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Another day, another setback

I know many of you out there do not care for reading updates about my wife’s fighting career, which is fine. Most of you keep your opinion to yourselves and just ignore the post and simply look for the posts that are of interest to you. I appreciate that.

However, there are a few knuckleheads that take it upon themselves to leave little smartass, ignorant comments. But the reality is there are a lot of people who have been very supportive of this site. These people are smart enough to realize that we’re an independently owned site that charges our readership nothing for the content that we provide and that nobody funds us. They know not every single post we do is going to appeal to them. They know that we have to run advertising because running a site this size isn’t cheap. And they appreciate the fact that we don’t use invasive ads. They know we don’t get salaries to do this (yet) and understand we are human beings and not slaves to their MMA-content needs.

A lot of the aforementioned people have been so supportive of 5 Oz. that their support has extended to my wife, Andria, and her aspiring fighting career. Whether it be a supportive e-mail, a kind response in a comment thread, or a show of sponsorship, you guys have shown appreciation for the hard work we do here. Because of that, I can’t say working for this site as a founding owner and publisher is a thankless job, because we are getting the thanks.

This first-person blog that will contain an update on my wife is for those people. I also have a lot of other things to get off my chest with this blog. If you’re not a supporter, no problem. Simply stop reading now and read one of the many other stories we have on this site. If you want to be a hater, go take your problems elsewhere. Ownership has its privileges, including the ability to write about what we want, when we want and the ability to treat those how they treat us. If you don’t like it, don’t read it! But if you do read this, you might learn a lot about the industry and the life of an amateur fighter with pro aspirations and what’s involved with managing such a fighter.

First, I wanted to let everyone know that on late Monday we started hearing rumors that Combat in the Cage’s “15th Strike” in Delaware was going to be canceled. This is the same card that Andria was supposed to fight Shannon Schade on. Well, our worst fears were confirmed when I woke up this morning and read a bulk e-mail from CITC promoter Ed Hsu announcing that this Saturday’s card had been “postponed.” The reality is that the card is in fact canceled.

Ed is a guy who in the past has taken a lot of shit from people. Before I had met Ed, I had heard and read a lot about him. A lot of it was negative. After meeting Ed and getting to know him, I learned that about 90% I had heard about him was bullshit. I’m sure a lot of trainers, managers, and fighters are frustrated and need someone to direct their anger at and I’m sure Ed is going to take a lot of shit for the cancellation but the truth of the matter is that he’s not to blame.

There are two groups here to blame.

First is a group of out-of-touch, ignorant politicans who took it upon themselves to shut down a show just nine days before it was to take place even though it had been on the books for months. In May, legislators in Delaware voted that MMA in the state had to be regulated. However, the language of the bills they passed were very unclear as to what would happen regarding the sport until the regulation had been written and approved. Gee, a bunch of elected officials passing legislation that was vague and unclear? What else is new.

According to Ed, he contacted the appropriate officials and got permission to continue to run his shows. Why do I believe him? Because I’ve been to a couple of his shows that took place after the legislation was passed. Combat in the Cage is sanctioned by the WKA and contrary to popular belief, Ed’s shows are insured and have licensed EMTs and doctors in attendance. Since his shows were being operated in a responsible manner, they were allowed to continue.

So what happened?

That’s where the second group to blame comes in. Apparently two gyms in Delaware got carried away and instead of just running regular smokers and staying under the radar, they took it upon themselves to start advertising their events and promoting them as cards. They also illegally claimed they were sanctioning bodies with the ability to regulate and sanction shows. Well, thanks to the irresponsible actions of these gyms, they have fucked up the lives of over 40 fighters that were scheduled to appear on this weekend’s show. I have the name of these two gyms and am seriously considering calling them out.

It should be noted that Ed busted his ass to save this show. He got his lawyer involved and was going back and forth with the state. He tried to present them numerous compromises. He offered to pay for extra security and additional medical personnel. He offered to use revised rules. Everything. But the state was unwilling to allow this one show to take place before shutting everything down until the regulation could be written and approved.

So if you’re reading this, do not blame Ed. Ed isn’t perfect and he’s the first to acknowledge he’s made some mistakes in the past. But he’s an honest promoter who has gone out of his way to help many fighters even when it was of no benefit to him. He’s been extremely supportive of Andria and we’re going to continue to support him in return. Combat in the Cage will be back and will be bigger than ever.

For those two try to conspire against Combat in the Cage, you need to realize that the people you’re hurting the most are the fighters who have decided his shows are the right place for them to develop their skills. There’s a reason why the best gyms in Philly have pledged their support to Ed by placing their fighters on his shows on a monthly basis. If Ed has proven one thing, it’s that he’s going to promote shows no matter what. It’s the fighters who fight for him that suffer the most because of your actions. This will come back to haunt you in the end because when the truth comes out, you’ll lose the support of a lot of fighters.

The sad part is that this kind of bullshit happens all the time in amateur MMA. In fact, this is the THIRD time in three months my wife has had a fight pulled on her.

First, there was this June and the WKA tournament in Virginia when my wife and I found out in the sauna while we were cutting weight that the one fighter in her weight class supposedly pulled out the night before their fight.

