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Quinton Jackson formally charged in July 15 collisions

Orange County (Calif.) prosecutors formally charged former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson for his alleged role in a series of collisions that took place July 15 in Costa Mesa, Calif.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Jackson is being charged with felony evasion, reckless driving and driving against traffic as a result of the multi-vehicle collisions that took place on and near the 55 freeway. The AP also states that the Orange County prosecutor revealed Monday that Jackson will also face misdemeanor hit and run and reckless driving charges.

His arraignment has been scheduled for Thursday with his bail expected to be set at $25,000.

One of Jackson’s alleged victims during the collisions, 38-year old Holli Griggs, suffered a miscarriage following four months of pregnancy in the weeks that proceeded the incident involving Jackson. At the time, her fiance’ attributed the miscarriage to the alleged actions of Jackson, but according to, the prosecutor’s office has decided not to charge Jackson in connection with Griggs’ miscarriage.

“We reviewed all the medical records and spoke with the victim’s physician and the evidence showed that the loss of the fetus was not related to the crash,” Orange County District Attorney’s Office spokesperson Farrah Emami is quoted as saying.

While the fact that Jackson is facing six charges in relation to his alleged actions is a serious matter, the revelation that there are no immediate plans to charge him in connection with the loss of Griggs’ child can only come as a huge relief for the charismatic star. If he had been charged in connection with the death of the child, it could have potentially meant the end of his fighting career.

  • cm40 says:

    If he pleads guilty to the misdemeanor hit and run or is found guilty of any of the charges that will solidify a civil lawsuit for the miscarriage. Griggs would not have to prove that the miscarriage is a DIRECT effect of the events that day, she would only have to prove that his actions somehow effected her pregnancy.

  • Numba1Stunna says:

    It’s always a sad thing when someone loses a baby, and I feel bad for them in regards to that. But it’s very obvious they were looking for a pay-day b/c of the accident which absolutely disgusts me. For the Fiance to say something like that without knowing is completely classless and gave Rampage an even worse reputation in regards to this situation.

  • Ken says:

    of course the miscarriage is a terrible sad thing,.but, the other news is actually great for Jackson. none of the charges are too serious. since no one was hurt some good lawyering will probably result in some some plea bargaining, hopefully reducing the felony aspect. jackson can pay a fair debt to society, learn from this mistake, and get his life back on a good track. good luck and best wishes to Rampage.

  • Mike Rome says:

    CM40, please cite me the law you are basing that on. The difference in the civil and criminal standards is in the jury standard, but it’s still a degree of proof related to whether he caused the miscarriage.

  • james says:

    numba1stunna? ……….. what the fuck?!?!? , put yourself in that possition?, if your girlfriend was in that situation and a man “regardless” of what his status is, in any proffesion, has driven like a complete idiot not givin a shit what the consequences are, and she loses the baby in an otherwise happy pregnancy , would you not have the right to point the finger?, why is it you americans are so obsessed with claims, money and protecting the guilty??? rampage has acted like a dick, and should realise he is a big influence on the young peeps that watch the sport, its bad press for the sport, i hope he gets his just desserts, his last fight was shit anyway??? other than that i do like him i just feel he has let the ufc and the rest of the mma world down??

  • messy says:

    Very disturbing responses on all parties so far. I hope Jackson get real jail time and doesnt get a slap on the wrist. He should be used as an example to all athletes. I hope not too see him fight again this year. I dont want to see the Rua v Jackson fight happened. This is one of the biggest travesties in recent history if we see Jackson return to the octagon.

  • d0nd says:

    With all due respect to my understanding stress is reason for miscarriage.

  • Ken says:

    hey Messy, what if the same thing happened to yourself or a loved one? how do you think you would feel about? how would you hope others feel about it?

  • Jesse says:

    he should be put in jail like any other psycho who goes on a .. rampage..

    it pisses me off the biased reaction i see from many fans on this page.

    he could have easily killed people. it is great that he didn’t , but he wasn’t really concerned with it at the time and that is the point. he’s a fucking asshole.
    yeah, i used to like him, but i just liked the guy zuffa edited him into. we all did. this crime and the reports following it showed that this is a seriously disturbed individual who either was or more likely is insane. insane. really.
    he should be put in a mental institution or a prison where he can get help to get his thinking closer to what would constitute a “consensus” reality.. cause he ain’t there.

