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Five Ounces of Growing Pains

No, it wasn’t you. It was us.

Yesterday was offline for about half the day.

And I am sorry if you don’t want to read this long diatribe, but I need to vent. Is that alright? I just need a few minutes… er, a few thousand words. If you are bored by this stuff, that’s cool, read the next article. However, if you want to know why were down for most of yesterday, then feel free to read on.

The reason why we disappeared can be blamed squarely on the shoulders of our former hosting company, Blue Host. Without warning or any communication, the “fine people” at Blue Host decided to not only suspend our account, but they banned us and terminated our contract.

It turns out that the EXCLUSIVE statement released to us by Brett Rogers’ manager and trainer, Mike Reilly, caused the site to crash and brought Blue Host more traffic than they could handle. They claimed that our traffic was effecting the performance of “500 other sites.”

I know we’re good, but good enough to bring down 500 sites? Nice.

Well, the truth is that we’ve been having issues with Blue Host for about a month now. We were told if we gave them more money they would upgrade us and we’d be operating at four-times the capacity. We did that yet we ran into even more problems.

When we’d see a “Account Suspended” message we would call them and they’d tell us that too many requests were being pulled up. This was a plausible explanation except for the fact it started happening at low-peak times such as Saturday night at 11 p.m. or Sunday morning at 7 a.m.

Not only that, but our traffic in August wasn’t as strong as it was in July (a record setting month for us) and things were running well even before we paid to “quadruple” our capacity.

So things weren’t adding up and the site was going offline more and more. We knew upgrading our server wasn’t good enough and we knew we needed to change companies. The problem was that none of us involved with 5 Oz. has a background in systems administration so the move was being done in stages.

Well, we kept trying to work with the incompetent staff at Blue Host to help us out in the short-term but they pulled the rug out from under us and shut us down yesterday. We tried to work with them but what we were subjected to was some of the most inhumane customer service treatment I have ever experienced. If we weren’t dealing with someone who was reading out of a manual, we were dealing with someone who was absolutely miserable about life and wanted to take out their frustrations on us. I mean, some of the people we dealt with made AOL tech support reps from the ’90’s look professional. “Blue” is a fitting name for their company because some of the people I spoke to sounded like they needed to call into a suicide hotline. I think the President of the company should get everyone there prescriptions of Lexipro.

And the best was when I was flat out told “Our administrator says you need to go out and find another company to host your site.” That’s a direct quote.

Matt Cava and I are still trying to figure out how they could kick us off without warning. Look, we had outgrown Blue Host, there’s no denying that. But a call from someone professional there saying, “Hey guys, you’re growth has exceeded our resources. It might be best if you moved on. How about we give you a week to find another hosting solution?”

But no, they didn’t have the courtesy to do anything of the sort and thousands of people were left in the dark as a result. We could have actually had the site switched over in 45 minutes at one point if they had just turned the site completely back on. We pleaded with them to do this but they said “they couldn’t take the risk” even though I clearly outlined to them that since it was after 5 p.m. and people had left work, our peak traffic period was over and I told them it wouldn’t crash. They couldn’t have cared less because the reality was they didn’t need our business anymore.

I’m not sure how wise it was on their part to treat us in such a manner. There’s no logical explanation other than they are just miserable human beings who probably are getting paid like dirt and hate their jobs. That’s fine, but where’s the logic in making enemies with a highly-trafficked site? I am telling you all right now that if you ever decide to start your own site and you choose Blue Host as your provider, you will be making a critical mistake. And if you are a blogger who already happens to use Blue Host, things might be fine but wait until your traffic grows. When you need help you will be dealing with surly reps who don’t know what they are doing and you could be terminated on a whim just like we were. I don’t know how else to put it, but Blue Host sucks. And if you want to blame anyone for what happened yesterday, feel free to go to their site and let them know what you think of them.

