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5 Oz. Exclusive: Team Kimbo issues response to Brett Rogers was notified through a third-party Wednesday afternoon that the camp for EliteXC heavyweight Kimbo Slice was looking to respond to an exclusive statement issued to us by the camp of Brett Rogers earlier in the day.

We contacted Icey Mike, the manager for Slice, who issued a response that differed greatly from that of Rogers. The nature of Team Kimbo’s response evoked the old proverb that says “A picture can tell a 1,000 words,” as Icey Mike only requested that we run a picture with a simple one line of text below as Kimbo’s official response:

“Rogers, don’t quit your day job.”

The response is a reference to Rogers’ former vocation as a tire repairman at a Minneapolis-area Sam’s Club, where he worked up until this past January before quitting so that he could pursue mixed martial arts on a full-time basis.

(Photo By Esther Lin)

  • Jeffro says:

    At least Rodgers has ever had a job. I hope that Shamrock beats Kevin so EXC goes away with their pretend star. I can’t wait till we don’t have to hear about You Tube guy anymore

  • dmmortensen says:

    That might be the lamest response to mud slinging i’ve ever seen

  • Evan says:

    Humor fail

  • CW says:

    He already did…

  • SLAM says:

    Don’t you have to be good in order to talk smack like that first?!

  • ctownhood says:

    Wow, maybe Kimbo should have responded himself. That response from Rogers was epic! Wonder what Icey Mike’s day job is???????

  • aaronb says:

    RE: EXC recent heavyweight matchups:

    I can’t really fault EXC for their recent heavy weight matchups. What they are doing is just good business. Before their last show they didn’t even have a crowned champ. The idea behind a good promotion is building up to the main fights. Silva,Hermann,Kimbo,Rogers all winning is their attempt to build momentum towards big HW fights. No promotion with any long term plan just throws their best 4 fighters into a card and lets them fight right out of the gate. It would be beyond stupid. The better way (the way they are doing it), is to put each guy on cards facing lesser opponents. Let these guys build their momentum by looking as impressive as possible. Then book them against each other when interest is at it’s peak. UFC is doing this with their Lesnar/Valsquez/Carwin trio. EXC is doing it with their top guys as well.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    CTown, apparently you’ve never heard of “Reality Kings.” I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a sweeter day gig than Icey Mike’s.

  • David Andrest says:

    Icy Mike has the finances to talk all the smack he wants. MMA could only wish to one day be as profitable.

  • Jeff L says:

    That was pretty weak. I bet they thought it was going to be an epic slam, but not so much. That’s a half step above them asking you to post the Fail Boat pic. I really hate how Elite XC is feeling like they are all about spectacle and could care less about competition.

  • Tim says:

    Elite XC is a joke and to try and pawn this Slice Joker off an an “MMA” fighter is an even bigger joke. Once the meal ticket gets thrashed (And it WILL happen) they will fade away.. I couldn’t stop laughing at the response from Icy Mike… Ok, I’m kidding, that response was as bad as slice is as an “MMA” fighter

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  • jj420 says:

    Anyone get the feeling that Brett Rogers is trying a little too hard to get his name out there? I like some good trash talking as much as the next guy but Brett’s approach seems a little too more like wrasslin’, he just needs some makeup and more screaming.

    Everyone and their dog has slammed Kimbo for one reason for another trying to make a name for themselves in the process, and to be honest it’s getting old. Blame EliteXC for hyping him, it’s not Kimbo’s fault they’re pushing him, and what fighter wouldn’t want to have that force behind them.

    Everyone has been hoping they’re going to feed Kimbo to the wolves, but thats idiotic from not only a managerial standpoint, but as a promotional one as well. Every big fighter out there started somewhere, let the guy have a half dozen fights and then everyone can talk all the shit they want.

    Kimbo puts asses in seats and thats saying more than Brett Rogers, who isn’t charismatic in the slightest way–he came off as nothing more than a schmuck in his post fight interview (“i doos work!”). And in the fight BUSINESS bottom line it’s asses in seats that matter and nothing else.

  • JZ says:

    While the d-bag banter is funny, and I know this site is not for “pure” news, I am disappointed this wasnt filed under who cares or look at this dumb stuff. Exclusive news?!? Wheres the local news we know and love?

  • ctownhood says:

    Sam, I stand corrected. Although, the actors employed by Reality Kings have one up on Icey Mike 😉

  • micah says:

    uhh…. that was retarded. didn’t kimbo not even have a job and lived on the street? kindof gay for a formerly homeless person to be slinging shit at a guy who had a job and would beat his ass…

  • Huckaby says:

    I have to strongly agree with a couple of people here. Having a honest day job will never be more embarrassing than fighting people on boat docks.

