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Report: Couture could return to the UFC with first fight back vs. Lesnar in November

Various online reports in recent days have surfaced claiming that disgruntled UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture has been involved in negotiations with Zuffa about a possible return to the promotion.

Adding additional fuel to those reports is Michael Rome of, who reported Friday that he had confirmed negotiations are indeed taking place between Couture and the UFC. And as first mentioned by on Thursday, Rome also adds that Couture’s first fight back with the company could take place at UFC 91 on November 15 in Portland, Oregon against Brock Lesnar. It is unclear whether the Couture vs. Lesnar fight would have a title at stake.

According to Rome, the deal currently on the table would not be a settlement that would bring Couture back under the terms of his old deal, but an entirely new deal that would offer an increase in compensation over his old agreement.

Five Ounces of Pain was first informed of the possibility of a Couture return earlier this week but was unable to report the story with complete confidence. However, it is obvious at this point that Couture’s return is more than just a rumor and at some point soon it could become a reality.

In addition to Bloody Elbow, was the first to report earlier this week about the possibility of a Couture return. And after Bloody Elbow published its report last night, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer issued a report of his own as well.

According Meltzer’s report, the terms of Couture’s new deal would be for three fights. After re-debuting vs. Lesnar, future opponents discussed include current UFC interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell, and even current WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko.

Expectations about a possible Fedor vs. Couture bout under the UFC banner should be tempered, as Meltzer also stated in his report that many of the past issues that have prevented Fedor from signing with the UFC still exist.

While a deal making a Couture return to the UFC possible is still not yet official, Ariel Helwani of is reporting that the deal could be finalized as early as this Tuesday. Helwani is also reporting that the UFC has received a formal proposal from M-1 to co-promote the much-anticipated Fedor vs. Couture fight as the second fight in Couture’s new proposed UFC contract.

  • cm40 says:

    I don’t know about Lesnar.

    Would it be a title fight already? I would think that Lesnar still needs 2 more fights before a title shot.
    He’s lost one in the first round and then he layed on top of Herring for 3 rounds and couldn’t finish him. That doesn’t count as a title shot to me.

    Plus what about Nog vs. Mir?

  • Dayzah says:

    His first fight wouldnt be a title shot for Lesnar , the 2nd fight Nog ( if he beats Lesnar , should np ) then they would prolly unify the belts then.

  • matt says:

    So this has been about money all along? Makes Randy look like an asshole. I mean I’m psyched for these fights, but after the whole “They don’t respect me” thing, to do this, just makes it feel so…ugh.

  • GoofyMonkey says:

    Money is respect in Pro sports.

  • Patrick says:

    God damnit all, Nog gets absolutely zero respect, it’s a travesty.

  • ryan says:

    i have thought all along that randy should just figth Nog.
    if he wans fedor he could prove his worth by beating nog.
    on that note i think that nog would beat randy

  • Jeremy says:

    Anything that gets Randy back fighting I am all for. I really hope this works out because I don’t think we will see Randy fight again otherwise. Financially I think the fight with Lesnar makes total sense. Brock is one of their biggest PPV draws right now and I am sure Randy’s contract(new or old) has a cut of the PPV going to him and matching him versus Lesnar would certainly draw BIG numbers. Makes total business sense for all sides. Have Randy fight Nog after that and then if something with Fedor can finally be worked out for a one fight deal, get that fight.

  • matt says:

    At this point the UFC has legit draws that are bigger than Randy. Lesner, St. Pierre, Penn, Forrest, Rampage…all of them can outdraw Randy at this point. Hate to say it, this is more of a Randy needs the UFC more than the UFC needs Randy.

  • ryan says:

    yeah jeremy you are right
    but what if randy lost to brock?
    what would they do then?
    i like randy a lot he is a great coach and game planner, i mean look at what the guys/girls out of his camp are doing. if their not winning then they are improving greatly.
    but he got shot back into the spot light with a boring win over sylvia and a good win against a solid (i wouldn’t say top 10 HW) in ganzaga

  • ryan says:

    also FEDOR is a free agent (from what i understand from HDNET’s INSIDE MMA) and the ufc could get him for a fight if they really wanted to but they don’t have anybody to put FEDOR against.
    ufc has a weak HW division at this time but a lot of up and comming guys with potential

  • Jackyl says:

    Did you see Herring’s face? That doesn’t happen from getting layed on. He kicked his ass is what he did. I’m not saying Lesnar deserves the title shot but that is a huge fight and if the UFC wants to make it for the title that is fine with me. I think you look at two things when giving a title shot. The marketability of the fight, and the likelyhood of the challenger to win. In this case it’s a huge fight marketing wise, and Lesnar certainly has a chance to win.