There are a few kinks still needed to be worked (like no images and an inability to access sub pages) out but the bottom line is we’re back online and I’ve got some big posts planned for today to make up for yesterday. These are good posts and I hope they don’t crash us again. But you’ll be able to read them today thanks to the heroic actions of David Andrest. Dave is a friend to the site and dropped everything when we placed an emergency call to him when we pleaded for his help. He stepped up and worked through the night to make the server switch and he did it for nothing more than a thank you. If Dave hadn’t come to our rescue, it might as been as long as a week for us to come back online (not an exaggeration because like I said, we’re not IT guys or systems administrators and we don’t have the money to pay for one).

So it’s been a real crappy week and I’m sorry if the posts haven’t been the best or if you’ve had trouble bringing us up. But in addition to dealing with Blue Host’s crap, I also have a wife who has a torn ACL and is in a lot of pain. I’m not having a lot of fun right now but we’re not going anywhere and I hope you don’t go anywhere either because all of the setbacks are only going to make us a better site in the long-term and I’d hate for you to miss out on all the great content we’re going to keep bringing you.

I try to find a silver lining in everything and there was something that lifted my spirits yesterday which was that I received a TON of e-mails and phone calls from people asking if we knew the site was down and if we knew when it would be back up. We were contacted by regulars and we were also contacted by some important people in the MMA industry as well — people that I can’t believe even read the site. I mean, I got some calls from people and I’m still trying to figure out how they got my number. But a lot of people were unhappy they couldn’t get their 5 Oz. so I guess that means we’re doing something right?

  • OCD says:

    Hosting companies are notoriously shady. I own two sites and have had similar problems. Anytime the site uses some bandwidth, particular companies have problems and bump people off. It’s relatively common.

    Good to see you back!

  • CW says:

    The pains of shared hosting are universal. The service you got from BH is really no different than 99% of the web hosting companies out there. The best thing to do, sysadmin or not, is to get a dedicated box from somebody like The Planet. But this, of course, ain’t cheap (:

    Good work getting things back online quickly!

  • Joe says:

    Hi Sam! It’s a good thing you guys are back! I was starting to worry. Anyway, just thought I’d let you know that, even though there have been better news weeks, this past week hasn’t been aweful. The Olympics pros and cons by Huckaby was probably one of the funniest pieces I’ve read, and the Brett Rogers statement was pretty big too. Perhaps it ould cheers you up! Good luck to your wife, and kudos to David Andrest.

  • Jeremy says:

    glad to see the site back up and running. if i wasn’t so busy at work yesterday I would have had a serious case of withdrawl. excellent work getting it back up to all the people here and the now famous Dave!

  • micah says:

    they didn’t want to talk:

    Korban [7:48:53 AM]: Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today?
    FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [7:48:53 AM]: why were you guys such dicks to yesterday?

  • I wish the best of luck with the new host. You guyz rule, keep the good work.

  • micah says:

    well, if you send the same message 5 times, you get a response:

    Korban [7:50:08 AM]: Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today?
    FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [7:50:08 AM]: why were you guys such dicks to yesterday?
    Korban [7:50:16 AM]: Are you the owner of the account?
    FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [7:50:24 AM]: nope, frequent reader
    Korban [7:50:45 AM]: Then I am not able to provide any information on the TOS they violated
    FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [7:50:49 AM]: pissed me off you guys treated them with such disrespect
    [7:51:13 AM]: have some fucking balls, and learn how to tell someone your problem with them rather than terminate the site without alerting them
    [7:51:15 AM]: you guys are dicks
    Korban [7:51:31 AM]: That was the agreement they agreed to. Have a good day

  • Evan says:

    I’ve been using bluehost for awhile and I find this a bit disturbing…my contract with them comes up in December and I won’t renew it because of this. Bluehost doesn’t use dedicated servers so you’re right you did out grow them but you shouldn’t have been treated like that.

    But until you folks get a dedicated server this may keep happening and it definitely isn’t cheap to get one.

  • D Bess says:

    This is the most unprofessional web hosting company I’ve ever dealt with. I called these guys, chatted with them, did everything in my power to ask these guy to help us out for 15 minutes. They refused to do anything to help us out in order to get our database files exported out of wordpress admin. I’m still pissed about it today. I had nightmares about these guys last night. The type of nightmares that would send a person to prison for life.