  • OddTom says:

    You know, I have mixed feelings about all of this. On one hand, the over-hyping and mythologizing of Kimbo Slice by EliteXC/Bas Rutten has grated on my nerves for a long time now. They will parade the man about as if he’s the next coming of Fedor, but when faced with any criticism or request that he faces respectable competition, they inevitably respond with, “Well, he’s only had two professional fights…”

    Then stop promoting him as something he’s not.

    I wonder if Kimbo realizes that that first time he loses to one of these hand-picked cans that his manager and promoter digs up, his castle of cards is going to be blown away in the wind. EliteXC will move on to its next short-term cashcow, his entourage of professional ass-kissers will find another unemployment line to leech off of, and he’s going to be stuck with the fallout of his so-called career.

    Then again, that’s what you get when build a career on hype rather than accomplishments: reality eventually comes knocking.

  • ihateemo says:

    “Kimbo puts asses in seats and thats saying more than Brett Rogers, who isn’t charismatic in the slightest way”

    Kimbo took three rounds to beat James Thompson – a questionable stoppage at that – and spent the second round getting wailed on when anyone else would have had the fight called against them.

    Rogers TKO’d his guy Jon Murphy in dominating fashion in sixty seconds flat.

    Kimbo has charisma, great, but he’s also an idiot (see: calling out Chuck Liddell and telling him to watch his back) and lets idiots speak for him (“Icey Mike”? I mean, REALLY?). I’m more enamoured with Rogers’ image as a hard-working family man than the YouTube can fighter extroadinaire Fergusson.

  • ctateo says:

    I just need to add that although rogers has been impressive so far, he hasn’t exactly accomplished much yet either. I will never being a fan of a guy who talks smack BEFORE he accomplishes anything.

    kimbo although a neophyte in the MMA game has already accomplished something…… power. Regardless of why he has, it is nonetheless the truth. No one know who Brett rogers is, and there fore no one would watch that fight right now. The CBS show is about attracting NEW fans, and Shamrock is a name the casual fan knows. Let Rogers get more exposure, and beat some higher levels of competition, and then maybe he can complain.

    Besides if Rogers has such a high opinion of himself, why isn’t he calling out someone like Bigfoot? Talking trash about a guy with 3 fights on his record doesn’t garner much respect in my book.

  • laserline says:

    “I’m more enamoured with Rogers’ image as a hard-working family man than the YouTube can fighter extroadinaire Fergusson.”

    Ihateemo you are one of the few people with that opinion then… what the jj420 said is 100% true… nobody is watching Elite XC to see Brett Rogers(well maybe short of that stupid haircut) they want to watch Kimbo.. love him or hate him he puts asses in seats…. your post about him taking 3 rounds to beat James Thompson?? Who cares Kimbo will still draw huge ratings for the october CBS show. More so then anyone else in that org.

  • finkrod says:

    Aw, man. I expected more from the “black Yeti”.

  • ihateemo says:

    “Besides if Rogers has such a high opinion of himself, why isn’t he calling out someone like Bigfoot?”

    Rogers wants to prove that Kimbo isn’t worth the hype. I thought that much was obvious.

    “nobody is watching Elite XC to see Brett Rogers(well maybe short of that stupid haircut) they want to watch Kimbo.. love him or hate him he puts asses in seats….”

    And why is that? Because he built a reputation as some unstoppable bare knuckle fighter. He’s being groomed and fed easy opponents so far. Let’s see him fight some real competition.

  • RAizzle says:

    Who the hell is Brett Rogers?

    That’s all they had to say.

  • darkmetal says:

    Well that comment was pretty stupid from someone called “Icy Mike”; For Pete’s sake, does Kimbo have rap names for all of his “posse”?

    The truth is that Rogers working for Sam’s club in the tire dept is hardly something to put down. Are you saying that it is wrong to be a regular “Working Joe” rather than some dunce known for being a bodyguard for porn stars and fighting for a few hundred bucks in backyard “youtube” matches? I don’t think so.

    As for Rogers, lugging around the heavy rubber is a great way for building true core strength, and he did it while earning an honest paycheck. Chuck Liddell does much that same thing when he trains out of “The Pit”. Hardly a bad thing, if you ask me, in relation to training.

  • Powers says:

    hahahahahah witty

  • LumbeeGangsta says:

    That shit is funny !!! i cant wait for Kimbo to run throught this dude

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  • Panama says:

    I think that EliteXC should have put Rogers on this upcoming CBS show and hype up the Kimbo fight on CBS, and set it up for it’s 1st PPV. That’s what they should have done.

  • JacRabbit says:


    Kimbo was the head bouncer for Reality Kings–his job sounded a lot more fun than checking tire pressure.

    Anyhow, I think the point to the rebuttal was that Brett Rogers doesn’t look all that impressive anyways.


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