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Report: Josh Burkman vs. Pete Sell at UFC 90

MMAjunkie is reporting that Josh Burkman vs. Pete Sell is set for UFC 90 in Chicago for the card’s untelevised preliminary bouts.

Burkman has lost 3 of 4 bouts since cracking some journalists’ top 10 lists and a loss here could very well send him out of the UFC. Sell, 0-4 in his last UFC appearances, will be dropping down to welterweight to take the challenge. This seems to be a do or die bout for both fighters as the UFC has recently shown no problems in cutting fighters they don’t find exciting (Burkman) or fighters that don’t win (Sell). While on the undercard, this could be a major fight in the UFC’s welterweight division.

UFC 90, on October 25th, is set to be headlined by a middleweight title bout between Anderson Silva and Patrick Cote. Also on the main card is reported to be Diego Sanchez vs. Thiago Alves, Sean Sherk vs. Tyson Griffin and Melvin Guillard vs. Spencer Fisher.

  • Warcry says:

    AAh… The who is going to a lesser promotion showcase match. Oddly enough this fight will probably be a very exciting matchup. Won’t be televised however.

  • Warcry says:

    Call it the Smelling Salt Special

  • Rich S. says:

    if you ask me, Burkman does whatever he can to make a match exciting.. the guy’s a wrestler and he’s in there doing flying knees, spin kicks, back fists, supermans.. you name it..

    it just doesn’t always work out..

    and hmmmm, let me try to remember the last exciting match pete sell had.. well, for starters, his last THREE IN A ROW!!!

    this should be an exciting fight..
    and i think it won’t make it to a decision..

    Burkman via freak KO..

  • BKMCG says:

    UFC 90 is an average card. Cote vs Silva is the main event…WTF??? there is not 1 fight on there that i just have to watch…guess i wont be buying the ppv for this one….ill just watch the fights on mmaplayground the next day…theres a few fights worth watchin…but this card aint worth the $$… why the hell cant the UFC give u a frequent buyer discount…like buy 10 ppv’s get one free or buy 5, get one @ half price….greedy bastards

  • Rich B says:

    Yeah. Stupid capitalist pigs. How dare they charge what the market will bear.

  • matt says:

    Sam, I know you want to up your readership but the recent influx was morons is incredible. This card will end up being really good. People who complain about cards need to chill out. Sherk/Griffin will be awesome and fast paced. Yes, it will go to a decision but who gives a shit? Silva/Cote will end in a KO in the 2nd (I’m giving Cote a round to fight as he has a pretty good chin and decent wrestling that I think he may make it outta the first). Guillard/Fisher is gonna be a slugfest and will end in someone unconscious. And Sanchez/Alves will be for the #1 contender for the WW title. Plus you know that Joe Silva will end up putting additional great fights on this card.

  • sven says:

    I have absolutely no desire to see this fight at all.

  • dpk says:

    Matt, I agree with you. This card is still 2 1/2 months away, and already has some good and relevant fights. A MW title fight, a fight for the WW number 1 contender, and a fight that could launch Tyson Griffin into the LW title picture. Werdum a top 10 HW has also mentioned that he will be fighting on this card. I have plenty of faith in Joe Silva, that this card will end up loaded.

  • matt says:

    There is also the Horwich/Almeida fight which will have MW implications. While Almeida looked like complete ass in his fight with Cote, a win over a guy like Horwich would be a step in the right direction. For Horwich to win, it would put him in the 2nd tier status of fighters like Bisping/Leben and would set up future matchups.

  • sol says:

    I thought Sell had been cut already lol, wasn’t his last fight when Scott Smith knocked him out?

  • omar says:

    I know alot of people dont like matt serra but i love him. I cant wait to hear Serra screaming Drago every five seconds.

  • BG says:

    omar, I can totally hear that…..”BREATHE DRAGO…..BREATHE”

  • Wang Chung says:

    call me a hater, but pete dropping down from his obviously true weight class just so he can try and notch some wins because he can’t hang at his natural weight class strikes me a severely lame coming from a guy who not long ago was yapping how st. pierre was ‘mentally weak’. honestly i don’t see him fairing much better at WW. burkman is a good test for him, but i think both of these guys are struggling to keep pace with the rest of their divisions. burkman always seems to lose and then right after there’s some blog or whatnot where he’s decided to cut loose the partying or whatever and rededicate to his training. after hearing this 4 or 5 times it’s getting old. and sell, well, honestly some guys are just never going to be top ranked guys. it may be a silly analogy, but mma is like chess, and you have to be cerebral at the level of the UFC…and pete sell, as far as i can tell, isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  • Pete Sell fights usually end up looking more like toughman fights than MMA, which is why I’m kind of tired of them. Go for a takedown, Pete!

  • Jesster says:

    Burkman has been screwed out of some decisions (SWICK) and NOBODY at 170 can match his power!!!! Burkman always pushes the action, and when he gets tired of chasing he will drop his hands and taunt from the center of the cage…. In his desire to push the action and make the fight exciting he has been caught because of that haste. I think if he fights the fight his way, anybody will be hard pressed to beat him at 170, 185, and possibly his natural 205. WAR SALT LAKE!!!!


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