    I don’t suggest bluehost to anyone. Do not use this web hosting company.

  • GassedOut says:

    Sam, that’s unfortunate.

    I work in an industry where there is major telephone support for the products I’m involved with, and if anyone at our company treated you that way they’d be fired on the spot and escorted from the premesis.

    Good job on moving your site. The pictures issue is likely going to take some sorting out, and the slow load time of the site is likely a DNS issue that should clear itself up within 48 hours.

    Co-location of your own server is your most solid option. It’s not cheap, though. I’ve seen it as low as $80 a month, but more common around $120 a month. I don’t know who I can even recommend in your area.

    Sorry, man.

  • Rob Young says:

    Sorry you guys had the server problems. Thanks for putting up with them and giving us such great free mma content.

  • Jon says:

    I wished they used VMware products … they could throttle anything to do with your server … Throttle CPU/Network/Memory in case of “abuse”. the site would be come slow, but not offline. therefore forcing you into the TOS limits.

    I work for VMware in Tech Support, and I know we have a number of customers that are ISPs and Web Hosting companies … this stuff makes their lives way easier and simpler, and sometimes cheaper.

    Seeing how this crap has been affecting you, even before this specific instance, makes me cry out in anger. I’d be totally canned if I did anything like that.

  • Jay K. says:


    Glad you’re back! Things only get better and head upward from here!

    Jay K.

  • eazye says:

    Five ounces of pain = crack for me … I was going through withdrawal all day yesterday. Glad to have you guys back so I can spend more time on campus reading long articles to pass the time.

  • d0nd says:


    I am a long time reader and a huge fan of the site. The issues you have with bluehost are common with resellers. Bluehost doesn’t own a network or have their own bandwidth, they rent dedicated servers and oversell them.

    Thats how you might have violated TOS. they can’t afford to host websites that get decent/lots of traffic.

    Also the problem you will find is lots of companies have sub companies..that are designed to trick people into thinking its if one pisses you off you can sign up with anotehr one and wont know its really the same. i.e bluehost =

    Your only solution is to:

    1) find a company with their own bandwidth (not somebody who rents dedicated servers and resells)
    2) possibly get a dedicated server yourself (i ran some MMA fighter websites in the past and know how much traffic that generates, i can only assume that this site generates more then thoes and based off that think you need a dedicated server.
    3) be careful with companies like (if it sounds too good to be true….) (and yes, just because is hosted there doesn’t mean your site will work…(( doesn’t get much traffic.))
    4) stay away from cheap hosts (1and1 etc..)
    5) good luck.. ITs part of growing with the webste.. fact remains is having this problem just means you are doing something right =)

  • David Andrest says:

    d0nd, you are correct on all accounts, and I fully expect this to be one of a few server moves for 5oz’s as it grows. I’m sure with a few things put in place, it should be an easier and well planned venture in the future.

  • jj420 says:

    I’m pleased to hear you have a new host…it’s always been annoying to open your site looking for some new dirt and find “CPU Quota exceeded”, “Traffic Quota exceeded” etc.

    I always thought a quality host should be doing everything they could to keep a site online, nevermind shut someone else down because they bullshit about being over capacity, especially when theyre in the process to try and move the site elsewhere.

    And Best of Luck your family Sam, knee injuries are terrible and I wish your wife a speedy recovery.

  • JJ says:

    Keep on rockin’ guys, once again another reason you continue to be the top MMA news blog on the net.

  • woooburn says:

    the folks from bluehost need a take a page from the playbooks of the new jersey athletic commission or the enemies of leonard garcia, and flood the comments with their ridiculous excuses.

    at least you didnt insult the gracie family.

  • MMAStation says:

    if you guys are looking for a good dedicated box company go to (they own their equipment/building) or hell even call them and ask for Drew Adams and see if he can help you.

    They have the best support of anyone I have ever dealt with hosting wise and I have been dealing with hosting 7-8 years and probably 15-20 different hosts.

