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Help Wanted: 5 Oz. of Pain seeks MMA reporter is looking to expand its writing staff and is seeking an MMA news reporter.

If you feel that you can meet the qualifications below and are an ideal candidate for the position, please e-mail me at: [email protected]

— Applicant must be willing to only serve in the role of an MMA news reporter. At this time, we are not looking for opinion-based writers or someone to do blog posts (i.e. copy and pasting). We are looking for someone who is able to break news, advance existing stories, and provide unique content to 5 Oz. of Pain. If you do not fit the description, please wait until we seek an applicant with your skillset before applying.

— Must be able to follow basic principles of AP-style writing. You will not be able to editorialize in your reporting.

— A reporter with existing sources is preferred, although we will consider someone who has the proper training and is willing to build up a network of sources by attending local events and contacting fighters through their websites and MySpace accounts. If you do not have reporting experience, we need to see that you are willing to take the initiative to begin building a network of sources.

— Applicant must be willing to work on a volunteer basis. The position could one day include compensation but we don’t have a timetable as to when we might be able to do that and we make no promises. Ideal applicant should view the primary benefit of the position to be exposure and work-related experience.

— Applicant must be able to contribute on a consistent basis with no fewer than four stories per week. Interested parties unsure that they can commit to four stories a week should refrain from contacting us until they know for sure they can make such a commitment.

— Must be able to work creatively and independently. All contributors to 5 Oz. of Pain work for the site on a part-time basis and our editors will not have the resources to be able to micro-manage you.

— We will accept applications from those working for other sites. However, unless you are an owner of the site you write for, we will ask that you leave your position so that you can focus on being a 5 Oz. of Pain contributor.

  • IllSubmitYou says:

    Have you seen some of the AP style reporting recently? It’s filled with opinion pieces… Mostly surrounding politics but still, that’s mostly what gets printed in my paper.

  • Craig Palm says:

    I would love to contribute by writing for your website. How can I apply?

  • Batman says:

    Thats a good idea but I can’t afford to go to MMA events since I am a student. Good luck Sam

  • rollshop says:

    umm I’m sure you would get credentialed Batman. any how i just hope this site doesnt turn into mmajunkie or some garbage. that would be a travesty.


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