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Kimbo Slice vs. Sean Gannon for Oct. 4 ruled out

Multiple reports in recent days have suggested that Boston-area police officer and one-time UFC competitor Sean Gannon was under consideration to fight Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson on Oct. 4 during EliteXC’s third-ever show on CBS television.

The bout would be a rematch from their controversial “street fight” several years ago in which Gannon won despite uncertainty of the ground rules for the fight that were raised while the fight was taking place.

While it is uncertain whether Gannon was ever truly under consideration as an opponent for Slice on Oct. 4, EliteXC Vice President Jared Shaw ruled out any possibility of the bout taking place while speaking exclusively with

“No, Sean Gannon will not be the opponent on Oct. 4,” Shaw stated succintly.

Five Ounces of Pain had spoken to EliteXC officials in the past about the possibility of a Slice vs. Gannon rematch and while the fight was never ruled out, skepticism of the bout ever happening was raised due to Gannon’s significant financial demands.

With Gannon not being looked at as an option, it is believed that the leading candidates to face Slice in his hometown of Miami-Ft. Lauderdale are Brett Rogers and UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock.

  • finkrod says:

    If this is true, things could be looking kinda bleak for Kimbo. Hopefully Bas has been putting in overtime with him on takedown defence. But we all knew the Kimbo express had to derail at some point. But as the saying goes, he still has a punchers chance.

  • flassassin says:

    Kimbo Slice IS fighting Ken Shamrock on October 4. Deal is just about done, both fighters have agreed to it. The fight will be put on under the banner of Ken Shamrock Productions.

  • Jez says:

    Thank goodness.

  • Jeff L says:

    Shamrock? Really? What, was Butterbean too busy?

  • 209 says:

    Kevin Fergusson is the worst thing to happen to MMA. Every show they start off by saying … “This is not street fighting. These are well trained proffessional athletes.” Give me a break!!! Contradiction? There is nothing MMA about this guy. He just hits hard. Matter of fact… isn’t his style “street brawling”? Go away already Kevin!!!

  • Matt says:

    Brett rogers is a scrub……yet hes enuff of a BA 2 derail the myth of kimbo…I’m tired of Elite puttin him on a pedastal…..ohh well at least it free….til they go bankrupt in ’09

  • just another A hole! says:

    Kimbo vs. Chyna!!

  • Wats says:

    Well I think Kimbo would just run through Shamrock and I kind of like Shamrock because the guy is a living legend of the sport so I would hate to see his last fight end fighting Kimbo because he would lose and lose very badly even though Kimbo isn’t a true MMA fighter he still hits like a horse I would love to see a fight between Kimbo and Rogers, Rogers is established and he would put up a good fight for Slice even if Slice loses he would only get better from that fight unlike the fighters he’s fighting now were all he needs is his hands to win he doesn’t improve so the Rogers fight would be a good one and yes I’m hoping Kimbo comes out on top.

  • Neil says:

    Did anybody SERIOUSLY think that Sean Gannon would be Slice’s opponent in October? I know that Slice is more of a spectacle than a serious contender, but the only thing that a fight with Gannon would do is to satiate the Youtube viewers who have seen the fight… and while many people have seen it, I think that many more would be inclined to see him fight another has-been.

    His fight with James Thompson showed his inability to do anything on the ground, so expect to see them pit him against someone who has a 0% chance of going for a takedown.

  • EliteXC seems to be falling apart pretty damn fast (and very publicly).

    They better announce the Kimbo fight soon so they can start building some hype around it, otherwise they’re doomed.

  • Sooo… now that BigFoot is suspended… who does Ricco Rodriguez get to fight for the soon to be vacant belt?

    Ricco vs Rogers?
    Ricco vs Kimbo?
    Ricco vs Eilers? (dont think thats gonna happen)

    I know I only want to see Kimbo vs Rogers. The winner of that fight should get the next title shot.

  • fightfan says:

    I would not be surprised if they pay Butterbean enough to get in the cage with Slice. Hey why not go look for some of fat, out of shape guys he fought in the back yards????

    Talk about a perfect opponent……Bean is slower, more out of shape, older, and will strike because he has ZERO ground skills

    No matter who they pick for Kimbo to KO, it will nothing short of a circus sideshow

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Shamrock? Really? What, was Butterbean too busy?

    Ha ha, f**king classic!

  • Funky k says:

    butterbean would probably ko kimbo

  • ClintK9 says:

    THANK GOD its NOT Gannon…

    He’s a nobody going nowhere FAST…

    Kimbo/Rogers is interesting… Both won on May show, and have beef with each other…

    Kimbo/Shamrock would do HUGE Ratings (some casual fans I mentioned this fight too, were like “REALLY”, that would be AWESOME…

    Kimbo/Butterbean would be a nice Freak Show fight, as would Kimbo/Pat Smith…

  • MacBatty says:

    WOW I’m surprised they are wasting Ken Shamrocks last beat down on Kimbo as apposed to letting his brother kick his ass. I would much rather see a Frank Vs Ken fight then Kimbo knocking this guy out in 2 min. Bas is a stud and i know he will have Kimbo ready.

    I love it when people say Kimbo is the worst thing to happen to MMA…To me Dana White trying to turn MMA into his own personal play toy is the worst thing to happen to MMA…..its funny how he can be the best and worst thing for MMA at the same time.

  • Ian says:

    They should just put him in there with a tiger. That would be a ratings bonanza. Or maybe Tyson. That would draw for sure.

  • Dan says:

    Butterbean could never make 265. He’d have to lose 100lbs. I don’t know how EXC would market a Kimbo-Shamrock fight. His last win was over 4 years ago and he’s in his early 40s (and he’s no Randy Couture). They need to feed Kimbo to Brett Rogers and get it over with.

  • Batman says:

    kimbo has no control over his opponents so don’t hate on him.

  • Markus J says:

    Kimbo would get his ass kicked by Butterbean….

    But speaking of freak shows… how about Kimbo vs Bob Sapp???

  • paco ov roky mount says:

    howbout kimbo tighting up 50 cents jaw 4em if you wont a freack sow


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