  • Brandon Sanchez says:

    Sorry to hear the problems. I have noticed a lot of the Account Suspended off and on in the past, but then I noticed tweaks to the message, to where it looked like it was completely down, like you said. I was so upset, I got on and noticed the Frankie Edgar contest, dug up answers (a couple of which were earlier articles on your site), and just as I’m submitting, DOWN. Oh well, all in fun, right? Good luck in the future with this. If you do need some work done in the future, let me know. I’m not a ‘website’ guy, but I do hardware/software repairs, and 90% of software fixes I can do remotely.

  • D Bess says:

    in case you want to send matt heaton the owner of bluehost a email here’s his email.

    [email protected]

  • AG Silver says:

    It’s been repeated in previous posts in various forms, by people more clever than me, so I won’t go into details about how I’m addicted to the site, how my morning routines at work involve reviewing the 5oz. newsfeed and all the new posts… You guys do a tremendous job with 5oz. Any time a friend of mine wants to learn more about MMA (and to know about the MMA world beyond UFC) I refer him/her here.

    You guys have lightning in a bottle with this site and I’m grateful that you were able to quickly resolve the hosting issues. Keep up the amazing work (I can’t say that enough!)

  • micah says:

    EMAIL TO [email protected] :

    i’m a daily reader of, and your companies recent handling of them is shameful to say the least. i doubt when you started your company, your goal was to mistreat and mismanage your customers. what has led your company to such treatments? selling out for the almighty dollar? shameful way to live. there are ways to act in a professional manner and still come out on top in business, you chose to spit at those possibilities, and that further provides shame to your website and to you personally.

    Micah Wiggins

  • Having worked for, managed and used more hosting companies than I care to remember I sympathize with your pain.

    What a lot of companies don’t tell you is they are middle men for larger resellers. They themselves purchase virtual private servers and over sell they’re own services. If you aren’t careful with fine print especially with a high traffic web site it comes back to bite you in the ass.

    They offer you crazy packages like 5TB of disk space and 500TB of transfer for $5 or something ridiculous but don’t mention up front that your contract can be canceled if you use x% of CPU or system memory on the server you are on which may and likely does inhibit one from actually taking advantage of the limits of the package.

    The down side of these seemingly spectacular yet inexpensive deals (no idea what you were paying @ Bluehack there) is they aren’t worth squat to the hosting company to support thus there is no real value to them to keep ‘problem’ clients. Lets not forget that when you deal with them for support they don’t actually provide support, much less have a clue what they are doing, as they likely contact the upstream reseller who actually handles the issue(s).

    Anyhow.. for what little I know that’s been my experience. Love the site, glad its back up.

  • OddTom says:

    Good day, Mr. Heaton.

    I’m currently in the market for a new hosting provider for a few small websites that I run for side-income. I would just like to thank you personally for helping me narrow down the candidates for my business. Your company’s recent treatment of a website that I read daily––has ensured that I am less likely to choose a provider that will act with an utmost lack of professionalism and utilize deceptive tactics such as bait-and-switching bandwidth upgrade packages.

    Once again, I thank you sincerely for saving me both time and money in not choosing or ever recommending Blue Host (or its affiliated companies) for any services rendered.

    Tom Pawlowski

  • ihateemo says:

    I like some of the e-mails I’ve read – glad to see people can be critical of the company without harassing them and calling them “dicks” (way to sound intelligent, guys).

    Out of interest, who did you end up going with?

    Also, I’m surprised at the number of fellow tech-nerds who are also MMA fans. :)

  • Evan says:

    sam…hopefully you have created a meta tag on this post stating “blue host” in the title somewhere so people find this post easier when doing google searches for blue host reviews.