Then, there was this past July, and this is the first time I am talking about this publicly. Andria actually had a fight lined up for Combat in the Cage’s “14th Strike.” In fact, this fight was agreed upon before we went down to Virginia for the WKA tournament. But the whole thing was a mess and it all started when this fighter’s (who will go unnamed) camp decided to pitch the fight to another fight promotion in Jersey. Myself, Andria, and our trainer, Jared Weiner, all thought this fight was going to take place for Ed Hsu in Delaware in July.

Out of nowhere, Jared’s gym gets a call from the Jersey promotion asking if Andria wanted to fight this unnamed fighter on their show. We were shocked. This fighter’s gym took it upon themselves to take a fight Ed had put together and they shopped it to another promotion. It was completely unethical. It was Ed’ work that was responsible for the matchup. We wouldn’t hadn’t even know this fighter had existed had it not been for Ed.

But Ed didn’t take it personally and the fighter’s gym eventually came crawling back to Combat in the Cage. Despite being burned, Ed was still willing to take the fight. And despite the fact that this fighter came to our gym to spy on Andria, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu United didn’t take it personally and still approved the fight for Andria. It was all set.

Or so we thought.

When we got back from Virginia, Andria and I were really in the dumps. A few days later we then heard that the unnamed fighter inexplicably left her gym without warning and started training elsewhere. Ed contacted the new gym to see if the fight was still on but the new gym determined that she wasn’t ready to fight someone of Andria’s caliber. Andria had lost another fight.

Our spirits were renewed when we were told that a fighter by the name of Shannon Schade from Rising Sun MMA was looking for a fight and was willing to agree to take on Andria. We got approval for the fight and Andria was added to the fight card. At first I was worried that something bad would happen but we were told that Shannon was a real fighter who wouldn’t back out. She was responsive to all the promotion’s e-mails and even had turned her corner list in early. It became obvious that she was a game opponent and that the fight was a go. It’s real hard to find serious amateur female fighters on a regional level so were really appreciative to get a chance to fight someone like Shannon.

But despite Andria and Shannon both being committed to fighting, the unforseen has happened again. However, as crushed as were are we can’t lose sight of the fact that over 40 fighters suffered the same fate as Andria and Shannon. People don’t realize how much preparation goes into a fight. My wife is one of few amateurs focus solely on training. Most amateurs have to juggle school or a job with their fight training. They make a ton of sacrifices and work their asses off and it’s completely demoralizing to learn less than a week out that you’re not going to get to fight. A lot of people took off from work to travel to the fight and a lot of friends and families bought tickets and made arrangements to be there.

Three of my wife’s teammates were supposed to make their debuts on Saturday. I’ve been training daily for the past month and a half and I’ve seen how hard Matt Nice, Lionel “Noreaga” Bocelli, and Ken Berger have worked. I’ve seen them transform over time because they trained so hard. This was supposed to be a huge weekend for BJJ United and a lot of other fighters. And with a blink of an eye, some fraud politicians crush their dreams for reasons that don’t entirely make sense. I feel horrible for all the fighters that were supposed to fight on Saturday. My heart goes out to all of you. If it was legal, I’d set up a cage in my backyard and let you all come to my house and fight.

There is some good news to report, which is that Andria and Shannon will still get a chance to fight each other. Brian Crenshaw, the president of the WKA and promoter for the Combat Sports Challenge MMA promotion in Virginia has stepped up and agreed to host the fight on his Aug. 30 CSC 26 fight card in Virginia. I’ve written about this show in my “East Coast Insider” and we also previously announced that 5 Oz. of Pain would be sponsoring welterweights LeVon Maynard and John Doyle on the show. The ironic thing is, Andria and I had already made plans to attend the show and now she’s going to be fighting on it. Not being able to fight this weekend sucks but it’s going to be awesome to fight on the same show as LeVon, John, Sedico Honorio, Dwayne Shelton, and Aaron Miesner.

And yes, this is the same Brian Crenshaw I blasted after the whole WKA Tournament debacle from this past June. While I stand by assertion that in that instance the WKA did not treat us properly, I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Mr. Crenshaw for extending Andria this opportunity to fight. Obviously he’s a man that does not hold grudges and he’s now okay in my book. It takes a big man to overlook what I wrote and still offer to promote a fight involving my wife.

To aspiring managers, one thing I learned the hard way is that you never burn a bridge in this business — even if it looks like you’ll never be able to cross that bridge. Some people might say I am a hypocrite because Andria is fighting at CSC 26 after I said I never wanted to be involved with one of Crenshaw’s shows ever again. When managing a fighter, your first priority is to always make sure your fighter is safe. But the second priority is to make sure your fighter is getting fights. Andria wants to fight and CSC is volunteered to add the fight to its show on just two weeks notice. You can’t allow personal issues to hinder your fighter’s career.

So that’s the update. I publicly want to apologize to all the sponsors who stepped up and pledged their support for Andria: Pimpit, Graffight, Aggressive Athletics, Punch Drunk Gamer, Toes Up, and Jesus Didn’t Tap. I’m working now to try and roll over everything to Aug. 30. One silver lining is that we have additional time now to add a few more sponsors. If you’re interested, please contact me at: [email protected]

So this is just me telling it like it is. To me, the negative comments I have read are a total joke. In a lot of ways, I am my wife’s manager. Officially, Andria’s manager is Jared Weiner, the owner and head instructor at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu United, the gym that we both train out of, along with my son, John.

