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Joe Lauzon not fond of Tapout

Joe Lauzon recently made a blog post stating his displeasure with the way his brother, Dan Lauzon, was portrayed on the Tapout show he recently appeared in:

They did a horrible job of cutting up audio and chopping it into their own little story. They take bits of pieces of what everyone says, twist it out of context and then splice in clips of Dan saying “yea… yup… okay” to make it all seem the way they want to portray it….

The whole “I am so sad my corners are going to be late” angle was pretty hypocritical as well. Dans corners were not going to be there right when the show started, but they were there in plenty of time to get him prepared for his fight. This was Dans 11th fight and he had the other guys from the gym there with him. He wasnt sitting alone in a corner somewhere, but thank god he didnt sit down for a moment without other people in the show or I am sure Tapout would have shown Dan sitting all alone as they played some sad and depressing music.

They made the gyms, the trainers and the training partners all look like garbage. I started at this gym and have done well training out of there… and Dan has too along with a bunch of other guys. We are doing pretty good for a small gym and didnt need to be shit on like that.

Was it good TV? Maybe for some. Was it a load of bullshit? Absolutely.

I’m kind of torn here. On one hand the Tapout guys are as annoying as all hell but on the other hand Joe Lauzon’s shenanigans are starting to get a little old. Being smart people, the Lauzons should realize that when you agree to be on a reality TV show things will be edited to make the product entertaining and to tell whatever story the people behind the camera want to tell. I’ll go with Lauzon here as he seems like a funny, educated guy but his constant complaining and boyish pranks are starting to drift from funny and different to the land of “oh that again.”  Meanwhile the Tapout guys, sans Punkass, have always been there.

  • well… beings I started my company with a dream much like the guys in Tapout I can say anything to bad about them. They are “gittin’ it in” as we say here in the woods. I do think there show is a little over the top sometimes but thats their shit.

    Maybe Joe could call Tyra Banks maybe he is better suited for her show 😉

  • Timmy D says:

    I can’t *stand* the tapout guys. The only one with any sense is Punkass. Skyscrape is just a bottom feeding hanger on. The thing is, Mask is obviously a very smart guy and knows a lot about the fight game, but its so hard to take him seriously with his bullshit makeup he wears and all that crap.

  • truth says:

    Yeah editing is funny. The last show they had a fighter training with Dean Lister. Toward the end of the first round of his fight you could hear Punkass in the background say something to the effect of they’re both really tired. Next they cut to a close up of Punkass saying how both fighters look fresh and ready to go. Sometimes they edit for drama sometimes they edit to put a positive slant, even if it might not be reality.

  • craw pop says:

    I am with Joe on this.
    There was a lot more interesting stuff on his blog than what was put on this site.
    The tapout guys basically made it seem like, if you dont train with Delagrotte you dont take MMA seriously.
    I am from Boston and I feel that the way they portrayed those gyms was awful and could easily affect their businesses.
    Why crap on the less famous gyms?
    Aren’t we all hoping MMA grows?
    If we are then lets support the lesser known trainers, gyms, etc.
    Maybe I am taking it too seriously.

  • Andrew says:

    I’m with Joe on this, too.

    Realizing that on a reality show, editing will be done to make the product more entertaining is one thing. Seeing your gym and trainers continually bashed that entire show and basically your rival gym constantly praised is a completely different animal. It was pretty vomit-inducing seeing Mask sidle up to Dana to share his expert thoughts on how shitty he thought the gym and training was.

    Joe and Dan deserve to be pissed about it.

  • fightfan says:

    Of course Joe and company knew that editing was goign to be done to “spice” up the end product. But it is fucked up that they portrayed them in such a negative manner.

    I am sure Joe’s gym thought they were going to get some recognition. They would of NEVER agreed if tehy thought there was even a chance to get embarrassed on national tv.

    Screw Tapout, the “new” Affliction

  • Justin B says:

    And why doesn ‘t Joe train there anymore. Oh yeah he found alot better gym training with some guy BJ Penn. Get out of that crappy gym Dan and go down and train with Florian.

  • rolltide says:

    Mask and Skyscrape two of the most obnoxious people on the planet. But Sam, I don’t get what your problem with Joe is.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Ok, this is an object lesson on how not to do business. By criticizing Dany’s gym(s) and trainer(s) on national tv, the Tapout guys have just about guaranteed they’ll never be welcome there again, and none of their friends will think well of them. Furthermore, if you’re running a gym that isn’t one of the established ones, maybe you think twice about letting the Tapout guys have access when they show up at your door. Will you be the next guy trashed on national tv? Mask could easily have had a private, off-camera conversation with Dany about training without creating some sort of feud or vendetta. Pointless and stupid.

