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Announcement: 5 Oz. of Pain joins the Complex Media Network

Philadelphia, and Complex Media today announced an agreement making the Complex Media Network the exclusive ad network of Five Ounces of Pain. As a part of the accord, Complex Media will handle all banner advertising placement on Five Ounces of Pain and serve as its official ad representative.

As a result of the accord, Five Ounces of Pain joins other sites that are a part of the Complex Media Network, a vertical ad network consisting of 16 Web sites:,,,,, Karmaloop,,,,,,,, and, generating 60 million page views and over 5 million unique visitors per month.

“We’ve developed a growing fanbase in a short period of time and one of our goals in recent months has been to monetize that traffic,” said Five Ounces of Pain President and Publisher Sam Caplan. “We underwent an exhaustive search in hopes of finding the right advertisement solution for the site and once we were introduced to representatives of the Complex Media Network, the decision to work with them became a no-brainer.”

“Five Ounces of Pain has experienced a tremendous surge in traffic within the last six months,” added Five Ounces of Pain Marketing and Operations Director Matt Cava. “As we grow, so do the demands on the resources we need to maintain the site. We’re currently looking at developing several revenue streams but advertising offers the greatest upside to the site. We believe that the revenue generated by our partnership with Complex Media will afford us the ability to expand the site further.”

Complex Media LLC, the publishing and new media division of Marc Ecko Enterprises, is the leading provider of music, style and lifestyle content dedicated to emerging trends for young men. The company launched in 2002 with Complex magazine, a men’s style guide and lifestyle publication with a circulation of 340,000 and launched the Complex Media Network in August 2007.

Five Ounces of Pain is a blog-style website geared towards providing extensive coverage on the fastest growing sport in the world, Mixed Martial Arts. The site, which is frequented by fight fans, fighters, fight executives, and managers, has earned a strong reputation in the MMA industry for its breaking news reports, its exclusive interviews with the sport’s most influential personalities, and its in-depth analysis.

  • matt says:

    Congrats Sam…this’ll help with the funding and let other people find out what you’re current readers already know…this is the best news source for MMA.

  • Sam.. Although I never heard of this “Complex Media” company, I think its a great move to get rid of the cheesy google ads. I know what its like opening a business with NOTHING and how great it feels when it actually takes off.

    Since 5oz. is getting press on HDnet, ESPN and other quality news media you are like the #1 contender for great advertisement ops.
    Site is coming along great. I wish all the best.

  • Sergio G. Hernandez says:

    Way to go, Sam!

    I started coming to 5 Oz. when I got internet access at work and this was one of the only MMA sites that wasn’t filtered out.

    I quickly realized that I should have been visiting this site a LOT sooner.

  • JacRabbit says:

    In response to Tony Fennen–even MySpace uses Google Ads in conjunction with others.

  • JimmyD says:

    Looking for an experienced ad sales rep who religously follows MMA and studies BJJ?

  • rollshop says:

    was my comment deleted? whats that about?


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