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Report: Franca vs. Tibau could happen at UFC 90

A clash between lightweight submission standouts Hermes Franca and Gleison Tibau could be on the docket for UFC 90 on Oct. 25, according to a report by

The story quotes Franca as the source for the story. The UFC and Tibau’s camp at American Top Team have yet to officially comment.

If the matchup becomes official, it should be interesting as Franca is a former member of ATT’s Coconut Creek branch. According to Franca, he and Tibau are friends and even wished each other luck in regards to the forthcoming matchup when they ran into each other last week.

Franca returned to the UFC at UFC Fight Night 14 last month after having been released earlier in the year. In his return, Franca suffered a unanimous decision defeat against Frankie Edgar. It was Franca’s second consecutive loss with his previous defeat coming against then-UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk in July of 2007 at UFC 73.

After the loss to Sherk, the California State Athletic Commission suspended Franca for a year as a result of a positive test for steroids. Franca admitted to using performance enhancers but was forced to serve out the full suspension after his appeal was denied.

Tibau is also coming off back-to-back losses, having dropped a unanimous decision to Tyson Griffin this past February at UFC 81 and then falling victim to guillotine choke from Joe Stevenson at UFC 86 in July.

UFC 90, titled “Silva vs. Cote” will feature a UFC middleweight title defense by Anderson Silva against challenger Patrick Cote. Other bouts expected for the card, which is set to take place just outside of Chicago at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill., include a welterweight showdown between Thiago Alves and Diego Sanchez and a lightweight bout between Spencer Fisher and Melvin Guillard.

  • matt says:

    I like this fight. I hope franca learns some takedown defense or he won’t be able to compete at the top level much longer with guys like Stevenson, Griffin, Huerta, Guida all knocking on the door. Any of those guys would get him down and keep him down.

  • Warcry says:

    If he loses Hermes to Dream? Elitexc? Three strikes and you’re out

  • hindsightufuk says:

    could be good, always like watching hermes, and gleison is often game but doesnt seem able to finish fights at the moment.
    I guess franca practices take down defence too much cos he is so comfortable on his back, always working for something

  • Jason G says:

    It looks like the loser of this fight is going to be out of the UFC. It’s crazy to think that the lightweight division is so deep that one of these guys is going to be cut.

  • JOe K. says:

    Gleison Tibau looks like an animated cloud.

    That is completely unrelated to fighting but seriously, look at him and try to compare him to what your conception of an animated cloud is. You will see it.

  • JOe K. says:

    That picture of Franca looks a bit animated cloudish (with multicolored hair) as well.

    We are going to see some hot animated cloud on animated cloud action!

  • DamonO says:

    JOe K.

    You’re an animated inanimate object pretending to be a animated cloud.

  • JOe K. says:

    Oh Zang!

    Actually I am a 50’s cartoon devil aspiring to be an animated cloud.

  • Rich S. says:

    i like this fight..
    i think Frana really needs to work on making his guard more active.. he’s got some of the best BJJ in the sport, but rather than moving and working for positions, he tries to explode with submissions.. much like his striking game.. you know, instead of setting up shots, he just randomly throws bombs.. it’s the same way in his ground game, he just explodes with an armbar out of nowhere and if it fails he goes right back to getting pounded..

    he’s got GREAT stand-up and a GREAT ground game.. he just needs to tune both of them up a little bit..

    i hope he does..

    oh, and for God’s sake.. HIT THE TREADMILL FOOL!!!
    you’d think a successful LW would have good Cardio..

    as for Gleison.. i don’t think he’s doing anything wrong..

  • sven says:

    Not really a fight I’m excited about seeing live. Tibau probably lays on Hermes for 3 rounds.

  • Rich S. says:

    i just read that a bout between Sean Sherk and Tyson Griffin could be slated for UFC 90..

    sounds.. intriguing..


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