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Brock Lesnar could return in November

Lacking a main event for a tentatively planned UFC 91 event at the Rose Garden in Portland, Ore., it appears that the UFC could be turning to heavyweight sensation Brock Lesnar for some much-needed star power.

According to a report in Thursday’s edition of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Lesnar was informed by the UFC earlier this week that they would like to add him to their November show.

The UFC has not officially commented on the story and the report in the Pioneer Press does not point to a source. The report also does not address whether Lesnar has agreed to fight on the show.

If he does give his consent, it is believed that Lesnar’s next opponent could be French kickboxing standout Cheick Kongo. Both Kongo and Lesnar won their respective fights during UFC’s recent UFC 87 event held at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minn. The former NCAA and WWE heavyweight champion recorded a unanimous decision victory over Heath Herring while Kongo TKO’d Dan Evensen at 4:55 of round 1.

Also rumored for UFC 91 is a lightweight bout between Kenny Florian and Joe Stevenson.

  • Nick Travaglini says:

    Brock vs Kongo is an interesting fight. Going to be interesting to see how Brock rebounds after the big win. Hopefully he isn’t over confident or starting to believe the hype. Kongo is more than capable of knocking him out, however unlikely it may be.

    And I have read on more than a few websites that Kenny Florian is actually asking for Frankie Edgar now. That would be a very fun fight. I don’t think Stevenson offers Kenny much right now in the way of clout. He is coming off a recent title loss. Edgar is more of a contender right now. Although both are extremely tough fights right now.

  • Jay K. says:

    LOL, funny pic!

  • darkmetal says:

    I agree on both counts, Nick.

    I think that if he plays it smart, Lesnar will beat Kongo handily. However, there is always the possibility of a KO in ANY fight.

    Stevenson is good, but I don’t think he is on the level of Florian.

    Hey 5oz, why post a pic of Lesnar in his WWE days? Doesn’t the guy have to face enough haters who don’t take him seriously? Just a minor criticism, but I think we owe him a bit more after the last fight….

  • Jennifer says:

    Jay K: I didn’t even notice that, I had to take a second look! You’re right it is a funny pic :)

    I agree with you Nick. I hope he doesn’t get over confident and blow it. I was VERY happy to see him win, but he needs to learn some ground and pound. I also didn’t care for the showboating afterward, but that’s another matter. I think Cheick Kongo and Brock Lesnar is a very good matchup – it will certainly show what Brock is made of!

    Yea, Stevenson isn’t a tough opponent (in my opinion) for Florian. I’d much rather see Frankie Edgar.

  • Skeet says:

    Calling some one a WWE champion on any real news sight is just wrong.
    Those titles are pre conceived and given away not earned.

  • Jim says:

    Have we ever seen Kongo really get hit with the small MMA gloves? I’m sure he’s proven he can take a shot in kickboxing, but I’ve seen a couple of his fights and I don’t remember him taking any big shots there. I knew Herring could take a shot and I was still impressed at how he kept fighting through Lesnar’s first heymaker.

  • Jesse says:

    What to expect from Brock…? A little bit of standup here and there, the shoot (BULL RUSH), some of them out of control, the takedown, when it goes to the ground I see it all being Lesner dominating (he does need to take some more ground and pound lessons). What to expect from Kongo…? Honestly I think he will have some good standup, but if that is going his way he will be taken down, and then it is Brocks game. Brock will respect Kongo, and hopefully he will show a little more respect than he gave Herring after they deliver a good show. Don’t get me wrong, it will not be a walk in the park for Brock, Kongo is huge, but… so is Lesner. If this happens, it will be a great fight.

  • Jay K. says:

    On the feet it will be Kongo. If it goes to the ground it’s Brock’s decisive win. Kongo’s lay and pray is no match for Lesnar’s Ground game. Additionally, I don’t think Lesnar will trash talk Kongo as he did Herring. I’m guessing Herring said a little this or that, that Lesnar heard and then returned the favor.

    BUT WHO DOESN’T LOVE THE BAD GUY? It’d be fun to have that element polarize the MMA community but in a good way.

    Jay K.

  • Mike says:

    really classy 5 oz

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Check me on this, but I think Lesnar took down both Mir and Herring with his first shoot, which was within 20 seconds in each fight. I doubt that Kongo can avoid Lesnar unless he runs, but that won’t help his striking. If Kongo and Lesnar match up, it will go to the ground very early with Lesnar on top. The only way Kongo survives the first round is if he can absorb punishment like Herring did. I don’t think he can.

  • Morkime says:

    This fight is going to take place but this might be too soon. I think Lesnar needs to get his head straight and do not think about standing up with Kongo.

  • ragefightingwear says:

    For MMA’s sake can we replace the WWE photo of Lesnar’s with a UFC photo?

  • Batman says:

    Lesnar will beat kongo easily but it will be fun.

  • akash says:

    brock i ever seen like u man iam big fan off u we r waiting u to return to wwe please do come fast


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