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5 Oz of Pain on CBS Sports: Title shot for Brock Lesnar might not be too far off

In my article this week, I decided to come up with a potential UFC top-10 heavyweight ranking in the UFC to get a better idea of just where Brock Lesnar fits into it.

I’m sure some will argue where I have certain fighters ranked, but I think it’s hard to argue that Lesnar is more than two wins away from a title shot. In fact, he may only need one more win before he’s given his first opportunity to claim gold in MMA.

CLICK HERE to read my breakdown of the UFC’s top-ten heavyweights and decide for yourself where Lesnar fits in and just how far he is from a title shot.

  • Ken says:

    superstar on the rise. he’ll go straight to the top and probably break some PPV records too. he’s what the general public wants to see. hopefully he’ll take some time to really develop technically too. i don’t really care for his recent showmanship antics, but that shit works.

  • Ken says:

    P.S. IMO given a few tough fights, he would mangle Fedor. I’d love to see him train with Couture, if Randy/UCF can ever make the peace.

  • I agree with Ken that if Lesnar got some solid training from Couture, he’d be an MMA beast. The guy is as pure an athlete in the HW division the UFC will ever have. People can hate on him all they want, but he’s been thrown to Mir and Herring with only 1 MMA fight under his belt prior to. What other MMA newcomers get that kind of elite competition right off the bat? I wouldn’t go so far to say he’ll topple Fedor any time soon, but pending any surprises, he’ll be moving up the ranks quickly.

  • mike wolfe says:

    I don’t disagree with the premise–that Lesnar is only 3 wins from a title shot– but I don’t think I’d rate him higher than Kongo at this point. Kongo doesn’t have much of a ground game, but Lesnar’s striking on his feet is an unknown quantity. If Kongo could keep him standing for a round or two–and I agree that would be a big challenge–Kongo might prevail. So if Lesnar beats Kongo, Gonzaga and Werdum, Lesnar should get his shot, and it would be hard to say he hadn’t earned it.

  • Ken says:

    that’s just the thing, he’s a pure talented and gifted athlete. all muscle, speed, power and explosiveness at 265. marketable attitude and (gulp) showmanship abilities. seems very coachable etc etc

    give him some couture style clinch/gnp/dirty boxing/cage tactics and he’ll be the wrath of God coming at you in the cage. randy and brock share similar wrestling backgrounds too. it’d be a good match. probably never happen, but it’s be cool.

    respect to all fighters.

  • Rich S. says:

    Lesnar’s definitely closer than anyone else right now, with the exception of Werdum..

    i mean, you have Herring, Kongo, Werdum, Carwin, Velasquez, and Gonzaga who are title contenders right now..

    he already took out Herring, and, imo, it was in a way that no one’s every taken Herring out before..

    Herring didn’t even get to pull guard, he was in the fetal position the ENTIRE time..

    with that said, i’m SURE if Lesnar faces Kongo he’ll do the same.. i mean, if Kongo threw ONE leg kick he’d get taken down.. the only way Kongo could win is via Headkick KO..

    Cain and Carwin both need more wins/fights to even be considered..

    I’m saying the ONLY HW’s [in the UFC] right now that can beat Lesnar are Gonzaga, Werdum, and Nog..

    and i’ll go ahead and Narrow that down to Werdum and Nog because i don’t like Gonzaga’s gas tank..

    come fight time against Wer or Nog, if Lesnar has a good… rephrase: great.. sub defense, he’d win easily..

    i knew Lesnar was gonna be good..
    but he’s SOOOO MUCH MORE BEASTLY than i thought he’d be..

  • Ross says:

    3 away from a title…..well I hope so, the ufc heavyweight division is beyond weak and for as much as hes getting paid it should be 1 fight away not 3.

  • mikee says:

    Nog would competely and utterly desroy Lesnar.

