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UFC 91 in Nov. could feature Florian vs. Stevenson

Rumors have swept through the Internet in recent days that claimed a UFC lightweight bout between Kenny Florian and Joe Stevenson was on tap for a show later this year.

While bout agreements have yet to be signed, reports that its sources have informed the site that both Florian and Stevenson have verbally agreed to the bout.

The proposed Florian vs. Stevenson matchup seems destined to be held on Nov. 15 during a yet-to-be announced UFC event expected to be titled “UFC 91” that will likely take place at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon.

In addition to being top lightweight title contenders, both Florian and Stevenson are alumni of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality television series on Spike TV.

Florian competed as a middleweight during the first season of TUF and made it to the finals against tournament winner Diego Sanchez. Since losing to Sanchez, Florian has gone on to win eight of nine fights in the UFC and most recently defeated Roger Huerta via unanimous decision at UFC 87 on Aug, 9.

Stevenson won the welterweight tournament for the second season of TUF, defeating Luke Cummo in the finals via unanimous decision.  He has a lifetime record of 6-2 in the UFC and is 29-8 overall. At UFC 86 in July, Stevenson rebounded from a January loss against B.J. Penn for the then-vacant UFC lightweight title when he submitted American Top Team’s Gleison Tibau in the second round.

  • Boston Tim says:

    Althouh I think Florian is a better fighter than Joe Daddy, and I think he should win this fight, it would suck if he wins and gets another shot against BJ. Who wants to see that. Florian gives BJ a much better fight in my opinion.

  • Toad says:

    dangerous fight for florian.

  • Voridor says:

    Bad matchup for KenFlo, its too bad he didn’t get a title shot (Penn vs GSP). I can see Joe as a younger Sean Sherk. Sure Kenny is a better fighter since the Sherk dominated fight, but Stevenson is a perfect fit for this matchup. A loss for KenFlo and a win for Sherk/Stevenson could put a potential matchup for Sherk/Florian 2 which will happen sooner or later.

  • warcry says:

    I think Kenny has hit another level and he is just above Stevenson at this point. This will be an interesting matchup, but I give the hair length thin edge to Ben Stiller I mean Kenny by decision.

  • ACK! says:

    Florian can defend the guillotine, so he should be alright… The way I see Joe Daddy winning this fight is to utilize his strength advantage for some ground and pound.

  • Foojita says:

    This match makes no sense to me.

    Kenny is next in line for a lightweight title shot. If he loses here that is out the window. You can’t give the shot to Stevenson either because he just handily lost to BJ.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    I agree. BJ beat Joe badly, so why does Stevenson deserve another #1 contenders fight? Let’s say he wins, do you really think BJ isn’t just going to give him another whuppin?

    Unfair to Florian, but I guess since he said he wanted another fight soon he got it. If Kenny keeps it standing he will destroy Joe.

  • KMac says:

    What is it going to take for Florian to get his title shot? After going 5 rounds against Skerk and losing a decision, he’s left out of the “interm” championship picture. The champ tests positive for roids and the guy who he could not finish doesn’t get a crack at the title? But they put in BJ Penn, who had lost 3 of his last 5 fights.

    No doubt that Penn, obviously, is great enough to be a champion, but what are we keeping records for if we ignore them?

    Since the loss, Florian has cruised through everyone in his path and is, unquestionably, the number 1 contender. Penn (and GSP) haven’t defended their own titles enough to justify a weight move as it is. Yes, this is a “superfight” and Yes it will sell large.

    However to ignore rankings and simply go with the most popular fighter vs the other most popular fighter devalues the title and the concept of “champion.”

  • Jared says:

    Bj penn won 3 of his last 5 fights he lost to gsp and hughes and beat pulver stevensen and sherk get yer facts right

  • Jared says:

    oh wait nvm i get what yer saying

  • aceyeager says:

    well first if you are gonna keep records keep them right he was 3-2 coming into fight against sherk in his last 5. and the 2 losses were out of the lightweight division to hughes and gsp. and penn will rule the 155 division.

    as for joe and ken. good fight ken standing joe takedowns and g and p.
    neither can beat penn.

    now as far as gsp and penn, wont happen till summer 09 in my opinion. gsp will fight winner of diego vs thiago. penn will fight winner of ken and joe if it happens.

    #1 contender definately ken flo. he has beat robinson, mishima, lauzon, thomas, and matador. give the man a title shot. hes earned it.

    and im not tryin to dog you wat does he mean by loss 2-3.


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