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5 Oz. Exclusive: Chris Horodecki expected to sign with Affliction

It appears as though Affliction’s outstanding roster of talent could be on the verge of expanding even further, as a contract with Chris Horodecki is expected to be finalized with the promotion in the near future. learned of this development after contacting Horodecki’s co-manager, Matt Stansell of North Couty Fight Club. Stansell indicated that Horodecki had yet to formally sign a contract with Affliction but that a contract is expected to be signed soon.

While Stansell would not comment as to whether Horodecki would debut during the promotion’s Oct. 11 fight card in Las Vegas, he would seem like a logical fit for the show considering his local tie to the city by training out of Xtreme Couture.

The 20-year old standout kickboxer is 12-1 lifetime in MMA and compiled an 8-1 record in the IFL with notable wins over Ryan Schultz, Bart Palaszewski, and Shad Lierly. His lone career loss came at the hands of Schultz during their second-ever meeting while competing this past December in the finals of the IFL’s lightweight Grand Prix.

Known for a youthful appearance and an exciting fighting style, Horodecki is considered one of the top free agents in all of MMA and has attracted interest from multiple promotions since receiving a release from his IFL contract.

  • matt says:

    While I understand the desire for a huge payday, why sacrifice competition/long term stability? AFL/Affliction/Elite XC all seem to be on the way out. AFL/Affliction due to money spending and no money coming in. And Elite XC cause they haven’t been able to create any viable stars outside of Carano/Kimbo and I really don’t think people would tune in for Carano alone.

  • Jujuitsu says:

    I love that picture. It looks like a huge sack punch is being prepped.

  • joetheacupuncturist says:

    man these guys can spend money, good for them , i hope they can become a long term competition to the ufc

  • Michaelthebox says:

    matt: stability makes more sense for some fighters than for others. For a guy like Hieron who has basically already maxed out his value, cashing in as much as possible right now makes more sense than signing a mid-level deal with the UFC. For Horodeski, he’s so young that he can take a good payout now and still sign with the UFC well before his career has peaked.

  • LiuLang says:

    Who are these guys going to be fighting? Yay to unexciting mismatches.

  • Ryder Die says:

    I really wanted to see him fight in the WEC. I think that would have been the best fit for him from a fan view. He has to do what is best for him but I believe that he would have a long, solid, successful career in the WEC. Affliction might be OK but it is too shaky. You dont know whether they will blow up or cave after a couple promotions.

  • mike wolfe says:

    As a fan I would rather see him in the WEC because he’d have better quality opponents, which means better fights to watch. The UFC is so stacked right now that I question whether he’d be competitive right away. But looking at the payouts in Affliction vs. WEC, it’s easy to understand why he went to Affliction. And if that org. folds or he decides he wants to step up the quality of his opponents, I doubt the WEC would turn him away. UFC probably wouldn’t either.

  • Warcry says:

    This just business. I totally understand Hordecki going to Affliction. He could be one of the faces of the organization. Plenty of time for him to develop. Oops.. That’s right this promotion might not be around long enough for him to develop. Well he’ll just become a travelling MMa vagabond. He’ll make many stops on his way toward real stardom on the biggest stage in the sport. If he develops……..

  • j. says:

    if anyone doesn’t think zuffa/ufc lost money starting up their promotion (which isn’t the original ufc) you’re off you’re rocker. dana white and others admitted they lost millions for at least a year, back me up sam. from what i heard the success of tuf with spike is what saved them, never mind the gigantic amount of capital coming in from the vegas gambling business. give other promotions a bit of grace. it’s a fact in the restaurant business, like most others, that an owner should be willing to take losses for at least 2 years before seeing a profit. enjoy the good fights, ignore the bad and be happy. also realize that while you may be right about everyone besides the ufc going out of buisness, you could be wrong. ask Royce g.

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