have the same skill sets and would be a good second main-event behind something like robbie lawlor or nick diaz.

  • king pedro says:

    ITs all good … I dont even know why this is being brought up.. Im in Socal and Im a legal cannabis patient… I dont get the point of this response.. Is it a cut on pot users????

  • sTRAx says:

    Rogers should have kept it at one official statement. The first one was hilarious. This one…not so much.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Ryder, I will always post direct statements from fighters for two reasons:

    1) I think it’s great content to get the direct perspective of a fighter and or his or her manager. 5 Oz. will always be a forum fighters can use to get the word out if they choose to utilize us. I mean, we run interviews on this site so why isn’t it okay to post a direct statement? What kind of journalist would I be to refuse the direct statement of a fighter?

    2) You can tell me you don’t like these kind of posts, and I will take note of that and I respect your point of view. But we’ll never be a site that can personally cater to the specific needs of the few. We have a big audience and we’ll never be able to make everyone happy. So you can tell me that, but you can’t tell me a lot of people feel the same way you do because we got so many hits for the first statement that it crashed the site and many other sites felt the statement was relevant enough to mention it on their site.

  • D Mayeda says:

    Second thoughts…isn’t Brett Rogers supposed to main event in EliteXC’s possible pay-per-view against the winner of the Shamrock-Slice fight? That would make Rogers one of the company’s marquee athletes. I wonder what the UFC would do if B.J. Penn, GSP, Anderson Silva, or Minotauro made this kind of a statement. My guess is they would squash it. True, the fight game is different from other sports, but this kind of hype is far too irresponsible for any sport, and especially for one trying to gain sporting legitimacy.

  • BoRocker says:

    That is the stupidest crap I have ever read and IMO it really makes Rogers and his team look like a bunch of juvenile morons. The 1st statement was an entirely different animal….this is just beyond idiotic and does not even qualify as news. They are taking advantage of you Sam….

  • Willsbigboy says:

    Are you sure this wasn’t a response from Noons to Diaz??? THAT would make more sense.LOL

  • keenan says:

    that is the strangest “official” response i have ever heard… did u add the bold text or did it come like that? wow… wow

  • HexRei says:

    Ok, this was pretty dumb. But it’s really no more stupid than Kimbo making fun of Rogers for working at a tire repairman before becoming a full-time fighter. Their “feud” makes Noons vs Diaz look like a Mensa meeting.

  • Kyle says:


  • Patrick says:

    Now these responses are hilarious, the Diaz shit is far less entertaining, fake thug life = retarded, hilarious prose = hilarious.

  • stevefiji says:

    I’m not gonna agrue that you shoulda printed that crap. If Kimbo’s team responds with anything but silenece I AM gonna argue thay are the stupidist people on earth… And given that the bar on the moron level was just set at an alltime high by some “tard’ at Camp Marely, that would be a sad day indeed for MMA, for both camps AND for 5oP for graciously providing an uncensored forum.
    That was lesson 01 on How to tell Dana, “Thanks but no thanks…I never cared about fighting the real talent in the UFC anway”

    Did u hear that? That’s the sound of a tire leaking out its relevant career potential.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    David, B.J. Penn was critical of Sherk testing positive for steroids. And some of the UFC’s biggest money making fights were between Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock — a feud that got very personal and very ugly. EliteXC had Nick Diaz come into the cage following K.J. Noons’ victory at “Return of the King.” After Penn won in England last January, they had Sherk come into the cage. To single one promotion out isn’t fair. Most promotions have used all of these tactics at one point or another. The purists always hate it but these type of feuds are what get the casual fans talking and the drama drives viewers.

  • RAizzle says:

    I hope Brett Rogers personally reads the responses he gets when he does stupid crap like this. I gotta give it to him though. I had no idea who he was ’till I heard his camp’s bad “disses”

  • That was odd. I mean, I get it – Kimbo does drugs. But it didn’t take that many references to get that message across, and sometimes the references were a little too obscure. The first message from that camp was much better and more effective.

