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5 Oz. Exclusive: Arlovski vs. Fedor likely to be scrapped learned late Friday that a proposed main event for Affliction’s second-ever show on Oct. 11 between WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko and Andrei Arlovski appears to be off for the time being.

A reliable source speaking on the condition of anonyomity revealed to Five Ounces of Pain that Emelianenko has been dealing with a lingering hand injury that will make it virtually impossible for him to be ready in time for Affliction’s October show at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas.

Arlovski is expected to remain on the card and event organizers are said to be looking into finalizing a bout between Arlovski and Josh Barnett to serve as the show’s new main event.

The two former UFC heavyweight champions both competed and were victorious on Affliction’s first show last month. Barnett knocked out Pedro Rizzo at 1:44 of round 2 while Arlovski knocked out Ben Rothwell at 3:13 of round 3.

So far, no bouts have been officially announced for the Oct. 11 card by Affliction. However, rumors indicate that bouts featuring Matt Lindland vs. Vitor Belfort and Tito Ortiz vs. Renato “Babalu” Sobral could be in the works.

  • DocWagner says:

    nawww, come on.
    There is more to this.

  • steak_knife says:

    That’s a solid fight card. But economically, I don’t see how it makes sense: Tito will cost Affliction enough to keep them in the red for the next 3 shows.

  • Rich S. says:

    this REALLY sucks..

    i was totally looking forward to seeing AA/Fedor..

    but now, it’s likely that AA will lose to Barnett, and therefore, lose his title shot..

    man that blows..

  • samscaff says:

    That fucking sucks.

    Fedor’s thumb has been an issue for YEARS. Cant he just put a titanium screw in there or something and be done with it.

    You think he’s back…and then this.

  • Gygax says:

    With Fedor expressing a desire to compete in Japan at one of the big New Year’s Eve show, likely for Dream, there is a very real possibility that Fedor will not be able to fight for Affliction until early 2009.

  • Nolan says:

    This is great news for us Josh Barnett fans, Id love to see him whoop ass on Andre, then Fedor, and be declared the #1 heavy weight.

  • Guy Gadouis says:

    Is the payday for the Dream fights out of this world high? I’ve not read that much on paydays, just catch the fights themselves on HDNet.
    I’ve got nothing against making some coin, I’m just interested in how much of the process is about money and how much is about “fighting the best” and if there’s any traction behind the Dream fights ‘instead’? I’m reading and hearing that part elsewhere. Interesting.

  • BJJ in VA says:

    I think this is the more realistic fight. It will give Affliction a definitive #1 in line for a title shot.

    Barnett by ko

  • Nolan says:

    “”Barnett by ko””


    Id bet Barnett by submission in the second. Barnett is good enough at stand up to lull Andre into a take down later in the second is my thinking.

  • Jason says:

    Fedor always has trouble with that hand, guess its not really out of nowhere. The way he had that hand wrapped following the Sylvia fight was a little discouraging.

  • stevefiji says:

    Affliction will live and die by Fedor only so this is a PPV disaster in the making… overpaying underwhelming fighters for shots at non-recognized belts…. This AA v Barnett fight is certainly a credible match-up but it’s a PPV dud. The Fedor injury hurts Affliction badly because if the UFC successfully ties up Couture for another year or more, Affliction has used up 1 of their 3 Fedor opponents by having them fight each other first.

    Hey I got a question, when Affliction goes belly-up, what does WAMMA do with their paper champions other than Fedor… support their title defenses in DREAM as credible world champs? Why doesn’t anyone call out WAMMA for what it is… a bandwagon climber looking to steal the UFC’s success?

    Cheers mates

  • Warcry says:

    This is the problem with the other promotions start-ups the lack of depth constantly has them behind the eight ball. There success is good for the sport and the fans. These promotions should probably get real and pool resources to compete with the Ufc on a real level. If they stay afloat long enough and the Ufc continues to piss off some marquee names than some real defections might go down.

