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Brock Lesnar’s next opponent could be Cheick Kongo

Steve Cofield from Yahoo! Sports and ESPN Radio in Las Vegas is reporting that last night’s post-UFC 87 press conference at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minn. was a buzz about the UFC possibly looking to match Brock Lesnar in his next fight vs. Cheick Kongo.

“The word swirling around the media room was that UFC may try to make a Cheick Kongo-Lesnar fight next,” writes Cofield.

Lesnar evened his UFC record to 1-1 following a three-round unanimous decision over Heath Herring in one of the night’s featured attractions. In an undercard match that was moved to the pay-per-view broadcast on a tape-delay basis, Kongo finished UFC newcomer Dan “The Viking” Evensen off via TKO towards the end of round 1.

Kongo and Herring actually fought each other this past March, with Herring winning their UFC 82 matchup via split decision in a fight where both competitors looked impressive. Despite losing to Herring, Kongo would pose an intriguing test for Lesnar. Kongo is still relatively new to MMA and would be vulnerable on the ground. However, he could possibly dominate the standup portion of the fight.

An accomplished kickboxer, Kongo is a more versatile striker than Herring and his leg kicks could create problems for Lesnar. You also have to take into consideration that on some levels, Kongo would be able to match him athletically. Simply put, Lesnar would not have the same physical skill advantage he had last night vs. Herring.

A more sensible matchup for the emerging mega-star might be former UFC heavyweight champion Mark Coleman, Lesnar’s original opponent for UFC 87 before pulling out with an injury.

From a box office standpoint, Lesnar vs. Coleman has a lot of potential. Lesnar resorted to some pro wrestling tactics last night by trying to embrace the role of a “bad guy” with some of his antics aimed at Herring. The 43-year old Coleman, a professional wrestler in Japan, could easily assume the role of “good guy” as a past-his-prime veteran trying to prove himself one last time against the cocky newcomer. A UFC Hall of Famer, Coleman has strong credentials that can earn him credibility with a novice fanbase if he is marketed properly.

However, it remains to be seen whether it’s a fight Coleman is still even interested in. There have been recent rumblings that Coleman might be looking to cut down to light heavyweight for a possible rematch in December against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. However, Rua was just recently quoted on a video appearing on YouTube that his December opponent could instead of former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

Regardless, after last night’s effort, does it make sense for the 43-year old Coleman to try and test himself against Lesnar after he’s already proven himself multi-times over? It would appear that Kongo is as good of an option as any as Lesnar’s next opponent.

  • RUSH says:

    I agree with the possibility of a Lesnar-Kongo matchup. I wouldn’t mind seeing Werdum vs. Kongo either to produce a true number one contender for the winner of Mir-Nog.

    The only other person that would be a step up in competition from Herring for Lesnar would be Gabe Gonzaga. That wouldn’t be a bad fight either

  • Mikey GIlz says:

    The UFC needs to stay smart and keep Lesnar away from strong Jujitsu fighters for the next 2-3 fights. Kongo is a perfect opponent for him. So would be Shane Carwin.

  • rolltide says:

    Dunno about Carwin, I think the UFC should keep him, Lesnar and Velazquez away from each other for a few fights each. The three of them are the future of the heavyweight division.

  • fightfan says:

    Maybe there is somethign wrong with me….but I would like to see Lesnar face a smaller HW. Can you imagine how badly he would throw around someone liek Coleman. Maybe I just want to see Lesnar absolutely demolish someone and Kongo would make for a better chacne than Herring and certainly Coleman.

    I have a feeling that Coleman’s injury started to “act up” after seeing what Lesnar did to Herring. If you thought he was scared to face him before, imagine how he feels now. Simply, Coleman will NEVER agree to fight Lesnar, regardless of how much they offer him.

  • Cocksword hater says:

    K so Brock won gee great, he should still leave his WWE antics in the WWE! I was impressed with the fight, and disgusted by his showboating!

    “Dunno about Carwin, I think the UFC should keep him, Lesnar and Velazquez away from each other for a few fights each. The three of them are the future of the heavyweight division.”—————

    I think this is the smartest thing I have seen on here! I think Kongo is the perfect match up, Gonzaga would be ok. But I do think Gonzaga would get hurt. Rampage vs Rua? I would love that! Wanderlei should fight Thiago

  • doubleA-ron says:

    I was just thinking about this fight during the ppv last night. perfect matchup. so if mir were to win the title then brock beats congo he gets to face mir for the title?