  • Jacob K says:

    I must say I’m a little surprised at how many people there are in the world that expect 100% from a web host. Granted it would be even more surprising if people took time to say something they liked about a company versus what they despise… After all that’s what the Internet is for, flaming & venting. You’d be hard pressed to find a person who wants to take 5 Min’s out of their life to write something they like about a company. However… I’m going to say what I like about the service because I’m apposed to whiny people: -Tech Support is based in the US (Hmmm, an American company providing jobs to American Citizens) and this means I will understand what the tech is telling me. -Their cPanel is easier to use then any other company I’ve done business with. -Even though it’s not their job to help with my script they have taken the time to look at mine time and time again. -Every person I have talked with has been very kind and patient with me. (Then again I don’t start the conversation like a hot headed 4 year old) ….Just a side note, it’s shared hosting (and the best from what I’ve seen). You are paying very little for what they provide. Yes they may experience some downtime, here’s a newsflash though for some of you who still remember changing the TV stations with a dial on the TV: It’s Technology! Nothing created yet has lasted forever without some kind of maintenance!…. I see a lot of reviews from people flaming BlueHost because they don’t send out emails informing their clients of server maintenance… ARE YOU SERIOUS!? They are to just send 500,000+ emails out to clients for 1-2 hour maintenance? Yeah I’m sure that would be great on a mail server (insert sarcastic expression here). “Boo hoo my business was down for 3 hours” <— I’m sorry that your office in your mom’s basement had to stop for 3 hours. If you are paying $8 a month for web hosting then there is no way you are a corporation that’s going to be hit hard for the missed time. If you want to have some control over that then fork out the several thousand dollars for your own server and get yourself a T3 line… Option 2 would be for you to realize how good you’ve got it for the amount you are paying. Go ahead and ask MTV how much it costs to keep their site up per month and then get on some random review page to betch about your hosting. Overall the 2 years I have been with BlueHost have been a rewarding experience and I will be with them for a long time.

    and as a side note you can not expect us to host your site when its scripts are causing the server to go down. You have been offered a refund and asked that your site be moved. also why would anyone want to help you when to speak like this to them

    [3:30:18 PM]: I poop on you
    [3:30:32 PM]:
    [3:31:54 PM]: I’m going to get you fucking fired you stupid faggot!
    [3:32:06 PM]: C
    [3:32:07 PM]: O
    [3:32:08 PM]: C
    [3:32:09 PM]: K
    [3:32:11 PM]: S
    [3:32:13 PM]: U
    [3:32:14 PM]: C
    [3:32:15 PM]: K
    [3:32:17 PM]: E
    [3:32:18 PM]: R
    [3:32:22 PM]: !
    [3:33:08 PM]: Your mom’s a cunt whore!
    [3:33:39 PM]: Sam Caplan in the hizzay!

  • Ronin says:

    Plain and simple blue host blows, they did the same thing to me.

    When I tried to visit last night I saw the bluehost’s default page and I said to myself “poor Sammy they did it to him too”.

  • Ronnie Liddle says:

    Good call, Evan. very good call.

  • GoofyMonkey says:

    Great to have you guys back!
    I was starting to get the shakes there, please don’t leave us again! :)

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Jacob the Liar, I typed no such thing. I didn’t even use their online support yesterday. I strictly called you guys by phone.

    Your attitude and demeanor is typical of what we dealt with yesterday. Everyone reading this that uses Bluehost, you should be really scared that someone such as Jacob is in charge of overseeing your account. These are the types of people you’ll be dealing with. Good luck and g-d bless!

  • Jason G says:


    I’ve noticed a lot of the problems you’ve been having because I read news on the site all day when I’m at work. My company specializes in data hosting and storage. It’s in Oklahoma but we host data for some major nationwide companies and have competitive rates and top notch service. Email me if you’re interested. Seriously though, 5oz deserves better than this!

  • Jacob K says:

    Thats right you call me a lier. We have the records. That is one of the nicer chats you have come to us with. You are abusive and expect us to cater to your site that has a need for a dedicated server. Did you also tell You burn bluehost mob that you had the 3 DIFFERENT ways to get your database? I mean you on a new server with out the wp-admin so you reason of saying PHPmyAdmin will corrupt my database was a bit over dramatized. I am sure some of you more tec savy readers will look at this with a bit understanding of the host. We offered you Cpanel backup, SSH, and PHPmyadmin. But you didnt want to do it that way. You became abusive and insulted many people. BTW I didnt say what date that chat was from….

