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Updated UFC 90 fight card

When: Oct. 25, 2008
Where: Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Ill.
Watch: Pay-Per-View

This is the first UFC event held in the Chicago area.

Here’s the latest on UFC 90:

Televised Main Card (projected) –

  • Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote @ 185lbs (UFC Middleweight Title)
  • Thiago Alves vs. Diego Sanchez @ 170lbs
  • Tyson Griffin vs. Sean Sherk @ 155lbs
  • Fabricio Werdum vs. Junior dos Santos @265lbs
  • Thales Leites vs. Goran Reljic @ 185lbs

Preliminary Card –

  • Ricardo Almeida vs. Matt Horwich @ 185lbs
  • Hermes Franca vs. Gleison Tibau @ 155lbs
  • Josh Burkman vs. Pete Sell @ 170lbs
  • Spencer Fisher vs. Melvin Guillard @ 155lbs

Card subject to change. All matchups are rumors unless otherwise stated.

Check out more UFC 90 content on 5 Oz. of Pain.

  • thomaswhigham says:

    at 155 lbs? shouldnt it be 170?

  • Levi says:

    Yeah, I don’t think Alves could make 155 without losing a limb.

  • dunlop says:

    Ha, ya, no chance he makes 155.

  • Ant says:

    Will we see sew marks where Alves re-attaches his arm after the weigh ins?

  • paul says:

    There is no way in hell avles makes 155 he can barely 170

  • You all know it was just a typo, leave Cava alone.

  • batman says:

    Its only a matter of time before all the top stars of UFC leave the company. So then we get to watch a bunch of nobodys get whooped on by anderson silva. oh wait that is already happening.
    Here are some fights I would like to see but they will never happen because of joe silva’s poor match making.
    Chuck Liddell vs Forrest Griffin title fight
    BJ Penn vs GSP non title
    Rampage vs wanderlei Silva
    Fabricio Werdum vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria title fight
    Mauricio Rua vs Anderson silva non title
    Dan Henderson vs Rich ace Franklin
    Josh Koscheck vs jon Fitch
    That would be a great card.

  • cabj1905 says:

    This looks like a crappy card so far (assuming these are the main and co-main events). Nothing I’d pay to see. Not to be an asshole, but I’m hoping Cote gets injured during training so he gets replaced by someone who matters. IDK, maybe we just got spoiled in July with all the fantastic cards going on everywhere, and we still got a stacked UFC 87 to look forward to in August; but nothing the UFC is planning after August really has me excited. The shittiest card in the world (UFC 89) is gonna be free… big deal. Pull something outta your ass, Dana… you’re starting to lose it.

  • Not to be an asshole but I’m hoping cabj1905 gets injured so he can’t comment for a few months.

  • Warcry says:

    There will come a day when relevant primetime defections will hurt the Ufc perhaps. That they is not here yet however. Ufc is the place to be and the place to watch the best fights. Other promotions have to prove to have staying power to even present a legit a major challenge

  • Anthony says:

    Cote isn’t a nobody. In fact, aside from Andy Silva, the middleweight division is quite competitive. The perception is just skewed because Andy Silva is just so damn dominant over everyone else.

  • doubleA-ron says:

    #9 lol. #11 tatally agree-w/ out silva the division is competive!

  • Bryan says:

    @7 liddell forrest is hanging on liddell evans at 88. BJ and GSP is happening in december. Wandy Rampage has already happened twice, and Hendo franklin is still I’m the works for later from what I’ve heard. And for the record, if that was one card, please give me your card for the next month that would blow away joe silvas.

  • blicko says:

    Dana’s circling the bowl. Finally this egomaniac is going down.

  • Anton K says:

    Can someone please explain to me why in the world Cote deserves a title shot over Okami?

    Why isn’t Cote fighting someone like Bisping or Okami BEFORE he gets a crack at Silva?

    If Henderson is #3, shouldn’t Cote have to fight him? Or Franklin? It just seems like the UFC is throwing chum to the shark.