  • tricky dicky says:

    the guy should still be recapping tires and working on his afrohawk.

    he is a nobody trying to bring himself up by riding other peoples’ name recognition..


  • HexRei says:

    tricky dicky, actually he’s just trying to get a fight with kimbo, that’s kind of the whole point of a fighter’s career- fighting other guys to prove themselves.
    And I think his request is totally reasonable given that brett is a much better fighter (he KO’ed Thompson in the 1st and has fought a higher calibre of fighter than kimbo in general) but making much less money.

  • jj says:

    Jesus, utterly pathetic. Leave the smack talking to people who know what the hell they’re talking about.

    Honestly, did Brett Rogers pay someone to write that first statement for him?

  • BKMCG says:

    that was the dumbest thing ive read in a long time

  • D Mayeda says:

    Hey Sam, I know how Penn and others have come to the ring to challenge others in the past in the UFC. Heck, he just did it against against GSP. The Noons-Diaz mele was far more out of control than anything I can recall in recent UFC history. As for Penn’s calling out of Sherk about the roids case in order to build the fight, I’d say this is worse and far, far more juvenile. Sherk’s alleged use of steroids was formally under investigation, aspects of it were made public, and he was formally suspended/stripped of the title. Just my opinion, but there was more meat behind BJ’s hype-building tactics; plus, steroids undoubtedly help athletic performance, so he had that qualm. Marijuana defined as a performance enhancing drug is questionable at best, and that’s not even going on here.

    I’m not keen on all of B.J.’s public word choices and tactics to build fights, but this public statement by Rogers’ camp is particularly juvenile and reflects on MMA accordingly. With all that said, if they provide 5oz. with formal statements like this, you should report it. The responsibility and subsequent ramifications fall on them more than you.

  • BoRocker says:

    “What kind of journalist would I be to refuse the direct statement of a fighter?”

    I don’t know Sam….Maybe one that didn’t pander to idiots? I know you like the traffic that this kind of crap generates but do you really need it that bad? Let them shovel that crap downstream to some “rumor” site. You have always been a serious news guy before. I am really amazed that you printed it in it’s entirety.

  • Jesse says:


    all that just made me want to smoke some weed. it’s good for the mind.

  • ViciousUppercut says:

    I get it completely, and it’s pretty damn funny too. It goes with all of kimbo’s and ELITE XC’S stupid ass street-cred STREET CERTIFIED BS. And not just pothead talk but street-talkin’ ebonic bs DRUG and ALCOHOL street jargon that “kimbo can understand” as they put it. and they’re saying they’ll just keep on waiting forever if need be “until kimbo b-40” years old, until they get their shot at him

  • Grappo says:


  • Damo says:

    So what, now it’s nothing more than a slightly-below-par mobile phone text war?


  • ThreeOnAMeathook says:

    I like Brett Rogers worlds more than I like Kevin Ferguson…but that was pretty dumb.

    This is the most childish shit ever. Just shut up and wait for your fight.

  • Simon says:

    There’s a video out where Bimbo and the milf hunter are training and Bimbo is punching the heavy when he says something like “I need some juice”. Take it for what it is, but if you listen to how he says it, it sounds like he say he needs a shot of steroid, HGH, or whatever else you want to call it. Im just saying.
    P.S. If you didnt know Bimbo was the Milf hunter’s (Porno) personal bodyguard in Miami. Dont believe me just look for it on the TUBE…

  • fightfan says:

    What was Rogers thinkning???? The first one was good, this one was beyond stupid and ridiculis???

    Maybe someone acted on Rogers behalf and “pretended” to be from Rogers camp…Because it is hard to believe that this came from the guys that wrote the first one?????

