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Roy Nelson could be Affliction-bound

IFL heavyweight champion Roy Nelson could be the latest free agent heavyweight to migrate to Affliction, according to a report by

MMA News spoke with Xtreme Couture heavyweight Jay White who revealed that he has signed a three-fight contract with Affliction and that he is slated to debut against Nelson.

The report does not specify a debut date for White, but with only one show scheduled for Oct. 11, the potential White vs. Nelson fight would appear to be a lock for the promotion’s Las Vegas event at the Thomas & Mack Center.

Neither Nelson’s camp or Affliction have yet to confirm the report. had been informed last week that Nelson was under consideration for a bout against Dave Herman during an EliteXC show on Sept. 20 so he is not without multiple suitors bidding on his services.

If Nelson does in fact sign with Affliction, that would mean that three of the IFL’s champions potentially have signed with promotions other than the UFC, which has reportedly acquired select assets from the IFL.

According to a report on Sherdog, IFL light heavyweight champion Vladimir Matyushenko will be fighting for Affliction on Oct. 11 while IFL lightweight champion Ryan Schultz will compete for the Sengoku promotion in Japan on Aug. 24.

If a deal has been reached between the IFL and UFC, it remains to be seen just exactly what they have acquired besides the IFL’s extensive library of fight footage. While the UFC has signed IFL middleweight champion Dan Miller and his brother, Jim Miller, a source revealed to that both were involved in litigation with the IFL over their contract and that their contracts were not transferred to Zuffa as part of an acquisition.

Former IFL prospects Danillo Villefort and L.C. Davis have both signed with Zuffa-owned World Extreme Cagefighting while recently broke the news that Mike Massenzio recently inked a four-fight deal with the UFC. However, Five Ounces of Pain was informed that all three were free agents. Villefort had a one-fight deal that expired following his upset victory over Massenzio while Masseznio and Davis had been released from their IFL contracts.

Additional sources had revealed to Five Ounces of Pain that several fight managers had questions as to whether IFL contracts were transferable to another organization. Regardless, most of the contracts were said to be slated to expire at midnight on Dec. 31.

We were also informed that while the IFL has released most of its contracted talent, it had still yet to release certain fighters. It is believed that IFL welterweight champion Jay Hieron, IFL featherweight champion Wagnney Fabiano, and lightweight sensation Chris Horodecki could all still be under contract. If their contracts cannot be transferred, it is unclear why they have not been released. It’s possible that the UFC is trying to maintain an exclusive period of negotiation with the fighters in an attempt to work out new deals with them.

  • dpk says:

    Nelson is a top 15 HW, UFC could have really used him, I just wonder if Affliction over payed for him like they did for other guys

  • matt says:

    I’d rather see him have a rematch against Big Ben Rothwell. But then again I still don’t understand the whole IFL/Zuffa thing cause it seems that none of the fighters are under contract. I mean why would Zuffa pass over Shultz and Nelson? Mind Blowing. From what I did read is that there were questions about his physique and they want to get away from the drunken beer swelling red neck view and he kinda falls into that category, even though he’s a great fighter.

  • Kelvin says:

    The UFC already has a Roy Nelson…his name is Heath Herring.

  • Music City Beatdown says:

    It’s obvious Affliction is loading up with HW’s and will build thier business on that basis. But dollar for dollar that doesn’t make a lot of business sense. HW’s usually command the highest payroll, something Affliction needs to keep under control before the go under. I’m not liking the odds of them lasting into 2009.

  • matt says:

    In regards to building up the Heavy Weight division, I always found those fights to be the most boring and much prefer the lighter weight classes. I don’t see the appeal of the big guys.

  • Noah says:

    Heavyweights are the most exciting to watch, especially in a championship fight. That way, if the fight doesn’t end in the first, you get to watch two large men suck wind for four whole rounds! That is awesome.

    Granted, there are some exceptions to the statement I just made, but I think most MMA fans who are not “casual” fans enjoy the lighter weight classes. I enjoy all MMA and I watch as much as I can get my hands on, but I have to admit that welterweight and under will usually give me fights that I find more exciting.

  • Jeremy says:

    I am not overly surprised that the UFC didn’t sign Nelson or Matyushenko. While perhaps Nelson’s talent was needed he didn’t really seem to fit the mold of fighters that they have in their organization. As stupid as it sounds for me to say that. Matyushenko just really wasn’t needed, they already have the best LHW in the division. Schultz was more surprising to me out of the three. I thought he’d fit nicely in their LW division.

    What I’d really like to see them do is put some of the IFL welterweights in the WEC. Heiron and Heleno would be excellent additions to that organization and make for good opponents for Condit. Horodecki could probably be in either the WEC or UFC, Fabiano would be great in the WEC.

  • Warcry says:

    Totally off the subject, but why doesn’t the Ufc have some of its lesser fighters drop down to the WeC. This could be beneficial for both the Ufc and WeC. Say a tomato can like Houston Alexander would make things interesting in the WeC light heavyweight division. Have Josh Burkman drop down to take on Carlos Condit. Hell send Mike Swick down as well. Ed Herman come on down and take on Paulo Filho. If it is a farm league truly treat it like one. Showcase these guys and give them a call up if they show they’re ready

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Nelson, Sylvia and Rothwell. What’s the difference between the three of them? They’re one dimensional strikers. Would anybody pay money to watch a match up between any two of these guys? Affliction needs to add fighters, but they should focus on different weight classes. Nelson is just more of the same.

  • ryan says:

    that is the best thing i have heard in a long time on this wedsit it would make the wec much better they hae a few good guys with nobody to fight (condit,faber,philo) that is great

  • Warcry says:

    It seems like a no-brainer. Maybe there are some logistics that I’m not aware of but to me its a win win for all who are involved. Hermes Franca is another good example. He’s lost two consecutive fights. If he loses to Tibau than he will be out of the Ufc. Instead of that why not let him drop down and take on Jamie Varner. Instead of throwing talent away you hold on to it and you make better fights overall.

  • dpk says:

    Maybe in the future Zuffa can start signing guys to Zuffa contracts instead of UFC or WEC contracts, with clauses that allow them to “call them up” or “send them down” It just makes sense to me, and it would also allow Zuffa to develop fighters as they see fit, and have a bigger pool of last minute replacements when injuries pop up.


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