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Nick Diaz’s camp responds to K.J. Noons, a website owned and operated by Cesar Gracie, the trainer for Nick Diaz, has issued a point-by-point response to a recent statement released by K.J. Noons regarding his recent fallout with EliteXC and his decision not to accept a title defense vs. Diaz during the promotion’s next show on CBS on Oct. 4.

In a week of explosive statements, the tone of the response from Gracie’s camp to Noons is right there with everything else we’ve read this week.

In response to Noons’ comments about believing that EliteXC breached his contract after he was released from his boxing contract by Gary Shaw Promotions several weeks ago, the Gracie Camp said, “Earth to K.J.; you don’t have a boxing career. No one in the boxing world knows who you are.”

The Gracie Camp also believes Noons contradicted himself by saying he wouldn’t fight Diaz over contract concerns when his manager, Mark Dion, had said that they were willing to fight Eddie Alvarez on Oct. 4, the fighter they consider to be the number one contender for Noons’ lightweight title.

“If you will not fight Diaz due to a breach of contract by EliteXC,” the Gracie Camp began to ask. “Then why would you fight Alvarez for the same terms?”

Noons has also complained about his feeling that the company has not done enough to promote him. He specifically cited an example of how EliteXC brought in Diaz to do an autograph signing at one point. Gracie Fighter was able to shed some light on the situation.

“Nick Diaz, Jake Shields and Frank Shamrock were flown in to shoot an instructional trailer on grappling for the CBS show,” the site claims. “The signings were an afterthought. You weren’t flown in because you aren’t a grappler. We are sure they will fly you in if they need an instructional on whining.”

Oh, but Gracie Fighter was just getting warmed up. The site has even gone so far as to accuse Noons’ father of being an alcoholic while responding to Noons’ criticism of EliteXC allowing Diaz to enter the cage following his successful title defense against Yves Edwards on June 14 in Hawaii at “Return of the King.”

“Bringing a fighter into the ring to promote an upcoming fight is standard practice,” Gracie Fighter stated. “Your (I could of been a contender) drunk father, started a near riot and should be banned from further events and immediately placed in an Alcoholics Anonymous treatment center for his own self respect.”

The site also responded to Noons’ complaints about the lack of money he has made while competing for EliteXC and the fact that he has been threatened with a lawsuit over alleged claims by EliteXC that he has not honored his contract.

“Promoters will sue when you don’t fulfill the terms of your contract, just ask Randy Couture,” Gracie Fighter responded. “By the way, you are not Randy Couture and the fight world is not holding it’s breath waiting to see if you will fight again… $83,000? There are several fighters that are a lot better than you fighting for a lot less. Pay your dues and quit being a little bitch.”

Gracie Fighter also is piling on to the open criticism of Noons’ management, going so far as to claim that he is giving up too much of a percentage of his earnings to Dion.

“You are paying your management too high of a percentage and here’s some advice you should consider” they are completely incompetent,” Gracie Fighter stated.

There’s a lot more that you can check out by clicking here.

  • Kelly says:

    Ooohhh sick burn.

    this saga is turning sad, at the root of all of it seems to sit mark dion . . . .

  • keep in pimpin in the 209 says:

    HAHHAHHAHHHA 209!!!!

  • Patrick says:

    Both Noons and Diaz are entirely useless. Stop bitching at each other and being drama queens 24/7, christ almighty, you’re supposed to be fighters not cheerleaders.

  • Numba1Stunna says:

    I think its a little bit of a stretch Patrick, for you to call them useless. I side with Diaz on this, and he has every right to voice his complaints and make them known considering Noons is taking away from Nick supporting his family. A fight for the title on CBS would be a huge break for Nick considering all the bad luck he has had in his fighting career. Noons is taking money out of Nick’s pocket for in my opinion a horrible reason. Since when do fighter manager’s decide who are top contenders for a promotion? Alvarez might be a fight Noon’s would want more than Diaz, but that doesn’t make him the number 1 contender. Fighting for DREAM is not fighting for EliteXC.

  • jj says:

    I think Diaz is rightfully justified in his frustrations with KJ.

    Rematches are a pretty standard thing in MMA and I’ve rarely seen a fighter refuse a rematch for someone, never mind a champion refusing to defend his belt according to his agent, even though KJ claims otherwise some other excuse to not fight.

