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Rampage Jackson: “I’ve lost respect for Forrest Griffin as a man.”

Fighters Only Magazine got an interview with the previously hidden and now re-emerging Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

He discussed many things including a possible fight with Wanderlei Silva, his bout against Forrest Griffin at UFC 86 and the fact that he lost respect for Griffin for fully believing he won their fight and not talking about an immediate rematch:

Jackson says that he has “lost a lot of respect” for Griffin in the wake of the fight, largely because the new champion has not been talking of a rematch despite winning the belt in controversial fashion.

“After the fight, I said ‘I’ve got to give you a lot of respect, because you hurt my leg and you had a good game plan’,” he explains.

“But now, I don’t respect him as a man. Because if it was me, I would have said, ‘I have to give him a rematch right away, to remove all doubt’.

“I’m a man and when you fight it’s all about honour. I’m not angry at him or anything, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve lost respect for him as a man.”

Rampage earlier states that he believes he won their previous fight and was being sarcastic when he said he got his ass kicked in his post-fight interview.

There might have been some doubt in the fight’s outcome with people falling on either side but almost no one could call it a bad decision. Perhaps a rematch is in order and maybe this is Quinton’s way of getting it. Either way I’ll leave it up to you to decide if he was actually being sarcastic in his interview.

  • ekc says:

    i had rampage winning the fight… i still think rampage had a 10-8 R1 too…

  • I had Rampage 48-47 from memory but I wouldn’t argue with anyone that had it the other way. It was one of those fights where you don’t agree but you can’t really get mad about it going the other way.

  • shoddycraftmanship says:

    I don’t think you can call round 1 a 10-8 for rampage just because of the knockdown. Hell, the judges just plain gave that round to Forrest for damage inflicted. I could concede it being a 10-9 for rampage though.
    Frankly, this complaining is making me lose respect for rampage ‘as a man’. Not that I’d fight him, because let’s face it, he would hurt me…… badly.

  • RAizzle says:

    I agree with Page. Forrest should respond to anyone who doubts that he beat the champion.

  • Hank Jones says:

    If it’s fighters only magazine what is a wimp like Huckaby reading it for?

  • Zack with a ck says:

    Uh, it was a bad decision and I was pissed about it. I live and breathe MMA and I nearly lost faith in the sport. Forrest fought for points.

  • thomas182 says:

    make that three things rampage lost after this fight
    1. his belt
    2. respect for forrest
    3. his f#cking mind

  • Rich B says:

    What should he be fighting for? Fruit cocktail?

  • lee says:

    that was a dumb and polarizing thing for rampage to say

  • ekc says:

    maybe Forest will pull a KJ Noons… just joking.. Forest aint no pussy.

  • BLOodyMEss says:

    I Really Really hope he fights on Nov. 15 in Oregon! This will be my first UFC and I cant believe that Florian vs Stevenson would headline a PPV

  • demonianray says:

    Rampage is not making any sense, if my memory serves me correctly, Forrest said very clearly at the post fight interview that the fight was very close and that they would probably have to do it again. So I don’t know what the hell is Rampage talking about, and please, come on, think about it, would you accept the fight was so close that you would think you lost the fight??? Of course not, that’s called pride. Plus, to me this sounds like the whining of a sore loser, and that’s coming from a Rampage fan.

  • Eric says:

    And I lost alot of respect for Rampage after his last couple of interviews, the fact is that he knew he’d lost the fight before there was even an announcement his face said it all. Forrest beat Rampage fair and square he outworked him, he out gameplaned him and now he’s the champ like it or not Rampage has to earn another shot like all other champions have done like Chuck, Tito, Randy.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    All part of the hype machine, but now I don’t respect Rampage as a man.
    Rampage, get your priorities straight.
    You fucked up,both in the Octagon and out.
    The first sign of weakness is blaming others for your mistakes.
    You may have been partially responsible for a miscarriage.
    You’re lucky you didn’t kill somebody.
    Take care of yourself first,then worry about Shogun,then Forrest.
    It’s too early to start the Rampage vs. Griffin rematch hype.
    Be a man and deal with it.

  • BKMCG says:

    The thing that gets me the most is that it was a unanimous decision…this fight was too close to call unanimous so I say Rampage should definately get a rematch…

  • KOB says:

    I don’t think Rampage should be talking about losing respect about anybody. I’m pretty sure that if it were anyone else in his position they’d be totally f*ed right now.

    Talk about losing respect, I think I’ve lost total respect for Dana White in wake of him adamantly standing behind this asshole. Dana talks all this crap about fighters having to represent the sport. He kicks Jesse Taylor out. Then lets him back in only a month later. Now all of this garbage.

    Rampage deserves to be in a prison cell somewhere and the UFC is completely stupid to blow a couple thousand grand on to him fight again.

  • king mah mah says:

    Rampage please shut the fuck the up!! Forrest kicked yo’ ass fair and square!! The only one who wasn’t a man is Rampage!!!