In amateur MMA, in most cases, it is mandatory at a gym that the trainers serve as the manager for an amateur fighter. A good way to get yourself kicked out of a gym is to book your own fights.

A gym manages a fighter early in their career for two reasons: first, it’s the gym’s responsibility to make sure their fighter is safe and protected. Some promoters are honest and a lot are not. Usually the gym understands the local fight scene better than a fighter and is in a better position to judge what is best. Second, a lot of work goes into starting a gym and a fight gym is only as good as its reputation. No trainer worth his or her salt wants some fighter going out there acting as a rogue and taking fights they have no business taking. If a fighter gets tooled in a fight, it could make the gym look bad.

Andria’s situation is a little different though. She has pro aspirations. It’s also harder for females to get fights and a lot of leg work is involved. Also, because of 5 Oz., Andria is getting more visibility than your typical amateur fighter and there are sponsorship opportunities as a result. A trainer running a big-time gym doesn’t always have time to make all the phone calls needed to line up sponsors and fights. Jared is the boss and we don’t do anything without his approval, but he’s been cool enough to allow me to take on a lot of management responsibilities for Andria.

As someone performing in the role of manager, it’s my job to get Andria exposure and fights. Some might say this is putting the cart before the horse, and it definitely is. However, we don’t have a choice to do a “soft launch.” Andria is 30, which isn’t too old to start a fighting career in female MMA, but it isn’t exactly an ideal age either. As a result, she quit her job and trains 4-6 hours a day, six-to-seven days a week. Not having a second income hurts, but I’m working 60-70 hours a week to make up for it. Andria has supported me through a lot and I feel it’s my responsibility to do the same. She has the rest of her life to work and now is the only time in her life in which she will have the opportunity to pursue a career as a professional athlete.

If you’ve never trained before, you probably have no idea how much it costs to train like a pro fighter. Despite what you might think, competitive fighters still must pay a monthly tuition to a gym like everyone else. So I have to cover the tuition for Andria, myself, and my son each month. That adds up. Additionally, my wife works extra hard on her cardio and has a conditioning coach outside of the gym. Also, in order to accelerate her learning curve, we paid for private MMA lessons with Jared. There are also many other costs such as gear (which doesn’t last long when you train 4-6 hours a day), food (we have to eat healthy, which costs more), gas (Andria does a lot of sparring at Philly MMA and has to travel into the city), and travel (in June, we had to spend money on gas, hotel, food, a kennel for our dogs, etc. and we will have to do all of that again). Our costs are literally in the thousands. But we’re no different than any other serious fighter. All fighters incur these costs.

But for us, the only way to keep doing this is to find ways to offset costs. I put a lot of work into this site. Adam Morgan, Matt Cava, and I have decided to make an investment in our future. But if you think we’re making money from this site right now in spite of all the traffic we’re getting, you’re wrong. We’re constantly working towards trying to monetize this site while working other jobs and spending time with our families. But you’re clueless if you think I am not going to try and take advantage of the popularity of this site in order to help facilitate my wife’s dream.

If you have a problem with that but still come to this site on a regular basis, you need to get your head out of your ass. 5 Oz. is not my only job. If it was, I’d be homeless. When it’s all said and done, I work 60-70 hours a week. Sometimes less, sometimes more. But if my wife wasn’t so understanding and supportive, then I wouldn’t be able to get away with keeping such a schedule and putting so much into an endeavor that doesn’t pay our bills. So my wife is a big reason why this site is where it is and she’s a big part of this, just as Matt and Adam’s significant others are.

One thing I’ve learned from this is that managing a fighter is a lot of work. Yes, I am not managing any pro fighters and I only have one fighter to worry about. But I still have at least been given a glimpse of what is involved. It takes a lot of hours going over paperwork and details. There are a lot conversations with promoters, trainers, and sponsors that take place.

If travel arrangements need to be made, you not only need to book a hotel but you need to research all the logitstics such as where the closest gym is and whether or not they have a sauna. You have to coordinate everything with the sponsors and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Fight shorts don’t come with your sponsor patches already sewn on. There’s someone that needs to organize all the little things and that someone is usually the fighter’s manager. If a picture of your fighter coming to the cage doesn’t get taken or a patch is not in its right place, someone could be entitled to a refund.

In some cases, you even have to train with your fighter. If my wife goes for a private MMA lesson, she needs someone to serve as her practice dummy. That’s usually me. When my wife needed to cut eight pounds for her fight in June, I got in the sauna with her.

It also becomes an emotional roller coaster because you invest so much time as a manager. If your fighter is happy, you’re happy. If your fighter is upset, you’re upset. If your fighter is on weight, you’re on weight. If your fighter is nervous about making weight, you’re nervous about making weight. If your fighter wins, you win. If your fighter loses, you lose.

The exposure is also a big deal as well. If my wife delivers and builds a strong record, I want her to be afforded the best opportunities. The best fighters aren’t always the ones getting the biggest opportunities. If a promotion has 50 fighters under contract, that doesn’t mean they are the 50 best fighters they could have brought in. Winning is the most important thing but if nobody knows you’re winning, nobody is going to know to sign you.