  • steak_knife says:

    I agree. Affliction’s HW division + Elite XC’s production quality = solid promotion. It would be the only way for Elite XC to pull off a PPV.

  • Rich S. says:

    Ok, i’d MUCH RATHER SEE AA/Aleks.. than AA/Barnett right now.. AA/Barnett’s a really intriguing match-up.. but i just don’t like it right now..

    on the next card.. i’d like that more.. because we get to see Sylvia get his ass kicked.. and that’s ALWAYS AWESOME! and then, we see one of the craziest strike-matches of our lives between AA and Aleks..

    who’s with me?

  • Jez says:


  • […] bad news for Affliction as 5 ounces reports that Fedor is off the card with a hand injury. The big question now is if they can still do well […]

  • jeff the drunk says:

    that sucks. i was really looking forward to that fight. the scary part is, look how quickly he destroyed sylvia with a “lingering hand injury”. hope he’s not out of action for too long.

  • […] the word according to 5ouncesofpain: learned late Friday that a proposed main event for Affliction’s second-ever […]

  • Bad Monkey says:

    Yep, that sucks. But AA/Barnett would be a great fight. If Fedor is still intent on fighting on some dumbass Japanese New Year’s card though, he should drop down the rankings a lot. Either you stay in thick of it, or don’t expect to be considered the top guy.

    The whole Japan on New Years thing is just a fat payday for Fedor and only hurts his status as a top HW fighter.

  • Donk says:

    Well, he sat out 2006 with an injury to his hand. I guess this is what happens when you hit so damn hard…

  • mike wolfe says:

    AA isn’t mentally ready for Fedor right now. He beat Rothwell, who is a one dimensional fighter–tall striker with no known ground game. Before that he was tentative, fighting not to lose. And before that he lost twice to Sylvia, which really seemed to affect him mentally. The only plausible Affliction fight with Fedor is Barnett, and the org. should postpone that one for a while to let the drama build. They only have so many heavyweights, so let them fight in various combinations that lead up to the Fedor/Barnett finale. If the top two guys match up right away, the loser–probably not Fedor–loses box office appeal in subsequent matches.

  • this sucks so bad i was really looking forward to this.

  • Jesse says:

    what’s lame is he would have fought both AA and ” Jashuo Baaaanett ” now he will just fight the winner.. barnett most likley. should be a good fight though.. i’ll be ordering it on ppv even with out fedor , if the card has tito on it it will do alright i think even w/o fedor

    maybe he fights randy in december in japan on hdnet fights? i heard something about cuban wanting to out this together for cable not ppv

  • CaptainAmerica1967 says:

    I think AA is better now and say AA over the Steroid/Baby Face Assassin Barrnett. Is Barnett still using anabolics like he did while in the UFC when he beat Couture?

  • Warcry says:

    This is a crippling setback. Fedor is their bread winner. Without him Affliction only has a who’s who of Ufc castoffs!

  • dpk says:

    I can’t wait to see the promotion for this card, just insert the words “former UFC (insert weight class) champion. I wonder what Tito thinks about affliction talking pay cuts. But really this isn’t too bad, now in the lead up to UFC 88, you can expect the Chuck highlights to center around him knocking out Tito, Babalu, and Randy (just for good measure).

  • Ross says:

    Damn- you guys sure know how to ruin a sunday.

  • […] was the first to break this story on Friday night, revealing that a tentative bout between Arlovksi and WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko was likely to be scrapped due to a hand injury sustained by Fedor. We were also the first site to report the replacement main event featuring Arlovski vs. Barnett. […]

  • Mark says:

    Am I reading this right? People are picking Barnett to beat Arlovski? Are you f#cking kidding me? Really?
    No, Arlovski wins this fight, hands down. He might not beat Fedor, but he’ll take Barnett.

  • Chris Prewett says:

    Andrei Arlovski will take out Barnett….. it will be a good fight though. Definately a great striking match! Fedor would knock out both of them though. Fedor, in my opinion, number 1 heavyweight. Andrei is my fav though, PITBULL!


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