  • Anton K says:

    Actually the Alves v Sanchez fight seems to make a lot more sense… If Sanchez wins (I know that’s debatable) does he get a title shot? Does Alves?

    Where does Kos fit into all this?

  • Evan says:

    Anton K

    Okami was signed up but broke his hand.

  • Anton K says:

    I see…

  • batman says:

    #13 Joe silva gave Frank Mir a title shot after beating Brock lesnar, and he only has twoo mma fights. my next month fight card hmm that would be
    Matt Hughes vs Karo Parisyan
    Thiago Silva vs Lyoto Machida
    Yushin Okami

  • batman says:

    # 13 sorry I accidently clicked submit
    Matt Hughes vs Karo Parisyan
    Thiago Silva vs Lyoto Machida
    Yushin Okami vs Nathan Marquardt
    Roger Huerta vs Sean Sherk
    Rashad Evans vs Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
    Cheick Kongo vs Gabriel Gonzaga
    Kenny Florian vs Joe Stevenson
    Michael Bisping vs Kieth Jardine

  • tc says:

    alright i donno some of you guys know what your talking about most dont let me clear some things up for you.
    cote gets a tittle shot becuase hes won 6 fights in a row.. who cares if he can beat franklin if your not forgeting silva beat franklin twice. so if cote beat franklin which im sorry theres a hur possibility of that happenoing hed get the shot anyways. regards to # 20 man u know alot dont you bisping is a middle weight fighteer. the ufc is doing fine and there cards are a good show every month. sanchez alves wont happen. the next three ufc have amazing cards.. and who thinks ICE MAN deserves a title shot! are u fucking kidding me lmao buddys lost 2 of his last three.. i doubt he can beat rashad. ill end with this. NO matter who anderson silva fights hes going to win with out a doubt.. red some book people or atleast visit the site and learn your shit. brutal

  • batman says:

    #22 I want kieth Jardine to drop to middleweight and chuck liddell easily could get a title shot after he destroys Evans. i know plenty about the sport most likely more then you.

  • Johnnyho says:

    RE: # 22 tc

    You might want to try spell checking your shit or learn to read and write proper english before you run around telling others to “red some book people or atleast visit the site and learn your shit” or “so if cote beat franklin which im sorry theres a hur possibility of that happenoing hed get the shot anyways” whatever that means…

    lmao at you tc

  • Bryan says:

    Actually #22 Patrick Cote has only won 5 fights in a row and only 4 of those were in the UFC.

    Sanchez v. Alves has been reported at UFC 90 by almost every credible MMA news outlet.

    Chuck Liddell has lost 2 of his last 3, but if he be beats Rashad (who many feel is a top contender) he is a former champion with 2 straight wins over high echelon competition. He may not necessarily “deserve” a title shot, but having friends in high places and being a former champ gets you things. Deal with it, there are far worse people to put up against Forrest.

  • Bryan says:

    And actually Batman, that was a pretty good smack in the face. Those would be 2 great cards. Now assume that half of the first cards fighters couldn’t fight and the second card fighters couldn’t fight. The point I’m getting at is that NO org. has enough top tier talent to keep fight cards full of great big name matches. The UFC does a pretty good job of putting them on. UFC 84, 87, 88, and 89 all have at least 3 great matches on paper.

  • batman says:

    Ok last card because then some of the guys who didn’t get hurt or ended the fight quick could main event the 4th fight card.
    Heath Herring vs Frank Mir
    Kenny Florian vs Tyson Griffin
    Thiago Alves vs Matt Serra
    Diego Sanchez vs Mike Swick
    Thales Leites vs Patrick Cote
    Brandon Vera vs Matt Hamill
    Cain Velasquez vs Brock Lesnar
    Frankie Edgar vs Nate Diaz

  • peygan says:

    to the guy who put this
    Its only a matter of time before all the top stars of UFC leave the company. So then we get to watch a bunch of nobodys get whooped on by anderson silva. oh wait that is already happening.
    Here are some fights I would like to see but they will never happen because of joe silva’s poor match making.
    Chuck Liddell vs Forrest Griffin title fight
    BJ Penn vs GSP non title
    Rampage vs wanderlei Silva
    Fabricio Werdum vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria title fight
    Mauricio Rua vs Anderson silva non title
    Dan Henderson vs Rich ace Franklin
    Josh Koscheck vs jon Fitch
    That would be a great card.

    you have some intersting matchups but jon fitch cant figth kos cause they are training partners.

