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UFC 87: Index of preview content on 5 Oz.

We’ve posted a ton of UFC 87-related content over the past several days and in case you missed it, I wanted to summarize what we have waiting for you:

My UFC 87 Preview: Complete with predictions on the entire card

Weigh-in coverage: Video of the weigh-ins and the actual written results

UFC 87 Pain Poll: Our entire staff breaks down the event

5 Oz of Pain Presents: The Duel: Luke Thomas of and Jordan Breen of star in this special star-studded UFC 87 edition

Our entire UFC 87-content catalog: Click here and celebrate it much the same way the two Bobs in “Office Space” celebrate Michael Bolton’s entire catalog. Seriously though, Adam Morgan posted a ton of UFC 87 video and this is where you can see it.

If anything breaks during the day, we’ll have it here. And be sure to check back tonight and tomorrow for full results and analysis.

Enjoy the fights!


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