    I know this post will not be allowed to go public but if it does Thank you.

  • Your Mom says:

    I love it when retards try to use technology, then talk like apes when it doesn’t work out the way they pictured in their puny little minds, it makes me giggle. Found this post from google while searching for something none of this blogs readers could comprehend with 16 years of college. GTFO the net!

  • Jacob K says:

    As a side note I do not represent Bluehost in any way shape or form.

  • Brent2 says:

    How many hits are you getting anyway? If it’s just a thousand/day, I totally see your point. If you’re getting hundreds of thousands to millions, yeah, you need a VPS or fully dedicated server.

  • Ronin says:

    Jacob probably works for Blowhost and believe me they suck.

    They take your money then when they shut you down, they don’t even inform you [Email] and when you call them up their excuse is “well we are in Utah and we don’t allow and any adult content on our servers”.
    What your called Bluehost for a reason, if you don’t want adult webmasters using your service fine then don’t advertise on adult forums and don’t call yourself Bluehost, call yourself Christian host or your name now BlowHost

  • GoofyMonkey says:

    Did you know he had a blog?

    And that he likes to spam

    Google rocks…

  • Jacob K says:

    Well it is Utah state law. the fines can be heavy. There are many servers that do allow it why do you have to hate on us because we will not host your porn? I guess just because you wanted it we should start breaking laws. What laws should we follow and and what should we disregard? Ronin you tell me.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Jacob, the fake chat transcription you posted didn’t happen yesterday, the day before, or any other day. At this point, I don’t know if your a Bluehost drone or some forum troll trying to take the piss out of me. Either way you’re a LIAR.

    In regards to the other false accusations you made, anyone that knows me knows that I don’t have the technical knowledge to hold the conversation you claim I had. But please, keep making false accusations because I am documenting all of this and I won’t rule out seeing Bluehost for liable if I determine for a fact that you’re an employee of the company.

    The conversation that did take place was that with only back end access, it could take all night for us to transfer hosts and that if you restored full access so that we could get into WordPress that we could have the transfer done in less than 60 minutes.

    BTW, don’t act like Bluehost giving us back end access was some sort of courtesy. Considering you terminated us without warning and with no official notification, you had to allow us access to our files and intellectual property, otherwise you would have been sued for damages.

    My g-d, I can’t believe the company is employing people such as yourself. But thanks for posting because now people can see firsthand the caliber of people we had to deal with. Your callous tone is not a good reflection of the customer service standards of Bluehost and it would be a real shame if someone e-mailed the owner of the company a link to some of the comments you made on this site. This really isn’t the kind of economy that you want to be playing roulette with when it comes to employment.

  • Jacob K says:

    I did not say that it was a courtesy. I remember your chat with me. I told you how to do it 3 different ways. If you didn’t know how to do it you could have asked us to help you export it. You DEMANDED that you site be enabled. So you could use WordPress admin pages. I told you we could not do that because it would cause harm the to the other customer. As far as the transcript of the chat. You can keep saying that it is fake. You can keep that up for you fans I dont care I know what has really happen. You can keep insulting me and were I work. Even when you Insulting us and use profanity against our techs and our mothers. We have always been respectful to you, but what you asked us to do just could not have been done. This will be my last post on your hate site if you wish to contact me my email [email protected] has been setup for you all to spam I do wish you no ill will and the best of luck with your new and Hopefully dedicated host.

  • GoofyMonkey says:

    “…it would be a real shame if someone e-mailed the owner of the company a link to some of the comments you made on this site…”


    O, Captain my captain…

  • GoofyMonkey says:

    @Jacob K

    Did you really set up an email on your family blog for all the hate mail your going to get? wow.

  • Cathedron says:

    Never trust anyone who has a family blog site.

  • Ekabrazi says:

    Ahhhhhh … Blue Host … have they replied to all this negativity?? I am just wondering if Matt will respond to all my emails???

    peace out

    5 oz Rules!!