  • The J man says:

    I hate to see cote fighting silva, I can’t really see how Cote is going to make the fight a fight, Granted, Cote has a right hand but so did Irvin!! But I guess it’s partial protocol allowing the #1 contender at least a shot. I think Cote’s a bit cocky though, stating that he will just keep the pace up and catch him, Leben tried that and it cost him. Truthfully, Silva is way to technical and quick, hard to just rush a guy if he keeps throwing razor jabs and sharp leg kicks to slow your momentum. And not to mention the clinch and ground game, I guess the plan for cote is swing for the fences and hopes he catches him, much like serra did against GSP! So, worse case scenario silva lose by a lucky punch only to regain his title in the rematch. But a more realistic scenario is the striker Cote is put out by a better striker Silva!!!!!

  • Cody says:

    Also on the UFC 90 Fight Card its official that Spencer Fisher will be fighting Melvin Guillard. Its also said that winner of Sanchez vs Alves will face winner of Penn vs St.Pierre ( fight nt official yet ). And there are two rumored bouts for UFC 91 Quinton Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva 3 and Florian/Huerta vs Bj Penn these are just rumors right now except for Sanchez n Alves its offical that winner will get title shot.

  • aceyeager says:

    chuck liddell probablly will fight forrest. and gsp will fight bj

  • Sheldon says:

    I think Cote is as deserving as anyone to get a crack at Silva and if he brings a smart game he can give Silva some trouble…his confIdence is at an all time high coming off 5 straight wins 3 by way of tko, he has a good camp in brazilian top team with the likes of gsp helping him prepare for the fight….I think people will be surprized how good Cote actually is. I also think there is still some competion in middleweight division for Silva
    Paulo Filho
    Damien Maia
    Yushin Okami
    Michael Bisping

  • aceyeager says:

    also rusamihr palhares might be coming up if he beats dan henderson

  • Chuck Silva says:

    1. Lyoto Machida deserves the title shot against Forrest, not Liddell.

    2. Wanderlei Silva needs to drop down to 185 to fight Anderson Silva.

    3. Florian is going to wait until after the Penn/GSP fight in December to challenge BJ for the title. He just proved himself to become the #1 LW contender after beating Huerta and there is no one else to beat except BJ.

    4. Rich Franklin needs to fight Hendo…NOW.

    5. BJ beats GSP by rear naked choke and this will lead us to BJ/GSP part 3!!!

  • Nick Travaglini says:

    UFC 84 was the best fight card of the last two years in my opinion. But UFC 90 on paper is actually better. WOW. I hope the fights turn out as good as it looks on paper. This is going to be unbelievable. They really stacked their first chicago card.
    And if cabj1905 thinks this is a crappy card, he needs to either admit he has never watched MMA before last week or stop trolling on blogs.

  • micah says:

    anyone think the prelims would make an awesome UFN?

  • Tim says:

    If Markham doesn’t get put on this card it would be a travesty.

    The only hometown boy to throw on.

  • Lyoto Machida’s fights are like watching paint dry!!! Kick and run away, kick and run away! He will get his shot but it will be after Evans or Liddell!!!
    I would love to see Anderson Silva Vs. Vanderlei Silva!! Stylistically this would be a war! Both have a great Thai clich and superior BJJ. (Both black belts) oh yeah and both push the pace like no one else!!!
    Frank Mir and his title shot, hmmmmm I too think this is very pre-mature. Eventhough he is a former champ, he came back from his accident and was dominated twice (knocked out viscously) then won two fights, btw he was being ragdolled by lesnar prior to catching the inexperienced lesnar in a knee bar. The only reason why he gets a title shot is cuz of his name in the UFC and the fact that he wuld be a great coach for TUF.

