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Jake Shields vs. John Alessio?

In an interview with, Jake Shields seemingly confirms his next title defense will be against journeyman John Alessio:

Darrick: You just found out that you will be defending your title against John Alessio in about five weeks. What are your thoughts about this match?

Jake: I’m excited to be back at it. I trained all year without getting to fight until July, so I’m ready. I think John will be a good fight, he has good all-around skills and he always brings it. I’m sure he’ll be ready.

The fight wouldn’t seem to be any type of challenge for Shields. I still wonder why Zuffa wouldn’t keep Alessio under WEC contract as a veteran gatekeeper to test other welterweights. None the less, Alessio would be a solid future addition in EXC should he be kept. Scott Smith has proven himself to be very useful for the company after being let go by the UFC. Your past doesn’t matter if a majority of the viewing audience doesn’t know about it.

  • sven says:

    HAHA Shields title is a joke. Next up after Alessio? RICHIE HIGHTOWER!!!!!

  • dpk says:

    How many fights does Shields have left on his contract? We will never know how good this guy really is until he moves to UFC, and fights the top 10 level fighters there.

  • Jason G says:

    Yeah it’s pretty frustrating. It seems as if he’d be one of the top 5 welterweights in the ufc but there’s no way to tell until he fights there. he could be better than gsp or he could not even be as good as karo. my idea is to bring in condit to fight him. from there we could decide who’s the real deal.

  • Joseph says:

    ^^^ Jason,

    Shields ALREADY beat Condit.


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