  • king mah mah says:

    How can Rampage Question anybody as a man, when he commits a felonious hit and run?!! Yeah don’t even try to defend the JACKASS!!!!

  • king mah mah says:

    If Rampage were my son i would be embarrassed to say that he was my flesh and blood!!!!!!

  • Did we really need three “king mah mah” comments 11 minutes apart?

  • BK says:

    Most fans thought his fight with Hendo was pretty damn close too but I don’t recall Rampage insisting he give Henderson a rematch anytime soon.

  • kieran says:

    At least forest doesn`t fucking joy ride in a monster truck and nearly kill people.

  • Russell says:

    i dont often respond to the articles, but this one has hit a nerve.
    I was at the fight and thought Rampage was rubbish.
    I had it even goin into the last round, and Rampage didnt do anything in the 5th to be the agresser.
    Someone mentioned that Forrest only fought for points… well Rampage only looked for the one-punch knockout. -that truly is well-rounded mma!?

    YA don’t deserve a rematch yet Rampage!!

  • Kuch says:

    I scored that fight for Forrest, but I figured the judges could let it go either way as it was close. Be that as it may, Rampage should consider that maybe Forrest hasn’t been talking about a rematch because he knew Rampage was in such a screwed up situation with his personal life that Forrest wanted to try and let the whole thing quiet down first. I don’t see how Forrest stumping for a rematch while Rampage is held at gunpoint would have done anything for either fighter. Plus, I’m pretty sure Dana and Joe Silva decide who gets title fights and who doesn’t; not Forrest.

  • Damo says:

    Maybe he hasn’t slept in a few days.

    And is gettin stuck into the Gatorade.

  • Powers says:

    Forrest is out having fun for christ’s sake. Let him take two fucking months off.
    Rampage needs to quit crying.

  • BlazeHoliday says:

    It was a close fight, controversal none the less. It warrents a rematch sooner then later. I get what Page is saying though.

    He’s basically saying he’s lost respect for Griffen due to the lack of him wanting to prove he deserves the belt and attempting to clear any doubt he is the man by facing Jackson again.

    Either way I’d order the event!!!!

  • DocWagner says:

    Here’s what QJ should be saying “I’ve lost all respect for MYSELF as a man…I’ve caused harm to those who do not deserve it and I have lost the trust of my fans…I need to get myself together before I even THINK of entering the cage again”

    That is what he SHOULD have said.

  • jim smith says:

    Rampage is still crazy. It’s not Forrest’s job to give Rampage a rematch, it’s up to Page to EARN it.

    And Dana is a two faced prick. If tim sylvia, Arlovski or Ortiz did the same driving ans Rampage, he would be out for blood

  • Larry says:

    I seem to remember Forrest said in the ring to Joe Rogan, I guess we are gonna have to do it again. What had Forrest said since then? I have not heard him call out another UFC fighter. In fact, I have not heard or seen Forrest since the Rampage fight. Rampage must still be “sick”. But that won’t stop Dana from getting his pound of flesh. Stop the WWE madness, this is supposed to be a sport, not a side show.

  • Jeff L says:

    This from a guy who thinks he is Jesus and drives a truck with himself painted on the side to commit crimes. Whatever. Well, he can always go 0-2 in the HW division and then demand a superfight with Big Nog on the Superbowl show. I hear that’s a popular move these days.

  • Michael says:

    If Page was smart he would stay out of the limelight. He shouldn’t be gallivanting after that accident, let alone calling out someone else for losing respect. They can say what they want, he was dehydrated or what not, but the fact of the matter is he broke the law and in doing so put himself and other people at great danger. That truck is the biggest thing on the road; he should count his blessings no one died.

    I love Rampage, and hope all this gets resolved, but he broke the law…fighting should be the last thing on his mind. However i do dissagree with bashing Dana. He is standing by his friend, UFC pres be damn, page is his friend. I would hope all of you would do the same.

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    I agree with Michael at 8:24. And the last several posters. Mr. Jackson, you should probably not say a whole lot of anything right now. Because the question will arise – “When is he NOT “sick”? Is this at ‘at-will illness?”

    Who’s managing Rampage right now? Any chance of getting him to go to a mountain retreat somewhere there isn’t any phones, cameras, microphones or electricity?
    This man needs to either notch up to a whole new level of crazy and club baby seals with kittens or disappear for months and reappear feeding homeless rabbits in Guam or something. Popping up in Dana’s video blog and popping off in interviews like it’s business as usual isn’t a p.r. strategy anyone who wants to keep their day job employs.
    It’s like calling your boss from the golf course when you call in sick and ask him if he’d use an 8 or a 9 from the 15th.

  • Levi M says:

    How can this guy talk about respecting this guy as a man when he can’t even keep his own shit together? This guy is going to go 0-2 if he fights Shogun…then how many miscarriages is he going to cause? After that the closest fight he will get to a forrest is trying to put up his tent in Big Bear because he’s lost everything.