  • dsid says:

    I’m not sure what you guys are crying about. Simple logic says that if you want to be the best, train with the best (or at least guys that are better than you).

    They certainly didn’t edit in that little kid he was training with in his jiu-jitsu class, or the rolly-polly guy he was sparring with at the other gym (who the trainer said was the best fighter in the gym next to Joe & Dan).

    Most of the top guys today come from top camps, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the Tapout guys, but it looked to me that their assessment was right on the money, on matter how they edited it.

  • mike wolfe says:

    I wasn’t there, so I can’t say whether Mask was right or wrong. For the reasons stated in my previous post, I can and did say that Tapout’s approach was stupid. They can hype fighters without bashing their gyms. Think about it. That puts the fighter in an awkward position, because his instinct is to defend his friends. Publicly criticizing his gym makes it less likely he’ll move on when he may need to, which is the exact opposite of what Mask said he was trying to do.

  • MMA Fan says:

    I’m with Joe on this. It seemed like the show went out of its way to make Dan’s gym/trainers look as second rate as possible. I thought it was pretty low class, and could have been handled better. Lots of fighters move on from their first gym/trainer, but that doesn’t mean you have to demean the folks who were with the guy from the jump because they don’t have the resources of the larger shops. Tapout does expose/sponsor a lot of fighters, and that’s a good thing, but this was something they should not have done, and I can understand why Joe is angry.

  • curt says:

    although successful in business, tapout dudes are absolute idiots (just like dana white). tapout and dana think there are bigger than the sport. unfortunately they will still be around like cockroaches and don king. dana and tapout are classic example of that sports are filled with idiots.

  • scott_whitt says:

    I thought the same thing when I watched that episode. I found it incredibly unnecessary to dump on the gyms the way they did. All they had to say is that Lauzon had progressed past them but they made it seem like they were still rubbing sticks. I don;t know if they were just trying to get pub for DeLaG’s place but they way they did was very A-holeish.

  • ManUp Vic says:

    it’s not cool how they portrayed Dan’s gym, but who knows how much of the editing is realy decided by the TapouT stooges. TV execs aren’t really well known for their compassion and honesty.

    TapouT has done very well in the sport, no matter how goofy the owners are, they have helped a lot, and i mean a whole lot of fighters, something as simple as free shirts can be a nice boost in a young fighters careers.

    We like to do the same, help as many fighters as possible, but we would love to be able to make as much of a difference as TapouT has.

  • HexRei says:

    “but on the other hand Joe Lauzon’s shenanigans are starting to get a little old”

    what are you talkin about? Joe Lauzon had shenanigans? when? i hope you’re not counting the weight prank.

  • HexRei says:

    That last as response to HUCKABY.

    Also, I cant seem to CnP from article text here without viewing page source anymore? I think that probably inconveniences the users more than potential thieves since the text can still be easily found with a lot of tools including a simple View Page Source.

  • fusionmma says:

    As some one who run a small MMA gym and train MMA fighter. This is my worse fear. Is to be diss by your former students or students who have out grown your gyms.

    What happen to respect and loyalty? You can move on to another gym but you should still remember your root.

    I watch the Tap Out Show all the time. But I feel a sense of class have been lost. Is a bit obnouixs at time. I have work with many successful businessmen the one that last and maintain many friendship and respect in their community are the one that can carry them selves in a respectful manner. The Tap Out guys on the long run will not be good for their business. It will be like a big train wreck waiting to happen

  • ty says:

    It sucks the way Tapout portrayed Reality Self Defense and Coach Maze because it does not make you want to train there. But in all honesty, if you want to be in the UFC, and at the top of heap, then you have to train at the best gyms available in your area. In this case, when you think of Boston, you think of Boston Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Sityodtong. JOE, TAKE YOUR BROTHER TO HAWAII!!!!

  • kat says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is. So they dissed the place, that’s just tv. If you don’t like what they’re sayin’, don’t watch the fucking show! Dumbasses!

  • Eleventhsun says:

    When I saw it, it seemed as if they were pissing on his training,but I think it was the editing. Im sure what they meant was that obviously he got as good as he is with the trainers he has, but to get to the next level he has to train with people like Delagrotte. And wether feelings get hurt or not, its true. When you become the level of being way better than everyone you train with, its time to go elsewhere. Never forget your roots or your family, but its the way pro fighting works, he needs to train with people who can kick his ass.


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