  • Numba1Stunna says:

    Being born and raised in the bay area, ten minutes from oakland and berkeley, makes it very hard for me to understand where people like this are coming from. I have a medical cannabios card and so does 75% of my friends, we have voted on laws that makes cannabis the lowest priority for police and just about everybody is incredibly knowledgeable and tolerant of cannabis. I don’t want to too deep into the benefits of it and how for a fighter it is so much more safe than taking painkillers. Fighters that I know use a vaporizer which produces only vapor and has the same affect on you without killing your lungs with cannabis smoke, which has a higher tar level than cigarettes (one of the major cons). Brett Rogers is an idiot, I can just imagine him and his camp writing this laughing their ass off thinking how clever they are. All it accomplished was ruining his rep in the eyes of hardcore fans, who it seems had some respect for the guy. I really wish now that Kimbo fights this guy sooner rather than later and KHTFO. Sorry for the novel. WAR KIMBO! Rogers is a Punk-A** BIT**….!

  • fightfan says:

    Sam Caplan…….

    I know that you dont want people basically taking news that you or your site has worked hard on getting or use information that was directly sent to you(at 5 oz of pain)

    But MANY of the news posted at your site is from OTHER sites. Everyday you see an article labeled…..

    The guys from (insert other site name) got the scoop on so and so’s next fight


    (insert other mma site) is reporting that (insert news from that other site)

    Since you guys use news that other sites report FIRST or are using and give them credit for it, why are you restricting them some of usage of this ???? Just curious. I just think if your site is gonna use news from other sites, then you shouldnt restrict those same sites that will use yours from time to time

  • RUSH says:

    This camp is just sounding ridiculous now. The first message to Kimbo was funny enough but it really just seems like they’re trying to fabricate something. Rogers’ camp shouldn’t have tried to one up themselves

  • RUSH says:

    re: fightfan – see this note

    (note to other editors: feel free to use excerpts and post a link to the complete statement on our site, but unless the statement is released directly to you, you do not have our permission to run it in its entirety)

    Most sites, such as this one and the Junkie will take a lead from another site and give their own take on it as well with little excerpts from the original articles as well.

  • GB says:

    What an idiotic reply. All this fake thug street talk has got to go. Don’t these clowns know that this poseur b.s. only hurts the fighters they represent?

  • Blaze Holiday says:

    WTF? Team Bison guys are real mature. Great job management. I’m not even a Kimbo fan and I find Rogers and his camp to be even more annoying.

  • maddog says:

    is team bison lead by an actual bison?  even a bison has more smack talk instinct than this..

  • tricky dicky says:

    HexRei, thanks for the lesson. He’s not a draw, he’s trying to expose kimbo to get himself over. You said your god damned self the feud is retarded, and rogers is the one driving ths rhot bus in this case.. he started this whole thing. lol.. like a woman who feels like they need some attention.

  • OddTom says:

    Wait. Are they implying Kimbo uses the Devil Weed? That’s it. I’m off the SliceWagon. Here I was thinking a guy who does bodyguard work for porn moguls and illegal streetfights was someone a white, middle-class man such as myself could get behind. Someone good, clean, and wholesome.

    This just changes everything.

    Note to Brett’s management: Look, I know you’re trying hard to justify your percentage. How about finding your man better-paying fights and sponsorship deals rather than coming up with 3rd grade diatribes against a guy squeezing his fifteen minutes for all their worth? Because, really, if you think that impressive display of wordplay has helped Brett get any closer to inking a bout with Kimbo, we all know who’s really high.

    And Sam, really…

  • fightfan says:

    RUSH or whoever…….

    I understand what you said and the idea about giving credit, but what good does it say when it is another fight announced or event salaries…..There is then NO NEED to go and look at those same fight salaires or fight announcement on another site??

    The only reason I made that comment is I felt that this site has used other material quite often…and now that they have DIRECT statements from a fighter…they want no other sites using it, except for portions on to say the rest cabe found on 5 oz….

    When you take the announcement of a fight or salries from another site….the reader needs not the link to the other site and see the exact same thing

    That is all i am saying….If you are going to share, then sure give them credit where credit is due……But you just cant use the BIG stories that fighters send to us?????????