  • neosamurai says:

    Why isn’t Melvin vs Spencer on the main card? That will be a great fight. Thales Leites should be on the pre-lims after his pussy play acting against Marquardt. The light weights get a raw deal in the UFC and invariably they provide the greatest entertainment. It sucks. At least I get to see it for free, being from Ireland.

  • ctownhood says:

    Triangleman, how can you say Machida is boring? Because he doesn’t stand in front of guys and take damage? He is a pure martial artist. He strikes and moves….seems to be working out pretty well for him too

  • Davey D says:

    I can’t wait to get to Chicago for this event. People who think this card isn’t good ought to be shot. Cote has also rightfully earned his title shot and it is too bad that Yushin got injured because I was looking forward to that bout. I think Cote vs. Silva will end up being a war.

    I was really hoping Wanderlei would end up on this card but that doesn’t look like it’ll happen. I understand the timing of it all but I’m still hoping for it though. Looking at the card, it does seem to me that it needs one more fight that could co-headline and put this one as the best of the year (so far and there has been a few already). IMO, it could be a HW or LHW bout that should be added to the main card. Another fight or two could be added to the undercard as well. I think a total of 10 or 11 bout’s would be ideal.

  • platypus says:

    great great card, awesome

  • […] 155lbs Josh Burkman vs. Pete Sell @ 170lbs Spencer Fisher vs. Melvin Guillard @ 155lbs Source: Updated UFC 90 fight card :Five Ounces of Pain you will be more excited about the prelims […]

  • Brian McG says:

    I will not pay to watch this fight…ill watch all the fights the next day for free on mmaplayground

  • Davey D says:

    Brian, why not just go to a bar and enjoy it there? We also get UFC 89 on Spike TV one week prior to this. Either way, I know money is tight nowadays so if that is the case with you, I understand. But if you think the these fight’s aren’t going to produce “action action”, you’re sadly mistaken. IMO, watching any MMA event live is better than viewing it later online. Again, if money is a factor, believe me, I understand.


  • Brian McG says:

    Machido is Booring and Chuck will beat the hell out of Rashad

  • Brian McG says:

    youve got a good point… i will not pay to watch it but i will probably go to my buddies house to watch it just cuz there is nothing i would rather do that watch a fight

  • JJ Docker says:

    @ all of Batmans comments; sorry mate but I really don’t think you’re very knowledgable when it comes to MMA match-making. Joe Silva can’t just book fantasy fight cards having all their best fighters compete against each other – this doesn’t work financially or practically. The cards you listed were great cards but the fights on them are each individual massive selling points for the UFC (e.g. Henderson vs Franklin, GSP vs Penn, Liddell vs Griffin) and the potential money they would lose by putting 20 awesome fights over 3 or 4 cards would be huge. I happen to think Joe Silva is a good match-maker.

    And lol at your comment about Jardine dropping to middleweight.

  • JJ Docker says:

    And one more thing article-related.. why is everyone hating on this card so much? Although its not an 84 or 87 caliber line up its a solid card. We get Sherk and Werdum, two big names in their respective weight classes, the best fighter on the planet along with a few prospects in Reljic and Alves who I’m going to be excited to see.

  • Warcry says:

    Someone said that Silva vs Cote would be a war. Yea, just like the 1st Franklin fight was a war and the 2nd Franklin fight was a war. Whoa, boy that Silva vs Irvin fight is gonna be a war. Yea he got his too. I’ve stop doubting Anderson because he keeps destroying people. He’ll knock you out or submit you. If you were as unfortunate as Rich Franklin you can suffer the worse beatdown in UFC history, suffer amnesia and think you got the best of the stand-up exchange. Agree to another fight and catch another ass-whuppin but, this time it’s in front of your hometown family and friends!

  • scott says:

    There are rumors floating around about Rich Clementi vs. Gray Maynard being added to this card, and potentially Rory Markham vs. Mike Swick as well. The Markham match-up definitely makes sense as he’s from the area…but this card is getting pretty damn full!

