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5 Oz. of Pain Presents: The DUEL

Joining me, personally, this week is David Andrest. David is a contributing writer for mmajunkie and an all around successful dude. David will be a Colbert-like “formidable opponent.”


1. Thiago Alves would be dominated in a title bout against Georges St. Pierre.

Andrest: FALSE. First off let me just say that I am one of the few that are not buying into the Georges St. Pierre hype machine. Is he a very good fighter? Yes, but his name shouldn’t even roll off the lips on anyone having a P4P discussion. St. Pierre has proven he can beat wrestlers. That is all he has proven. Other than a win over Serra (a 155lb guy, who isn’t exactly the greatest athlete you’ll come across) and a split decision win over a gassed BJ Penn that can be argued wasn’t a victory, he hasn’t beaten anyone who can get to his chin. Alves poses a different fight for him, one that he has not faced in his career. A great athlete with the ability and speed to punch or kick him right in the mouth. Alves would be bigger, as strong, and as fast with an entirely different skill set. St Pierre might (and I stress might) win this fight based on experience but that is the only advantage he will have but it better happen quickly for Georges sake.

Huckaby: TRUE. Oh sir, you are so off here. Not buying into the St. Pierre “hype machine?” Shouldn’t “roll off the lips of anyone having a P4P discussion?” GSP is with Anderson Silva and Fedor in the P4P discussion, end of story. I believe GSP will crush Thiago Alves simply because he is GSP and he will crush anyone if he’s healthy. This is a guy who isn’t even a wrestler until he fights wrestlers and suddenly believes he can be in the Olympics. That’s amazing. He has stuffed takedown after takedown from Hughes, Fitch and Koscheck…. fine, fine wrestlers. I was all on the “Liddell can only beat spoon-fed opponents” wagon up to his fight with Rampage so I’m aware of matchup problems. GSP has no matchup problems. GSP is fantastic and Thiago Alves, while excellent, is no GSP.

2. Cheick Kongo would be a great second opponent for another Brock Lesnar win.

Andrest: TRUE. Lesnar is quickly becoming a 280lb version of Sean Sherk, and with Kongo’s lack of ground game, he has little shot against a guy like Lesnar. Sure an unexpected punch on the button or kick to the head could happen, but Kongo hasn’t shown his kickboxing skills in so long, I’m beginning to think he has all but abandoned the idea of beating up opponents on their feet. Lesnar will take him to the floor at will, and fumble his way to victory.

Huckaby: TRUE. Kongo would have little to no chance against Lesnar. The only person that can beat Lesnar is a solid standup fighter with nice takedown defense (Cro Cop come back!) or a guy with a very solid BJJ game (Mir, Nog, etc). Lesnar is going to dominate any guy that can’t stop his takedowns or any guy that can’t knock him out quickly. I will give Lesnar his credit in that he’s aggressive as all hell and he’ll make any fight happen where he wants it. That said, if he fought Mir again tomorrow he’d lose via first round sub again.

3. Roger Huerta should have waited until after the Florian fight to openly discuss the UFC and their contracts.

Andrest: FALSE. There was nothing to gain by waiting until after the fight. Let’s get a few things straight. Huerta isn’t going anywhere, and isn’t going to be openly punished for speaking out the way he did. The worst that will happen to him is they will again give him a fight he won’t win and re-sign him to another deal (that he will sign) that isn’t to his liking. They might also stop the UFC hype machine and treat Huerta like every other good up and coming lightweight. Had Huerta won the Florian fight, he set himself up with more bargaining power, and wouldn’t run the risk of looking like a spoiled head case because he complained prior to being the “number 1” contender. Truth be told, Huerta needs to demand a 10 percent raise, and immediately give that 10 percent to the Sports Illustrated photographer and editor who decided to feature him on the cover of their magazine, had that not happened Huerta would be no more popular to the average fan than Gray Maynard, Tyson Griffin, or Frankie Edgar.

Huckaby: TRUE. I agree with my own statement? BLASPHEMY! Pretty much everyone reading this knew Florian would whoop on Huerta so I don’t know where he found the testes to rip apart the UFC for the way they have marketed him. I rip on the UFC frequently but Huerta is purely a media matter hyped up by the great UFC machine and Sports Illustrated. Huerta is a fine fighter but he fights down to his opponent’s level and Florian was certainly not under him as most of us realized. I really like Huerta and I really don’t like Florian, but Roger had little chance in that fight. Roger Huerta should have been quiet and taken a raise even with a loss but instead he decided to run his mouth before he got beat down. Will he be released? I doubt it as he’s a poster boy, but he certainly didn’t help his longterm run in the UFC with his comments.