  • ctownhood says:

    Rampage lost the fight, plain and simple. He was dominated by Wandy Silva twice, and calls him a chump. He goes on a driving rampage (pun intended), causes some lady to lose her baby, and then says it’s not his fault. He fires Ibarra, who helped his career along immensely. Talk about losing respect for someone as a person…….

  • Stickney says:

    BA BA WAH WAH!!!!!!!!! suck it up you lost do your talking in the ring. Cry baby

  • anthony says:

    To be the champ you need to beat the champ I never thought that Forest beat him. He did win some rounds but if its close you need to retain. If it wasnt for all the TUF stuff Forest would have never won or been given that title shot. In my option Rampage is the best 205 pounder in the world and has beaten top level guys is a dominate fasion and should not have been put in this situation in the first place. If he fights Wandi first and loses he wont get another title shot until he wins 3 in a row and that’s bullshit.

  • Nate says:

    Rampage needs to take time off & let his legal troubles settle down before commenting & coming back. This is just more proof of it. Listen to UFC’s PR department Rampage.

  • B-Rad says:

    The old addage that you have to beat the champion to win the belt is stupid. So if Forrest Griffin won in points by the end of the fight, they’re gonna tell him that he may have won more points (which means he was the agressor in the fight and basically outclassed Rampage), he didn’t knock him out or tap him so he’s not champion? Please…nobody questioned it when Randy Couture didn’t finish Tim Sylvia.

    And I seem to remember in the post fight interview…”Even though I don’t really want to because he hits so hard, I think we need to do it again…” -Forrest Griffin

  • ihateemo says:

    The other side of the “gotta beat the champ” argument is that maybe the champ should have beat the challenger? Rampage had a golden opportunity to finish Griffin and couldn’t; the fight could have gone either way but Griffin deserved it.

    To say that he’s “lost respect for Griffin” is just asinine. Griffin hasn’t been beating the drum for anyone as of late; he’s been so low key since he won the strap I’m wondering where he is!

    IMO, Griffin should give the next shot to Machida. Rampage can rack up a couple more wins before he gets his rematch for all I care – the LHW division was on hold for too long because of Rampage and Griffin’s injuries and the filming of TUF, so I’d like to see it move on with new blood in line for the belt.

  • j mac says:

    rampage should never say anything about forrest he has to many fanboys and he will get buried for any statement he makes the way i see forrest should rematch qrj but then again i am the minority in more ways then one lol and thats probably why i give page more of a chance

  • DamonO says:

    Rampage needs to let it go. If the UFC wants them to rematch the UFC will have it that way. This is why you never let a fight go to decision. I like Rampage but he said that if their fight went to decision then he would give Forrest his winnings. Guaranteed that enver happened. If I were Forrest I would immediately lose respect to Rampage if he didn’t pay me after that comment.

  • DamonO says:

    Oh and even more respect would be lossed to Quinton after the stunt he pulled with his mad truck driving skills. He needs to get over himself. I’ve lost more respect for Quinton as a man for what he has done in comparison to Forrest not saying there should be an immediate rematch. Think of what you’re saying Quinton Rampage Jackson.

  • TheSomberlain says:

    Best 205er? GIVE ME A BREAK, hes basically a black Ortiz, all power, NO TECHNIQUE. You know which fight I would really like to see other than Shogun making his face into hamburger meat? the Wand knocking his face into hamburger meat. But knowing Rampage hed just drop his team, blame it on something and keep running that mouth of his, which has NO RIGHT. Oh and crash into 20 cars. With Dana White whiping his ass. UFC is so biased its disgusting man, I miss PRIDE

  • Lance says:

    Rampage lost respect for forest as a man? what a nut! I wonder if forest lost any respect for him when he saw how he portrayed UFC fighters all over the news when he threw a tantrum! Fights are won and lost, suck it up! Of course Page wants a rematch! There’s way too much good competition at 205 to be handing out rematches! especially with title holders! I hope for Rampage’s sake that article was takin out of context….It makes him look like a sore loser…

  • darkmetal says:

    These statements just don’t make any sense. First of all, after Rampage lost the title to Forrest, he got into all the legal entanglements that resulted from his truck driving “rampage”, and some considered that he might never fight again. Would this have been the time to have Forrest call him out? Seriously.

    Further, Forrest doesn’t make the matches, he simply takes the matches. Perhaps he can tell Dana White et. al. he would like to fight Rampage again, but if they say “No, you’ll fight fighter X first” then that’s is who he will be fighting, case closed.

    I like Rampage, but these statements really don’t make any sense to me.

  • Rampage vs Forrest 2 says:

    I would love to see a Rampage vs Forrest #2 and would love to see Rampage KO Forrest…

    Forrest seems like a nice guy, but I can NOT stand his excessive leg kicks and his cheesy / evasive fighting style. Yah, I know some of you who have a huge mancrush on Forrest are going to be angry, but I loved it when guys like Keith Jardine and Rashad Evans did some serious G&P and KO’d Forrest. Forrest reminds me a little of Machida. Machida is another annoying/boring fighter and I can’t wait to see Machida get KO’d. Both Forrest and Machida should wear skirts when they fight!!


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