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Site Announcement: Graffight signs on as first sponsor of Andria Caplan

One of the cool things about being a part-owner of a widely read MMA site is that I can pretty much post whatever I want. While some may label non-news posts on this site as self-serving, myself, Matt Cava, and Adam Morgan put a lot of time and money into this site for very little in return (at the moment). That’s why I don’t feel bad about doing the occasional promotional post.

With that said, I’d like to announce that Graffight Apparel is the first company to sponsor my wife, Andria Caplan, as a fighter.

Andria was the WKA Women’s Amateur Muay Thai Tournament Champion in 2007 and has also won several grappling tournaments. And ss you may or may not know, Andria will be making her amateur MMA debut on Saturday, August 16 at the Newark Boys & Girls Club in Newark, Delaware for the Combat in the Cage promotion. Her opponent will be Shannon Schade of Rising Sun MMA.

I want to personally thank Graffight and Gary Ibarra for their support of Andria. A lot of people do not realize the cost involve with pursuing a career as a full-time fighter. Andria has pro aspirations and is training like a professional, working out 6-7 days a week for a minimum of three hours per day.

A fighter has to pay fees to their MMA training facility and assume all other costs such as food (which increases if you’re practicing a healthy diet), nutritional supplements (a must if you train 6-7 days a week) fitness gym membership, private lessons, equipment and gear, transportation, etc. Like most people out there, we’re not made of money. We have an eight-year old son; we’re dealing with ridiculous property and school taxes; have to contend with rising gas costs, etc. It’s the same crunch everyone in the U.S. is going through right now but there isn’t exactly a ton of disposable income to invest in Andria’s training right now.

Having the support of sponsors in order to offset training costs means the world to a fighter looking do nothing but train. Graffight believes in supporting up and coming fighters that are pursuing their dreams in MMA and I can’t thank them enough for giving back to the MMA community. It’s important to support companies that give back to the fighters because they are helping the sport become better.

Graffight will be doing a full product launch in the near future, as well as launching a new website. However, they have a blog up (which you can check out by clicking here) where you can track their progress and see some of their initial designs. Gary was kind enough to send us some prototypes and we were really impressed with the designs. Graffight is definitely trying to bring some unique t-shirt concepts to the table instead of re-hashing what’s already been done. Andria is a big fan of the shirt with the crow on it, as am I.

For her fight, she’ll be wearing the same long-sleeve thermal that Tim Credeur wore as a Graffight-sponsored fighter for his fight against Cale Yarbrough at UFC Fight Night 14. Andria’s corner will be wearing Graffight shirts as well.

We’re speaking with additional sponsors right now to get involved with Andria’s fight but we’re looking for as much support as possible. If you are interested in sponsoring Andria for her fight, please contact me at: [email protected]


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