Another overlooked aspect is that there are a lot of UFC-caliber fighters either sitting in a cubicle or working outside as you read this. They had the skills and the record but not the opportunity. A fighter can only pursue their dream for so long before it becomes make or break. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to shows and saw someone I had trained with or had watched on a smaller show. I see the fighter and the conversation is almost always the same. I ask them how they are doing and when they are fighting next and they tell me that their wife just had a kid and they couldn’t afford to keep training. For all we know, there could be someone at 185 lbs. that is capable of beating Anderson Silva but they are too busy worrying about how they are going to make their mortgage payment next month.

It’s especially rough for female fighters. There are females in the pound-for-pound 15 that often have to go 10-12 months without getting a fight. Does my wife have an advantage being attached to a highly-trafficked MMA site that people in the industry read? Absolutely. And I’d be a fool not to exploit that advantage. If my wife couldn’t fight, maybe it would be the wrong thing to do. But she’s won grappling and Muay Thai tournaments and she’s getting world class training. She’s working her ass off. I believe she has what it takes to be a top-level pro, but of course, I am biased. However, those that work with her on a daily basis believe see the same potential that I do.

If you’re one of these ignorant people who have a problem with the owners of this site trying to reap a little reward for our efforts then you might as well stop reading this because despite all the setbacks, my wife has no intention of giving up her dream. And as long as she has that dream, I am going to support it. That means more updates about my wife and more sponsorship announcements. Not to mention, this is an MMA site and you just read a post about MMA — from the inside.

  • Jeremy says:

    Wow, what a crazy story. Good luck to you and your wife on the next fight card now. Looks to be a really good card as well. Best of luck!

  • bcolflesh says:

    These are the type of posts I actually read from start to finish – not just because I used to train at Phillymma, but because it’s actual evidence of your writing skills and passion for MMA – good stuff.

  • Derek B says:

    Sorry to hear about the huge let down. Like you stated it was the third time this has happened, and I can feel your pain a little bit. I play in a band and we get gigs setup and the people running the promotions aren’t usually doing their jobs in a professional manner and we get screwed alot of the times.

    Just keep up that great work and things will work out in the long run.

  • darkmetal says:

    Sam, I can see the frustration in your words…

    I can only leave you with a few words to help you, but let me do so.
    The other night I was watching the movie “Rudy”; If you have not seen the movie, I recommend you do so. Rudy is based on a real person with dreams of going to the prestigious college of Notre Dame to play football.
    In his way he faces people who constantly tell him to forget his dream.
    “Your grades aren’t good enough, you have to be happy with what you have been given” He is told early on while graduating from High school.
    Rudy is then forced to work in the steel mill with his father and brother. His brother is sick of hearing him talking about “The fighting Irish”, but it is really that he is tired of knowing that Rudy still has a dream.
    Rudy finally decides to go and TRY to get into the college, and hits many walls. Each and every time he is told he cannot attain such a goal.
    But he carries on….
    He works harder than anyone, he perseveres in the face of those who would spit on his dreams, and eventually he gets into the college and ON the team. But problems still remain. He cannot even suit up to be on the bench during a game due to a rule that limits how many people can be on the field.
    He pleads with the coach to let him suit up for just one game…
    Finally the coach relents and agrees. But then he retires and it seems that Rudy is back to ground zero. “That’s it, I’m quitting!!” Rudy exclaims. But after long thinking, he realizes that quitting is just not what he does.
    His team members gain so much respect for Rudy’s work ethic and never say die attitude they go in and convince the coach to let him suit up.
    In the end, Rudy has his day.
    The moral? Nothing in life is easy. All great goals happen in face of drastic adversity. We live in a country where we have great chances, but also those who would hold us back. We have politicians, lawyers, friends who don’t want to be outshadowed, ect.
    But true greatness extends from ignoring what stops us and DOING it ANYWAY.
    Sam, remember this and tell your wife that nothing is impossible with such a mindset. Each and every roadblock will sadden and discourage you. But simply line up the next goal and never look back.

    Be strong, have courage, and never ever relent….

  • Micah says:

    daily reader, check site about 5 times a day for updates while at work, usually don’t comment, just like to read.

    i appreciate all the effort you put into the site. its very informative, in depth, and well written.

    keep up the good work.

  • Mike C. says:

    One of the guys I train with just had this happen again to him. He was pretty upset last night. Between MMA and Muay Thai he has had more cancelled fights than actual fights. Pretty damn frustrating.

  • Jarrod says:

    Hang in there Sam.

  • Jose Santos says:

    no one cares…do a separate blog for your family and link to it…keep 5 oz professional…posts like this prevent it from getting to where you want it to be – the best site on MMA…and it’s damn close…

  • OrangeAdventure says:

    Your story is a great glimpse into the amateur mma scene. What the fighters have to go through to prepare, the emotional upheavals, etc… Wonderful article.

    Props to you and your wife for doing your best, and for being ethical and loyal to your commitments, as those qualities are rare. Don’t listen to the negativity that comes from internet couch potatoes. Most are too lazy and weak to get up and do the things you and your wife are doing, so they feel the need to spread their self hate around. You have every right to plug your wife on your website.