4. Heath Herring can take a better beating than anyone in mixed martial arts.

Huckaby: TRUE. You kind of have the advantage here as you can get more options thrown your way but let me explain how I mean this: Herring can take a better beating among top opponents and remain competitive on a major stage. Edwin Dewees can take a beating. Chris Lytle can take a major beating and never, ever quit. But Heath Herring has this ability to absorb it from the greatest fighters in history. Fedor gave him the second worst ground-and-pound I’ve ever seen in my life, Cro Cop tossed him around like a damned rag doll and Lesnar just beat the ungodly crap out of him. Herring won’t quit and he’ll face the biggest beatdowns you’ll ever see. If you top me, fair enough.

Andrest: FALSE. Yes, it’s true I’m among the biggest fans of Herring, and feel he is completely under appreciated by the average fan of MMA. While you have done a tremendous job of outlining my point to those who may be unaware of Herring’s resume, and it’s true he doesn’t have an ounce of quit in him, he shouldn’t even be considered in this category. When I think of guys taking a beating the first few names on this list are Sakuraba and Big Nog. I can’t count on one hand the number of times Sakuraba appeared close to death in an MMA ring, many times winning, sometimes taken out on a stretcher but never quit, and never feared a rematch (see any of his 3 fights with Wanderlei Silva for prime examples). And as far as Big Nog is concerned, he takes a beating better than anyone in MMA. I still contend he has never lost a fight but rather ran out of time before winning. You can beat on this man for days and he just keeps coming at you, never a better example than Nogueira’s win over Bob Sapp. There are very few times in your life you will watch a grown man get beat on and thrown around like a rag doll and still stick to a gameplan and pull off a victory. Just a brutal display, but truly beautiful at the same time. Sadly for Nogueira’s orbital bones he tops my list for fighter who takes a better beating than anyone.

5. Dana White should not be speaking publicly about Rampage Jackson’s future legal issues.

Huckaby: TRUE. This is downright offensive, who comments on legal matters before it comes to a court of law? Can’t you only hurt yourself? Did Dana White graduate from Harvard law in some ceremony I’m not aware of? Don’t get me wrong, I have personal experience with this issue…. I had a friend on an icy evening bump into the back of a car going 5mph at a stop light when I was 17 or so. The guy hopped right out and said no problem and then the woman stumbled out of the passenger seat and fell down only for her husband/boyfriend to yell, “OH MY GOD SHE’S PREGNANT!” Please. 20-25% of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage. I don’t believe this legal preceding for a second but at the same time it shows Dana White’s immaturity that he’d even open his mouth on the subject when his company has the money and the lawyers to defend this. Just shut up and win, what the hell are you thinking?

Andrest: TRUE. It would show incredibly bad form for anyone around the Rampage situation to speak on the record about this situation at all. While we are likely to never know what exactly was going on with Jackson at the time of this accident, one thing is for sure people who where not there should keep their mouths shut if they want to call themselves “friends” with the man. Even if they are trying to protect him nothing good can come of this.

6. Jeff Curran, moving to the WEC’s bantamweight division, could seriously challenge champion Miguel Torres.

Huckaby: TRUE. This pains me as I don’t really think Curran can take the belt but I guess he could “seriously challenge” Torres. Torres’ win over Beebe is still mindblowing to me in the way it happened and Curran is coming off of a couple of losses but I won’t doubt Curran’s ability to drop down and give it a real go. Torres is the best in the world at the weight but I’ll have to wait and see Curran in his tuneup fight(s) to see if he could really contend with him.

Andrest: FALSE. Let me preface this by saying this question is messed up as we may have a different definition of “seriously challenge.” If by “seriously challenge” you mean a guy that can go into the 3rd round before losing than yes, I may be wrong. But if you mean a guy that has a better than average shot at beating Torres, I stand by my statement. The “Bigger Frog” will not pose a real threat thus causing him to drop to flyweight to become the “Biggest Frog” and attempt to be a “serious threat” to Shinichi Kojima. Entertaining guy, but not a serious threat to any top-level talent at any weight.

