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Lofton vs. Kuchera: HDNet Fight of the Week (video)

In our second installment of HDNet Fights’ Fight of the Week, we have a classic brawl between light heavyweights from Maximum Fighting Championships 16. Jason Kuchera (3-2) and Aron Lofton (3-0), two relative newcomers to the mixed martial arts game, go at one another with everything they’ve got in a bloody war. This may not be the most technical fight in the world but it’s damn sure entertaining.

The two fighters are new to the sport which usually always makes for an exciting fight and this one does not disappoint. Kuchera, a Canadian fighter who occasionally trains with UFC fighter Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald, has devastated his previous competition in MFC with all three of his victories coming by way of TKO in the first round. In Aron Lofton, however, he faces an aggressive brawler who is a natural athlete. Lofton played collegiate football and started out in combat sports by entering Toughman contests so you can only imagine the fireworks that take place when these two brawlers step into the ring against one another.

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  • Mark says:

    Aron Lofton is a fucking beast

  • fightfan says:

    Couldnt even finish watching this one…..A stoppage when dude is nearing unconsciousness from a choke. Sure, it wasnt the deepest choke I ever seen, but he was ready to tap in seconds…..That was sad

    Maybe the ref thought that Kimbo was in the choke and was savng him from a sure loss

  • Jim says:

    Come on, the dudes upperlip was completely split in two – horrible. Now have someone squeeze your head. Oh, and the both of them could barely stand up…he’s one tough dude to have kept going after the doctor checked that cut.

  • fightfan says:

    Not sayng it wasnt ugly or that dude isnt 10 times tougher than me…..He could of checked on teh cut before the choke was put on. That was a horrible time to check it.

  • Brent says:

    Wow – I realize Cava was probably ordered to put this up for advertising reasons, but that fight was complete boring garbage, compounded by hilarious referee incompetence – stopping for a cut check in the middle of a submission?

  • Matt Cava says:

    Brent, I wasn’t ordered to do anything. This is the HDNet Fight of the Week, this is the video they sent us, this is the video we posted.

    Not every fight is going to be a technical chess match. These guys both showed a lot of heart and guts.


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