    Keep going, hold your heads up high. Like Micah, I visit the site regularly usually just to read, but I had to say something in support of your family and your website. Great Job. Much respect.

  • Patrick says:

    Good luck with everything Sam/Andria. I’m sure a lot of the guys who train up here in NoVA, myself and others will show up at the VA card to support ya’ll.

    Very informative and honest posting on amateur mma careers, was a good read and I really hope everything works out for the best!

    P.S. Sell some t-shirts or do something to promote the site at the VA event! Tons of folks from my office, the gym I’m now training at, and a lot of friends all read this site and will probly be at the event.

    Good luck, best wishes.

  • Lp115 says:


    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for having a great site, all the negative guys, they can go elsewhere for their news….

  • mo says:

    That is a shame Sam, you would think the Delaware legislation would be more willing to work with a promoter who is trying to appease them at every angle. Hopefully the PA athletic commission sanctions MMA at some point because I would imagine that the MMA shows in Philly would be easier for you and your wife, and hopefully lessen some of the extra burdens. Well, keep up the good work because you have to think you are ahead of the curve and things will begin to get easier. If Dana is right and the NY athletic commission approves MMA in January, you have to think PA will follow soon after, and Delaware will certainly follow suit. Hopefully

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Actually, MMA has already been approved in PA. They just need to pass the actual rules. I’ve heard that the first MMA show in Philly could happen this December, well ahead of New York.

  • Evan says:

    I can’t understand why people have problems with these stories. The saga of Sam’s wife trying to get into female MMA is no different than the struggles of someone else trying to get into any other sport that you would read about on or any other site.

    I think it would be incredible to one day see her on some card after following this entire back story.

  • mo says:

    Wow Sam, you really just made my day, and I assume that presents a lot of opportunity for both you and your wife. I know the amateur and smaller boxing events have always done well here, not to mention something like ECW that grew into a national entity from the bingo hall in South Philly. I think the PA politicians certainly have their issues, but I don’t think they would hinder the MMA growth at all because they have plenty of other issues to worry about. Andria will certainly have a lot of support if she fights in a show here in Philly.

  • jgrose23 says:

    There is a hearing today in Delaware that will hopefully clear some of this up. The jackass politicians actually asked my coach to essentialy write the rules for Delaware then went and came up with their own. It’s a long shot to get these rules pushed through today, but I know my coach Brad is fighting hard for this, along with Ed and his lawyers. Hope something positive comes out of it.

  • Nick Travaglini says:

    Sam, I have been in some similar issues with promotors and I feel your pain. I am glad things seem to be balancing out for you and I wish you and your wife all the best. I look forward to her first win, and maybe a youtube video of the fight on the site as well?
    It is also incredible to know that you somehow have time for all of this activity with your wife, run this site, and write for cbs sports as well. You are a modern marvel! I truly believe good things happen to good people, so I know everything will work out for you in the end.

  • BJJDenver says:

    If you don’t care for articles like this, then don’t read them, very simple. At the end of the day, this is a blog and Sam can post what ever he wants.

    As for you Sam, my only suggestion, is to not write angry, lol. Seriously, don;t let the negative people get at you, be it in the real world or on 5oz.

    As for the article, to me, your wife is just another amateur trying to further her career. I have no ties to her, but i find it interesting to see the kind of BS that fighters have to suffer through, in order to break into the sport. Why any fan would be against reading this type of story is beyond me. I find it very educational, when there are so many people I train with that are looking to try their hand at mma, and see the type of obstacles and sacrifices they are dealing with.

    Best of luck to your wife in getting a break and finding a solid promotion.

  • Sam, you’re the man. Much respect. gardez le foi.

  • steelbus287 says:

    Jose Santos-jump in front of a truck.
    Plenty of people care.
    Maybe you’d be more at home at, check it out, they have an upcoming events section, sweet brah.

  • I think this is the first time in 5oz. history I can actually say SAM IS PISSED!

    Every road has its pot holes, curves, intersections and blind spots… Seems like you guys are catching every red light on this one.

    Good Luck and Please keep us posted.

  • BFit says:

    Like Micah and Orangeadventure, I too am a daily reader. Gosh, I probably refresh this site close to 10 times per day between home and work. I rarely post, but I had to say something in response to this. This was by far one of the best blog posts I have ever read…on any blog! Sam, I truly enjoy reading your writing and I wish you, your wife, and son only the best as you all work to achieve your dreams through hard work and determination.

    Even after this great read, I am in disbelief that “Jose Santos” had the balls to post what he did. Jose my friend, did you even read the article? This is Sam’s site, and he can post whatever he damn well pleases. If you don’t like it, stop reading, close the browser and start your own site.

    Sam, I truly enjoy your work. My hope is that one day I will be able to watch a UFC fight with you and Dann Stupp in the same room while enjoying a beverage:) Just kiddding, you and the Junkie are head and shoulders above everyone else. Keep it up!

  • Jay K. says:

    Keep it up Sammy!! Nicely done!

    Jay K.