And that ends this week’s DUEL. Thank you to David Andrest for participating and we look forward to having him in the future. Feel free to state your winner in the comments as always and we’ll see you next week when two more guys will battle in THE DUEL!~

  • BadMonkey says:

    Andrest, what the hell are you smoking dude?? GSP isn’t top 5 P4P?? WTF! He put a world class ass beating on Jon Fitch and it was only Fitch’s superhuman toughness & will that kept him going. I mean, I started feeling bad for Fitch he was getting beaten up so badly.

    Thiago Alves is a very good fighter, but unless he gets a lucky shot thru and hits Georges on the button, he doesn’t win this fight, especially if it goes to the ground.

  • joey says:

    First off Thiago Alves actually needs to make weight in order to get a title shot. Maybe he should get back on the diuretics.

  • Cobra Kai says:

    I was so disgusted by Andrest’s answer to the first question I had a hard time keeping an open mind about the rest of the duel. I think if Huerta had waited until after the Florian fight to talk about the UFC he wouldn’t have done it. It was a stupid move on his part. He bought into his own hype and paid for it.

    Huck, you win this one.

  • Mario says:

    Poor reponse on the GSP question by Andrest! GSP hype machine!!! If you weren’t on the wagon going into the Fitch fight, you better be on it now, and after he beats up Penn, I dont want to hear any excuses. Alves is good fighter, but your aurgument stinks. He beat up an old Matt Hughes, overrated Karo and a one demensional fighter in Chris Lytle. And don’t let me forget how he got chocked out by a Fisher. GSP is at a different level when it comes to BBJ, wrestling, stand up and intensity.

    This is how the GSP v Alves fight breaks down: GSP stands with Alves for a round, they trade a few punches, the first round is a wash. Second round, GSP takes Alves to the ground, GNP’s him and submits him via rear naked choke. End of match.

  • Mario says:

    Poor reponse on the GSP question by Andrest! GSP hype machine!!! If you weren’t on the wagon going into the Fitch fight, you better be on it now, and after he beats up Penn, I dont want to hear any excuses. Alves is good fighter, but your aurgument stinks. He beat up an old Matt Hughes, overrated Karo and a one demensional fighter in Chris Lytle. And don’t let me forget how he got chocked out by a Fisher. Oh ya, and didn’t Alves get TKO by Jo Fitch, funny how we forget these important facts when we make aurguments based on emotions and less on actual facts. GSP is at a different level when it comes to BBJ, wrestling, stand up and intensity.

    This is how the GSP v Alves fight breaks down: GSP stands with Alves for a round, they trade a few punches, the first round is a wash. Second round, GSP takes Alves to the ground, GNP’s him and submits him via rear naked choke. End of match.

  • Caleb Newby says:

    Well, that was probably the easiest Duel to judge in history.

  • Toad says:

    lol. Just cause you dislike GSP doesn’t make him not one of the best in the world. Accept that he’s good and dont make it personal.

  • nick says:

    Wow i’d have to agree with Andrest.. Which fighter has tested GSPs chin. Matt Serra? A mediocre striker got the best of him c’mon now. Once GSP gets hit he immediately goes for the takedown. So if Thiago can hit him hard enough and stuff his takedown afterwards, he stands a pretty good shot.

  • Mario says:

    I think its a mood point anyways. At UFC 90, Alves will get dominted by a refocused Diego Sanchez.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Man, Andrest got tooled in the GSP argument. So, the best MMA wrestler will have trouble with a guy who can’t keep the fight standing and isn’t particularly great on the ground? Real great argument there.

  • Mario says:

    Nick and Adnrest must be the same guy!

  • Schlegel says:

    Yeah Andrest and Dave’s arguments against GSP are pretty flighty at best in my opinion. I mean Nick says after GSP gets rocked he goes for takedowns, well OK, he is the best takedown man in MMA, aside from perhaps Brock, and settle down people I only said takedowns, I know where that is where Brock stops so far, but anyway, GSP has out wrestled the best wrestlers in his weight class and done it handily.

    I think the one thing the arguers forgot to mention was GSP’s mindset and training, which in my opinion blow Thiago away. If you go by raw physical attributes then the fight could be considered close, but GSP has so much more experience, mental preparedness and better training that the fight would not be very close.