  • jaydog says:

    This top ten HW ranking is an interesting exercise, but it mostly serves as proof that the UFC heavyweight division is a joke. Okay, that’s too strong. This top ten shows that the best HW talent is outside the UFC and the UFC’s HW pool is filled with prospects rather than accomplished fighters. Not that I wouldn’t want to see most of them compete, but too many of those top ten match ups are barely main card material. For a performance artist to come into the mix at number 5 is not surprising. Time will tell who develops into the next Couture, Nogeira, or Fedor.

  • Aryan says:

    I’ll respect this giant steroid head when he fight a couple of guys his size..i dont like him and i hope he disrespects a few Brazilians or other foreigners and gets shot in the back of the head the next day

  • bubbafat says:

    I just don’t understand why Cheick Kongo is even being talked about, AGAIN, in regards to title contention. The guy is a physical specimen with kickboxing talent, but he lost to Herring. As well rounded as Heath may be considered to be, ground is not his strength. I know the whole A beats B but does not necassarily beat C thing, but I’m confident Lesnar would whoop Kongo’s butt too. Lesnar has consistently been humble about his greenhorn status as an MMA practitioner while Kongo beats Evenson and suddenly he wants a shot .

  • wfopen says:

    OMG you have got to be kidding
    Is the UFC so weak? He’s got no BJJ or class. He will get his ass beat by anyone who has other skills. Give him Gonzaga and a few other multitalented HW”S then get back to me. Bullshit to get a title with three fights and one was a can. If he keeps fighting like the last fight not to loose he’s another Sylvia. One punch and then not do much but lay on top of your opponent for three rounds doesn’t say anything. He’s overrated so far. Moron

  • hindsightufuk says:

    im not so convinced nog or anyone else would walk through lesnar, nog is undoubtibly a great fighter, but that Lesnar is one big c*nt!
    i thought the days of one dimensional wrestlers being champions had passed (hughes, ortiz, randleman etc) but im not so sure. all hes gotta do is put his head down and charge! ridiculous size of a beast
    dont get me wrong im not lesnar rider, i dont care enough to like or dislike him, i just cant see anyone in the ufc except nog even standing a chance.
    and yes their hw division is soft as hell right now

  • Jeremy says:

    I know he hasn’t even fought since coming back yet, but was there any thought to perhaps putting Mark Coleman in the rankings? Perhaps maybe over Hardonk? I am assuming he is going to have a fight at some point at Heavyweight? Maybe against Lesnar again?

  • Rich S. says:

    wofle – “Lesnar’s striking on his feet is an unknown quantity”

    maybe.. but, take a look at his fights.. he’s thrown, 2, maybe three punches.. and after all of them his opponent was on the ground..

  • trevor says:

    isn’t it kind of stupid to bring up herring losing to belfort as a knock against him since everyone who has ever seen the fight knows he got robbed. it wasn’t controversial. it was just wrong.

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Brock Lesnar’s shortest route to fighting Fedor would have been to go Japan and bite animals in half, or rip phonebooks, dictionaries and other thickly spined books in half or throwing the vertically challenged large distances. The circus act/freakshow type dudes get more shots at fighting the Great One with greater frequency than these mere MMA mortals.

    Brock is, as I’ve said before, a whole lot of humanity hurling himself with harmful intent at his opponent – and while I see why it’s said the Mir victory as a “hail Mary”, it was at least in Mir’s catalogue – Herring had nothing in his catalogue, except a look of swollen – eyed surprise. The key is accessing the catalogue while Lesnar’s still got holes in his game. When he learns to throw a choke, he could be real tough.

  • DocWagner says:

    The UFC is a joke if they think that after 5 or so fights they can put him into a title match…call it UFE “Ultimate Fighting Entertainment”

  • Michaelthebox says:

    While the UFC HW division is weak, Lesnar’s high place has less to do with the weakness of the division, more to do with the fact that he beat the stuffing out of a top 20 fighter.

  • Cathedron says:

    All that article did was despress me at just how weak the UFC’s HW division is. Why the UFC got rid of so many of their HW fighters is beyond me. You’re right Sam, Lesnar is near the top even with just one win simply because it was so dominant. But that’s true of all the HWs. Basically, two wins in a row over any two mentioned in the top ten makes you a title contender. Sad. Frankly, I think it’s because MMA requires so much speed. There just aren’t enough fighters who are gifted with size and speed.