  • Powers says:

    You guys have needed t be on a dedicated server for a LONG TIME.

  • Powers says:

    SAM, if you’re looking to move to a dedicated server in the near future, I’m running some pretty sweet specials over at the planet, email me at [email protected] with your average monthly bandwidth and we’ll get you on a server ASAP.

  • Ronin says:

    Hummm let me see who do I believe Jacob KY Jelly or Sam Caplan a respected sports writer?

    Please tell me when a nudity became illegal?, and when did the government ban adult entertainment? What laws are broken by having a adult site.

    Again if you don’t wanna host adult sites then thats fine, but don’t advertise that you do, and don’t call yourself BlueHost.

    You guys are human garbage with zero respect for your costumers.

  • Ronin says:

    War Sammmy!!!!

  • TheSomberlain says:

    Undying support for 5OP, MMAjunkie and Sherdog are simply havens for UFC fanboys. Keep this going guys!

  • seth b says:

    You most certainly are doing something right, keep up the good work and thanks for the update!

  • ak47 says:

    It’s rather shocking that businesses can run these days with that level of service. If I were in charge of their company and I ever found out an employee were antagonizing a customer like that, I’d fire them without a second thought. It seems the internet has opened up the floodgates for a lot of businesses that don’t deserve their success.

    Glad to see everything back up and running. It’s nice to have someplace to go again when I’m trying to avoid my work…

  • Brandt says:

    Well we all know who Jakob Kloutier is now. Awesome! I’m glad I didn’t pick Bluehost when I recently changed.

  • Brent2 says:

    Wait, you wanted to use WordPress’s Import/Export feature? This thing is too big for that. WP won’t allow more than 2 megs imported and this thing is far beyond 2.

    Now if you wanted to use a normal SQL file, you’d be fine (depending on your new host). You export it from PHPMyAdmin (or ask Bluehost to do it for you) and have your new host import it. Or use whatever DB manager the new host has.

  • Dusk To Dusk says:

    SweetSilence: Idiot — shush! BlueHost is not a reseller. They don’t work off of dedicated servers purchased elsewhere. All servers are on site. They have on site administrators working with on site servers…meaning, if you don’t understand English — yet again, BlueHost is not a reseller. It’s so funny that you assume when you obviously know nothing. Do some digging and research.

    Ronin: Learn how to spell and/or speak English. Also, I quote from your previous post, “Again if you don’t wanna host adult sites then thats fine, but don’t advertise that you do, and don’t call yourself BlueHost.” Doesn’t make any sense. It is clearly stated in BlueHost Terms of Service that we do not, under any circumstances, allow adult content. And how does BlueHost define that we allow pornography or adult content? BlueHost stands for something sexual? Does it?

    Sam Caplan: Get over it asshole.

  • d0nd says:

    I like how the CEO of’s own personal server hosting his own website, on the bluehost network was compromised, and spamming =)

  • John Doe says:

    People should do there research. Bluehost is not a reseller nor are any of there sister companies. THey own there own data center in Orem,UT . You coul dhave researched this and found that our on your own. People outgrow shared hosting all the time. It is not poors ervice on teh part of the host. It is simply this site go too big for sahred hosting. ANy web develper worth is salt knows that shared hosting has limitations. It is common knowledge. That is why it is offered at such a low price. I am not saying bluehost is the best., I asm simply saying know your facts before you start disrespecting companies. Shared webhsoting is inexpensive and cheap for a reason. If you want something better then go spend $100 a month on a dedicated server.

  • Bert says:

    Dude guys…. go to and sign up its a whole hell of a lot better!

    Great auto updates too!


  • Crazy Penguin says:

    Jacob Kloutier tried similar crap with me at my blog

    The whois lookup led back to

  • CrazyPenguin says:

    To Jacob K the liar…

    “Jacob K says:
    August 28, 2008 at 9:36 pm (Quote)

    As a side note I do not represent Bluehost in any way shape or form.”


    So why does it show you are a “chat team lead at Bluehost” on Linkedin?

    Jacob K you are Bluehost shill, troll, and a liar.


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