  • glock says:

    Lesner Kongo is good match up for us, risky for both of them as I think they both are the future of the HW div. The plus is that it could set up a multiple fight legacy for the UFC like an Ali Frazier if all progresses as hoped. The question of how quickly Kongo can improve his ground game (considering what happened to Herring) and if Lesner can improve his stand up quick enough to avoid the kind of damage Kongo could dish out on his feet.

    The speculation alone will keep the us on the blogs busy as well pontificating on what WILL happen…..

    Veeeeerrrrrry interesting…..

  • ironic sumo says:

    lesnar kongo velasquez and carwin are all …” the future of the HW division”

    theres not enough credible oppenents to build all 4 of them and groom them for the title.. i say matchup cain and carwin. give kongo the winner. and feed muccully and o’brien to lesnar

  • ironic sumo says:

    and feed muccully and o’brien to lesnar…

    TWO on ONE!!!

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  • Warcry says:

    The Hw Division just got trill. Lesnar vs Kongo is gonna be a bad matchup for Kongo. It will look like that fight last night with Herring. Sent shockwaves through the division by brutalizing Herring. Poor Cheik Kongo he is my boy but that ass is getting whupped!

  • Jim says:

    Gonzaga would be a horrible matchup for Lesnar at this point. Too good at BJJ. Werdum would also be a horrible matchup. The biggest problem with Lesnar’s match-making currently is that the only guys in the division I’d rate above him currently are all really top-level BJJ guys: Gonzaga, Werdum, Mir, and Noguiera. (In that order, bottom to top.)

  • 6 pack Abs says:

    kongo has 6pack abs but lesnar would destroy him

  • Rich S. says:

    so, idk if anyone’s picked up on this or not.. but, have you noticed that everytime he punches, it sends his opponent to the canvas in one shot??

    in the Mir fight, he grabbed his leg and just nailed him in the face and Mir hit the canvas..

    and last night, ONE PUNCH made Herring do a backflip all the way to the opposite end of the cage..

    he might just Knock his next opponent cold.. standing..

    can’t wait..

  • Tpolarbear91 says:

    Lesnar is a beast but he needs to work on his BJJ BAD he could have chocked out Herring about 12 times he rode his back the whole time. Heath just kept giving it to him with no threat of getting choked out. I think Lesnar has a bright future ahead and I would love to see him bring the HW belt home to Minnesota. I think in 2 to 3 years of training Jits and he will be unstopable hes just to big and to strong for any one. I hope his training comes together sooner so he can rule the roost for years to come. It will never happen but could you see him and Fador going at it if his jits gets better and his sub defence I think he could ko Fador and throw him around like a ragdoll. It will never happen But if it did WOW it would be a good fight.

  • Mike says:

    Brocks the man.

  • stevefiji says:

    Kongo is the future of nothing… he looks menacing but the guy doesn’t have any real ground game, his Herring (the wrestling cure for those with no wrestling skill) match not withstanding. But do NOT rule out an “in form” Frank Mir to hold the title for some time…. before his accident the dude was completely unbeatable…. sorta like a young Frank Shamrock when he was on one of his best nights. Mir’s only gonna improve if he stays dedicated and mentally sound, and that’s really the only type of guy that will stand a chance against these 3 new inflated wrasslers.

    I would not put them together for some time… that’s bad business… the UFC is way big enough to bring along the choice ones at a smart rate and buid hige value and better skilled fighters… so why not build up all 3 plus Mir and then in 2 years , along with the 4 or 5 gatekeepers (Nog Couture, GG, Werdum, and maybe we even taste AA again… crawling back with his tail between his legs), you have got some serious depth that the HW division has not had in so long….oh yeah,…plus Fedor after he fires his greedy Russian Management (when the USS Affliction has been inflicted with bankruptcy papers) and then he hires Scott Boras and negotiates with Dana hardcore but exclusive. Note it: 2 years and the HW Division will ROCK and be considered the best in MMA and Boxing?…. well,it will be gasping a last breathe trying to promote featherweights with 33-0 records and Golden Boy vs Mayweather II and III in order to even remain remotely relevant. MMA, Do you feel the Rush, the Spider, the Prodigy and the Last Emperor!!!!

  • dpk says:

    I think Lesnar’s next two fights should be with Kongo and Coleman. I think they could do the Coleman fight first, either at 90 or in November. They could also put Kongo on that card and build that fight a little more for early next year.

    Lesnar is only going to get better, now his camp has 15 minutes of film to break down and work on improving things. This guy is going to be scary by this time next year.