  • rollshop says:

    gsp is a beast, but i have to admit if anyone out there could pose a problem for him, its alves….assuming he can make weight, of course.

  • Derek B says:

    There’s not a chance in hell that Lesnar will beat Kongo.

    1st round Lesnar will have a broken rib. Just ask cro cop.

  • Mario says:

    Kongo has good stand up skills, but his ground game is weak. Once it hits the mat, its lights out for Kongo. Lesnar will dominate the ground game, neutralizing Kongo’s stand up and win in another unam decision. It might be predicitable, but its effective. It worked for Tito and Sherk, not it will take Lesnar to the top of the HW division.

  • nick says:

    We’ll see what happens. Noone gave Thiago a chance against Hughes or Parisyan but one quick knee can change a fight.

  • nick says:

    Schlegal, what I meant was.. if Thiago hits GSP with a knee and rocks him, I doubt he’ll be able to take down Thiago. Same with the Serra fight, he got clipped and tried for a takedown but it didnt work out. I can see the same thing happening.

  • rolltide says:

    Andrest what are you on man? GSP is definatly top 4 in the P4P rankings. Now, I do feel that Penn won that fight but GSP is leaps and bounds better than Alves. Alves will get TKOd or submitted(pick your poison with GSP) and I assure you Alves will not put up near the fight that Fitch did. Alves isn’t better than Fitch, Kos, or Diego and I’d be willing to be that Shields would have better than a 50/50 chance at beating him. I’m not fallin into the Alves hype machine.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Fitch ko’d Alves, and GSP pounded Fitch. GSP’s striking is at least as good as Alves’, and GSP’s wrestling is far better than Alves’. GSP wins by either ko or ref stoppage, and it won’t be close.

    Lesnar will beat Kongo. NOBODY can stop Lesnar’s takedowns. The guy is a world class wrestler who’s as big and strong as a Silverback guerilla. He took Mir and Herring down so fast and easily it was breathtaking. Mir won because he may have the best BJJ of any heavy weight. Herring’s ground game is pretty mediocre, and Kongo’s isn’t any better. Lesnar will beat Kongo like a rented mule (or Heath Herring; take your pick) If Lesnar ever develops good submissions, he will be difficult to stop.

    Huerta did screw up by demanding big money before his fight with Florian. Talking himself up before losing the biggest fight of his career in a way that highlighted his average skills (yeah, they’re improving, and yeah he showed heart) was stupid. He should have fought first and then picked his negotiation strategy based on the outcome. Now he looks like he’s backpeddaling and on the defensive. Bad, bad strategy.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    “So if Thiago can hit him hard enough and stuff his takedown afterwards, he stands a pretty good shot.”

    Right, because Alves has better takedown defense than Hughes, Koscheck, Fitch, etc…

  • Cathedron says:

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t understand anyone thinking that anyone could force Lesnar to keep it standing. I don’t give a shit how good your sprawl is, you can’t outsprawl a friggin truck for long. Lesnar just has too much speed, too much power and his wrestling is too good. Kongo better be training submissions and running wind sprints. And you think Cro Cop would stand a chance? Please. His sprawl is greatly aided by his fighting in a ring (which nullifies a lot of wrestling to begin with) and don’t forget that Cro Cop is small enough to easily cut down to LHW. Cro Cop is out of his prime anyway.

    Thiago would present a unique challenge to GSP, but I don’t think anyone in the division can beat GSP right now. His standup is good enough to at least survive the best that Thiago can throw at him, but then it will go to the ground and Thiago will be in a lot of trouble.

  • Wolfgang says:

    Huckaby’s response on GSP is very weak and doesn’t put up an argument at all.

    GSP will win b/c he’s GSP?

    And then he addresses Andrest’s comment about how GSP has only proven that he’s beaten wrestlers by saying GSP is a phenomenal wrestler?

    And then Huckaby tries to reassure that he’s aware of match up problems but then goes back to the fact that GSP is GSP so he can’t lose.


    I personally think GSP beats Thiago, but Huckaby’s response is ludicrous

  • David Andrest says:

    OK so I am not sold on GSP. If that is reason to lose the Duel. so be it.