  • Mike C. says:

    I don’t get why people are against you writing about your wife. This is a mma site. Your wife is a mma fighter. If you were supporting her dream of being a concert pianist I would understand people not wanting it on here. If this was any other amateur fighter you were getting this much behind the scenes info on everyone would be praising it. I personally love reading it and hope to see more in the future.

    If you would get more into the diet and training that would be alright with me too.

  • Total bummer Sam. Good luck to you and Andria on reaching your goals and such and keep up the good work on If there is ever anything I can do let me know.

  • neon says:

    love your site! good luck 2 you & your wife!! keep fighting the good fight!!

  • mikee says:

    Sam, It is nice to hear updates about your wife. I am glad that you care and that you are as proud of her as you are to write articles and updates about her. People that write unsupportive and smartass comments are sub-human beings at best and are not even worth thinking twice about. I wish they would stay off your site and never come back. That goes for you Santos………… are a turd. Shame on you.

  • rob says:

    Sam – nor should she have to give up her dream – I wish all the best and most of the trolls who say negative s**t never have been to a gym let alone train like a pro – just brush your shoulders off – they mean nothing. This site is great – and will never lose me as a reader.

  • Ryan S says:

    Very interesting blog. I normally wouldnt read a blog of that length right through to the end. I found that one very interesting. I understand your aggravation at the haters. Just remember its much more a reflection of themselves who take the cheap shots. Try not to let it bother you too much. And by the way, its your website, you dont need to make excuses or apologies for anything you post. If it was my wife, I think I would promote her everyday on this site. Good luck to you and your wife.

  • Dick Hicks Muff says:

    Sounds crazy but its not unusual at all in the fight game. Great read. Keep your chins up.

  • Smokes says:

    Andria should have chased that chick down and beat her for free. If a fighter was spying on me I’d want to cement their eyes shut with my fist. Don’t mean to sound angry but that kind of stuff gets me fired up, best of luck to Andria in actually being able to fight and then also winning the fight. The post are great and show a good amount of detail into the MMA fight world. People will probably be suprised to know that it is no cake walk, just because your a fighter doesn’t mean everything is given to you for free.

  • dawn says:

    Get over yourself.

  • William W. says:

    Sorry to hear about yet another setback Sam. But I know I do appreciate the articles you have been doing about this, giving us a unique insight into the world of MMA (and women’s MMA).

    Speaking of women’s MMA, here is a Sky (UK) article about Rosi Sexton that you might want to feature before this Friday’s ShoXC. It loads kinda slow for some reason.

  • Bucco says:

    Proper Sam, very proper. You should support your wife and take any advantage that you can to give her the opportunity of her dreams. The fact that this site does not generate very much income for you guys is surprising for the amount of respect you have on all sides of the industry. But I think that may change for you soon I’d think.

    The new site looks great and very professional, it should help to bring in more sponsors. Ever think of having sponsors sponsoring specific columns. My favorite column is the duel of course.

    “The Duel” brought to you by Mountain Dew and Burger King. That should help pay the bills!!!!!

  • CrazyMike says:

    Sam, I check this site every day. There are lots of articles posted here I don’t read. If an article doesn’t fit with my interests, I simply continue scrolling down the page. Stopping to post a complaint doesn’t even factor into my day. I’m sure most people are the same way.

    For those that do complain, I suggest you take the same tactic. Just don’t bother reading them. They are a waste of everyone’s time.

    My main suggestion is just to do what you want to do. Post all you want about whatever you want. Writing angry tirades about it only feeds these people with what they want: Negative attention.

    For the record though on these articles, I’m not really that interested in your wife’s career. I hope you don’t take offense to that. What I do find interesting is the insight you bring to us on what goes on behind the scenes in amateur MMA.

  • Jesse says:

    It sounds like you are very frustrated. I had to read the whole entry and I know you and your wife will be able to push forward through this.

    By the way, IMO, you run the best web site for updated MMA news. This is where I turn (everyday) to get the latest. Keep up the great work.

  • bob says:

    this is a very newsworthy mma story…it happens all too often.
    sam telling his story gives us complete insight

    ps – that jesus didnt tap gear seems to be getting pretty big, i have noticed their logo on a couple ufc and hdnet fighters.

    nice catch with them

  • Dan says:

    I’m glad things are looking better for you.

    BTW, can you teach Dana White NOT to burn bridges???

  • Venom says:

    Great article! I had no idea what went into becoming a fighter.
    Good Luck to your wife!

  • vxbpoison says:

    great post. you sound like a good man. keep up the hard work

  • Brandt says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time right now to read the entire post, but I did get into the part where the event was canceled because of poor legislation and two gyms. It’s really a shame that Delaware is turning into a terrible place for MMA.

    Does Lou Neglia hold women’s events? I have heard nothing but good things about him and his New Jersey-sanctioned events. Perhaps its time to stay in Jersey and forget about that little state below us.

    Another good article, Sam. Thanks for all of the updates.

  • Sorry to hear about another set of bad news Sam. Hopefully everything works out for you and Andria on the 30th.

  • Jim says:

    Jose, you’re an ass and you missed the point of the post.

    We are getting an inside view of what fighters have to go through to make it in the business with these posts. What other site has this honest, even gritty, perspective on something we enjoy watching? None! If you don’t like the insight, don’t read it. It’s not like there isn’t other content to read on this or many other mma sites.