  • fightfan says:

    Sorry for the rants and no offense or insult is inteneded.

    Just an example is your post on the replacement for Tibeau at UFC 90. I see that Aurelio will replace injured Tibeau and face Franca……Yeah there is credit given to Sherdog, but now I do not need to go to Sherdog and see the EXACT same thing.

    See that is where I am confused you are using basically the ENTIRITY of the Sherdog story, but they may only use portions of yours and must give you the credit. If it was the other way around and you could only use a portion of their story….Basically you would have to say Sherdog reports that Tibeau is injured and SEE SHERDOG for the replacement. Do you see where I am coming from???

    I am sorry if this is a boring rant. ANd I in no way meant it to be an insult. I am just confused why.

  • Dan says:

    Fightfan, I agree with you…I am assuming most of these guys with the MMA Blogs are passionate MMA fans first, journalists second, and business men third. They are all targeting the same users….I think they should create a super MMA blog and direct the sum of their users to their sponsors. I am an MMA freak, and I kind of enjoy hopping from MMAJUNKIE to FiveOunce to Bloody Elbow to MMARated….do they have a group for MMA addicts?

  • Neil says:

    Man oh man, when is this circus going to end? The first few comments (Slice and Rogers) were funny, and to a certain extent creative, but I’m trouble making heads or tails of this one. These guys both need to stick to fighting, and stop this whole “press release” nonsense before any of the MMA naysayers have yet another thing to gripe about.

  • This is an embarrassment to MMA.

  • matt says:

    i hate elitexc and pray for its downfall

  • THORAZINE says:

    Team Bison IS THE ONE THAT’S STONED!… They said they laughed & laughed, forgot what they were laughing about and got doritos n’ brownies…MUCHIES’ then they sent this off.

  • HexRei says:

    tricky dick
    brett is a better fighter than kimbo, that’s a fact, and he could become a draw quickly with a fight vs kimbo. so he is doing the smart thing for his career just by drumming up some attention for such a bout. god forbid the guy should want to be PAID for his TALENT.

  • HexRei says:

    And yeah, I think this feud is exceptionally stupid- that doesn’t mean brett rogers isn’t doing something smart here. bottomline, kimbo is only an OK fighter so if rogers has to say a few stupid things to get his chance to KO kimbo, go for it, I say.

  • JJ Docker says:

    This is pathetic.

  • Tim R. says:

    My thought is that Rogers is saying that for Kimbo to say what he said about Rogers, he must be high.

    In all truthfulness I think Rogers would beat the crap out of Kimbo. Bas has said many times that he and Kimbo’s managers are going to give Kimbo the best possible fights to keep him winning. So even Bas knows that if they would meet at this time in Kimbo’s career Kimbo wouldn’t stand a chance.

  • Ryder Die says:

    Caplan – I think we will have to agree to disagree because what you said earlier didnt make much sense. And since when do you have to respond to a statement made by an ordinary reader like myself. Something must have touched a nerve. And Im not convinced that the first story on B Rogers was what made it crash. At least thats what we are told.

  • ArmyGuy says:

    Of course Sam needs to post this. Wouldn’t you rather have actual primary source content from the fighters whenever possible? Sam and the five ounce crew provide great analysis – I would argue the best analysis on the web – but I still want to hear from the actual guys in the ring whenever possible. Shit guys – that’s good journalism. Just make fun of the dumbass issuing the statement if it sucks…

  • Jay K. says:

    Word on the street is that it took them all day to come up with that witty retort.

    F’king Amazing, Yo!

