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Chris Horodecki signs three fight deal with Affliction

Following up an exclusive story we first reported yesterday, former IFL lightweight wunderkind Chris Horodecki has officially signed a contract with Affliction. confirmed the news earlier this afternoon with one of his agents, Matt Stansell of North County Fight Club. According to Stansell, Horodecki has inked a three-fight deal. is also reporting that Horodecki will debut for the promotion during its next card on Oct. 11 in Las Vegas. An opponent has yet to be named.

  • matt says:

    Waste of potential. Fighting for Affliction sounds great for short term but terrible long term.

  • DocWagner says:

    How in the world could it be “terrible for the long term?”…what money doesn’t spend in the long term? Money can’t be used in an IRA for the long term?
    Or will he turn to dust when he is 25 or something?


  • THORAZINE says:

    LOL… right on the $$ Doc, Horodecki has tremendous potential to be a future top 10 P4P fighter and signing with Affliction is great for him right now, the WEC or UFC will probably look to sigining him in the future.

  • Erik W. says:

    Yeah, while it doesn’t look like Affliction will even have a third show if the owner sticks by his “two shows and done if we’re not making money” statement, he doesn’t lose anything by signing with them.

    If they fold, he collects his one paycheck and goes on to UFC or EliteXC (if the latter is still around at that point). If Affliction succeeds, then it’s a solid deal.

    Good for him.

  • dpk says:

    Yeah, he gets his money and probably another win on his record. He is so young even if Affliction makes it 4 more shows and he fights out his contract he will have potentially put himself in a position where he can have his name as a must have for UFC, instead of a we would like to have.

  • trunk says:

    No one should even pay him ot fight . the only fight i saw him in he cheated to win. crappy ifl im glad its not around anymore

  • AS-choppa says:

    horodecki’s top shit, at 20 yrs old hes got a 12-1 record, and that loss that hes got was to shultz whos a good competitor but got his ass worked in 2006 by chris the first time around…. to come here n post a comment of only watchin one fight is embarrassing for anyone to even listen to ur reply trunk… go turn on the tube or launch any top fighting website and meybe when u learn a thing or two u can repost


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