  • Jeremy says:

    Ryan, well if Randy lost to Brock I guess for the UFC it’s still great. Their superstar Brock Lesnar would have defeated the great Randy Couture and would certainly be legitimized in everyones eyes as one of the top heavyweights in the world. Even if Brock loses that fight I don’t think he’s hurt by it because he would just be losing to a legend in the sport who’s also the heavyweight champ. Still plenty to build on there for Lesnar and the UFC.

    As for Couture I don’t know. You could still do a Fedor fight if they could ever work out a deal, because I think fans want to see the fight regardless after all that has gone on. As for fights in the UFC for Randy if he lost, Werdum maybe, Cain Velazquez, Mir if/when he loses to Nog, then maybe Nog after a win versus someone else. It certainly wouldn’t be good for Randy if he lost though.

    I think business wise though Randy has to do the Lesnar fight if this eventually all works out. I mean you are probably talking 600,000+ PPV buys, no other fight in the UFC right now can get him that, at least in the heavyweight division.

  • Mike says:

    Maybe its not all about money.. maybe he just wants all this crap to be over with so hes working out some deal that hes probobly not 100% happy with

  • Obama said knock you out says:

    UFC’s timetable for Randy is ass backwards. UFC should make the Fedor v. Randy fight right out of the gate and take advantage of the fact people have wanted to see this fight for a long time. This fight could attract new fans and media buzz. Lesnar could possibly upset Randy and that would kill a lot of the interest in a Fedor fight. I think Fedor v. Randy sells more than Randy v. Lesnar at this point. If Randy lost to Fedor, a fight with Lesnar and Nog is still marketable.

    Obviously, a fight with Nog would be the most desirable to clear up the championship picture, but he is set to face Mir.

  • banditt2 says:

    anything less than randy vs nog would be a travesty

  • Stickney says:

    This fight is about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Please Lesnar shut up that old whinnnnnnnnney cry baby and retire him. Make a name for your self

  • richie says:

    Fedor isn’t a free agent he has a US non-compete clause in his contract with Affliction

  • Ken says:

    of course it’s all about money. the ufc offering fedor much more money to fight couture was disrespect to couture.

    brock fight makes great sense. although more dangerous for randy. randy must be DAMN confident.

    if both randy and chuck win, that would be a huge PPV payday.

    fedor is great and all, but i am highly entertained by MMA with or without him.

  • Jeremy says:

    “of course it’s all about money. the ufc offering fedor much more money to fight couture was disrespect to couture.”

    See I never understood that feeling of disrespect. That’s how major sports work. The big time free agent more then often gets more money then the guys already under contract with a team/organization. Especially a guy that is considered No.1 or 2 in his weight class.

  • Rich S. says:

    tooooooootally don’t like that match-up..
    i mean, anybody who thinks Randy can run through Lesnar or beat him “no problem” has another thing comin’… Randy vs. Lesnar = David vs. Goliath.. only Goliath wins this time.. [and.. i know.. Randy/BigTim was like David/Goliath too.. but.. Lesnar’s better than Sylvia at this point..]
    I think Lesnar would cause a lot of problems for Randy..
    I’d love to see Randy fight again.. but i don’t want to see this one go through..

  • Jeremy says: has some new rumors up, citing a source from Xtreme Couture that Randy has begun training again. Also that a fight with Fedor is being discussed for 2009. Seems like more fuel for all the other rumors floating around.

  • Piepie says:

    let Fedor fight cock lesnar and randy at the same time and he will submit them both at the same time whahahah. come on yall is some fake mma fans praising cock lesnar like God, its the same if you sayu kimbo will win against randy or Fedor. cock & kimbo both will get slaughterd… it aint fake wrestling dudes you cant win if you dont have the techniques.

    Fedor is UFC i dotn think so 😉

  • seth says:

    how could chuck be a possible future fight for randy?????

  • RAizzle says:

    You also can’t win if you’re getting man-handled for 15 minutes. And learn how to type. No one likes to decipher that ghetto bullshit, nor will anyone take your arguments seriously.

  • HexRei says:

    Raizzle, what about his post was ghetto? Millions of southerns of all social classes say “y’all”. It’s your argument that’s hard to take seriously, when you have to attack someone personally to field an argument.

  • nate says:

    I dont really like Randy vs Lesnar, Randy is smart, but I think anyone who fights Lesnar needs JJ. Randy doesnt have it. G&P winners are either very very smart or very big/fast/knockout power (or lucky). Lesnar has both, Randy has only 1 (smarts). Fedor vs Lesnar? I’d love to see it.

    47 — Fedor can create a rock so heavy that even he can’t lift it. And then he lifts it anyways, just to show you who Fedor is.

  • HexRei says:

    nate, randy may not use his subs much but I can guarantee you he has better jitz than lesnar. I have a tough time thinking it will be good enough win the fight for him though.


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