    Why don’t you go get your news from some other site before you suggest Sam spends even more money to host another site.

  • Nic B. says:

    Go ahead and get it all out. I’m not sure people realize how much work goes into this sport that never sees a nickel in return. Your site and others like it have inspired me to start my own site that I hope will make it easier for beginning amateurs in my area to find competitions so they can advance their skills while looking for a chance at a paying promotion.

    Good luck to your wife and yourself.

  • Numba1Stunna says:

    i know its hard to try and see anything positive come out of this, but by the time Andria does get a fight, it sounds like she will be more than ready. I know its incredibly frustarting, but I see this all as fuel to the fire. I feel sorry for whoever is going to have to fight her next since I assume all the frustrations of cancellations will be more than enough to will her to win. Best of luck Andria, and Sam I think a lot of us enjoy these updates, its your site and like you said you can write whatever you want. Keep up the hard work and I will be rooting for you Andria!

  • Lucas says:

    Great post Sam. All of you guys here at 5 oz. have worked hard to establish this site as one of the best MMA sites and you deserve to be rewarded much more than you are (both financially and with respect). As far as updates on your wife’s career – isn’t that precisely the type of subject matter that is supposed to be found on an MMA site? The details that you can provide as her amateur career progresses into a professional career are an extremely valuable asset. The fact that you know whether she is a good kisser does not change the fact that you are able to provide what very few sites can – an inside look at the MMA industry from top to bottom. MMA Junkie got Sean Salmon to do a column and it resulted in him getting a pretty good fanbase (much bigger than a fighter with his record and amount of experience would have normally).

    Don’t let any of the knuckle-heads on the inter-webs get to you. Like you said above – you provide excellent content, free of charge. At the end of the day, you have to go home to your wife and family, not us freeloaders who enjoy reading the site.

  • Anthony says:

    I also visit your maybe 5 to 6 times a day. I never posted a comment or have written you or anyone else involved with this site an email, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the hard work and effort that is put into this site. Thank you. And good luck to you and your wife.

  • PokerFace says:

    SAM… As a whole I agree with virtually all of your opinions. I also agree that there are completely uneducated asswipes that post snide comments that make little to no sense. JUST DON’T LET THE BASTARDS WEAR YOU DOWN. It’s a damn good site, however, when people would like to show interest in your wifes career, they should be able to hit a link to follow it. Hope ya start gettin paid!!!

  • Austin says:

    Holy hell Sam. Epic Rant mixed with Epic storytime. I guess its safe to assume that your wife will use this debacle as fuel for her success. Thanks for giving us a window into the life of a strugglin she-gansta just trying to slaaannggg some punches and kicks.

  • sol says:

    i dont really go to 5oz. alot, I do come here every now and again, the thing that actually got me coming here more often are the stories about your wifes attempts at getting into the business.

    Most armchairs fans only get to see the showbiz side of MMA and I greatly appreciate the insight you are giving us into nitty gritty of MMA.

  • defshepard says:

    Excellent article sir. thank-you very much for the insight into what goes on behind the scenes into these fights, and what it takes to become a fighter. The amount of effort and sacrifice it takes is amazing to me. I wish you and your wife the best of luck. Please keep us posted on her fights and the results. I am sure she will fight soon and have the success she dreams of. BTW, what tournements Mauy Thai and Grappling did she compete in? Just curious. Thanks again for the great article.

  • Fish says:

    there are a few mma gyms in delaware that you could possibly talk to if our still trying to have a show. might be a little more smaller but it would work. are the politicians going to be the ones to oversee the sanctioning and the rules for mma in delaware?

  • GassedOut says:

    Sam: I appreciate what you’re going through in more ways than one. Don’t heed the haters…they’re probably trolls anyway. Especially Jose Santos.

    I for one appreciate the insider view that you’ve given here, and I think it puts the amateur athletes that compete in MMA in an important light. I bet more than your wife will benefit from the exposure you bring to the issues in blogs like this, because it isn’t just your wife that’s going through it.

    And as for what I think about your wife’s career and aspirations…GO ANDRIA!


  • Sam Caplan says:

    Def Shepard: Andria won the 2007 Amateur Female Muay Thai Tournament title and won several Grappler’s Quest divisions this year.

  • Joe says:

    Hey Guys,
    I’m actually one of the fighters from Daddis Fight Camps that was supposed to fight this Saturday night. It really sux that becuase of some naive politicians and a couple scumbag gym owners that didn’t follow the rules, i now have no fight this weekend. After 6 hard weeks of training and a month of hardcore dieting to drop weight, it really bums me out to not be able to display the techniques i’ve worked so hard on for the last 6 weeks. Thanks to everyone who supports us fighters, and to those that are against the sport and try to ban it, please do your research before you do anything else.

    One more note, about 6 months ago, I had fractured my nose, and while i was at the doctors, he asked me “what do you think the sport is that i see the most broken noses and facial fractures from?” He said martial arts was nowhere near the top of the list, and when he finally got to the answer he said Cheerleading. CHEERLEADING of all things. Just something I found funny considering so many people think MMA is so dangerous…

  • ultmma says:

    Keep us updated sam, love to hear the insider perspective on all things MMA.

    its your blog talk about whatever you want. if you don’t like it dont click on it

    sounds pretty easy to me.

