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Tito Ortiz back on the open market

Despite proclaiming earlier this month that he had signed a “record breaking” contract with Affliction Entertainment, former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz is once again negotiating with multiple MMA promotions, reports’s Dann Stupp in his latest column for the Dayton Daily News.

Stupp reports that Ortiz is talking to the usual suspects such as Affliction and EliteXC but also adds that the Kentucky-based American Fight League is making a play for his services and that even talks are taking place between Ortiz and the UFC.

Despite the resumption of talks, it remains to be seen just how serious Ortiz is about signing a contract and fighting anytime soon.

“I don’t know if we’re really negotiating, or simply helping Tito stroke his giant ego,” an unnamed fight company representative is quoted as saying in Stupp’s article.

Ortiz’s options may not be as plentiful as they were several months ago. Recent reports indicate that ProElite-owned EliteXC is not doing well financially and there are strong indications that Affliction could start exercising greater fiscal responsibility.

The AFL is a bit of a mystery player as they’ve made high-profile signings of former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley and former BodogFIGHT women’s champion Tara LaRosa in recent months, but they’ve yet to make any formal plans regarding a much-talked about November pay-per-view.

Might a return to the UFC be a realistic option for Ortiz? While a lot of bad blood exists between he and company President Dana White, that hasn’t prevented them from agreeing on a new contract in the past. If CEO Lorenzo Fertitta makes Ortiz a strong enough offer, it wouldn’t be a shock to see him fight again in the Octagon once more.

  • fightfan says:

    Ortiz just likes to hear his own voice and likes to hear people talking about him. He is in love with himself and an image of himself. Whether he fights again or not, Tito just have to be the center of converstaion.

    If he fights again, it will be like Frank shamrock, once a year, maybe twice and against fighters that really are not much of a challenge. Tito knows he cant “hang” with all the LHs in the UFC. Of the top 25 LH fighters in the world, at least 15 are with the UFC and maybe more. Of the top 10 probably 7 or 8…So Tito will NEVER sign again with the UFC, regardless. he will make it look like the UFC treats him SOOOOOO bad, so he could never fight for them again…..But in reality, its just an additional excuse not to fight top competition.

    He wants to make money the easiest way he can. Nothing against him there, just go and fight lesser competition and quit whining

  • steve24 says:

    In Tom Attencio’s last video interview he did Tito was brought up. He said Tito has not won a fight in two years and said bringing in Tito wouldn’t save them. It sounds like hes been paying attention to what Dana has been saying for all these years. So I doubt Tito will sign with Affliction. I see him re-signing with the UFC when he realizes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    I would be pretty shocked to see him resign with UFC. He and Dana seem to genuinely hate each other, plus Dana is right about Tito being way past his prime. He couldn’t beat any top 10 LHW right now, so why offer him big $$$$ to come back to UFC, just to see Thiago Silva or someone like him give him an A-1 ass beating? As was mentioned, I think Tito just likes to get the rumor mill going to keep his name in the press.

  • Franklin says:

    I dunno, I could see Dana White wanting to resign Tito just to see him get an A-1 ass beating from Thiago Silva :-)

  • GassedOut says:

    LOL Franklin!!!

  • GoofyMonkey says:

    When I was younger I had a boss who thought of herself as a den-mother of sorts to all the boys in the town I grew up. If any of the guys who worked for her did something wrong at work or pissed her off, rather than docking them hours she would make them work more. Then she could torture us while at work.

    I think Dana needs to adopt this. Sign Tito for as little as he will sign for then put him up against MUCH tougher guys and watch him get pounded on fight after fight…. Oh and pay his opponents a lot more money than Tito!

  • OCD says:

    Tito’s value as a fighter is not as great as Tito’s value as a promoter/commentator/stable manager/tv show host. Tito can sell MMA, even if he is not in the ring. Dana failed to realize this.

    Take Anderson Silva. A great fighter. Not marketable in the largest market due to his language issues. Being a great fighter is not enough if you want to extend your career.