  • Kel says:

    I whole heartedly agree that a Ferguson-Rogers fight is necessary. I understand that EXC is trying to protect their fighter. If you exclude Kimbo’s interweb legend (fame, or whatever you want to call it) he only has 3 fights against fighters that may have been good in the past. Rogers has a bit more experience, and is probably a better fighter right now. There is no reason to be calling out Kimbo. Rogers should be looking to fight the champion, which Kimbo is not, rather than perpetuate this silly feud. Between this nonsense and the silly spew from $kala, it ends up making EXC look like TNA style schills. The statement is so ridiculous and contrived, it ends up making the Bison camp look a bit silly. I wonder what would happen if they tested Rogers people?
    I bet if you took a poll from your hardcore and average fight fans there would be a majority of us that want to see quality fights and less drama. Even the UFC has been moving in that direction (see last season of TUF).

  • micah says:

    lol, fightlinker already gave you a fuck you and ripped the whole story. damn their ass holes

  • Sam Caplan says:

    LOL. The guy is just jealous that pretty much no one in the industry talks to him. He’s never been able to handle the fact that both our sites started at the same time yet we grew a lot faster. There’s was a time he used to publicly praise this site and then last December when our Alexa ranking started climbing, he started burying us for things that other sites were doing and claiming he was just calling it like he saw it. If he was being fair and honest, why was he giving other sites a pass?

    If someone releases an exclusive statement to a media outlet, another outlet doesn’t have the right to re-print the entire thing just like it couldn’t re-print an entire article or an entire interview. Excerpts are allowed. We run EXCERPTS, not articles in their entirety. A lot of people ran the entire statement without our permission. I politely asked them to amend their posts. Nobody had a problem with that. A lot of writers in this industry don’t come from the journalism field and aren’t aware what’s allowed and what’s not. So I explained it.

    A few said it was unclear whether it was an exclusive statement released to us or a statement released to the media. So this time, I decided to make it clear that the statement was exclusive to us. What, I am supposed to feel bad about his lack of knowledge of basic journalism? I’m supposed to give him hand outs and allow him to print statements released exclusively to us while I am up late at night calling sources when he’s getting drunk off his ass and recording it?

    I’m a bad guy because I’d like other sites to respect my copyright? I work hard to foster relationships within the industry so that I can get exclusive news for the people that read this site. I’m not going to apologize for not sitting on my hands while people steal my work. I’m sick of that guy trying to verbally bully sites and personally attacking fighters and no one speaking out about it. All he does is project negativity and try to bring down others he perceives to be more successful than him. There is such a thing as karma and it’s going to come back to him at some point.

  • HexRei says:

    Kel wrote:
    There is no reason to be calling out Kimbo. Rogers should be looking to fight the champion, which Kimbo is not, rather than perpetuate this silly feud.

    The EXC champion (Bigfoot Silva) just came up positive for steroids and began serving a 1-year suspension- and there’s a good chance he’ll be stripped of the title in the meantime. Calling him out at this point is a waste of time, but calling out Kimbo? Makes perfect sense. Rogers beating Kimbo would turn him into the new giant scary black man of EXC, and he even has the skills to back up such an image (at least relative to the EXC quality of competition)

  • Tertio says:

    Fightlinker never had the pretention to be a news site. You dont go to FL to get your MMA news. You go there to have a good laugh and be entertained.

    They get the job done.

    Why would they try to be another MMAJUNKIE clone ?

  • Raf says:

    Sam I think you need some sleep. Fightlinker laughing about you just means they acknowledge you. It’s what they do.

  • darkmetal says:

    If this was an attempt to depict Kimbo as a pothead it wasn’t done in a very smart way. If you want to let people know your possible opponent is using MJ, then it’s best not to sound like you are on it yourself….

  • chris shultz says:

    Sam, love your site. i have been a fan since day one. Got to call you out on this one though dude, you re sounded a bit whiney. Give it a rest. it’s annoying to read your rants about only the negative stuff people say about you or your site. 99% of all who come here are very supportive of your site as well as you and your family endeavors in MMA. Fightlinker is what it is. Its good for the sport and it fills a void many of us enjoy. Don’t grip about the small stuff as it only makes you look like a douche.

