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EliteXC’s Shaw won’t rule out stripping Noons of title contacted EliteXC Vice President Jared Shaw soon after learning that Mark Dion, the manager for EliteXC lightweight K.J. Noons, had no intention of responding to a 8 p.m. ET deadline on Thursday imposed by the promotion. As a part of the deadline, EliteXC was demanding that Noons’ camp issue a formal response to a bout offer to fight Nick Diaz in a featured bout to be televised on CBS on Oct. 4.

Five Ounces of Pain specifically asked Shaw whether EliteXC would consider stripping Noons of his title if he did not respond to the deadline and refused to fight Diaz. While Shaw didn’t say that was the direction the company was planning to go in, he was unwilling to take such an option off the table.

“I would never rule out that possibility,” Shaw responded when we asked him the question.

When asked what other options would be available to Noons if he chose not to fight the promotion’s number one contender for the lightweight title, Shaw hinted that it could be quite some time before fans get to see Noons fight again.

“I would say the only guarantee K.J. has is to pull up a chair and watch the event and get comfortable on that chair because he’ll be sitting for a little bit.”

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Every time this guy opens his mouth he makes his org. look bush league.

  • j says:

    This is becoming a Randy Couture soap opera but without as much public interest. It is getting alot of hits though among hard core fans. To me it seems like Dion and KJ are looking like spoiled babies but Shaw is also coming off as a little immature as well.

    Talk is cheap, pull the trigger and strip him of the title but be prepared to have two competant fighters or not talk at all.

  • Imbecile says:

    The great thing here is the sleaze-on-sleaze action between $kala and Dion. It is always fun to see two horrible excuses for human beings going head-to-head in an argument where both of them are wrong. Good stuff!

    Dana White must be sitting at home laughing his ass off at this, if he even bothers to pay attention to this whole situation.

    Mike Wolfe is dead-on — bush league all the way! …for both Shaw/EliteXC and Dion/Noons.

  • Venom says:

    How can you say that EXC/Shaw is bush league? Can you imagine what would happen if a UFC fighter decided to pull this crap on Dana White? The shit storm would be much larger and much more public than this!

    Anyway, if Noons doesn’t answer the deadline, I say strip him! He doesn’t deserve the title if he’s unwilling to fight the #1 contender!

  • Lethal says:

    Noons defended his title in June. If EliteXC wants to do an interim title fight that’s one thing but it’s too soon since his last title fight to just outright strip him.

  • shine_box says:

    Agreed Venom, once the agents start running the show it’s a lose/lose for orgs and fans alike.
    Noons needs to fight who they put in front of him. Not who he or his manager decides is ‘worthy’ to fight.

  • Todd H says:

    However you look at things both Elite and KJ Noons especially come off bad in this one.
    Truth be told Elite could pony up a little more than 23k for their champion but noons and his management aren;t doing him any favors in the MMA world.

    May’be KJ intends on boxing for a while. It looks as though that’ll be his ony option for a while.

    love this quote
    “I would say the only guarantee K.J. has is to pull up a chair and watch the event and get comfortable on that chair because he’ll be sitting for a little bit.” LOL

  • fightfan says:

    I dont agree with Dion one bit, but I also say that ELite has other options for title. Diaz is NOT number 1 contender??? I mean he beat an old ass Denny that they hand picked for him to KO in front of his hometown??? Then Cumbrey which almost went to a decision…So that is the best out there, when DIaz ALREDY HAD HIS CHANCE. So I agree with Dion there, 100%

    I know Elite has like 6 or 7 fighters in the 160 lb diviison….IF THAT MANY. The DIVISION made especially for Diaz. But they have to look at other than who Jared Shaw wants to win.

    If they had there way…..Bigfoot will lose the belt and Kimbo will fight himself out of a wet paper bag for the belt

  • fightfan says:

    And didnt Koons just DEFEND his belt 2 months ago, IF THAT??? And they are talking stripping the belt and sitting on the sidelines horseshit????

  • Mike Wolfe says:


    I didn’t call Elite bush league, I said that Shaw’s remarks made the org. look that way. White has had his “over the top” moments, too, but I don’t think he’s ever accused one of his title holders of ducking a fight. Most of his mud-slinging happens when a fighter or the fighter’s management wants too much money. Huerta and Tito are recent examples. UFC and Couture are fighting, but I don’t think White ever questioned Couture’s heart the way Shaw is with Noons. Even if you think that to be the case, you won’t make progress by insulting a guy’s manhood. Shaw should be more artful than that.

  • ragefightingwear says:

    Elite is in serious trouble anyway! Silva done, Kimbo fading, Noons fired?

  • Venom says:

    Fair enough!

  • BJJ in VA says:


    I call bullshit. EliteXC is most certainly bush league. With only a handfull of actual legit world contender fighters how can EliteXC deny Noons of ANYTHING HE WANTS. Diaz was walked out of UFC because he couldnt even be a gate keeper. XC is just grasping at straws with this fight, it is only in Noons best interest to deny this fight. He can only benefit in saying what everyone else should already know, Diaz is not number one and if they cant provide number one then EliteXC should step out of Noons way.