  • BG says:

    I’d be shocked to see Lesnar submit someone, I think he just wants to brutalize people

  • Scott says:

    While I understand everone’s comments on wanting to keep Carwin, Lesnar and Velazquez apart, I’ll offer a differn’t opinion. I’d throw them together, because: 1)The HW division is not deep at the moment, there are not alot of interesting fights out there. 2) It’s not like the loser of a Lesnar Velazquez fight (for example) would be banished forever, they’d just need to learn from the loss, and move on.

    What I like about the UFC is that, for the most part, they have the best fighters, fighting the best fighters. No sheltering them, let’s have them go at it.

  • rolltide says:

    @ Scott

    You have to Build up Carwin and Velazquez. There are enough average fighters for them to fight in the UFC to build up with. I mean christ, Velazquez just had his 4th fight. He needs to be built up so you can have a huge match-up between him and Carwin in two years. The HW division hasn’t looked great recently, but with these three coming up you know it has a very bright future.

  • rolltide says:

    oh yeah and Lesnar GnP’s cupcake into a bloody mess. This is the perfect fight for Lesnar.

  • dbess5 says:

    Lesnar didn’t impress me Saturday night like I thought he would. I wasn’t aware that his camp focused alot of time on lay and prey tactics. You will notice how the UFC will not be putting Lesnar up against BBJ Champions in his next 2-3 fights. Lesnar will never be good at BBJ because of his size. He’s still not ready to even think about a title fight.

  • TheSomberlain says:

    Shogun vs. Rampage II?! YES. Kongo vs. Lesnar would be good, especially if Kongo’s takedown defense is spot on. Can’t wait.

  • Joe, Trenton NJ says:

    Lesner impressed me as I am sure he did many more.
    With limited MMA experience he gave the always tough Herring a “beat down”.
    He threw a pretty good cross even by pro boxing standards and he was in control.
    The question that was not answered was, can Lesner take a punch.
    Can Lesner fight effectively when he is cut and bleeding.
    Kongo might be a half step up, but I don’t see his stand up being good enough to test Lesner’s chin.
    Why not but him in with someone who can punch and will punch at every opportunity.
    With his wrestling experience Lesner can adapt with time to ju jitsu.
    Let’s test his chin and heart under fire, when hurt, cut and bleeding.
    He passes that, he’s on his way to the UFC title.
    How would Lesner competed if he was cut, bruised, and bleeding like Herring?

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    I’m a little disappointed in Lesnar’s apprehensiveness at times. Instead of going for the kill, he played it safe to avoid any left field subs Herring might have had for him.

    At the same time, though, this guy’s only been training for a couple of years and is fighting at the apex of MMA (Affliction’s heavyweight roster notwithstanding), the UFC.

    I think, with a couple more wins under his belt, Lesnar’s confidence will rise and he’ll start taking those chances to end a fight early instead of taking the safe route.

    P.S. Has anyone ever seen a grown ass man the size of Herring get punched in the face and basically flip back? Geez, Lesnar has the strength of a retarded chimp.

  • Warcry says:

    Lesnar didn’t just lay and prey on Herring he busted his ass up on the ground. Both of dudes eyes were almost completely swollen shut. He was dominate and cautious. He man-handled Herring ( who was never in this fight) for 3 rounds. He gonna be the next Ufc heavyweight champ.

  • Chris says:

    “Can you see me now?” BROCK LESNAR IS THE SHIT

    Brock lesnar Makes MMA more fun he is the hated one but he can back up anything he says! Brock is the man and will dominate in the UFC

  • bobby says:

    4 man elimenation tournament for title shot

    shane carwin
    cain velazquez
    neil wein
    brock lesnar

    lesnar vs wein-winner moves on to face winner of shane cain fight
    carwin vs velazquez-winner moves on to face winner of brock neil fight and the winner of that fight gets title shot

  • 2Cool says:

    Kongo vs Lesnar would be great match…many of these guys understimate Kongo this guy has never been lost by the knock out either by unaminous or majority decision since his UFC dayview… he just lost by the decision split… kongo is dangerous on standing for lesnar, has killing knee, and is also excellent striker…block lesnar has just a heavy punches and doesn’t really have ground skills… because he’s big, he has advantage for his size… but many people will be surprise what kongo will bring on that fight…if they will possibly be faced….

  • jake says:

    brock lesnar is the best
    he will beat anybody up
    that tries to stop him!


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