  • Congrats, your blog gets a few more hits than an MMA humour blog. I can see how such a huge accomplishment could make one a little cocky but could you please do us all a favor and get your head out of your ass and stop acting like such a little bitch?

  • Michael says:

    I must agree with commenter Tertio on this one. Fightlinker indeed never claims or claimed to be a news site. I check out linker for the humorous spin on stories, not the facts and specifics. Ranting on in the comments section about your beef with Harkness in such detail seems well beneath you, Sam, and will only open up another unnecessary can of worms. With respect to your own opinion, I do find it rather pretentious and silly that you made it a point to state that other sites do not have the right to run the statement in its entirety. Yes, that sort of thing should be implied but, as fightlinker has already showed you, other, more ballsy sites will now run the entire statement purely out of spite. I appreciate your work and this website, but l can’t help but feel like your original statement as well as your lengthy comment wreak of school yard backtalk and elitism. And that kind of undeserved, inflated sense of importance will not help those precious traffic numbers, Sam.

  • Powers says:

    But he passes his drug tests?

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Michael, to be honest, I really don’t need a lecture from someone telling me what is beneath me. Sorry to disappoint, but I am an opinionated person and I am not afraid to express it. I’m not Brian Williams. We’re not covering politics or world affairs, we’re covering fighting for crying out loud.

    I’m not going to be some robot news slave for you. Sorry to break it to you, but there is a real person on the other end of this computer. And it’s silly to try and suggest that I not rant because that is how this site got started: by me expressing my opinions. While we do a lot of news now, I’m still going to speak out whether people can handle it or not. And who says I have any sense of importance? Because I expect people to respect my copyright? Are you kidding me? So I guess you’re okay with the concept of someone possibly stealing from you? And Michael, thanks for your concern, but our traffic is doing just fine.

    And MMA-Elite, who is the one with the head up their ass? A FEW more hits than a humor site? Uh, why you do go to and check the rankings?

  • Brandon Sanchez says:

    The Alexa Toolbar is known as Spyware, and almost any Anti-Spyware solution you run on your computer properly will flag and ask to remove it. Therefore, many people do not use the Alexa Toolbar, except for people who aren’t educated enough about it, and click every pop up they see on their computer. I would have to say, professionally, it’s not a good measure of internet traffic, for any site, at any time, as it does not account for a huge majority of internet users.

  • Michael says:

    Clearly we disagree, but I appreciate your response, Sam. Like you noted this is your site so you can do whatever you like regarding content, copyright, etc., but I think there is a more tactful way to go about making citation requests and so forth in the future- just my two cents. Try not to let the linker get to you, he does his thing, you do yours, people understand the difference between entertainment and news. Thats why most of us out there visit this site as well as BE, mania, junkie, etc. first, then check out the likes of fightlinker for the lighter side of things. Be easy.

  • Sam – as someone who recently graduated from journalism school, I definitely see where you’re coming from. Anyway, you broke the story (or got the scoop, whichever you prefer). On the Internet, that’s about as good as anyone can hope for. Exclusivity won’t ever happen because the copyright laws haven’t completely caught up with technology and people are willing to bet you don’t have the money to sue even if you could actually pin down exactly who broke your copyright.

  • FD says:

    Sam, you need to unwind just a bit. First off let me say this site is one of only about 3 or 4 I read with any regularity and I think it’s great the way you have grown. I understand your desire to want to protect things you work hard on but you also need to understand that FL and 5 ounces are two totally different concepts.

    I like your site for timely news and some pretty insightful analysis, I like fightlinker because, well, I’m the type of person that laughs and makes a snotty remark when I see a small child fall down at the playground or I see a really fat person wearing spandex.

    You obviously know the FL guys and should have know someone (likely them) was going to call you on your exclusivity note. It reeked of “screw you guys, I have a new toy and I’m not sharing.”

    Bottom line is you do a great serious NEWS site and should be proud of what you accomplished.

    PS: If I ever go to fightlinker for serious news, please come to my house and hold my head underwater until I stop struggling 😉


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