  • Smokes says:

    Andrest your getting a lot of hate on the GSP issue and although I believe GSP to be in the top 5 P4P I think you did an excellent job of stating your point. Its hard to argue that point and Huck had nothing to say against that other than GSP will win. No offense Huck but even though you were right there, I’d say you lost that arguement on lack of ability to back up your statement. I think though if Thiago fights GSP Andrest will be singing another tune

  • Sleepwalker says:

    LOL @ David Andrest. Are you watching the same GSP that the rest of us are? I understand there’s a need to play devil’s advocate, but figure out when to pick your battles; this is just ridiculous. We heard the same caveats and excuses when he went up against Fitch: GSP can dominate wrestlers, BUT NOT this wrestler – blah blah blah.

    Take him for what he is – a true champ.

  • Jye says:

    I think on a website mainly consisting of hardcore fans he can still win the argument by saying GSP is GSP. We all know what GSP brings to the table cause he’s proven it so many times against top opponents. He’s the most well rounded fighter in all of MMA (I think he wins this hands down) and to say that he shouldn’t be in the top P4P argument is a joke of a statement.

    Also Alves couldn’t stop GSP taking him down, even Hughes got him down in their fight and if wasn’t for the 5 seconds of GNP in the end of the 1st he probably would of taken that round.

  • Rich S. says:

    The Thiago questions weird for me..

    because i have two theories for that fight..

    1: Thiago will do better than Fitch because his standup will provide wayyyy more KO power, and technique..

    2: I knew, deep down inside, that there was no way GSP was going to finish Fitch.. but, i could see him finishing Thiago.. Thiago would probably tire out [which is physically and mentally impossible for GSP] and GSP would be able to finish him off via Gnp, Cut, TKO, etc..

    so, on one hand i feel that Thiago will do better than Fitch did, but i also think he won’t make it as long as Fitch did..

    make any sense?

  • Cobra Kai says:

    My posts haven’t been showing up. If this one does sorry for wasting your time reading it.

  • nick says:

    Enough with the UFC math. Just because Fitch beat Alves and GSP beat Fitch doesnt mean Alves will lose. Rampage lost to Wandy twice but Chuck beat Wandy.. so that means Chuck should beat Rampage right? Wrong. Its all depends on the matchup. Alves has knockout power and im sure he’ll land a few knees on GSP. Same with Anderson Silva, he has the perfect style to beat GSP. Quick and explosive. BTW im not comparing Alves to Silva.

  • darkmetal says:

    First of all, GSP looked even better (hard to believe) than I have seen him when he fought Fitch. The guy has packed on major muscles via his current training regimen. And even after 5 rounds of beating on Fitch, he looked only slightly winded. He will win until he decides to quit training with his current intensity, or he is injured. But at his current level, he is one of the top p4p fighters in the known universe.

    Kongo will have little chance at beating “The Vanilla Gorilla” Brock Lesnar. Lesnar will overpower him easily and beat on him like a Conga…Kongo

    Any man that would purposefully piss of a beautiful woman like Arianni Celeste by screwing around on her must be somewhat messed up in the Cabasa. Such is the case with Roger Huerta. He had a chance to prove himself against a great foe in the form of Kenny Florian, but he dropped the ball. He should have kept his mouth shut, and if he had lost the fight he could have simply stated he was “Going back to the drawing board”, and it would have been accepted. Now he has Dana White miffed at his lazy attitude toward promotion, and White can come back with “You proved you weren’t worth the money…” And what will his defense be?

    On White’s opinions on Rampage’s legal situation:
    White is simply stating his opinion, just as we do on here all the time. He doesn’t need much to state what he believes, and nobody expect him to be right.

  • b.w. says:

    why is there even a discussion about gsp’s chin. he got tko’ed once and didnt even get hit on the chin, it was behind the ear on the side of the head . it was a legal punch cuz gsp was ducking right when serra was throwing, but it still didnt come close to his chin. he then when on to take what? 15-20 more unanswered punches before he tapped out. sure if alves lands a big knee to gsp’s chin, he can rock him, but i can guarentee you gsp is gonna test his chin 1rst and i dont see alves’s holding up. gsp is defenitley 1 of the top 3 p4p fighters on the planet and if ANDREST is getting more than free t-shirts and dvd’s then he is way overpaid. i dont see alves even making it past a much improved diego anyway. id say gsp vs bj is about 50/50 with a slight edge to gsp with his dominant win over fitch.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Alright. For those of you who don’t like or can’t understand “UFC math,” I’ll just give you the answer without bothering with the explanation. GSP will beat Alves, and it won’t be close. Any questions?