    Oh, and I would never say that Big Nog has had a “solid” win. It’s just that Nog’s strategy is to be beaten until the other guy is exhausted and breaks his hands on Nog’s face. I really can’t remember a fight where he looked dominant against a serious opponent. A win’s a win, though. His fight with Herring made him look bad. He would have lost if Herring hadn’t backed off inexplicably.

  • bob says:

    I’d have Cain ahead of Brock – based on Cain’s performance against O’Brian

  • Johnny Lawrence says:

    UFC needs him as Heavyweight Champ. He’s the best of the current crop, and within the year he’ll be the champ. like it or not, cannnn you diggggg it?

  • egad81 says:

    Brock needs to do BJJ and CARDIO and he will dominate for a long time.

  • Rich S. says:

    Doc, are you serious?

    i don’t know if you mean 5 fights in his career, or 5 or so in the UFC.. but if it’s the latter, that’s EXACTLY what gets you a title shot..

    i can understand not giving a guy who’s 3-1 or 4-1 a title shot.. but, hey, look at KJ Noons…

  • That may be a little quick. I think if he has another 3 fights with some good competition and if he keep improving then maybe. If he does another “smothered & covered” performance it should take a while. Those are fights that are pretty boring and not very technical at all.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Lots of people saying UFC heavy weight is weak. Other than Fedor, who outside the UFC would you consider a strong heavy weight? Not Tim Sylvia, and Arlovski couldn’t handle the UFC competition. I’ll give you Barnett, too, but with Fedor that’s only two.

  • Nate says:

    Lesnar is the reason I liked the old PRIDE FC crazy matchups they threw sometimes. I image a kid saying, “who would win in an armwrestle match, chuck norris or a missile?

    I love the craziness Lesnar brings to the sport. I hated his antics after the fight, but everything else is class act. He knows how to talk, train, learn. I agree with the rankings. I am anxious to see where the HW division goes.


  • HexRei says:

    I think this talk of Kongo beating Lesnar is silly. Yes, if he could keep Lesnar standing it would be a win for him, but he won’t be able to. He couldn’t handle Herring on the ground and he definitely won’t be able to handle Lesnar’s shoots. And despite the fact that Kongo is huge, Lesnar is even huger, so there will be no size advantage for Kongo. Lesnar will walk all over Kongo. And I’m hardly a Lesnar fan either, just telling it straight.

  • xx2000xx says:

    If Nog beats Mir, and Lesnar beats Kongo impressively like he did with Herring it will be interesting what they do.

    I think they might just go ahead with Nog/Werdum for the belt with Lesnar/Gonzaga as the co main event. If Lesnar beats Gonzaga they will give him a shot at the belt.

    That gives him maybe 8 months to learn how to defend subs. If he can defend the triangle/arm bar from the top, I can see a ref stoppage round 3 with Lesnar destroying Nog. Nog won’t turtle up like Herring did and will try to work the sub from the bottom, and while doing so, will be taking massive damage.

  • stevefiji says:

    Lesnar is no more than 2 fights away from a title shot unless Fedor and/or Couture come into the UFC fold…. He takes Kongo, then he takes one of the BJJ guys (Verdum or GG) and if he does win, he’s 100% got his title shot. If Mir is the champ, we all know he was only 30 seconds away from an impressive TKO and so Lesnar deserves the rematch almost immediately, if Nog wins, Mir needs to fight 2 more fights at least, for another title shot and so he’ll slot in right behind Lesnar and why throw him to Mir anyway when the bigger money with the same exact risk is with Nog?

    In fact, why throw more than 1 BJJ guy to Lesnar before his shot… it serves absolutely no purpose at all, the PPV buys will be off the charts for a Lesnar title fight. If Lesnar wins the title, with that kind of massive credibility he will sit on the throne as the #1 PPV king for a long, long time, even if he ends up losing his first defense to a BJJ specialist.