  • bubbafat says:

    I think the most likely outcome is Tito going back to the UFC. What else could happen? The AFC is not a viable option for stock like a “Tito Ortiz”. Sure they signed Tara La Rosa, but for way more money than she can bring in. And who the heck is Bobby Lashley? Has he even fought yet? Anyways, Tito sorted out the huge contract with the golden parachute for Affliction, then Attencio comes out and basically says the contract is not feasible so he doesn’t sign. Leaving Tito hangin’.Elite doesn’t look like it’s going to be making any moves. And to top it all off, Lorenzo is the man calling the shots at UFC HQ now, while DW’s kept on as just a figure head. The result’s of losing 1/2 his ranked HW’s, not to mention his other unhappy investments. Process of elimination leads Tito to re-sign if he ever wants to fight AND get exposure at the same time. And you can bet your ass that contract will require him to keep his mouth shut

  • darkmetal says:

    I don’t know if it is worth it. Sure Tito has a name, and he can certainly deliver in the Bravado dept., but why pay the guy a fortune to be nothing more than a punching bag? I see the UFC as a place where fighters can come and hopefully ascend to the championship. What good is a fighter who really has no chance to ever see that mark again?

    And certainly Tito is shopping around asking for a literal fortune to sign. And if Affliction bailed, then he must be asking for WAY more than the UFC would ante up.

  • dsid says:

    Man, I really hope they don’t allow pumpkin-head back in the UFC. I’m more tired of hearing about him than anything else in MMA (yes, even more than the Randy vs. Fedor endless crap). Not only can Tito not beat any of the solid (much less, top) LHWs in the UFC anymore, but he’s also become a tremendously boring fighter. The game has evolved beyond him and I agree with those who say he really doesn’t want to fight anymore. He just wants the attention. I say let him go.

  • jdavis says:

    Tito and Dana run their mouths about all sorts of stuff and Tito says he’s going to fight somewhere else but in the end he’s back talking to the UFC because that’s where the money and the name recognition is, pretty much the same song and dance from 2005. Tito will go where the most money is put on the table and regardless of what Dana feels about Tito as a person he will put him back in the cage if he thinks it will make the UFC money. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tito not only back in the UFC but coaching TUF again in the future.

  • the sheik says:

    the hell you talkin bout Anderson Silva not bein marketable. Its VERY easy to market the worlds best fighter, regardless of the language barrier. I dont get ppl sometimes.

  • Kevin says:

    The world’s best fighter is Fedor

  • Johnny Lawrence says:

    Tito is also getting an offer from Vivid Entertainment.

  • Warcry says:

    I say bring him back to the UFC let him be the gatekeeper of the LHw division. He’d be the litmus test to see if an up and comer( Forrest, Rashad,) is ready for Top 10/ title contention. The Brookyln Brawler of MMA.

  • sven says:

    I say he should sign with the WWE or perhaps TNA because he’s got alot more skill with a mic than he does in the ring.

  • stevefiji says:

    Tito in the UFC would be awesome, Dana will torture him for at least another 18 months… his own personal pin cushion only the pins are fists of any sprawl enabled striker and Dana just adds insult to injury after each beat down. That is high comedy.

    Nope, Tito will sign with Elite… they need each other, Affliction has almost no credible fights for Tito and he will bring little to a PPV…but Tito will bring a massive TV audience for sure.. they will insinuate all sorts of extra marketing stuff and side deals have been made (which were never actually done) so Tito saves face with the public about his needs being met and then Tito moves up and takes on Kimbo (who has been fed 2 more donuts in the mean time) and in Tito’s second or 3rd fight with Elite, he moves up in weight and does the honors of taking out Kimbo …. Elite has themselves another 2 or 3 huge TV shows with Tito after that… This all makes too much sense.

  • Powers says:

    Is it to much to ask him to retire and manage fighters?

  • Austin says:

    Stevefiji: Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante would decimate Ortiz the second the bell rings. Ortiz would not be able to hang with the 205’s in ProElite.
    Feijao looks like a young Shogun.

  • tallsforeverybody says:

    Ouch stevefiji…Kimbo v. Tito would be a horrible match up for Kimbo. The only thing Tito is good at, takedown+gnp, is Kimbo’s achilles heel.

    I’d watch it though!

  • Imbecile says:

    @ tallsforeverybody

    “takedown+gnp is Kimbo’s achilles heel.”

    I agree with your point, but that is a pretty funny statement, “Kimbo’s achilles heel.” You probably didn’t mean it like this, but when I think of an achilles heel it is kind of their one weakness. As though if it were not for one thing, Kimbo would otherwise be unbeatable. Kimbo needs work on his hands, his power, his wrestling, his jiu-jitsu, his escapes, his sweeps, his submissions, his submission defense, his transitions, his cardio, etc.

    In fact, I would say MMA is Kimbo’s achilles heel. Otherwise, he is awesome! 😉


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