  • RJA says:

    Oh and mario i’m a sanchez fan.But if sanchez dominates alves then alves has no business being in the octagon with GSP.Diego has lost to [email protected] much as we would like to i don’t think we will even see him get a title shot.But i hope i’m wrong.He is fun to watch.

  • Damo says:

    Up until his last what, half dozen fights – GSP was widely considered a striker.

    Just because he mixes up his gameplans now and takes people down at will, do people forget what happens to people that stand in front of him?

    Admittedly i’m a GSP fan and have been ever since I watched him tearing people apart in TKO.

    But I think it’s pretty clean cut that he has ADDED a true ground game, take downs and his unpredictable gameplans to his skillset that was largely take down defence and striking in the past.

    I think the three most career altering fights for GSP were the first Hughes fight, the BJ fight and the Serra fight. He has added something to his game every time and come back a completely different fighter.

    It’s a hype train i’ll continue to ride. Watching him evolve has been one of the more interesting stories in MMA for me over the last few years.

    Oh and Alves? Not a chance.

  • Beef says:

    Good point on GSP’s success lately being mostly against wrestlers (whom he’s been out-wrestling). I agree that Thiago Alves will pose a tough opponent for GSP but I still think GSP will win (Takedown, GnP, UD win).

    2 Things first, though:

    1) GSP has BJ Penn to worry about.
    2) Thiago Avles stands alone as the UFC’s undisputed king of the 175 pound division and would have to “drop” weight to fight GSP. Maybe he should try the waters with a 170# fight against a top contender before he gets a title shot.

  • David Andrest says:

    WOW, read the question, and then read and comprehend my response, and then comment.

    Did I say GSP would lose this fight??…
    The question wasn’t about winning or losing.
    Someone can feel free and pipe in here who it is that GSP has beaten that isn’t a wrestler in recent history other than the fights I listed? don’t worry I’ll wait…………..

    The question is about domination. I don’t see it. Wouldn’t mind seeing it, but have nothing to base the assumption off.

    There are two champs in the UFC in danger ( real not fluke) of losing their titles and GSP is one of them.

    Much like Chuck I want to see how he does against something other than wrestlers.

    Everyone remember how unbeatable Chuck was??? Que Rampage and Jardine and everyone wants to put a nail in the coffin.

    Chuck needs a win, a high profile win. They set up the fight with Rashad…How surprising.

    In Short, I just want to see GSP fight someone other than a wrestler, is that too much to ask before I crown him the greatest ever in the history of the sport.

  • b.w. says:

    DAVID ANDREST. saying that gsp shouldnt be on the lips of anyone on the p4p list is what got you in some hot water. you werent asked that! saying that alves would be a challenge is fine, but when you go out of your way to demean one the best mma fighters on the planet, you should expect some flack.

  • Warcry says:

    Alves is flying high after the destruction he put upon Hughes. If Gsp makes this a stand-up war that’s a bad idea. He’ll win because fighting IQ is what makes him stand head and shoulders above the other welterweights. He’ll take him down and GnP his way to victory.

  • Damo says:

    Feeding GSP wrestlers (Considering how his surprisingly talented wrestling game was only starting to get noticed after the Koschek fight) is nothing like feeding Chuck grapplers.

    For the most part Chuck was being fed people who needed to get the fight to the ground, and chuck was well known to have one of MMA’s best sprawl and brawl techniques.

    To me, THAT is a champion they wanted to crown.. and picked his fights accordingly.

    Feeding an all rounder who straight off the bat, didn’t really have one part of his game that stood out.. apart from his quickness on the feet, feeding him guys who are known to take people down at will, lay on them and beat them up… it just doesn’t make sense to me saying that he didn’t earn his stripes. He out wrestled the wrestlers they fed him, and lets be realistic – he walked through the entire division.. and it was a solid who’s who list aswell.

    I don’t have to list them names. You all know them as well as I do.

    I just don’t see wrestlers being an ‘easy feed’ to someone like GSP. For a guy who was what, a purple belt in BJJ and liked to keep it standing and just out-work his opponents.. feeding him guys who will pick him up, put him on his head and pound him out or lay on him for three rounds.. that just doesn’t sound like it was really supposed to be in Georges favour.

    But he prevailed and is a deserving champ.



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