    And to all those crying about a weak HW division in the UFC, what’s so impressive about the HW’s outside of the UFC? Two talented Russian brothers (one supremely talented, one who is borderline Top 10) both who refuse to fight contenders regularly, two UFC castoffs (one who is one win above .500 in his last 15 fights and the other who last fought on a UFC undercard) … and, oh yeah, almost forgot… the most overrated HW in the game today, Barnett.

    So I contend the HW ranks worldwide are thin, not just the UFC, and the UFC has literally all the exceptional young talent. Dana has stockpiled himself about 10 mega fights in the HW division starting in about 8 months and lasting another 3 years after that. Good times ahead for the big boys…

  • BJJDenver says:

    In no way is this meant as a sleight towards Lesner, BUT,

    You gotta love the UFC HW division. Win a fight, get a title shot!

    I think this speaks volumes as to the depth of the HWs and that the UFC has gone into a rebuilding stage for the division.

    Of course a Lesner title shot would probably be huge on ppv, so…

  • Derek B says:

    leg kicks are whats going to kill lesnar.

  • tricky dicky says:

    does nothing but soeak to how shitty their hw division is than how good lesnar factually is.

    p.s. if lesnar is set to mangle fedor what will he do to the current UFC champ?


    to me Velasquez > that bloated blond troll.

  • Warcry says:

    The Ufc HW division is on the rise. While I give Affliction the nod for now at HW, in 2 years time this division will put them in the rearview mirror. Lesnar, Velasquez, Carwin, Werdum, and Gonzaga the future is bright. After hitting a missing the Ufc has put a roster of Hw that is compelling finally looking forward. Imo, believe it or not the Ufc has more depth than Affliction far as quality matchups.

  • Johnny Lawrence says:

    @ Derek B

    Leg kick Attempts = take down with Lesnar’s speed and Wrasslin’ skills.

  • xx2000xx says:

    Watch Sherk vs Florian. Boring 5 round but Sherk killed him.

    Funny, Brock is 5x more than Sean. He will do better, but people want to see him and not Sherk.

  • RAizzle says:

    Leg Kicks also mean another straight right from 7 feet away. The SOB could hit from shocking distance.

  • darkmetal says:

    First of all, Lesnar layed down strikes on Herring throughout the fight. HH’s face was a mess, and both his eyes were almost closed, with what might be permanent medical damage to one eye (lets hope HH is wrong on that diagnosis) from his massive first punch.

    I agree that Lesnar played it safe for much of the fight, not attempting BJJ moves on several occasions, but I think he did so because Herring is moderately strong at reversals, so he avoided them.

    Lesnar will beat Kongo, of that I am sure. And I give him a 70% chance of beating Gonzaga, who will probablly be his next opponent after that. Remember that Couture did not beat Gonzago via a fancy BJJ move, but rather by using basic Greco-roman wrestling and GNP. In this category, Lesnar is very powerful.

    Brock Lesnar is stronger and faster than any heavyweight in the UFC, and this makes up for his lack of more complex skills. Can be be caught? Of course he can, as he did against Mir. But had he fought like he did against Herring when fighting Mir, he would have won.

  • hankt the tank says:

    if lesnar mets nog the smartest thing woud be to just let the fight be a stand up war becose lesnar woud destroy nog standig. nogs standup is shiiiiiit!!!!!

  • dpk says:

    I’d make the Lesnar v Kongo match right now. And then have him fight Gonzaga as a co-main event of the Nog/Mir winner vs Werdum. If he beat Kongo and Gonzaga there would be no reason to not give him a UFC title shot. At the same time I’d look to put Cain in with Coleman by the end of the year. I think Cain would take him out, and it would give him a good name to build off of. Cain and Carwin are each only about 3-4 wins away. I think all things being equal, Carwin would get the first shot of these two because he is a little older, has more fights on his record, and Cain can potentially be the HW star of the next decade, while Carwin (and Lesnar) can be a star of the next 3-5 years.


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