    Speaking of from-the-area…where the hell is Bonnar? Seems like it would only be natural that they’d stick him on their first Chicago card, not to mention he’s been on a long layoff.

  • bobby says:

    hmm silva may lose to cote if he stands with cote but silva is smart and will just submit cote becuase cote sucks at submissions and avoiding them, the only thing he can do is strike and take strikes. ya cote isent good enough for title shot but here are the people who aee

    martin kampmann is probley the biggest threat to silva but he better beat nate marquart at ufc 88 and then he will be next for the title
    nate loughran-undefeated
    damien maia-undefeated
    amir sadollah will be soon if he wins a couple more fights
    michael bisping but not if he loses to leban at ufc 89

    and for the lhw title
    13-0 lyto machida is fighting 13-0 thiago silva at ufc 89 the winner will be next for title most likely

    and my favorite title the hw title heres the people that are in the picture for that title

    brock lesnar
    shane carwin
    cain velazquez
    neil wein
    fabrico werdum
    this is how they should solve that and make a true number 1 contender

    wein vs carwin whoever wins goes to the next round to fight the winner of brock and cain
    lesnar vs velazquez whoever wins goes to the next round and fight the winner of the neil shane fight, the winner of the fight of the two winners will fight fabrico werdum the winner of that fight gets the next title shot becuase everyone but one man will have lost recently and that 1 man will be the true number 1 contender

  • Jay952 says:

    Here is the way that I see it:

    True MMA fans will respect the UFC 90 card. It is a well rounded card. Alves vs. Sanchez for a title shot is a key match up. This could go either way. Griffin vs. Shrek is likely to go to the score cards, with Griffin edging it out in a close fight. Silva will likely finish Cote at the start of round 2 via TKO. It’s not always the most deserving fighter that gets a title shot, as will be the case when we see Forest vs. Chuck. Personally, I don’t think that there is one BEST fighter in the light heavyweight division like we see with Silva at Middleweight or Fedor at Heavyweight. Styles make fights and i would pay to see Forest vs. Chuck quicker than I pay for Forest vs. Manchida.

    -Faber is a monster. He needs to come to 155 at the UFC.

  • EN says:

    Silva likes a catch weight fight eh, he kicked irvin’s ass.
    Let’s see Anderson Silva vs Brock Lesnar
    Brock’d go donkey kong on him and Silva would be crying like a little bitch.

  • Gabe Ruediger says:

    UFC 90 is a real good card, the undercards alone would be a great Fight Night. To bad we wont get to watch all of them. Machida IS boring and that is exactly why the ufc put him up against Thiago Silva hoping he loses. The winner of this fight will more than likely fight Wanderlei. The UFC put Liddell against evans because they can easily market either fighter against forest. Either tuf 1 winnner vs tuf 2 winners or tuf 1 winner vs tuf 1 coach. Cote is the only one in division u can justify fighting anderson. The ufc wanted Okami, he got injured. They should have matched up Bisping against Anderson but they didnt. I think Huerta should fight Maynard next Even though I hear Maynard will fight Clementi(not a bad fight though). It wont happen because its 2 different organizations but tell me Edgar vs Faber wouldn’t be a GREAT matchup. Since that wont happen what about Edgar vs Heurta. Hendo and Franklin take care of business they will fight next. Rampage will fight shogun next. I think if Alves beats Dirty Sanchez he will get GSP after BJ Penn. However if Dirty Sanchez wins I think GSP should ask for a catch weight fight against Silva(I dont think that would ever happen though). Hughes will retire after he recovers from injury and beats Matt Serra. Joe Stevenson should fight Koscheck at 155 just cause I have no idea what the UFC has planned for either of these fighters. And last but not least I believe I Gabe Ruediger should fight Charles Mcarthy because we r the 2 biggest BITCHES ever to fight in MMA.