  • Rich S. says:

    OH NO!!!
    you were soooo close this time!
    i could’ve sworn that this would be the time.. the time that no problems presented themselves, no shows would be canceled, no fighters would back out.. the time she would make it all the way to fight time!

    Sam, Andria – these are just tests.. they serve two purposes: 1) they make you stronger 2) they make you hungrier.. they create a little monster inside.. and when fight time finally comes, the monster will come out, your hands will be raised, and you’ll realize that it was allllll worth it..

    i’m sure you know this..

  • JollyDV says:

    Thanks Sam, I enjoyed the article. You have just opened a door allowing your readers a glimpse of what goes on beyond the training and the actual fighting.

    Your wife is very lucky that she has a dream and though there is much sacrifice by both of you, she is able to focus full-time on achieving her dream.

    I would wager a guess that less than 75% of adults have a dream…and of those that do less than 25% are able to focus solely on them…and of those less than 5% ever achieve them. (By dreams, I do not mean saving up to get that sports car, or making the 1st million by age 30. Those are goals in life, not the same as having dream for yourself.)

    Someday after Andria is the world champion, you can take these blogs and use them to write a book about her.

    Keep the updates coming.

  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    I think that you and your counterparts are doing a great job with the site. Is a shame that people come to this site to read updates about mma and take something that someone is so passionate about and bash it. I have been coming to this site almost since day one. I love the site and I hope that your wife will kick some ass on the 30th. Good luck to her and way to wear your heart on your shoulder man!!

    Seacrest out!

  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    Also if you don’t have a dream, its not worth living!

  • PoMoPunchDrunk says:


    I want you to know that I have always enjoyed 5 oz. of pain and consider it my ONLY source for MMA news. I recommend your site to all of my friends that want real MMA news. No filler, no BS, no stupid ads and what’s best, actualy information on grass roots MMA and the fighters that work for the love of their SPORT (MMA is a sport, all you haters out there). After reading your article about you and your wife’s situation, although frustrating to hear, it was good to see the other side of the coin. Many of us only see the glitz and glamour side with huge purses and ring intros. I like having the insight into what it really takes for someone to become an MMA fighter. I’m pulling for Andria, 5 oz of pain, and every other fighter out there who works their ass of to entertain me! Bring MMA to Vancouver!

  • chris shultz says:

    Props for all the hard work you and your wife do Sam. You’re chasing your dreams and i can only stand back and applaud your dedication to each other and your goals.

    The honesty and drive and inspiring.

    Good luck guys.

  • Will Emero II says:

    Sam – Last posting I’ll read on this site.

    Good luck writing your wife’s diary.

    Will Emero II

  • matt says:

    sam, this is a great story not only cause it affects someone close to you in your wife, but also provides insight into the trials and tribulations of a fighter on the local circuit. I read this site daily not just for the news you report but also because of the way you report it. There is a level of professionalism that you and the staff adhere to that makes this not just another blog, but a legitimate news source. I hope that you and the rest of the writers start making money from this site because as far as I’m concerned this is a better site for MMA news than the gold standard that is Sherdog. Keep up the good work and keep your chin up, things always work out.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Will Emero, you won’t be missed.

  • Joel says:

    Sam, thanks for sharing your passion. I admire you and your wife for following your dreams. Your site is second to none. I am glad that I read the article because it is real. Whether your wife wins or loses in the ring is important, but not more important than the journey.

    Best of luck

    keep your chin down and your hands up. You won’t gas and your hand will be raised in the end.

  • JohnS says:

    Sam thanks for the insight and good luck to you and your wife.These stories are a welcome change from the everyday MMA articles please keep us up to date.thanks.

  • Cindy says:

    This is the best site for breaking MMA news – bar none. Too bad you’ll be out of the loop Will Emero, et al. Thanks for ALL your hard work and thanks for sharing Andria’s experiences with us.

  • Bill Carty says:

    thank you for the article. i have been working in Iraq since 2005. three nights a week, i teach a mma class. your website is read daily by my students, military personnel, and other instructors. over here, your website is enjoyed on a daily basis. i fought local and regional shows for 6 years while working full-time as a cop. i understand the problems that you are going through. good luck with your training and i hope your wife will be fighting for EliteXC in the near future. thank you. Bill

  • defshepard says:

    Mr.Sam Caplan,
    Thank-you very much for your reply and information sir. Sorry I could not get back to you right away. Work called and I had to get some orders out asap. Again Thanks for the great article and Good Luck to you and your wife! 5oz’s is at the top of my list of MMA sites!!

  • Don says:

    First off I would like to commend you on all of the time you put into writing articles and everyone else at 50z of pain. Also I am sorry to hear about the difficulties with your wife’s fighting career and I hope that everything works out. I just wanted to comment on the thing about Ed Hsu, and I have to completely agree with you I have fought all four of my fights under Ed, and at first I got the impression from other people that it was a shady run pomotion, but it is not at all. Ed does a very good job of trying to put together fair fights and take care of his fighters. I have heard some real horror stories about other promotions. People have to realize that there are things that are out of his hands, and he does the best to put things back together.


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