    Whether or not Dion is a complete douche.

  • shine_box says:

    At the same time, you can’t say that this dosen’t send ideas into other fighter’s minds. They start thinking, if KJ can turn down fights and hold out, why can’t I? Or even worse, start thinking, ‘Hey, I don’t want to fight that guy, I want someone else.’

    To me it opens a Pandora’s Box where fighters and their agents begin to push back on match-ups.

    While in this situation it may be somewhat more justified, I think it sends the wrong message.

    Orgs should decide match-ups, not fighters.

  • TheSomberlain says:

    I totally agree with fightcan and BJJ in VA on Diaz’s so called status as the number one contender. I personally would love to see that fight so Noons can turn Diaz’s face into a bloody pulp and shut all these goddamn plastic Diaz fans. As far as the belt, this is sounding alot like Randy’s conflict with the UFC. If Noons can get out, he should. That circus act isnt going anywhere and once Kimbo loses, its done.

  • HexRei says:

    “And didnt Koons just DEFEND his belt 2 months ago, IF THAT??? And they are talking stripping the belt and sitting on the sidelines horseshit????”

    Actually it was about a month and a week. And they’re asking him to take the fight in October. So by the time that date rolls around it will be more like 4 months. It’s not unreasonable to ask him to defend his title 4 months after a fight in which he received no injury whatsoever, and its not like he’s defended it a bunch of times and deserves a rest, he’s defended it exactly once and has only three fights in the EXC promotion (four if you count ShoXC) so let’s not pretend that he’s made A.Silva-like accomplishments and deserves 6 months off. The dude has barely done anything at all in MMA, Nick Diaz’ record makes Noons’ look practically nonexistent.

  • HexRei says:

    Ooops, 2 months and a week. typo.

  • HexRei says:

    Also, if you think that anyone currently signed to EXC deserves a shot more than Diaz I’d love to hear who.

  • Rich S. says:

    ahhhh there’s hope!!!

    sorry Noons!!!!!

    Noons’ last two wins were MIRACLES and wouldn’t happen twice in ANYONE’S lifetime..

    i can’t wait for the day EVERYONE gets to see that..

  • fightfan says:

    That’s the thing there are only 4 or 5 160 lbers under contract to ELite
    XC, IF THAT……I would love to see their roster of potenial 160 fights.

    Plain and simple the Shaws were going to give Kimbo whatever he wants and do whatever it takes to keep Diaz

  • Jackyl says:

    It doesn’t matter if Diaz deserves the shot or not. Part of the reason they want Diaz on that card is name recognition for the CBS broadcast. Plus it would be a pretty good fight. As the champ you defend against all comers. I just can’t get behind Noons on this.

  • Jay K. says:

    Ha! Too funny that Mike Wolfe would refer to Jared Shaw as artful! Honorable Mention, Mike!

    Seriously now, its a sign that things aren’t going well for the franchise’s health when they have to promote grudge matches to bump their viewership. I can’t support Noons when thing aren’t looking good like this. Its apparent that they need each other and both sides need to pitch in here and add to the franchise’s momentum.

    Jay K.

  • Nick says:

    regardless of whether anyone of us thinks diaz is a deserving challenger (i think he is) the main thing is that XC believes he is… a few others have said, since it’s their belt then they get to call the shots and noons should do as he’s told.

    if noons wins then the alvarez fight can happen next and maybe on cbs again but if he loses then XC has alvarez/diaz….and noons can go wherever he wants, boxing or otherwise.

    i agree about this opening a pandora’s box if XC doesn’t walk the walk here and strip noons for not defending.

  • Austin says:

    What’s DIAZ’s side to all of this mess?

  • dsid says:

    Noons and his management are idiots. Think about it this way. If Noons fights Alvarez and loses, do you think he’ll get another shot at the title? Hell no. Not at this point. But if he loses to Diaz they’re right in position to demand the rubber match. And if he beats Diaz he’s free and clear of the guy forever.

    The other thing they seem to miss the boat on is the best fight for Noons is the one that will generate the most attention / hype / viewers. And that fight is Diaz. If they had half a brain between them they’d take the fight, hype it up like crazy, generate a big audience on CBS and hope for the fight of the year, at which point Noons would prove to have drawing power, which he could then later take to another organization.

    But right now he’s the champion of an nothing division in a nothing organization and no one else will really want him. And with the way they’re going he’s either going to ride the pine (yea, that’s great for the career), or get stripped of the title all together (even worse) and end up fighting nothing boxing matches instead.

    And that doesn’t even mention the fact that it’s EliteXC’s promotion and their right to determine who the #1 contender is, who would make the most exciting fight, etc. Every person in the UFC (a real promotion) other than Couture has fought whoever the UFC puts in front of them. And yet this second tier fighter wants to hold out for a handpicked opponent? LOL

  • Batman says:

    I say take his belt to teach him a lesson.


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