  • Blympie says:

    So simply put- yes the card is pretty decent if you actually watch the ufc fights. It would be a pretty damn good UFN. As an Illinois boy who has tickets to the fight I am a little disappointed though. We see Sherk who is coming off Roids I really wonder what he looks like now. We see two good fighters (at one point who might be done) Franca and Tibau. Cote has stated “I know how to beat Anderson”. You gotta remember Although Cote is a pretty much no name as when he got his first shot in the UFC he fought Tito for the belt on a 15 day notice. If you watch that fight not too shabby against Tito either. Although you knew he was way to fat to be at 205. Well fat for a fighter. I wanted to hear a blockbuster main event. Yes I think that anderson has weaknesses atleast two. I am just waiting for Dana to come out and say someone huge is fighting.

  • aceyeager says:

    thiago silva vs machida is a perfect #1 contender fight. winner gets a title shot. they dont fight wandy, they dont fight lidell or rampage. title shot. i think thiago will win a descision. anderson cote will be tko like sum 1 up top said. thiago alves vs diego real good fight. this is a really good card.
    i think the spencer fisher guillard fight should be a main card fight.

    fights for title or #1 contender

    rich-dan 185

  • aceyeager says:

    winner nog/mir-werdum hvy
    florian-penn 155
    gonzaga vs brock hvy would be maybe good

    any 1 who will answer forest vs machida/silva who will win

  • Gabe says:

    Your smoking crack aceyeager if u think machida/silva will fight forest ahead of evans and liddell. It wont happen 100% if liddell wins. Liddell is Dana Whites boy he WILL get forest next if he wins. On paper should winner of mahida silva get shot, yes probably. More than likely the winner will face okami after he gets better for that title shot which by then probably will be liddells title. And i am no liddell slappy, just think his next 2 fights will be wins against evens and then forrest. And I think Partick Cote has a legitimate shot at the uspet. I dont think he will upset Anderson, but this is one of those fights where EVERYONE besides canadians think this fight is easy fight and some thinking Cote doent even belong in same ring with Silva. This wil be a close fight, maybe not an exciting fight but a close one.

  • Burbcore says:

    Why does everyone bust on Cote? He’s the fucking man. Let’s see…no loses in Canada, won his last four in the states…Nullified a bigger, stronger Tito’s wrestling while fighting on only a day’s notice…Yea. Pretty much puts in him title contention.

  • aceyeager says:

    yea well since lidell got handled and the mchida/silvaa fight isnt happening i guess it will be rashad. but u really cant tell me that if silva were to tko machida he wouldnt get a title shot. and whoever said cote cant stop submissions. so he got beat by luter it happens. did u watch the almeida fight. and silva dosent take people down and submit them he kos their ass with a mix of kicks knees and punches. i give cote a chance tho. he needs to punch smart not wild.he needs to use a jab and keep silva at bay.

    evry1 seems to be underestimating thiago silva. he will wear the belt 1 day watch.
    and rashad got lucky in drawing with tito. should be a loss. and machida whooped up on tito. so if machida beats silva how does rashad get title shot over machida

  • Vercelli says:

    tc although your spelling and grammer are horrible atleast you know what your talking about, which could not be said of 90% of the people that post on these boards. Ive been a huge Iceman fan from day 1 but seriously… he should retire his old ass before he gets knocked out some more. He has not put up a good fight against a reputable opponent in a long time. His glory days are over and he will never wear a belt again. There is no way he should ever get another title shot again unless he pulls off a miracle and beats 2-3 top players.

    All of you fools out there trashing Cote need to get educated and then start posting…. Burbcore thank you for actually posting something of substance. This guy has done nothing but win his entire MMA career, he has 4 loses in UFC which 3 of them could of easily been called the other way… Silva is unstoppable and will not be beaten unless by fluke bomb landing on his chin(see GSP vs Serra) and that guy could EASILY be Cote as he has one of the hardest right hands in the biz.

    Machida is DA MAN. I think he will one day be champ as his style is so unique it is hard to train against. He is as elusive as Silva and his stand up, although not plain to see, is absolutely devastating. You can’t touch him and he seems to be able to land at will on almost any opponent. UFC is doing a great job with their fight cards but everyone needs to remember, first and foremost this is a business and they here to make money. Cards can’t be stacked with 8 superstars everytime cause then next month you get shit,


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