    I believe KJ was offered an opportunity to fight on the first CBS show as well and turned it down as well. For a guy thats complaining he’s not getting enough promotion or money he sure seems to be picky about who he fights. If Diaz is such a cakewalk why not just take the easy money and have the bragging rights at the end?

    So wouldn’t you be frustrated when the organization is offering you a title match, but it won’t happen because the champion is scared for one reason or another to accept the fight?

  • BKMCG says:

    KJ is scared…he needs to fire his management and take the fight so Nick Diaz can whoop his ass!

  • JoHn says:

    CLASSIC DIAZ, i love it, as always you can count on diaz to tell it like it is. hahahaha

  • wfopen says:

    Diaz is a PUNK, good fighter but a PUNK none the less.
    That is telling it like it is!

  • ekc says:

    also… KJ claimed not to get baseball cards made of him… i think KJ is just dumb.

  • rbk says:

    LOVE Diaz!! Pure gold right there. Now will Noons pull up his skirt and make this fight happen?

  • Patrick says:

    I don’t think it’s a stretch at all to call either of these guys useless, put them up against the top guys in their division and they lose, every time. Diaz beat Gomi in a fluke match, Noons has never really beaten anyone at the top level, Diaz was run out of the UFC because he couldn’t handle top competition.

    Eddie Alvarez will destroy both of these guys when he gets his shot. B.J., Sherk, Florian, Huerta, Griffon, Stevenson, Edgar, Aoki, Hansen, Calvancante, all easily above these guys at lightweight, on top of the fact that Noons and Diaz are in a BS 160 ibs made up division.

    No respect for Diaz or Noons, they’re both gigantic babies who consistently whine and cry about every damn thing while they throw tantrums non-stop.

    Put them up against some real competition and we’ll see if that whole Diaz “arms wide open in the air chin straight up, clowning around bullshit” style doesn’t get him KTFO. Noons bumrushing everyone all the time also doesn’t cut it consistently and when you put him up against a guy who knows how to effectively throw a jab… he’ll be toast.

  • egad81 says:

    I want to see Mark Dion fight someone…. or better yet can someone just kick that dude in the head for messing up the MMA world.

    Didnt he do this same shit with Vera?

    Mark Dion is the problem and Karl is just a tool.

  • TheSomberlain says:

    If I recall correctly, it was Nate Diaz who threw the water bottle at Noons’ dad which prompted him to retaliate. I really just wish Diaz would smoke himself into a coma and never wake up. Either way, the more this drags on the less I see myself liking Noons. Good call Patrick on spotting the bullshit 160 “division”.

  • j mac says:

    kj is noone in the boxing community but he sure did box diaz’s ears off lol

  • screwface says:

    the entertainment factor of this feud is huge. diaz thugalicious style of arguing is the best. you can hate on him all u want, but please dont deny the fact that his antics are beyond comedy. i cant wait to see what he says or does next, yes hes no samurai but hes got that tito ortiz and frank shamrock thing goin on where u love him or hate him, but either way u cant look away from the car wreck. and never has one of his fights been boring win or lose he will sacrifice his face to give you a good show. im lovin this and this rematch will happen and when it does admit it haters, you will be watching :)

  • HexRei says:

    TheSomberlain on August 30th, 2008 3:41 pm

    If I recall correctly, it was Nate Diaz who threw the water bottle at Noons’ dad which prompted him to retaliate.

    Watch it again- it happened in the reverse order you think it did. Diazes enter the ring (at the promotion’s behest), Old Man Noons takes a swing, Nate throws the plastic water bottle.

  • Rich S. says:

    everything that comes from Diaz or his camp, is always SOOOO much better than anything that comes from KJ or his camp..

  • Rich S. says:

    and more valid at that

  • rich says:

    If you go back and watch the fight when Noons defeated Edwards you will see that Nate Diaz is the one who started the sh**. In the future if they are going to bring in fighters to promote upcoming fights then they need to just bring in the fighters. This will eliminate idiots like Nate Diaz coming into the ring. MMA fighters are professionals and Nate Diaz needs to learn how to be a professional.

  • JBAR says:

    All this circus needs is for Karo to get involved the we could have KJ and Karo Vs Nick and Nate in a tag team event.


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