  • Echolocating says:

    Regardless of what happens next, Rampage is already one lucky man. Even if his career takes a dive after this, he should still count his blessings because things could easily have been a hell of a lot worse.

  • jdavis says:

    Jesse, you do know that he was taken in for a 72 hour mental evaluation and they cleared him right? It’s already been stated that it was his wacked out fasting and diet that caused him to act like that, while that is really bad it doesn’t make him out to be the psychopath you seem to be trying to paint him as. He will get punished according to what the law is for what he actually did not what could of happened or what he potentially could of done, that’s how it works. It’s not a biased reaction that a lot of people are having it’s that they have actually been keeping up with the story instead of jumping to conclusions about this stuff.

    As far as a possible civil suit over the miscarriage, if the woman’s doctor is even telling the police the events are unrelated then she’s not going to get very far with this. It’s hard to prove this was a cause in court if the medical records and your own physician don’t agree that it was. That doesn’t mean that Jackson see any civil suits though, he did bust up several people’s cars with his actions and could very well face several lawsuits.

  • king mah mah says:

    Yeah it’s sad that those people would try to cash in on the miscarriage. But that’s the way America works. People always try to get something for nothing. However, Jackson’s actions will affect his career in short term and long term. It ruins his rep now, and he will have a long fight before his credibility is regained.

  • Grappo says:

    Reasonable that the victims would blame the miscarriage on Jackson’s actions, even if they weren’t sure. That’s how people sometimes react to tragic situations. The doctors say the miscarriage wasn’t related to the accident, so I’ll take their word for it, though nothing anyone said would convince me otherwise had it been my wife that miscarried.

    Also reasonable are the charges laid against Jackson. Hit-and-run, reckless driving, felony evasion… I don’t know what the potential penalty would be were he to be found guilty on any or all charges, but he definitely appears to be guilty by all accounts reported.

    I don’t think he’s “psycho” or anything like that. I do believe that his training and diet, along with the stress of losing the title (and probably many other personal things that are unknown to us) played into his strange behavior. And those should be mitigating factors come trial time. He doesn’t have a history of this kind of behavior.

    I don’t believe I am particularly biased when it come to this Jackson fiasco. I think I am more biased when I read a story like this in the paper and automatically wish that the guy gets locked up for just being a danger to society. It’s because it happened to someone I am familiar with that I step back and look at the situation from all angles and look past a knee-jerk reaction.

  • AdamsFamily says:

    Grappo – well put in the most balanced opinon I have read on this whle affair

  • Jay K. says:

    Well said, Grappo!

  • DocWagner says:

    This is BAD BAD news for QJ and the UFC. This will be a long drawn out process and it would be a crime to put the man BACK in the cage prior to this being cleared up.
    I think there will be more than one civil suit filed and will need to be settled out of court.

    I would not expect Jackson fighting anytime soon.

  • Mike Rome says:

    Sigh. This is overwhelmingly good news compared to the other possibilities. You also have a statement from the DA that the woman’s own doctor says Jackson didn’t cause the miscarriage, a death knell to any strong civil suit.

    Some of the responses are really quite unbelievable. It doesn’t matter what could have happened, this isn’t minority report. All that matters is what did happen. If you have ever run a red light, it could have resulted in death or injury to numerous people, but if it didn’t, you won’t and shouldn’t be punished for the potential harm you could have caused. There are endless everyday examples of this.

  • BlazeHoliday says:

    Get over the miscarage. Griggs doctor him/herself already stated the accident had nothing to do with the miscarage and the medical records backed that up. It is sad that a fetus did in fact die. And I’m sure that there is a possiblity there was some stress from the hit and run, but as the doctor, the medical records and the prosecutor said… THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE THAT IT DID CAUSE IT.

    So why don’t we talk about the charges that are brought on Jackson instead of gossiping about this miscarage like a bunch of high school girls.

    Thought this was a MMA site not a hello kitty fan page.

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  • Mike says:

    How long could he potentially get in prison?


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